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me:         Lance is the light of my life
also me: why do you cover yourself in Langst fanfictions then?
me:         why do people wear sun glasses in the summer?
also me: …
also me: but you don´t?!
me:         tousche

In Honor of JK Rowling Coming Out with New Books

So JK Rowling announce that there will be two new harry potter universe books coming out in October, sadly not about the Marauders :( So I’ve decided to post about my headcanon for a Marauders book, because while we all would love a Marauder series that probably isn’t going to happen rather a single book might.

Lily’s Journal- Picked up when she visit Diagon Alley for the first time, it never runs out of sheets

1st Year will cover

-Hella excited about starting at Hogwarts, list of spells she has tried, stories of adventures with Petunia

-Excited to be sorted in Gryffindor but sad Sev got sorted into a different house but they’ll still be friends

-Annoying toad Potter and his gaggle of friends, so stupid their pranks are and how dare they target Sev, why cant they just leave him alone (little does she know, he made fun of Remus’s scars)

2nd Year will cover

-Sadness about the anger and distance Petunia is keeping between them

-Toad Potter starting to ask her out in increasingly outlandish ways

-Sev starting to hang with the older darker Slytherin’s

-Rumors of a war brewing

-New spells and doodles in the margins

-Becoming friends with Remus over “muggle” books

3rd Year will cover

-Petunia ignoring her all summer, Sev reading dark books

-Excitement over new classes and new books from Diagon

-Running into the Potters and just being charmed by his mother and wondering why Potter couldn’t be like that

-In Defense, realizing Remus’s secret and being extra nice around the full moon

-Fucking period came and what do you mean there isn’t a charm to stop it? (Her rant inspires Potter)

-Doodles and hearts with boys names

4th Year will cover

-Relief that petunia is away at a camp for the summer, Sev both ignoring and being clingy all summer

-Sneaking away from female friends one of the nights in the first to get some alone time because so many people, and walking into an abandon classroom and discovering Sirius trying to wrap his ribs that were a parting gift from his mother

-Staying and helping Sirius wrap them and spending the night talking and building a friendship

-Lots of homework as the professors are gearing up to OWLs next year

-Going on a first date with a cute boy from Hufflepuff and bloody Potter ruining the date with one of his horrible pranks (actually that was totally fine cause the date sucked and she was looking for a way out, but don’t tell Potter!)

-Fears of the first war becoming more apparent

-Increasing tensions between her and Severus

5th Year will cover

-Tense summer with Severus and Petunia, spends time away with female friends

-Annoying Potter and how he is disturbing her studying for the OWLs

-More secret hangouts with Sirius, that end up being spa nights, when she notices his smile is more brittle than normal (insert pic of Sirius in green mud mask, pink curlers, and cotton balls between his toes)

-Increasing anger and frustration with Severus over his standing by and doing nothing when his darker friends start to torment younger mudbloods which ends at the end of the year with Snape calling her mudblood

(little does she know that this is why James always seemed to be picking on Snape, when really James was getting Snape to stop tormenting and injuring younger students)

6th Year will cover

-Starts with Lilly ranting about Petunia’s new boyfriend, Vernon, and how he is so boring and so obsess with being very proper

-Regret and anger over the end of her friendship with Snape

-Excitement over getting 6 O on the Owls and shock that 3 of the Marauders all did better than her cause all they ever did in class was goof off

-Rant on getting paired up with Potter on a month long Charms assignment

-Realizing how smart he is (coming with uses for spells that never crossed her mind) and how funny he is in conversation and how kind (she saw him approach a stressed out 2nd year and give her a small basket which contained chocolate, pads, tampons, small book on charms that help, spells to use when a guy says “oh you’re just mad cause you’re on your period”)

-Which then leads to her noticing that a lot of the younger girls approach him for extras because he carries them (Potter’s idea from Lily’s rant in 3rd year)

-More fear and more hopelessness over the war

-More spa days with Sirius and they talk about him and Remus

-Tea time with Remus where they talk about Sirius

-Confusion and shock and some other unknown feeling over Ja-Potter dating a Ravenclaw for a few months

-Year ends with her realizing she has feelings for Jam-POTTER

7th Year will cover

-Inviting Sirius to escort her to her sister’s wedding, finding out he is living with the Potters and how Remus is now jealous about Sirius ‘dating’

