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Christmas Goodies-Sammy Wilkinson Imagine


            “Do I have too?” You asked your mom as she filled your arms with cookies and cupcakes she had tricked you to make.

            “Yes, the Wilkinson’s love your goodies, you know this.” She answered, shoving a Christmas bag filled with cupcakes into my open hand and filling my arms up.

            “Yeah, but why cant you give it to them?” You asked again, feeling your stomach tighten with the sickening butterflies of nervousness. There was a difference between making the goodies and making the goodies to give to them, if you had known it would be the latter you wouldn’t have done it in the first place and gave into your mom’s puppy dog eyes when she had asked you.

            “Honey,” Your mom said while opening the front door, “all you’re doing is knocking on the door, giving them the goodies and coming back, what is so hard about that?”

            It was a loaded answer, you could give your mom a hundred reasons as to why you hated doing this. First of all, Mrs. Wilkinson was your mom’s best friend, not yours. She was the kind of best friend that would come over random nights to crack open a couple bottles of wine and talk like the two hadn’t seen each other in years, but just because Mrs. Wilkinson was friendly with your mom doesn’t mean her son was very friendly too you, unlike her two older daughters, Emily and Annie, and her older son, Ben, where they still smiled at you. Secondly, you couldn’t stand walking to someone’s house to give them treats for Christmas, it was weird and you weren’t good with people. Normally, because you were somehow granted with the talent of making incredible cookies and cupcakes, you just told people you watched a lot of Cake Boss and Food Network, your mom would have you make the goodies and that was it, she would go out and distribute them but this year she was having you go across the street to the Wilkinson’s.

            Instead of monologue-ing, you just offered her a tilt of your head as your last attempt to have her do it. “But they like you more!” It was true, the family adored your mom.

            “Because I still have to prepare for tomorrow,” She answered and it was slightly true, she was still getting the house and food ready for Christmas day, which happens to be tomorrow.


            “Just go, young lady.” She said, pointing towards their house.

            You took a deep breath and huffed it out before turning around and walking into the dark night. It was weird that at 6 oclock in the evening, it was all but pitch black out, the only light coming from the Christmas lights and street lights. You sucked in a breath and held it in when you realized that you had your curly hair up in a bun on the top of your head, leggings on and an oversized sweater that pooled around you, plus no coat and the weather decided to be bitterly cold out and nip at your skin, turning your pale cheeks immediately rosy and your nose pink.

            “God damn it,” You muttered to yourself when you noticed the black jeep that belonged to Jack Gilinsky sitting in their driveway. Maybe you could just hand over the goodies and get the hell out, but then again Mrs. Wilkinson loved having you in the house, just like when you were little and followed Sam and his friends around, but when Middle School hit he had decided that he was a bit too good for the daughter of his mom’s best friend. You went to go knock on the door but it swung open and you found Mrs. Wilkinson staring at you with a big smile.

            “Hi, sweetie, your mom just sent a text saying you were walking over.” She greeted.

            “Hi, Mrs. Wilkinson,” You smiled but your teeth chattered.

            “Come on in, Y/N, it’s cold and I haven’t seen you in months.” She said and held the door open for you to come in.

            “Mrs. Wilkinson, you were over last night.” You smiled shyly, just wanting to give her the gifts and head home, you had a really good book and Tumblr waiting for you.

            Mrs. Wilkinson rested against the door and gave you her pretty hazel eyes and gentle smile, “You could’ve made this a lot easier on yourself if you actually came out of that room of yours when I do come over,”

            You took a deep breath and felt yourself begin to smile out of being caught, she knew your  game, or your mom ratted out on you. You stepped into the warm house and was greeted by the different smells that represented Christmas, the sweet smell of the pine from the Christmas tree, the sharpness of the cinnamon coming from her kitchen and the bonfire smell coming from their fireplace. Even though it was a short walk from your front door to theirs, you still felt yourself begin to thaw in the heat of their home.

            “Let me help you, honey.” She said and took the two containers from your arms and had you follow her through the hallway and into her large kitchen where you found Ben and Emily sitting at the breakfast bar where they were probably talking with their mom as she prepared for tomorrow.

            When the siblings saw you after their mom and the treats you had in your hands their eyes immediately brightened. “Finally!” Ben said and stood up from his spot.

            “Are those what I hope they are?” Emily asked as you placed the bag on the kitchen table and began to unpack the bag as their mom opened the container of snicker doodles, sugar cookies with the little designs, and the gingerbread men.

            “If you’re talking about the Christmas cookies and cupcakes then yeah,” You said carefully as Ben came up behind you and took his pick of the soft sugar cookies.

