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A Fan Of My Podcast Writes The Letter I needed To Hear

Doing a podcast is a strange thing. Often you don’t know who is listening and what they think. You’re just sort of speaking into an abyss and hopefully it resonates with someone - anyone. I have gotten some great emails oddly right when I need a bit of a confidence boost. Below is a paragraph from a fella who sensed I was down and wrote this wonderful letter. To top it off it’s exactly how I wish for the show to be perceived and what I want to be doing.  Thank you Grigory Pynchon you made my fucking day/week/month and year. 

“ I love the conversations, and I often wish I was on a position to do something really awesome like that. Even if the money isn’t good, you are doing a public service by getting these peoples stories told. Mixing people from all walks of life makes it even better, you are melding high and low culture into one big human conversation, and I think that is pretty fascinating. I think you are actually contributing more to society with your conversations than people who opt to desk jockey. The pay might not be optimal, but neither is social workers pay, or artists, or the majority of the professions that actually help us retain our humanity.”

That letter is all I need to keep doing my show. I’m a lucky fucker to have met Dustin Marshall who helped me do this. Thanks to him and Feral Audio. 

Ryan Rice, Occupy LA Activist - EP. 29 11/28/12

The Occupy movement has been questioned, talked about praised and a point of confusion on my show since day one. Getting a member of this movement to talk with me has been a goal of mine since the very beginning. Thankfully I landed Ryan Rice. 

Ryan and I have facebook messaged back and forth for months trying to get this to happen. The conversation with him is really amazing and inspiring. Ryan is very articulate, grounded hip and inspiring fellow. 

We talk about some great stuff from the Movement’s Debt Jubilee, fighting home foreclosures and how the corporatization our government is a form a fascism. 

I’m really glad Ryan Did the show. I am also really proud to help the word of the Occupy Movement that they aren’t dead that it is thriving and helping change things through some super radical actions. 

As a side note I was introduced to Ryan through Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla who I speak with on Episode 30 about the Peace Action Movement. 

Listen Here:

and also free on iTunes. 

Conversations with Matt Dwyer - Georgia Hardstark

Matt’s been a friend for a long time so it was fun and easy to talk with him. We covered a ton of topics, including growing up in Orange County, my annoyance with Anthony Bourdain, and STDs. Matt’s a gem of a human and I’m honored that he asked me to be on his show. 

Listen here or download on iTunes.


Conversations With Matt Dwyer: Pete O’Neal

In a truly powerful interview, Matt talks to Black Panther and Tanzanian Orphanage founder Pete O’Neal, who humbly introduces himself as “Pete From Kansas City, Missouri”. Pete tells us about getting by as a Black Panther, government surveillance, fleeing the country, moving to Sweden and finally starting a children’s home in Tanzania. If you are moved by Pete and on behalf of our collective, please donate to and help Pete’s family and countless children lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Duncan Trussell Joins Conversations With Matt Dwyer

I never leave a conversation with Duncan Trussell without having shit tons to think about for the days and weeks to come. Duncan is one of the most unique dudes I know. He’s absolutely riveting on my show. He tells tales of swimming with Ram Dass, how every living creature is being torn apart by the force of time, how we just need to be making our own shit and apocalyptic podcasting.  Get ready to have your ass blown out

SHANE BUGBEE (underground legend) Episode 1 - 05/14/12

Though this is the first episode that posted it was not the first one I recorded. My producer and creator of Feral Audio Dustin Marshal forced me to record four shows in one week so we’d be ahead of schedule. Thank god he did because I have a fucking knack to stare off into space and do nothing. Honestly I owe a great deal to him for helping me get this show going which has truly change me fooking life. 

But I digress.

When I started the show I posted on facebook, “Hey! I’m looking to talk to random people about what they do in the world.” Shane wrote back, How about me you fucking idiot.  It hadn’t dawned on me but Shane was fucking perfect. He’s done  everything, worked with everyone in the underground scenes and had some of the best stories I have ever heard. He was right I was an idiot for not thinking of him.

                                                       A LITTLE BACK STORY

I have known Shane since I was in middle school. Sadly we were the two guys everyone beat up. I mean everyone and I’m not fucking talking about light beatings. We got seriously abused. Thankfully my brain has let most of the memories drift off into the universe but the scars still exist some or real many emotional. The worst thing I remember is me being handcuffed to a railing at a party and being stripped naked for all to see. Hooray youth!!!!  