-Getting on the train and discovering Potter is headboy and them having a conversation that ends with her agreeing to call him James

-Seeing how good he is with scared first years and with all younger students (even Slytherins) that are afraid of the war

-Watching him start a defense class in response to the growing war, and growing closer as they write lesson plans together and share the headboy dorm

-(Spot of drool on the page from lily seeing James without a shirt)

-After the first quidditch game was extremely close and fast pace and thrilling, and after winning she ran across the field and tackled hugged James and gave him a peck on the lips (it was several, it was hard to tell what McGonagall smiling more for)

-Later they have a conversation about whether they should be a couple or not with the war happening and they decide it would be better to die with love in the heart than regret on the mind

-Joining the Order

-Worrying about Remus when he leaves on Dumbledore’s useless missions

-Peter acting weird, but assuming it just from the war

-Discovering Snape is a death eater

Misdialed Call (Part Four)

Summary: After an overall bad day, you call your best friend to rant and to vent. But when you accidentally misdial, you end up talking to a complete stranger. What you don’t know is that this stranger may not be a stranger at all. He may even be the world’s first superhero.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 938

Previous Part: Part Three

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

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The ‘Dewey Wins’ dilemma (from an autistic Steven POV)

Steven’s always been the most relatable fictional character for me, but man … this clip really hit home. So here’s my thoughts from Steven’s POV (as an autistic boy).


Change is a funny thing, and if it can be avoided, it should be. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, throwing myself in harm’s way to save my friends and family has always worked out for me, so why wouldn’t I do what I did? It just makes sense!

(And I just wanted to point out, when Connie asks “How could you just give yourself up like that?!” and Steven responds “Well, first I said I was my Dad, and then I said I was my Mom …” is SO RELATABLE to me! Being autistic, I often take things literally, and naturally, give a literal response. I thank the Crew for making that one of Steven’s reoccurring character traits.)

It was the only thing I could do, because it was the only real solution I could see. To me, there was no other way. It’s not because I forgot about Connie, it’s because all I was worried about was saving her and everyone else. Once I have a way of doing something in mind, it’s very unlikely I’ll look for another.

No, it wasn’t different. And no, it wasn’t all my fault. I had no idea that I was giving Peridot a list of people to take back to Homeworld. There’s no way I could have known! But I’ve grown up knowing that if Homeworld is hurting people, it’s automatically my fault, because I’m Rose Quartz’s son. So that’s the flawed logic I’ll take until proven otherwise.

But it didn’t matter. I’m always helping other people when they’re in trouble, so why couldn’t I have let Connie help me?

Because I couldn’t look ahead and see the consequence of my actions. And without seeing those consequences, sacrificing myself was without a doubt the best thing I could have done.

… No, you’re not? You’re standing right here in front of me without a scratch on you! How could you be hurt when I saved you?

What is there to get?? I told you! You’re safe! We’re safe! Everyone’s safe! Isn’t that all that matters … ?

You have to tell me! You have to tell me what’s wrong, because I don’t understand. I can’t understand.

But you run off back home like I should just “get it” without a word. So I recite to myself how that conversation should have happened if it had stayed on-script, and wonder to myself how and why you’re upset even though everything’s okay.


To close, I’d like to make it clear that Connie is definitely NOT in the wrong. She has every right in the world to be this upset and to shun Steven like this. They’ve always been a team, until suddenly, Steven left her behind. This is simply how I think Steven sees the situation.

They’re both on very different wavelengths, and need to talk things out to prevent this from happening again in the future. And that conversation is gonna be hard, but it’s something I’m really looking forward to.

i am totally here for robert growing as a person and apologizing to rebecca for all the ways he´s f***** her over, but only if that comes with rebecca also apologizing for the ways in which she has mistreated robert and accepting that the mess she is in right now is in no way just robert´s fault.

Tumblr account terminated

So this happened to me a few days ago, and I thought maybe sharing my experience could help someone if this happens to them in the future.

I was checking my Tumblr when suddenly I was logged out from it and given the usual Log In page. When I entered the details to access my blog, this appeared:

My heart skipped a bit. I tried to re-enter the details (maybe I got them wrong the first time), but no, the same message about Termination was shown. I typed my blog URL and got the ominous :

Same thing with my sideblogs.

