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Lestat, what's your biggest regret of your immortal life? Or mortal life?

♛There are many regrets, so many to choose from. You like to cut to the quick, don’t you, anonyme? Alright, here’s some blood for you.

Of both, it would be Nicolas. Not being what he needed. Not really understanding him. I could have. Should have done more… I should’ve told him what I was from the beginning, when it happened, I should have had those conversations that would have hurt, but would have been less than the hurt I caused him. I’ll always remember him and regret the way that went. If not for this, the later regrets might not have ever happened. And yet, if not for this, the later joys might not have happened, either. We make hard choices. It is what it is.

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Misdialed Call (Part Four)

Summary: After an overall bad day, you call your best friend to rant and to vent. But when you accidentally misdial, you end up talking to a complete stranger. What you don’t know is that this stranger may not be a stranger at all. He may even be the world’s first superhero.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 938

Previous Part: Part Three

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Tumblr account terminated

So this happened to me a few days ago, and I thought maybe sharing my experience could help someone if this happens to them in the future.

I was checking my Tumblr when suddenly I was logged out from it and given the usual Log In page. When I entered the details to access my blog, this appeared:

My heart skipped a bit. I tried to re-enter the details (maybe I got them wrong the first time), but no, the same message about Termination was shown. I typed my blog URL and got the ominous :

Same thing with my sideblogs.

So obviously I was very worried. I contacted the Tumblr support but didn’t get an answer for 48 hours, only an automated reply. I already started mentally saying goodbye to my blogs, my posts and all my followers, when finally I recieved their answer:

(In case you can’t see the picture, it says: 

We’ve restored your account.
Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. We’re sorry that it occurred, and we’ll do our best to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.
You should now be able to log in just fine with your email address and password.
Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

 My blog was restored and working normally. All my sideblogs were intact , and so were my posts and my followers. The only thing that was lost, is all the conversations by Messages. The people with whom you talked are still there, but all the history of the conversation is gone.

Alright so here is what you should do if this happens to you. Don’t panick like I did Click on the “contact support” link provided in the terminated window. Alternatively, go on

Politely explain your situation - give your blog URL, your mail, tell what happened exactly. I understand that the situation can be upsetting, but the person who will read the message and try to help you isn’t directly responsible for the termination of your blog. And sending an angry message with insults isn’t the best way to get your blog back either. 

 Wait for the reply of the team. If you feel like it takes too much time (more than few days for example), try to fill the Help/Support form again. 

 Once the team is in contact with you, keep the polite tone. Normally if your blog didn’t go againt the Tumblr rules and policies, you should getit back like I did.

Voila :) 

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After someone speaks in my stories, I often follow it with 'someones name nodded' and I feel like I say that too much. Is there some way I could get the same action across with out using the same two word sentence every time. Saying so and so nodded starts to feel tedious after a while in my opinion.

*nods* I do that all the time. Even though I know it’s repetitive “he/she nodded” is still the first thing I write. All that nodding eventually makes my neck hurt.

You probably use “nodded” in lieu of the even more boring and repetitive “yeah.” You’re right in wanting to delete that extra line of dialogue from your scene. Even if saying “yeah” is something that happens regularly in natural dialogue, your written conversations should be clean. For that reason, if I can’t think of a better verb, I leave “nodded” or any action out at all and jump straight to the next line of dialogue. Generally your characters’ spoken responses should show that they agree, making the use of “nod” or any other verb redundant.

Observe how you and other people agree with things. Different personalities respond in different ways. Different types of nods imply different types of agreement too. A person who is constantly nodding is probably not adding dialogue, but only listening in. This character does not need to constantly be referred to unless their opinion- verbal or not- is important to the reader. 

Here is an example from my fic Regenerate. There are four persons in the scene and I’ve trimmed it to show only their actions:

“…Terry clears her throat. ’[states fact].’

My voice too is sore. ’[states opinion].’

Rogue cracks her gloved knuckles. ’[states opinion].’ She looks at [Bobby] to agree with her.

’[states follow-up opinion],’ Terry brushes back wild strands of hair, ’[reinforces opinion].’

Bobby nods slightly, having something to say but holding onto it.  