            “I could eat these for days,” You heard Ben grumble from behind you. “They always make me gain 10 pounds after, but I don’t care.” He said after he took a bite of the cookie and offered you a swift kiss to the cheek. Ben was always a sweetheart when you did show your face around the family.

            “Oh thank god,” Emily sighed and got up from her spot as you laid out the different cupcakes you made and decorated, making more of the chocolate peppermint ones because those were the ones that Mrs. Wilkinson and her family raved about every time you made them, sometimes Mrs. Wilkinson would pop over in the middle of July, wondering if you could just make two for her and her husband.

            “Better call Sammy and Jack down so they can get a taste before you and Ben eat them all,” Mrs. Wilkinson said to Emily and her words were the warning that you should get home.

            “Well, I should get home,” You said and stepped back from the table, folding your fingers in front of you.

            It was like domino effect, first Ben’s head snapped up to look at you, then Mrs. Wilkinson, and then Emily, who stopped in her tracks to look at you. “No way in hell, you have to show me how to make these!” Ben argued and you laughed softly.

            “I really should go, it’s Christmas Eve, you probably have plans, and your mom is preparing for tomorrow.” You said, trying to think of any excuse to just go home so you don’t have to see Sam and his friend. You spent 7 years blended into the walls of the school, you hadn’t really seen him within those 7 years other than the occasional family bonding time you and their family did.

            Emily laughed as she continued on heading into the hallway, “Please, Y/N we don’t really do anything on Christmas eve,” She then yelled to Sam, “Sammy! The goodies from the Y/L/N’s are here!”


            Ben pointed at you, “You’re staying,”

            “I agree, we haven’t seen you in months.” Mrs. Wilkinson said and grabbed a cupcake while heading into her kitchen and that was the end of the discussion, when Mrs. Wilkinson walked away from you that was the end of it and everyone knew it.

            You sighed and Ben smiled at you before taking a seat at the breakfast bar, you felt Emily walk up to you and offer you a side hug before guiding you to a chair between her and Ben at the breakfast bar. “So where’s Annie and Mr. Wilkinson?” You asked slightly missing Annie and her dark hair and really gorgeous face. This whole family was gorgeous, which wasn’t a surprise because they all came from gorgeous parents.

            As Mrs. Wilkinson went back to making 10 thins at once while going to answer you, she stopped short when you all listened to the herd of trampling feet coming down the stairs and racing down the hallway all to stop short in the kitchen. “Oh thank fuck, finally.” Sam mumbled when he saw the display of goodies. “I was praying Em wasn’t lying.”

            “Samuel, language, we have a guest,” Mrs. Wilkinson scolded and nodded your way.

            You twisted around and saw Sam’s hazel eyes staring at you, plus the dark brown eyes of Jack Gilinsky. Jack was the first one to smile at you, “Hey, Y/N, long time no see.”

            You offered a half smile, “Hey, Jack.”

            As if Sam didn’t understand how Jack knew your name he looked at Jack with confusion as Jack leaned forward and took pick at the goodies you just bought, when Jack realized that Sam was staring at him he shrugged. “Y/N practically saved me from Chemistry,”

            Sam nodded and then looked at you, “Hey, Y/N.”

            “Hi,” You said before you turned back around to find Mrs. Wilkinson smiling at you and Sam, she and your mom always thought you and Sam would end up dating and get married and offer grandbabies, so every time you and Sam had the slightest encounter she would get all slap happy.

            “Here we go,” Ben muttered next to you, seeing his mom’s grin.

            You burst out laughing but then covered it up as you looked at Ben, who then decided to grin at your outburst. “Shh,” You scolded him before going back to the conversation you were having with his mom.

            “Annie won’t be here for a couple hours, and Mr. Wilkinson got pulled into work for a couple hours,” Mrs. Wilkinson said.

            You heard two groans of pleasure from behind you, you turned around and saw  Sam biting into a cupcake, along with Jack. Both with faces of pleasure but it was Jack who spoke, “Y/N, marry me.”

            You blushed but Ben spoke up, “Sorry, man, I’ve already called her.”

            You laughed when both boys heads snapped up but then Sam spoke, “Wait, what, no.”

            “Like you’re gonna put a ring on her finger? Yeah right,” Ben said while bumping his knee against yours, he got a kick out of you and Sam too but just did a lot more teasing.

            “I might if she’ll bake like this all the time,” Sam said with wide eyes.

            “Nope, sorry guys me and Y/N already have our wedding planned,” You heard Emily say behind you and wrap her arms around your shoulders and pull you backwards and into her.

            You laughed, “Yep, sorry guys but I’m taken.”