Anyway, it’s no shocker that Shane and I drifted away from the mainstream and got involved in more fringe movements where outcasts like us felt at home. I of course went into alternative comedy, writing and found comrades in various artist/music/performance circles. 

Shane and I lost touch during high school but years later there was an article about him in the Chicago Reader. He was putting on a benefit for a Florida artist who was arrested and hassled for his “offensive” work.  The story was really fucked up and I wanted to participate and help so I tracked Shane down at his store on Clark street. Some of the work he was selling was actual painting done by serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Shane had become an underground publisher and art dealer selling and promoting some pretty god damned dark and fringe stuff.  He was a hero of the underground who by his early twenties had worked with such legends as GG Allin, Charles Bukowski and Manson.

Thankfully Shane and I have kept in touch all these years. The story of his life which he tells on this episode is amazing and though I had known him for years I was totally surprised by his insights on life. 

It’s a pretty god damned amazing episode. As soon as we finished the phone conversation Dustin and I knew it had to be the first one. It set the tone for the great many underground fringe and world changing people I would have on the show.  I hope you enjoy it.

Conversations With Matt Dwyer: Melissa Cortina

In this episode we find out more what is so interesting about a female butcher than what is so fringe about being one, but Melissa Cortina (Lindy and Grundy) and Matt Dwyer have an excellent conversation about food and our roles in society and Matt takes a carving knife to his love life.

You can listen to this podcast directly on Feral Audio’s website or subscribe via iTunes. Leave Matt a rating and a comment while you’re in iTunes too - it really helps!

Conversations With Matt Dwyer Needs Your Help & Why I'm Not A Dick For Asking

Fine Friends, Listeners and People of Influence.,

I come to you to ask for a little help. In celebrating the two year anniversary of “Conversations With Matt Dwyer” we wish to take the show on a road trip conversing with people we meet along the way, filming and having it documented via the great photos of Kelly Rose.

I’m not the kind of guy who likes to ask people for money, but as my good friend and the fellow who inspired this journey – Shane Bugbee says, “You’ve given people two years of a free show. They can support you in expanding the creative endeavor that is your podcast.”

This trip is not a vacation. It will be an art project. It will be a lot of work and Kelly and I hope to create a visual universe that will accompany the episodes we record on the road. We will film portions of the interviews, the tours of people’s work environments as well as additional audio that will live out side of each episode. In addition to that we will be blogging, posting pictures and video the entire time we are traveling.

External image

“Conversations With Matt Dwyer” has always been a celebration of individuals, their stories and lives. We want to go out and meet the great people of America in their settings and share that world with my audience.

This isn’t the only dream we have for this project. Kelly and I hope to document future road trips in various parts of the country with the end result being an art book rich with Kelly Rose imagery and text from both of us.

External image

Please help us kick off this art project. Donate a dollar or donate 100. There are gifts for various donations on our gofundme page.

Here is the link: 

I thank you greatly for your support over the past two years and Kelly and I look very forward to bringing you some incredible podcasting. We already have some amazing guests booked for this trip. Madame Chinchilla from the Triangle Tattoo Museum in Fort Bragg. Beat poet Ruth weiss and a poet fisherman in Astoria Oregon.

Much Love,

Matt Dwyer & Kelly Rose

External image

Year thirty-three day twenty-six.

Welcome to Oregon.


Oregon/California Border

I don’t usually write much on this blog as I am a photographer, not a writer. I tend to have an easier time expressing myself visually rather than literally, but I’m about to try my best to do the latter. 

This photo was taken while in the midst of a road trip I am currently on with my boyfriend and partner in life, crime and art, Matt Dwyer. We drove from Glendale, CA to Fort Bragg, CA to our current location in Astoria, OR where we are staying with our very generous and gracious friends Shane and Amy Bugbee. Matt and I (and our two dogs, Jack and Charlie) have embarked (no pun intended) on this trip not to relax or vacation, but to create an art project via Matt’s podcast Conversations with Matt Dwyer and my photography. Along the way we have met some extremely interesting and generous people, beginning with Heather Brown of the Department of Imagination in Fort Bragg, who was kind enough to put us up in her kick ass vintage Air Stream trailer and introduced us to Madame Chinchilla and Mr G of Triangle Tattoo & Museum as well as Ruth Weiss, an extremely influential poet from the beat generation. We are so fortunate to have been able to meet and make friends with these very awesome people. 