[disagreement between two other characters]

Bobby nods again, looking up at the other two. ’[agrees and states opinion].’

’[agrees],’ Terry crosses her arms. ’[reinforces opinion].’

’[disagrees],’ I say. ’[reinforces argument].’

’[states return argument].’ Bobby adjusts his posture to face me directly. ’[reinforces argument]’…”

This isn’t the best example I could come up with it’s just the first I thought of, but note how Bobby does nod while formulating his own opinion in private. Note also the actions the other characters perform instead of nodding. They aren’t conciously trying to agree or disagree with each other, they’re simply speaking for the sake of being heard. There’s nothing else happening in this scene because the group is standing in an empty hallway. Were the hallway crowded or were they actively doing something relevant actions could be substituted. Instead of using body language to show their opinion, they could be folding laundry or washing dishes and therefore their physical movements would be invested in those activities. 

Alright, I’m not convinced myself that anything I’ve just said is helpful, so, I Googled for backup.

Don’t Let Your Characters “Nod” Off 

Fiction Writing Pitfalls: Beward Nodding, and Wandering Eyes 

100+ Ways to Say “Nodded” 


Alternative Ways to Describe Character Reactions

9 Simple and Powerful Ways to Write Body Language

8 Body Language Traps You Need to Avoid

Great question btw, it’s always a comfort to know another writer out there is yelling at their screen for the same reasons I am. And hey, I never would’ve thought to research this problem on my own, so thanks for that! 

Hope something here helps you too.

I genuinely don’t understand why some people take issue with how the diner scene was written? It was written exactly the way it should be.

“They made it all about themselves.”

No, but the conversation SHOULD be about them? That messy party happened in the first place because 1) they didn’t know each other well enough, 2) they didn’t openly communicate what they wanted, and 3) when it did happen, neither was willing to compromise.

With that in mind, let me run it down for you again: Jughead starts by acknowledging that Betty was trying to do a nice thing for him. He might not have liked the mess it spiraled into, but this is him telling her that he knows her intentions were pure, and he does really appreciate the effort she put into it, misguided as it was. That’s compromise. He then goes on to explain that when people are nice to him, he doesn’t know how to take it because he’s not used to it, and he’s afraid of opening up for fear of being hurt. That’s a direct answer to Betty’s inquiry earlier that night as she asks him why he’s so upset over a party. He didn’t give her a proper answer then, but he does now, because she deserved to know who he is. He shared a part of him with her, a part that explains why he did what he did that night.

Then Betty’s speech follows that exact same formula: She first acknowledges that she shouldn’t have lied about Chuck, and shouldn’t have forced a party on him. That’s compromise. He then asks her why she did it, because it’s important for him to know where she was coming from. So Betty explains to him about her darkness, how it compels her to do irrational things, about her digging her nails into her palms, how it scares her. She didn’t give him a proper answer when he inquired about it at the movie theater earlier that night, but she does now, because he deserves to know who she is. She shares a part of her with him, a part that explains why she did what she did that night.

They both compromised on the issue, with Jughead showing appreciation for the party and Betty admitting it was a bad idea. They both came out of that ordeal understanding each other’s positions a little better. Then they both talked about their fears and insecurities that led to their fallout and fight that night.

That scene was written exactly how it should be.

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oh!!! i was the anon who asked about what the paladins would do if their s/o was having sensory overload issues? like, getting dizzy and disoriented from too many lights and sounds.

YAY THANKS FOR REQUESTING AGAIN!!!! I got it done as fast as I could just for you boo

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  • If you never told him ahead of time of your sensory problem, he’ll freak out when he witnesses the first time it becomes apparent
  • Likely his instincts tells him to get you out of the room to quieter environment
  • he doesn’t asks you what happened but hopes you’ll tell him when you’re ready
  • UNLESS you guys are still fighting the galra, then as leader he demands you tell him whats wrong (because it might effect the team)
  • now that he knows, he gives you missions that doesn’t involve a lot of triggers (which may or may not be annoying to you because that would me you are no longer fighting front in center)
  • He is doing it out of love though, but if he baby you too much you’ll have to tell him
  • Tries to be considerate but is wary since they’re up in space and they may not be equipped to help you very much
  • He has never wished for internet to be in space so much til now


