conversations that should happen


There are so many amazing female superheroes that are being represented on both TV and in movies. Do you look forward to a time when it’s just not a big deal anymore, where it’s just sort of common place?
Well, I certainly think that it should be the norm that there is just as many women as there are men playing superheroes. It shouldn’t even be a conversation anymore. It should just be happening.

Tales of Graces

Sophie: Hubert, why do you wear glasses?

Hubert: Because my eyes are bad.

Sophie: Are they dangerous?

Hubert: Somebody save me…

Tales of Zestiria Cameo

Sophie: Jade, why do you wear glasses?

Jade: Because my eyes are bad.

Sophie: So you have trouble seeing?

Jade: No, they’re actually dangerous!

Sophie:  Oh.

alternative Han & Leia reunion scene
  • Han: *lightly sweating* Hi Le...
  • Leia: Why you slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler. You've got a lot of guts coming here, after what you pulled.
  • Han: *points at himself, whispering 'me?' in shock*
  • Leia: *moves like she's about to punch him in the face*
  • Han: *tries to protect himself*
  • Leia: *kisses him passionately*
Trou Normand

Some summary required


Beauty is all around our puppy-Will

A totem of corpses is just what he needs to be happy.

The sight is so amazing Will has a new addition to all his problems. He loses time. He closes his eyes in one place and opens them…

In Hannibal’s office.

Surely not!

For Will must be reassuring to be completely freaked out

In front of his nonchalant doctor who is dusting his coat.

Then this conversation happens

Will doesn’t ask himself what should be the right corner in which you have to look if you sleepwalk, have hallucinations and lose time. No, he listens to Hannibal.

Jack is even less worried than Hannibal and Will is just

Abigail decides to write a book about her former dad to make some money. Hannibal and Will try to convince her not to do it and Abigail’s response is unburying her killed man.

Hannibal is not pleased, since he helped her to bury him and it was all time wasted.

Do you imagine that? Burying a corpse is not simple.

And she unburies it.

How do they do these things?

Anyway, new dad is scary

Abigail is grounded.

Thanks to a dream, Will realizes that Abigail killed the guy.

But Will soon tells Hannibal he won’t say a word about it.

The murder family is born.

I think the worst part about it all is I didn’t know it was ending until you were no longer here.
it was like yesterday you were saying “I love you” and today you’re saying “This isn’t what I want anymore.”
Except that would of been better than what I got, because I got nothing. no words, no goodbye, just silence.
And thats what hurt, we never got that fight that ends it all, I never got to scream at you for leaving and you never got to tell me its over. it was just silent.
They say words cut deep but silence is so much more, silence kills.
It wasn’t until 6 months after we stopped talking that i realized it was really over, because I kept waiting for your message. I kept waiting for something because you never gave me anything that told me there wouldn’t be something.
I keep making up conversations in my head that should have happened. I wish there was something I could hold onto, some last words, some feelings,
but theres nothing
—  I guess in the end we were nothing

“Ten and Rose Meet Amy and Eleven” - Digital Oil Painting

I love how this turned out. Amy’s like “Doctor, what the heck is going on?” Eleven is just “ROSE ROSE ROSE ROSE ROES ROESO ROESOROSE” Ten is like “I don’t trust this interloper, stay back Rose” and Rose is contemplating new sleeping arrangements that can include her with both Doctors, LOL.

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“Hey, you stay back!”

“But I’m you!”


*indignant* “I am! I’ve got this!” *brandishes claw-ended sonic screwdriver*

*left eyebrow lift* “You think I’d be convinced by you waving a– What exactly is that supposed to be?”

“It’s… it’s my sonic screwdriver!”

*bursts out laughing* “That’s a sonic screwdriver? You’re having me on. That’s some kind of perverted sex toy and you’re not going anywhere near MY Rose.” *brandishes his sonic* “Now, this is a sonic screwdriver.”

“Oh, this is why I hate dealing with me. Every single one of us has a different opinion and we’re all convinced we’re the one who’s right.”

“Well… to be fair, that does sound like something I’d say.”


The right things happen at the right times.
The right conversations happen when they should.
The right people sit down across the table from you.

The world is one giant miracle when you need it to be most.

Fact of the Day #68

In the light novel The Valley of White Petals, Roy Mustang temporarily closed Edward Elric’s bank account in an elaborate scheme to force Ed to talk to him.