So obviously I was very worried. I contacted the Tumblr support but didn’t get an answer for 48 hours, only an automated reply. I already started mentally saying goodbye to my blogs, my posts and all my followers, when finally I recieved their answer:

(In case you can’t see the picture, it says: 

We’ve restored your account.
Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. We’re sorry that it occurred, and we’ll do our best to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.
You should now be able to log in just fine with your email address and password.
Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

 My blog was restored and working normally. All my sideblogs were intact , and so were my posts and my followers. The only thing that was lost, is all the conversations by Messages. The people with whom you talked are still there, but all the history of the conversation is gone.

Alright so here is what you should do if this happens to you. Don’t panick like I did Click on the “contact support” link provided in the terminated window. Alternatively, go on

Politely explain your situation - give your blog URL, your mail, tell what happened exactly. I understand that the situation can be upsetting, but the person who will read the message and try to help you isn’t directly responsible for the termination of your blog. And sending an angry message with insults isn’t the best way to get your blog back either. 

 Wait for the reply of the team. If you feel like it takes too much time (more than few days for example), try to fill the Help/Support form again. 

 Once the team is in contact with you, keep the polite tone. Normally if your blog didn’t go againt the Tumblr rules and policies, you should getit back like I did.

Voila :) 

Me: Okay its probably time I should finish the Tao chapter

My brain: But wait, here’s another idea

Me: No, I have three stories to finish right now-

My brain: But poly!yoonmin though

Me: Yes, and it’ll happen, just not right-

My brain: Poly yoonmin


My brain:

Me: You’ve won this round

Give Me A Chance

For @waffle-walks 

Shiro watched as Lance rambled to Hunk about something from the kitchen as he sipped at his coffee, missing the first half of the conversation that was happening in front of him. He knew he should be at least eavesdropping if he was watching secretly, but he couldn’t help but stare as the lights from above illuminated Lance in a way that seemingly made him glow.

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anonymous asked:

After someone speaks in my stories, I often follow it with 'someones name nodded' and I feel like I say that too much. Is there some way I could get the same action across with out using the same two word sentence every time. Saying so and so nodded starts to feel tedious after a while in my opinion.

*nods* I do that all the time. Even though I know it’s repetitive “he/she nodded” is still the first thing I write. All that nodding eventually makes my neck hurt.

You probably use “nodded” in lieu of the even more boring and repetitive “yeah.” You’re right in wanting to delete that extra line of dialogue from your scene. Even if saying “yeah” is something that happens regularly in natural dialogue, your written conversations should be clean. For that reason, if I can’t think of a better verb, I leave “nodded” or any action out at all and jump straight to the next line of dialogue. Generally your characters’ spoken responses should show that they agree, making the use of “nod” or any other verb redundant.

Observe how you and other people agree with things. Different personalities respond in different ways. Different types of nods imply different types of agreement too. A person who is constantly nodding is probably not adding dialogue, but only listening in. This character does not need to constantly be referred to unless their opinion- verbal or not- is important to the reader. 

Here is an example from my fic Regenerate. There are four persons in the scene and I’ve trimmed it to show only their actions:

“…Terry clears her throat. ’[states fact].’

My voice too is sore. ’[states opinion].’

Rogue cracks her gloved knuckles. ’[states opinion].’ She looks at [Bobby] to agree with her.

’[states follow-up opinion],’ Terry brushes back wild strands of hair, ’[reinforces opinion].’

Bobby nods slightly, having something to say but holding onto it.  

[disagreement between two other characters]

Bobby nods again, looking up at the other two. ’[agrees and states opinion].’

’[agrees],’ Terry crosses her arms. ’[reinforces opinion].’

’[disagrees],’ I say. ’[reinforces argument].’

’[states return argument].’ Bobby adjusts his posture to face me directly. ’[reinforces argument]’…”

This isn’t the best example I could come up with it’s just the first I thought of, but note how Bobby does nod while formulating his own opinion in private. Note also the actions the other characters perform instead of nodding. They aren’t conciously trying to agree or disagree with each other, they’re simply speaking for the sake of being heard. There’s nothing else happening in this scene because the group is standing in an empty hallway. Were the hallway crowded or were they actively doing something relevant actions could be substituted. Instead of using body language to show their opinion, they could be folding laundry or washing dishes and therefore their physical movements would be invested in those activities. 