  • Once he knows, he’ll try to be more considerate about it
  • its a process tho. lots of trail and error
  • He’s sweet about it, always really sorry when he isn’t much help
  • But he tries to help you out; he paints sunglasses with black paint so it’ll block the lights and gets you some earbuds
  • If you want to keep it a secret, he’ll respect that (but he won’t admit to you that it’ll be harder on him because he can’t ask shiro or coran or pidge for help)


  • “babe…. are you ok?”
  • when it happens he starts to worry but quickly realizing whats going on
  • how you may ask? I have a head canon that his mother has sensory problems and his little niece/sister (that depends on the actual canon) has autism so he had a few run on with what you’re going through
  • tries to guid you out of the environment and into a room thats farthest away from the noise/lights
  • He lets you use the headphones he stole from pidge often (and when pidge isnt in the room of course)
  • he is by far the most helpful paladin when it comes to this


  • freaks the fudge out at first if you never mentioned this to him ahead of time
  • Sadly, he may be one of the most incapable of the paladins to help you in the beginning (that’s hard for me to say cuz I love this man)
  • His instinct is to help by holding you, cradling you, and telling you that it’s going to be all right but your sensory overload may prevent you from feeling the comfort he’s trying to offer
  • In fact, it might make it worse
  • You two are gonna have to have a serious conversation about this. He’ll ask you what he should do when it happens again because he really wants to help you
  • Communication and listening is important so he’ll take what you tell him to heart and do is absolute best to be by your side and helpful
  • He’s a mechanic so he may collaborate with pidge (or do it himself since pidge always has a crap load of projects of her own) and build you something that can help you but he’ll need you to help him with it


  • Once you tell you she makes a little robot (like rover) that will be able to detect light and noise sensors coming S/O way
  • Though it’s pretty much an alarm/ guide for now till pidge can think of a better approach to sensory overloads
  • May tinker with your helmet and have an automatic sensory limit (where it starts to lower the volume or tone something’s out)
  • She will be very considerate and ask questions about it (she’s naturally curious) and often time ask permission to touch you cause that is also considered a sense.
  • Overall she doesn’t make a big deal about it as long as you let her know

003 - Children

Every time he sees the two of them interact he is tempted to ask his son what he thinks of Ignis Scientia, but he knows that if he does he might just scare Noctis away from the lad.

He does not need Noctis’ opinion to know that Ignis is good for him.  After his mother’s death he’d grown so very quiet, offering perhaps five words at most at any given time and only when directly asked a question.  There was no pain that could compare to the breaking of his heart every time he looked at his son and saw the haunted expression he couldn’t hide at such a young age, the bruise-like shadows under his eyes and the redness to them from so many nights crying into his pillow or into the soft cotton of Regis’ nightshirt.

Ignis Scientia, for all that he is a quiet and serious boy, makes his son laugh.  Shy little giggles that seem to surprise Noctis as much as they do everyone else, hands clapping over his mouth and eyes going wide before he’s running off for some game or another that only makes sense to children their age.

Or pranks.

It has since become common, unspoken knowledge that any meeting Regis holds in this room is an unofficial affair that might or might not be sabotaged by his son and his new friend, that any person who enters the room is taking their reputation into their own hands and all but tossing it at his son to ruin in the most delightfully innocent of ways.  A select few even play along just to amuse the boys.

Even Cor Leonis.

He already knows the boys have orchestrated something.  The giggles and the frantic whispers of “shh!” from the general vicinity of the window (not that Regis can see the two pairs of shoes poking out from beneath the curtains or see the fabric shaking with their mirth) is warning enough that they’ve come up with yet another thing to frustrate and amuse adults in equal measure.  He makes sure to point to where the boys are not hidden when Cor first enters the room so he knows in advance that something is going to happen and that he should engage in conversation as normal, and it all goes downhill from there.