Meanwhile, in Astoria… (see next post).

Abby Martin - Journalist - EP. 38 - 02/06/13

I discovered Abby Martin through my former guest WIll Potter. He was a guest on her show “Breaking The Set” discussing his book, Green Is The New Red. I instantly took to Ms. Martin’s no bullshit point of view.  Her show explores ideas and happenings that  the mainstream press avoids. Thus, I became hooked on her show. 

I found Abby on twitter, DM’d her and emailed Will to see if he could help out with getting her on my show. He did and she quickly responded.

Due to her busy schedule we went back and forth for a couple months until we finally locked down a time and we recorded the show. The result is what I think may be one of my better episodes. She’s funny, foul mouthed and with a great sense of humor. 

We quickly dug in and started discussing LSD and art, drone attacks, fear mongering and the she even came up with a few solutions on how to solve the worlds problems. 

This episode is how I like ‘em partly because I feel I made some sort of connection with Abby. It goes beyond just talking about issues and ideas and becomes friendly. There are several guests I have had that when it ends I feel like we became friends. I felt that way with Will Potter, Pete O'Neal and Dan Kovalik (to name a few.) 

Ms. Martin’s show “Breaking The Set” is on the RT network. Some cable stations carry it but every episode is posted on youtube.

I particularly like Abby’s interviews. On the youtube page there is an interview section. She has some really great guests and some of interviews will change your opinion on the maters of the world.

You can listen to my conversation with Abby Martin here:

or free on Itunes. 

My Favorite Episodes of Conversations With Matt Dwyer 2013

I had a great year of guests on “Conversations With Matt Dwyer.” I think when I got away from the political angle and started going back to my original idea of talking to  people with interesting lives the show became more centered and vibrant.  The list is in no particular order. The number one does represent THIS IS THE BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR! I love all of my shows.  The strange thing is that I keep in touch with 90 percent of my guests and some have become close friends. I love that.  Also, this list is not to take away from any of my other guests. I truly love every episode.

1. Danny Bland -  I mean we talk about sex death and heroin what else do you need? Mr. Bland is a great and fascinating dude. Also read his book, In Case We Die. Listen here

2. Laurie Lipton - Ms. Lipton is a genius of an artist and a very fascinating lady to talk to. If you haven’t seen her work google it. It’s mind blowing. She’s astounding. Listen here

3 Jason Baldwin of The West Memphis Three - I think “West Memphis Three” is enough said. Mr. Baldwin and I talk about life after prison and the wrongs of giving teens life sentences. Listen here

4. Lucien Greaves - The guy who turned the founding member of the Westboro Baptist Church’s mom gay in the afterlife via a Satanic Pink Mass. That’s a win. (it’s a 2 parter actually) Listen here

5. Jason McBeth -  Jason is a poet who grew up in the foster care system which lead him to addiction homelessness and almost a life of crime. His story is a fascinating one. Listen here

6. Mike O'Connell - Mr. O'Connell is one of the most brilliant minds I have known. He comes on to talk about his album of sad songs, life in Chicago drinking and the list goes on. Listen here

7. Cody Marks - Mrs Marks’ dream since she was a child was to sing to people in prison. She achieved that goal. She is a fascinating hilarious woman. She even used to steal cars when she was a teen. Pretty awesome stories in this episode. Listen here

8. Bernadine Mellis - Ms. Mellis was one of those perfect conversations that I felt truly was in the spirit of Studs Terkel. She grew up with 60s political radicals as parents. She made a documentary about her father civil rights lawyer Dennis Cunningham. I had him on the show too. It’s a great episode. Listen to Bernandine Mellis here

9. A Year At The Wheel - This two parter is with Shane & Amy Bugbee who went on a year long road trip starting off with only $180 bucks in their pocket.  Their goal was to meet Americans of all walks of life and to get to know them. They have a book and a documentary they made. It’s really amazing. I interviewed Mr. & Mrs. Bugbee individually so I could get their take. 