Alright, I’m not convinced myself that anything I’ve just said is helpful, so, I Googled for backup.

Don’t Let Your Characters “Nod” Off 

Fiction Writing Pitfalls: Beward Nodding, and Wandering Eyes 

100+ Ways to Say “Nodded” 


Alternative Ways to Describe Character Reactions

9 Simple and Powerful Ways to Write Body Language

8 Body Language Traps You Need to Avoid

Great question btw, it’s always a comfort to know another writer out there is yelling at their screen for the same reasons I am. And hey, I never would’ve thought to research this problem on my own, so thanks for that! 

Hope something here helps you too.

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i had no idea, sorry! i don't know harry potter, but what are their patronus do you think? :)


Wayne’s should be a moose

Katy’s is 100% a fox.

Reilly and Jonesy should have matching patronus’ obviously, and no one can convince me they aren’t otters

A raccoon for Darry, for just, a number of reasons. LOL 

I’m feeling a Clydesdale horse for Dan. 

The Skids are grackles. (fluttery annoying birds)

Glen’s has to be an oriental longhair cat

A loon for Gale. 

For Tanis, a raven

McMurray is a seagull

The ginger’s is an ostrich.

Why Him {Tom Holland}

Summary : You and Tom had an argument causing you two to hate each other but later found out that you guys are engaged.

Words : 1.4k

Warning : None.

pairing : Tom Holland x Reader

A/N : I don’t know how engagement work so I’m sorry.

You were beyond pissed, you embarrassed yourself in front of your class. It was your first college/university year and the first day back was already bad. You kept stuttering on your words, you tripped a few times in the hall as you carried the books. You didn’t have any friends sadly. You were happy being alone but most of the time you felt lonely.

A guy bumped into you when you were reading your books, he didn’t apologize, he just swore at you saying that it was your fault. It was but it was his fault too. Before he could walk away you looked at him so you guys could clear some shit.

“So you won’t even apologize?” You asked, one hand resting on your hip. His brown eyes narrowed at you.

“Why would I apologize when it was your fault?” He asked back, getting more pissed.

“But it’s your fault too,” you said.

“Care to explain?” He asked you, his brown curls falling on his forehead.

“I was walking on my own on my side of the hall out of people’s way and you came out of nowhere and bumped into me.” You tried explaining.

“Don’t you think this is a bit childish, this is not a big deal.” He walked closer to you, his height towering over you as he looked down at you. He was probably more than 6 inches taller than you.

“If it wasn’t a big deal then you should have said sorry and this conversation would never have happened.” You crossed your arms over your chest, stepping forward, glaring at him.

“I’m not saying sorry, do you know who my parents are?” He challenged, “Or even who I am?” He added.

“N-no,” you stuttered. He glanced around the hall, making you nervous before he leaned down to your ears.

“I’m Tom Holland, darling.” He leaned back and smirked at you before he walked away, leaving you surprised as you recognized his last name. His parents were the owner of the college you were studying at. You turned around looking at Tom furiously as you groaned and stomped away, walking back to your house since it wasn’t far, less than 2 minutes walk.

Your anger grew and grew as your mind wondered back to the conversation you had with Tom.

Just because your parents own the college doesn’t mean that he can do whatever he wants and disrespect people, you thought to yourself.

                            *Time skip forward to two weeks later*

  “So tell me mom, why am I in the college’s meeting room?” You asked, as you look around the room before you sit on one of the chairs around the huge table.

  “You know how our school is not working very well right?” Your mom asked you back as she sat next to you. You nodded your head.

   "Well, Mr and Ms Holland are a very good friend of mine and your mother.“ Your dad sat across from you as he spoke.

  "Okay and?” You asked still a bit confused, your mom was about to answer you but the door opened. Your parents greeted the married couple. They started joking around as you sat there awkwardly not knowing what to do. They all turned to you as you smiled weakly at them. They took a seat. They looked like someone you know.