Cor has barely even had time to utter a “good evening, Your Majesty” and get himself comfortable before the boys’ prank makes itself known in the form of the absurdly loud report of a whoopee cushion dying one of its many repeated deaths under the weight of a fully grown adult dropping all of their weight onto it at once.  He will never admit to how very hard he has to work to keep a hold of his composure, to quickly smother his laughter in a pretend coughing fit and to keep the amusement from overtaking his face, when Cor outright freezes at the noise that has sounded from the region of his posterior, clutching at the armrest so tightly that all colour has bled from his knuckles, stunned eyes wide on Regis’ face.

Where he has succeeded in correcting his laughter the boys ultimately fail, and a fresh round of giggling shakes the curtain they hide behind, the very same curtain Cor whips his head around to glower at.

“It would appear that we have some daemons present, Your Majesty,” he says, completely deadpan and if it weren’t for the beginnings of a smirk Regis knows to look out for he’d suspect the Marshal was genuinely angered.

“We’re not -mmpph!”  That was unmistakably Noctis, with his outburst probably muffled by a hand belonging to the smarter of the two.  A notion confirmed a moment later when there’s another hissed “shh!” and some more trembling from the curtain.

“Stay where you are, Your Majesty, I will hunt them down,” Cor says as he gets to his feet, twisting around to peer over the back of the chaise lounge before steadily making his way around the room and announcing each potential hiding spot before he investigates.  The boys make an admirable effort to keep their debate (“he’s going to find us”, “he won’t, who’d think to check here?”, “are you sure?”, “Iggy he’s an adult, duh”) quiet, but quiet for a child is vastly different to that for an adult.  By the time Cor is advancing on the window with a positively evil (but gleeful) look on his face, Regis is all but shaking with silent laughter.

“I do believe our visitors… might just be hiding… by the window!”  As his hand closes on the curtain and yanks the dark grey fabric aside Noctis scrambles from his hiding spot in a tangle of flailing limbs, yelping for Ignis to run even as the older boy pelts after him and out the door, giggling.

Regis gives up at that point, laughs and laughs and laughs until he can’t breathe and, surprisingly enough, Cor drops to the floor in much the same state.

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i had no idea, sorry! i don't know harry potter, but what are their patronus do you think? :)


Wayne’s should be a moose

Katy’s is 100% a fox.

Reilly and Jonesy should have matching patronus’ obviously, and no one can convince me they aren’t otters

A raccoon for Darry, for just, a number of reasons. LOL 

I’m feeling a Clydesdale horse for Dan. 

The Skids are grackles. (fluttery annoying birds)

Glen’s has to be an oriental longhair cat

A loon for Gale. 

For Tanis, a raven

McMurray is a seagull

The ginger’s is an ostrich.

A conversation that should happen, if indeed Lena is being used as Earth’s marital sacrifice to prevent all-out galactic war -

Lena (to Mon-El): Aren’t you…?

Mon-El: Mon-El.

Lena: Mike. Kara’s… boyfriend.

Mon-El: er…

Lena: And you’re the prince I’m supposed to marry.

Mon-El: Um, you see…

Lena: This is awkward.

Mon-El: (somewhat defensively) It’s not my idea!

Lena: (in an icy tone) And not my choice.

Mon-El: Well, if *I* were to choose–

Lena: If I had my druthers, and *only* if she were so inclined–

Mon-El/Lena: (simultaneously) I’d marry Kara.

Mon-El: What?!

Lena: What?

Mon-El: (jabbing a finger in her direction accusingly) Did you just–

Lena: (narrowing her eyes in a most deadly fashion) And what if I did?

FanFic: The Fall of Friar

A/N: This is it…the final chapter of The Fall of Friar. I can say that this has been the most emotionally raw fic I have ever written. As stated in previous A/Ns…this fic hit home on way too many occasions. 

If you have read my other fics, you know the future life I’ve imagined for Rucas. This fic takes place before Charmed Moments. Things changed slightly as this fic developed so there are some inconsistencies.

I owe many people for their advice, encouragement, and support. @gmwpluto @zombeeemomeee @drizzyyjayy @frankchurchillsaysrelax @shebe67 @madelinecoffee @pipereliza14 @grapes-day @spamiam77 @mtsunlodge … thank you!

Special thanks to @siennese You asked and I hope I delivered.

