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  • my dad: The 11th century was a boring century.
  • me: The Norman conquest of England?
  • my dad: Ok, but other than that, what happened? Can you name one other thing?
  • me: The Great Schism?
  • my dad: Oh, that's true. But other than the Norman conquest and the Great Schism?
  • me: The First Crusade was from 1096 to 1099.
  • my dad: Ok, but other than the Norman conquest, the Great Schism, and the First we're in a Monty Python sketch.
  • Person A : Oh man, that guy is so handsome!
  • Person B : Handsome huh...more than me?
  • Person A : Well yeah, a lot of people are more handsome than you
  • Person B : ... :(
  • Person A : But, the only one I love is you <3
A reason why converting is hard

It’s hard to be an outsider. It’s hard to put yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by people who know more than you. People who all have something in common, and you don’t. 

It is hard. 

It’s like being the new kid at school, it’s like learning a new language, it’s like learning to paint for the very first time.

But like all those things, companionship with others, pursuit and passion for knowledge, deep thought and practice, will make to process easier and result in something truly beautiful.

“Life is precious, never take it for granted. It can end in a blink of an eye so… enjoy the pleasantries that life has to offer because once it’s gone, you’ll never get it back.”

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