“We’ll start talking when my son arrives.” The woman sitting opposite your mom said. You leaned into your mom and whispered.

“Mom, who are they?”

“You’ll see,” your mom smirked at you. You sighed heavily as you listen to their conversations. The door creaked open but you didn’t pay attention to it, you just sat there looking down at the table, you figured going on your phone would just be rude.

“Son, you’re late.” The man said.

“Sorry, I had to help some of my friends with their work.” You heard a familiar voice said. You didn’t look up though, your mind began to wondered if you had any homework, you smiled to yourself when you realized you had none. You saw the boy’s reflection on the shiny table but it wasn’t clear, until he introduced himself.

“Hey Mr and Ms (Y/l/n), I’m Tom.” Your eyes widened after Tom said that, you shot your head up and made eye contact with him. When he saw your face, his eyebrow narrowed in anger and confusion. You looked around the table and now you know who the couple were. Dom and Nikki Holland was in the same as you. Your parents were looking at you and Tom.

“Mom, why are we here again?” Tom asked, his eyes darting around between his parents in confusion.

“We have an important news for you and (Y/n).” Nikki answered, “So (Y/n) parents own a school and we own a college that we’re in right now and we think it would be good idea if we partner up, our business would be better knowing that two well known schools are working together.” She added, your parents nodded their head, agreeing with her.

“What does that have to do with us?” Tom asked as he shifted in his seat.

“Well.. uh,” his mom got too nervous to tell you guys so your dad started talking.

“You guys are getting engaged.” He said, looking at you both. You started choking on air and you placed your hand on the table, your other hand fisted into a ball as you beat it against your chest.

“What!?” Tom yelled, his eyes widened.

“Mom, you can’t just tell us to get engage when we don’t even know each other.” You excused.

“You guys have two years to get to know each other.” Your dad said.

“But that’s not fair!” You raised your voice, the Hollands were talking to their son too.

   "I know sweety, but this business is very important to us without it you wouldn’t be here, please do this for us.“ Your mom pleased.

     "No mom! I’m only 19 and he’s like what 22? And why him!?” You eyebrows narrowed as you shook your head.

       "He’s only 20 and you guys have 2 years until you’re done with college, by then you would be ready to get married. And he’s just perfect for you, he’s the type of guys you like.“ Your dad said, you rolled your eyes knowing that in two years you wouldn’t be done with college.

         "No, I’m engaged to anyone and won’t be until I want to. You can’t force us.” You heard Tom from the other side of the table.

        “Dad, it’s not your place to tell me if I’m ready or not, that’s me and Tom’s decision not yours. Dad you know nothing about him, he’s not even nice.” You guys argued some more before it was all too much for you. Right now both of your parents were talking about the benefits of you and Tom being together, Tom started to calm down knowing that his parent have done everything for him and he have to do at least one thing for them. You started to calm down too, knowing that you still have two years left of freedom.

   "(Y/n) please, you know that this is serious,“ your mom grabbed your hands pleasing you. You nodded your head lightly, trying to hold back the tears. Tom talked to his parents and agreed too after 20 minutes of arguing.

   "Thank you so much,” she hugged you, “In the two years you can go on and do whatever you want, parties, road trips whatever you want. But just know that you have to hang out with each other more and get to know each other.”

  “So I’m stuck with him for the rest of my life.” You looked down at your lap.

    “Yes and I’m sorry about that I’m really am, we will have to force you to go on dates too for he news papers.” After you guys discussed things, you left the room. The parents started talking about the future as you and Tom stood there.

    “Don’t even come near me,” you said.

    “Get used to it, love,” he looked at you. “I guess we have to pretend to like each other to please our parents.” He said.

    “Yeah, just know that I will always hate you.”

     "Whatever you say,“ Tom smirked shaking his head.

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oh!!! i was the anon who asked about what the paladins would do if their s/o was having sensory overload issues? like, getting dizzy and disoriented from too many lights and sounds.