Apologies for any formatting issues…. posted this from my phone

 Chapter  [1] [2] [3] [3b] [4] 

Chapter 5- Shadows of the Sun

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Tales of Graces

Sophie: Hubert, why do you wear glasses?

Hubert: Because my eyes are bad.

Sophie: Are they dangerous?

Hubert: Somebody save me…

Tales of Zestiria Cameo

Sophie: Jade, why do you wear glasses?

Jade: Because my eyes are bad.

Sophie: So you have trouble seeing?

Jade: No, they’re actually dangerous!

Sophie:  Oh.


There are so many amazing female superheroes that are being represented on both TV and in movies. Do you look forward to a time when it’s just not a big deal anymore, where it’s just sort of common place?
Well, I certainly think that it should be the norm that there is just as many women as there are men playing superheroes. It shouldn’t even be a conversation anymore. It should just be happening.

“Ten and Rose Meet Amy and Eleven” - Digital Oil Painting

I love how this turned out. Amy’s like “Doctor, what the heck is going on?” Eleven is just “ROSE ROSE ROSE ROSE ROES ROESO ROESOROSE” Ten is like “I don’t trust this interloper, stay back Rose” and Rose is contemplating new sleeping arrangements that can include her with both Doctors, LOL.

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“Hey, you stay back!”

“But I’m you!”


*indignant* “I am! I’ve got this!” *brandishes claw-ended sonic screwdriver*

*left eyebrow lift* “You think I’d be convinced by you waving a– What exactly is that supposed to be?”

“It’s… it’s my sonic screwdriver!”

*bursts out laughing* “That’s a sonic screwdriver? You’re having me on. That’s some kind of perverted sex toy and you’re not going anywhere near MY Rose.” *brandishes his sonic* “Now, this is a sonic screwdriver.”

“Oh, this is why I hate dealing with me. Every single one of us has a different opinion and we’re all convinced we’re the one who’s right.”

“Well… to be fair, that does sound like something I’d say.”

Trou Normand

Some summary required


Beauty is all around our puppy-Will

A totem of corpses is just what he needs to be happy.

The sight is so amazing Will has a new addition to all his problems. He loses time. He closes his eyes in one place and opens them…

In Hannibal’s office.

Surely not!

For Will must be reassuring to be completely freaked out

In front of his nonchalant doctor who is dusting his coat.

Then this conversation happens

Will doesn’t ask himself what should be the right corner in which you have to look if you sleepwalk, have hallucinations and lose time. No, he listens to Hannibal.

Jack is even less worried than Hannibal and Will is just

Abigail decides to write a book about her former dad to make some money. Hannibal and Will try to convince her not to do it and Abigail’s response is unburying her killed man.

Hannibal is not pleased, since he helped her to bury him and it was all time wasted.

Do you imagine that? Burying a corpse is not simple.

And she unburies it.

How do they do these things?

Anyway, new dad is scary

Abigail is grounded.

Thanks to a dream, Will realizes that Abigail killed the guy.

But Will soon tells Hannibal he won’t say a word about it.

The murder family is born.

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So I have always wanted to write but I have never been a particularly good story teller although I have a very active imagination. I just struggle to put what is in my head into words. Do you have any general tips to become a better writer? I've tried some fanfiction writing but its all super cheesy.

Thanks for your question, anon!  It sounds like you’re going through something a lot of writers, especially beginning writers, struggle with at times.  I know that there have been periods for me where it felt like I could perfectly envision all these amazing scenes, but when it came time to write them out… nothing.

Originally posted by wattpadwriting

I do have a few tips from experience that might help you through this time :>

How to Make the Words Work

Writing in itself is very complex; there are a lot of things to think about, and it requires so much brainpower that it can stifle creativity.  So I’m gonna keep it very simple.  Your problem is getting the words to match the vision?  I’ve got six tips for that.

1. Think About Writing

This seems like a non-tip, because most of us do think about writing – probably more than we actually write.  I could spend hours lying in bed, just daydreaming about stories that I’ll never put on paper.  But the first step to writing is thinking about what you WANT to write.  This means that if you, in your heart, want to write a fanfiction, you should do it!  If you want to write a vampire romance, go for it!  Go with your initial inspiration for now.  One day, you’ll be confident enough to branch out and try something crazy – but for now, just write what you want, darnit.