            All the guys stared at you, causing you and Emily to burst out laughing. Once you two calmed down you sat up and stood up, “I really should be going,”

            Ben whined, “Aw come on,”

            “I’ll walk you out,” You heard behind you and you turned your head to see Sam putting down his second cupcake and licking the frosting off of the corner of his mouth, making your belly squeeze suddenly. You went to argue when Ben’s foot taped against the back of your knee lightly, shutting you up immediately.

            “Well me, Em and Annie don’t go back until the 6th of January so we should all go out for dinner or something, or at least me and you,” Ben teased while bumping his hip against yours.

            You laughed and punched his shoulder, but then being wrapped up in his arms. After hugging Emily and then his mom, you wondered why you ever tried your hardest to actually become someone they saw right through, it was only Sam who was an asshole to your in front of friends, his siblings actually adored you and you completely forgot about it.

            “Merry Christmas, Y/N, give your parents love for me.” Mrs. Wilkinson said into your ear as you hugged her tightly.

            “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Wilkinson.” You said as you pulled away.

            You turned to find Sam with his hands dug into the pockets of his tan khakis, Jack offered you a warm smile, “See you soon, Y/N?”

            You smiled back as you walked up at Sam, “Yeah, definitely,” You said, and found Sam’s hand on your lower back, guiding you through the longish hallway.

            It was silent between you too and his hand felt so heavy but you didn’t understand why, as he opened the door for you, you reached for the glass storm door and opened it but then he decided to speak up. “No coat?” He asked.

            You turned and faced him, “Um, no, this sweater is pretty warm,” you lied.

            He nodded and you stepped into the frigid weather, only for his words to stop you again. “It’s probably just Ben being Ben, but is there anything going on between you and my brother?”

            You were now standing on the porch, a couple feet from him. You smiled softly and smiled softly, “It’s only Ben being Ben,”

            Sam nodded and ran his fingers through his hair before rubbing the back of his neck, for some reason his eyes glanced up for a second and you found yourself following his eyes, only to find mistletoe staring down at you. Despite the thought of how cliché this was, you looked back at Sam and offered a smile that only came out when you were completely, off the wall nervous.

“My dad did it to be romantic with my mom,” Sam explained.

You laughed once and then said, “Merry Christmas, Sam,”

            “Wait,” Sam said and stopped you from walking away but grasping your hand softly. You turned to him and craned your head to look up into his eyes, the look in his eyes was so determined and made you want to shrink back because it was also intimidating. But his eyes softened and so did his cheeks, your heart fluttered when his large hands held your face in place, his pinkies brushing against the skin of your neck and the pad of his thumbs brushed the skin of your cheeks. But you felt your heart soar when his pink tongue came out to lick his bottom lip, his jaw then clenching as he lowered his face.

            He sighed into you as the tip of his nose brushed against yours, his lips ghosting over yours, causing your eyes to flutter close right before his lips pressed to yours with a sweet pressure. Sam stepped into you as his hands held your lips against his, he then pulled away for a second, studying your face with your eyes still closed and completely dazed on what just happened. Something about your rosy cheeks and parted lips pulled him back and his lips claimed yours in a more demanding kiss, his lips moving against yours softly, his tongue coming out and running along your bottom lip, before sucking it into his mouth and flicking it tongue against it before he let it go.

            Sam stepped away from you slowly as your eyes opened. You sucked in a stuttering breath as your mind demanded you tell yourself what just happened because you honestly weren’t that sure to begin with. Sam looked just as dazed as you, wondering what he had done, but also wondering why he wanted to follow you back home and up to your room. Instead of doing that, he rubbed the back of his neck.

            “Merry Christmas, Y/N,”

            “You too, Sam.” You said softly as your body turned you around and made head back home. Once you were in the comfort of your own home, and didn’t feel the heat of his gaze on your back, you slumped against the door and got ready for your mom to drill you because you knew his and your parents saw the kiss. 

– Merry Christmas Eve, guys! I did want to read a Sam imagine to do with Christmas, but because I’m not feeling so great confidence wise when it comes to him, I thought I would just give this to you guys, as my Christmas gift to my 4,002 FOLLOWERS, I love you guys so much! I’d love to hear from yoou over the next couple days about Christmas traditions or what you guys did or got, also if you guys liked this imagine! Love you!

My conversation with my mom on why I prefer Finnick and Annie over Everlark or Galeniss

Mom: Why don’t you love Everlark or Galeniss. They’re both good couples.

Me: I do, it’s just…I can’t do the love triangle.

Mom: But Finnick and Annie aren’t even major characters

Me: I know, but…I just can’t do the love triangle.

Mom: But Finnick dies in the end!