YAY THANKS FOR REQUESTING AGAIN!!!! I got it done as fast as I could just for you boo

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed


  • If you never told him ahead of time of your sensory problem, he’ll freak out when he witnesses the first time it becomes apparent
  • Likely his instincts tells him to get you out of the room to quieter environment
  • he doesn’t asks you what happened but hopes you’ll tell him when you’re ready
  • UNLESS you guys are still fighting the galra, then as leader he demands you tell him whats wrong (because it might effect the team)
  • now that he knows, he gives you missions that doesn’t involve a lot of triggers (which may or may not be annoying to you because that would me you are no longer fighting front in center)
  • He is doing it out of love though, but if he baby you too much you’ll have to tell him
  • Tries to be considerate but is wary since they’re up in space and they may not be equipped to help you very much
  • He has never wished for internet to be in space so much til now


  • Once he knows, he’ll try to be more considerate about it
  • its a process tho. lots of trail and error
  • He’s sweet about it, always really sorry when he isn’t much help
  • But he tries to help you out; he paints sunglasses with black paint so it’ll block the lights and gets you some earbuds
  • If you want to keep it a secret, he’ll respect that (but he won’t admit to you that it’ll be harder on him because he can’t ask shiro or coran or pidge for help)


  • “babe…. are you ok?”
  • when it happens he starts to worry but quickly realizing whats going on
  • how you may ask? I have a head canon that his mother has sensory problems and his little niece/sister (that depends on the actual canon) has autism so he had a few run on with what you’re going through
  • tries to guid you out of the environment and into a room thats farthest away from the noise/lights
  • He lets you use the headphones he stole from pidge often (and when pidge isnt in the room of course)
  • he is by far the most helpful paladin when it comes to this


  • freaks the fudge out at first if you never mentioned this to him ahead of time
  • Sadly, he may be one of the most incapable of the paladins to help you in the beginning (that’s hard for me to say cuz I love this man)
  • His instinct is to help by holding you, cradling you, and telling you that it’s going to be all right but your sensory overload may prevent you from feeling the comfort he’s trying to offer
  • In fact, it might make it worse
  • You two are gonna have to have a serious conversation about this. He’ll ask you what he should do when it happens again because he really wants to help you
  • Communication and listening is important so he’ll take what you tell him to heart and do is absolute best to be by your side and helpful
  • He’s a mechanic so he may collaborate with pidge (or do it himself since pidge always has a crap load of projects of her own) and build you something that can help you but he’ll need you to help him with it


  • Once you tell you she makes a little robot (like rover) that will be able to detect light and noise sensors coming S/O way
  • Though it’s pretty much an alarm/ guide for now till pidge can think of a better approach to sensory overloads
  • May tinker with your helmet and have an automatic sensory limit (where it starts to lower the volume or tone something’s out)
  • She will be very considerate and ask questions about it (she’s naturally curious) and often time ask permission to touch you cause that is also considered a sense.
  • Overall she doesn’t make a big deal about it as long as you let her know
Reveling in Richonne

#88: The “You Led Me Here” (7x12)

Ok y'all I promise this is the last breakdown of this scene lol. 😋 This whole scene had been sort of heavy but it ends with this moment that makes me so happy. 👏🏽

I’ve been adoring and talking a lot about R&M’s playfulness in this episode, but this couple is also one of a kind because of how very grown and mature their relationship is as well.

And this is one of those moments that really hits home how mature and adult these two are to be able to take time out to really have a serious conversation about what happens next and what the plan should be if the outcome of the war ends in a way they don’t want it too.

So the last bit of this is Rick saying, “It’s not about us anymore. It’s about a future.” Which is interesting cuz that’s very similar to what Michonne felt in the cell, but she needed this reminder because there was a part of her that she didn’t even realize was unprepared to lose Rick.

It’s interesting Rick says this isn’t about us anymore. Cuz one; It really cements that when Rick didn’t want to fight it was about keeping her and his kids alive and having them with him but now he’s accepted that having them while serving Negan would just be the illusion of being okay, so now it’s about working towards a better and freer future even if he doesn’t get to live to enjoy that future.

And two; It makes me feel like maybe deep down part of fighting back was about the two of them. Cuz I know Rick and Michonne were motivated to fight back for everyone but I think they were also both rightfully motivated to fight back due to it meaning fighting for more time with the love of their life. 

And while that’s still a good motivator, they now have to be surrendered to the fact that even if they don’t get to hold on to the one thing they want just for themselves, the fight is still worth it.