“…Put me on with accounting, please. If your accounting department and this stupid bank here were doing things right, I wouldn’t be talking to you now in the first place. In other words, this conversation should never have happened, so give it up.”
It infuriated Edward to think that some stupid problem in accounting might have gotten him roped into
“Actually, that was by my request.”
“Huh? What was?” Edward responded, not sure what he meant.
“How else was I supposed to contact you when you’re always traveling all over the place? So, I figured I’d better get
you to call me. And what better way to do that than by closing your account?”
Edward’s surprise quickly turned to rage. His hand tightened. The receiver made a faint crunching noise in his grip.

Back|| CandicexEdmar


Eyes opening the surroundings were a welcoming view, Candice’s bedroom. Turning sightly he could see her still asleep next to him, they’d both been fighting the jet-lag since coming back from Italy. Even in the short time they were there so much had happened. Slipping out of bed, Ed had pulled on his jeans and shirt before heading downstairs. This place had become such a familiar sight with fond memories, but one of their conversations from Italy kept itself in his mind.

Edmar grabbed the first sheet of paper he could find and scribbled down his note: “Candice, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have asked to marry you someday, that conversation should have never happened without me telling you everything first. I do love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But I can’t. It doesn’t work that way, my life. I’m already centuries old and still have centuries to go. I would never be able to grow old with you. And I can’t ask you to commit to a life like that.

Take some time, think it over. If that’s a deal breaker then know I meant every word I said when I told you I loved you. And if it’s not….I know you’ll find me.
Love, Ed.”

He took a look at the word on the paper before folding the note in half and writing her name on the outside. Edmar set it on the counter taking one last look around. The uncertainty of not knowing if he’d ever see his place again, if he’d ever see Candice again. Heading to the front door he grabbed his coat and let himself out. Gods he hoped she’d find him.

Fic: The Three Amigos

A Chris Evans One-shot

Summary: Natalia loves Chris’s whole family, but out of respect, she does not discuss their sex life with them – no matter how close they are. Well, with the exception of his brother, Scott.

Warnings: Language that might be found offensive for some readers.

Dedicated to @mumbles411. Honestly, most of the dialogue is credited to her. She’s hilarious and brilliant; I couldn’t have done it without her. In her words, ‘It should be credited to conversations being had when everyone should be sleeping.’ So, here’s what happens when two very tired storytellers discuss what Chris, Natalia, and Scott would be like. Thanks, doll! xx

Thanks for reading!! xx


Natalia loved Chris’s family. His mother, the sweetest and most outgoing mother she’s ever known, had been nothing but a tremendous support for her and the motherly figure she’s always craved since before her relationship with Chris was even a thought. From the first day she met his sister Carly, she’s acted like the big sister Natalia’s never had, including her in all the top family secrets and always offering up valuable advice.

And his younger sister, Shanna… well, she was her very best friend. They confided in each other, shopped together, got drunk at the karaoke bars and stumbled into cabs. Hell, when they were both still single, they had even acted like they were lesbian lovers whenever some guy that was on their douche radar wouldn’t stop chatting them up. (Although, that had been moot. Natalia was still amazed by how some pricks thought that was an invitation to a three-way.)

Needless to say, they did and gossiped about everything together, as one does with their best girlfrienduntil the day her best friend also became her boyfriend’s younger sister. Talking in code had become a thing Natalia had to do when the topic was centered around sex. Shanna did not want to know about her brother’s ability to bless her best friend with multiple orgasms with just the flicks of his tongue. That was just wrong.

But then there was Chris’s brother. And with Scott… nothing was off limits.

“Oh my god, I gotta tell you,” Natalia began after a slight gasp, leaning forward from her spot on the bar stool. “Your brother was going down on me last night while Grease was on and-”

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I should be working but my brain decided it was funnier to play with Ronan and Noah

Noah Czerny : There’s something with this letter G, look : Gansey and Glendower, you’re the Greywaren, I’m a Ghost, Blue is…a Girl. Oh and Adam would be…
Ronan Lynch : Gorgeous ?
Noah Czerny : …
Ronan Lynch :
Noah Czerny : I was about to say “Gandalf”…
Ronan Lynch : Your game sucks, Deadboy. With a D. 

it’s just such a bummer. i always thought there would be more time and more to learn about lexa. sure we saw plenty of the commander, but lexa we barely knew. even clarke didn’t know enough about lexa. like her parents, or what she was like as a kid. is she a morning person? is she funny when she doesn’t have to be so serious? does she cry when she’s alone, or always hold it in? all the conversations she should still be having with clarke that will never happen. holding clarke’s hand. expressing her affection in words. telling clarke how much it means to her that they got a chance to be together romantically because we know lexa was so starved for closeness, for love. lexa hugging clarke and never wanting to let go. we’ll never see it. she’s just gone. she shouldn’t be gone