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to write, give yourself time and space, somewhere quiet, somewhere peaceful.  Think about it.  Imagine your story, until you can see it in your head, through your own eyes.  Imagine the settings, the feelings.  Imagine the climaxes.  Think your way through the first few chapters, until you’ve got an image in mind from which you draw everything else.  Don’t be so anxious to write that you skip the pre-writing stage.

2. Now Write It!

The second step is to give yourself plenty of time, find a comfortable place to sit, stretch your muscles, drink some water, and just write.  This means no TV in the background.  This means no scrambling for the perfect musical score.  This means no excuses, no phone, no puzzles – just shut yourself somewhere and give yourself no other outlet.  You either have the option to stare at the computer for an hour, or write.  Odds are, you’ll pick writing.

Now, this is the problem, right?  The words aren’t coming out, or if they are, they sound all wrong.  So you can sit there and force yourself, but the odds are you won’t be happy with what you write.  So what’s next?

3. Forget Description

One of the biggest causes of writer’s block, for me, is thinking about description.  Describing settings, characters, and actions is a lot of pressure!  Writers have to communicate something entirely in their head, without paint or cameras or actors – just in words.  The more you think about the image you’re describing, the more stressful it can be to try to write!

My advice is to skip description entirely, for the first run through a chapter.  Start by writing strictly the action of the scene – what the characters are doing, saying, and thinking.  Forget what they’re wearing or where they’re going.  Don’t worry about anything except the activity, and write it fast.  Then, once you’ve finished the chapter, scene, or section, go back and add the description in there.  Then you can take it more slowly, and feel less pressure… because it’s already written!

4. Forget “Perfection”

I can say confidently that most if not all writers are embarrassed of their first drafts – especially myself.  I try to never show or publish a first draft of my story!  But when I was younger and wrote primarily fanfiction, there was this culture, especially online, of write-to-publish prose.  My fic-writer friends would finish their oneshots and publish them within minutes, and they would all seem so talented!  But the trick is that professional writers don’t do this.  At all.  They get the story out, warts and all, and then go back and edit later!

The enemy of the writer is self-editing, A.K.A. “I’m stopping in the middle of this scene because that sentence didn’t look right, and I actually don’t like that piece of dialogue, and wow looking back that whole page was really wordy, maybe I should cut that out before I continue,” etc.  It’s the anxious writer’s mind that destroys us, one and all.  So allow yourself to stink!  Cringe at what you write, and laugh, and keep going, until it’s all on paper.  Then edit it.  Make it pretty later, and your troubles will cease – I promise!

5. Follow Your Characters

A lot of the challenge with starting a story/scene is wondering where the plot should go – how the conversations should transpire, what scenes should happen and when and where, and so forth.  The time we spend thinking about these things is time better spent on actual writing.  So when in doubt, follow your characters – especially your Point-of-View characters.  Think about where they want to go, what they want to do, and when they want to do it.  Write from the perspective of your character, and allow that character to take the blame for all your decisions.  It takes the pressure off you and gives you a guiding voice inside your head!

6. Follow Your Instincts

Although I do insist that you keep from self-editing, there are times when that inner voice is giving some good advice.  Most of the time that I’m blocked, or I feel negative about a scene, it’s because something isn’t right.  Either I’m pushing something too hard, or starting a plot too early, or putting characters in unrealistic situations or relationships.  If everything inside me is saying something isn’t right, it often benefits me to review everything as a whole – not to fix tiny writing mistakes, but to assess the plot.  You may feel dissatisfied with your work because of the plot behind it!  Maybe you’re moving the story too quickly or too slowly, or your characters are bland, or there isn’t enough story to keep it interesting.  Think about these things, and trust yourself.  Whether or not you consider yourself an experienced writer, you have the instinct, and you should follow it no matter what!

That’s all I have off the top of my head, but if you want more in-depth help with any of these things, feel free to send me another question!  Thanks again, and Merry Christmas :)

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If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!