It’s extremely selfless of them. But still so heartbreaking that this is them deciding to put the best thing they’ve ever experienced at risk for the others. But that’s what real leaders do and it’s public knowledge that Rick and Michonne are the realest of ones. 💯😋

And then Rick says “And if it’s me who doesn’t make it, you’re gonna have to lead the others forward because you’re the one who can.” First; my heart breaks any and every time Rick talks about how he’s not going to live forever. I know that’s reality but I just never want to imagine the end of Rick Grimes. 😥

Second; I adore that Rick wants Michonne to lead because he knows she’s the one who can. Like he fully understands this is his equal and that she’s something special. The fierce belief these two have in each other is every last thing. 🙌🏾

And third; Y'all Rick’s been thinking about this. He’s clearly been thinking for a while about what life might have to look like if he doesn’t make it and he’s come to the conclusion that the person most fit to lead their entire group is his woman. 👌🏽😭

And then Michonne asks through tears (I love that she can let herself be genuinely emotional with him) “But how do you know?”

It’s so interesting that she asks this. I feel like just like how in the candlelit dinner Rick said he wouldn’t necessarily want to be the leader of the new world this is Michonne’s own way of revealing she too doesn’t see herself as just this automatic leader.

Like it would be easy to assume that since their apocalyptic all-stars they would just gravitate towards and go after being the leader but in this episode we learn that no this is just a man and woman who are super capable and stepped up because it’s what everyone needed but at the end of the day they are just as human as the rest of them.

My respect for them grew immensely to know that they both don’t see themselves as these grand leaders and yet they’ve chosen to lead anyway despite that being the harder path to take.

And then the scene ends with Rick literally attempting to slay us all one last time for good measure when he tells Michonne that he knows she could be the leader, “Because you led me here”. 

Yes, yes, and yes. It’s so good. 👏🏽👏 🏽I love when the show gives us verbal confirmation of things we’ve been feeling. I think we had all been feeling like Michonne was Rick’s leader up until this point and so I love love love that Rick confirms this. He knows she’s his leader too. 😊

It’s such an accurate statement too. And I love that Rick tells her this directly. He’s reminding her that every major decision he’s made for a long while has been due to and motivated by her and her wisdom. Like he’s saying, “You led me so that I could lead them.”

In this moment Michonne now knows that she’s been leading everyone’s leader. That’s big. Those five words said so so much and it was beautiful. 

I realized that there’s kind of three beats in the arc of this episode for them. Like the candlelit dinner was them expressing how much they want to be together. The emotional carnival moment was them realizing how much they aren’t ready to lose each other. And this van moment is them understanding they have to keep going even if they lose what they want. 😥

I appreicate that they’re taking this time to really talk this all out. It’s an extremely mature thing to do and it really feels like ASZ’s parents are talking about what to do if the community loses one of their leaders. 

And I love how Rick has this answer right away cuz he’s been feeling like she leads him for a while. Like when she asks how he knows, he immediately smiles because he knows she’s the one who has shown him the way time and time again. 👌🏽

I also love how close Rick is to her when he says this. Like he really wants her to hear this and know that he means it. And the way he looks at her, y’all it’s more than the sun/moon/stars look, he’s looking at her like she is Mrs. Grimes. 🙌🏾😊❤️

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So I have always wanted to write but I have never been a particularly good story teller although I have a very active imagination. I just struggle to put what is in my head into words. Do you have any general tips to become a better writer? I've tried some fanfiction writing but its all super cheesy.

Thanks for your question, anon!  It sounds like you’re going through something a lot of writers, especially beginning writers, struggle with at times.  I know that there have been periods for me where it felt like I could perfectly envision all these amazing scenes, but when it came time to write them out… nothing.

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I do have a few tips from experience that might help you through this time :>

How to Make the Words Work

Writing in itself is very complex; there are a lot of things to think about, and it requires so much brainpower that it can stifle creativity.  So I’m gonna keep it very simple.  Your problem is getting the words to match the vision?  I’ve got six tips for that.