Listen to Shane here

Amy here 

Harold Budd - Is a well known musician in the Avente-Garde world. We talk about the depression and selfishness of artists, his hatred for labeling what he does and wondering Korean town and watching jazz giants like Gerry Mulligan play. Listen here

The chat I have with poet and activist Jason McBeth on this weeks “Conversations With Matt Dwyer” is a really great and intense one. Jason grew up in the Foster Care System. He was bounced around to twelve different high schools, was addicted to drugs and homeless. Somehow in the midst of this he discovered Shakespeare and poetry. He dispenses with some eye opening facts and stories about the Foster Care system and how it does very very little to prepare these kids when they are forced into the world when they turn 18. 

He’s a super insightful smart guy. We also dig into politics and he has a very interesting point about Zero Dark Thirty. Check this shit out.


This is a new song by The Coup. @BootsRiley the fella leading the charge on this song is my guest this week on “Conversations With Matt Dwyer”.

Conversations with Matt Dwyer: Nora Herold

Channel and Psychic Nora Herold sits down with Matt and they have an in depth conversation on what it means to be a channel.

About this podcast: Matt Dwyer seeks comedy in extraordinary people from all walks of life in this gonzo interview program. From BDSM porn actors to Harvard graduates, Matt Dwyer has an esoteric taste in deeply fascinating pedestrian life.

This weekend is a great time to discover some of the new podcasts from Feral Audio including Conversations With Matt Dwyer. In the premiere episode, Matt Dwyer talks to long time friend and subversive artist Shane Bugbee in this raw gonzo interview program. Shane talks about starting an underground Zine, working with the likes of G.G Allin, Charles Bukowski and John Wayne Gacy. From living out of his car to running his Soda company, Shane Bugbee is a fascinating human being.

There’s also a preview clip from Matt’s podcast on the Feral Audio YouTube Channel. Give us a listen and subscribe.

Katherine Bainbridge Jungian Analyst Specializing in Feminine Development: EP. 12 -07/31/12

This is a great episode. For one, it was the beginning of approaching the opening to the show differently. Until this show I’d do a quick greeting and get into the interview but that week some cops in Anaheim California shot a civilian and then released a police dog into a crowd of innocent bystanders during a protest. The dog attacked a mother sitting with her baby. This was caught on video which is very brutal to watch.  It was a heated couple weeks in Southern California and it really bothered me how apathetic  some people were to the goings on in our country. I just felt a need to say something. To get it off off my chest.  I got a lot of positive feedback about it and figured I should start using this portion of the show to start expressing how I feel about some of the bullshit going on in our world. I hope by doing so I provoke some thought, debate and inspire people to go out and make a difference. 

This episode is also great because Ms. Bainbridge is a wonderfully insightful fun easy going person and we did some fun flirting. We also delve into some really great issues about the patriarchy’s effect on women’s sexuality, how public shootings and so called lunatics are really a mirror image of our society. We also discuss how weird it is everyone denies they have body hair. You know all the waxing and shaving everyone does so it’s more like your fucking a child or a stature than an actual person. I mean that’s weird, right? Don’t you think so? I do. Listen as we explore this topic and many other fucking great areas of the human psyche.

Also, a common question after this episode was, “Did you and Katherine hook up after?” No. we did not. The flirting was just innocent fun.

Wayne Kramer (MC5 Jail Guitar Doors) EP 9. - 07/10/12

I have always been a huge fan of the MC5 so when Wayne agreed to do my show I nearly shit myself. I initially got to meet Wayne over coffee in his offices to discuss a charity concert he was producing for Jail Guitar Doors USA. Wayne and his wife Margaret are incredibly warm people and I felt like we were instantly friends. However, I was incredibly nervous to ask Wayne to do the show because I’m an Irish catholic and by nature we don’t think we deserve anything so we often toil in the dirt with a bottle of whiskey as we sing about our mother.

Anyway, I finally got the nerve to ask him to do the show and that it would help promote for the concert. 

Wayne gladly agreed and we recorded a few days later. Wayne and I didn’t discuss the MC5 days too much. We discussed his time in prison and how our prison systems have become corporate entities more concerned with profit the rehabilitating human beings. 

I did have to have to ask Wayne about playing the famous 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago. I know he’d probably been asked about it a thousand times but the Chicagoan in me had to hear about it. 

This was also another turning point in my show. Getting involved with Wayne and Jail Guitar Doors. Wayne is another guy who is endlessly political and playing at protests and organizing shows to help bring awareness to the world. He’s a fucking great guy and I am honored to know him.