1. Think About Writing

This seems like a non-tip, because most of us do think about writing – probably more than we actually write.  I could spend hours lying in bed, just daydreaming about stories that I’ll never put on paper.  But the first step to writing is thinking about what you WANT to write.  This means that if you, in your heart, want to write a fanfiction, you should do it!  If you want to write a vampire romance, go for it!  Go with your initial inspiration for now.  One day, you’ll be confident enough to branch out and try something crazy – but for now, just write what you want, darnit.

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to write, give yourself time and space, somewhere quiet, somewhere peaceful.  Think about it.  Imagine your story, until you can see it in your head, through your own eyes.  Imagine the settings, the feelings.  Imagine the climaxes.  Think your way through the first few chapters, until you’ve got an image in mind from which you draw everything else.  Don’t be so anxious to write that you skip the pre-writing stage.

2. Now Write It!

The second step is to give yourself plenty of time, find a comfortable place to sit, stretch your muscles, drink some water, and just write.  This means no TV in the background.  This means no scrambling for the perfect musical score.  This means no excuses, no phone, no puzzles – just shut yourself somewhere and give yourself no other outlet.  You either have the option to stare at the computer for an hour, or write.  Odds are, you’ll pick writing.

Now, this is the problem, right?  The words aren’t coming out, or if they are, they sound all wrong.  So you can sit there and force yourself, but the odds are you won’t be happy with what you write.  So what’s next?

3. Forget Description

One of the biggest causes of writer’s block, for me, is thinking about description.  Describing settings, characters, and actions is a lot of pressure!  Writers have to communicate something entirely in their head, without paint or cameras or actors – just in words.  The more you think about the image you’re describing, the more stressful it can be to try to write!

My advice is to skip description entirely, for the first run through a chapter.  Start by writing strictly the action of the scene – what the characters are doing, saying, and thinking.  Forget what they’re wearing or where they’re going.  Don’t worry about anything except the activity, and write it fast.  Then, once you’ve finished the chapter, scene, or section, go back and add the description in there.  Then you can take it more slowly, and feel less pressure… because it’s already written!

4. Forget “Perfection”

I can say confidently that most if not all writers are embarrassed of their first drafts – especially myself.  I try to never show or publish a first draft of my story!  But when I was younger and wrote primarily fanfiction, there was this culture, especially online, of write-to-publish prose.  My fic-writer friends would finish their oneshots and publish them within minutes, and they would all seem so talented!  But the trick is that professional writers don’t do this.  At all.  They get the story out, warts and all, and then go back and edit later!

The enemy of the writer is self-editing, A.K.A. “I’m stopping in the middle of this scene because that sentence didn’t look right, and I actually don’t like that piece of dialogue, and wow looking back that whole page was really wordy, maybe I should cut that out before I continue,” etc.  It’s the anxious writer’s mind that destroys us, one and all.  So allow yourself to stink!  Cringe at what you write, and laugh, and keep going, until it’s all on paper.  Then edit it.  Make it pretty later, and your troubles will cease – I promise!

5. Follow Your Characters

A lot of the challenge with starting a story/scene is wondering where the plot should go – how the conversations should transpire, what scenes should happen and when and where, and so forth.  The time we spend thinking about these things is time better spent on actual writing.  So when in doubt, follow your characters – especially your Point-of-View characters.  Think about where they want to go, what they want to do, and when they want to do it.  Write from the perspective of your character, and allow that character to take the blame for all your decisions.  It takes the pressure off you and gives you a guiding voice inside your head!

6. Follow Your Instincts

Although I do insist that you keep from self-editing, there are times when that inner voice is giving some good advice.  Most of the time that I’m blocked, or I feel negative about a scene, it’s because something isn’t right.  Either I’m pushing something too hard, or starting a plot too early, or putting characters in unrealistic situations or relationships.  If everything inside me is saying something isn’t right, it often benefits me to review everything as a whole – not to fix tiny writing mistakes, but to assess the plot.  You may feel dissatisfied with your work because of the plot behind it!  Maybe you’re moving the story too quickly or too slowly, or your characters are bland, or there isn’t enough story to keep it interesting.  Think about these things, and trust yourself.  Whether or not you consider yourself an experienced writer, you have the instinct, and you should follow it no matter what!

That’s all I have off the top of my head, but if you want more in-depth help with any of these things, feel free to send me another question!  Thanks again, and Merry Christmas :)

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If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!