how sign traits manifest, when energies are focused outward vs. inward

outward: snarky, charismatic, exuding an aura of confidence mixed with superiority, ambitious and willing to do whatever they can to achieve their goals, assertive, impatient, strong physical energies 
inward: wildly intelligent, existential, well-intentioned and seeking to self-improve, thoughtful, loyal, frustrated and overly critical of themselves, desiring control 

outward: stubborn, hardworking, super cute, patient, very committed and focused to whatever they’re doing at the moment, great listeners
inward: always excited about relaxation and downtime, those people who wake up in the morning and are already looking forward to climbing back into bed, hopeless romantics, fearful of change, emotional, analytical

outward: talkative, blurs of motion, excitable, lovers of debate and low-key always looking for a friendly fight, adventurous, internalizes stress to the point where it becomes physical illness, curious, expressive, fun-loving, adaptable and able to get along with many different types of people
inward: talks to themselves in the shower and goes over possible argument positions just in case someone tries to start shit. excellent writers, philosophical, thoughtful, always seeking stimulation and fulfillment, conflicted in their own thoughts, can often feel isolated within themselves and misunderstood 

outward: heart-on-sleeve type of people, extremely supportive, excellent maternal instincts- the “mom” at all the parties who takes care of too-drunk friends, always looking to help others, easily teary, communicative, kind, thoughtful and excellent gift givers
inward: creative, sensitive, spiritually and karmically mature, understanding of their need to feel things fully, meditative, lovers of quiet and alone time, always seeking understanding from other people and genuinely deep connections

outward: loud, bright and sunshiney, natural leaders, energetic, affectionate, extremely generous, proud, protective over and loyal to others, dramatic, flirty, demanding and resilient with a visibly strong spirit, able to naturally attract people, queen bees
inward: interested in making life better for themselves and for others, always trying to look at things positively, idealistic, highly emotional, perfectionists, constantly nursing their tender egos, constantly trying to fully understand themselves, relying on gut instinct

outward: skeptical and critical of the world around them, organized, clean, cautious, practical, hard-workers, naturally intelligent, visible perfectionists, fascinating people to talk to, dedicated, detail-oriented, looking for simple pleasures in life
inward: realistic, highly critical of themselves, able to remember a great deal of information easily, passionate about particular things that they love, can often feel a heavy self-imposed pressure to succeed, focused on the moment, prideful in the quality of their work 

outward: flirty, people-pleasers, outgoing, charming and eloquent communicators, love to be shown affection, argument mediators, reasonable, graceful, those people who look like they never have an off day, dedicated to their appearances
inward: indecisive, understanding of others and very capable of understanding many different perspectives, calm, naturally inclined towards contentedness- and determined to find contentedness even when their situations seem shitty, hopeless romantics, creative 

outward: intimidating, magnetic, overtly sexual, hard to approach for many people but everyone wants to approach them anyway, impossible to ignore, often effortlessly the center of attention, masterful in their chosen disciplines, influential
inward: controlled by their emotions, constantly questioning themselves, seeking approval from others, can often be self-destructive, obsessive, determined, self-interested, sensitive, fighting spirit

outward: popular, jovial, spontaneous, effortlessly good with people and attractive to others, competitive, relentless with whatever they set their minds to, always on the go, notorious show-offs,  feeling as though the world is their oyster and ready to work hard to find what it has to offer
inward: strong sense of self, unafraid of new things and taking risks, optimistic, independent, always thinking about the big picture, always craving understanding of themselves and the world, strong gut feelings

outward: hardworking and ambitious, down-to-earth, aloof exterior, mysterious, mature, always appearing in control, consistent, guarded, very responsible with a clear idea of what they’re meant to be doing at any moment, practical and methodical, self-sufficient, extremely capable
inward: traditional, level-headed, patient, realistic, excellent judges of character who rely on gut instinct to tell them who to trust, resilient, strong, courageous, with good humor and a genuine interest in others lying at their core beings

outward: very friendly and open, unique, independent, often seen as true individuals, original, creative, spirited and energetic, inspirational, with a universally accepting attitude towards all people, and a detached/thoughtful way of looking at the world
inward: sensitive, caring, opinionated to the point of stubbornness, open-minded, unwilling to let go once they commit to something, curious, always thinking and considering all possibilities, clever, capable of personal transformation 

outward: very mature, compassionate, loving, sensitive to the energies around them, instinctive with other people’s emotions, thoughtful with conversation and advice, receptive, gentle, always appearing as an older wiser soul despite actual age
inward: daydreamers, extremely reliant on gut instinct and uncanny abilities for prediction, idealistic, emotional, very intelligent, interested in culture, hypersensitive and will often absorb negative energy, observant to the point of feeling isolated or disconnected

Hereafter - Part 4

Summery: You lost someone who meant the world to you. But no matter what happens, Bucky Barnes will never leave you.

Triggers: police, mentions of abuse

Word Count: 1200+

A/N: Eyy my as levels are great wtf

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‘We’re sending you a team now. ma’am can you please tell  me if you think the perpetrator is still in the house?’

‘I don’t know’ you began whispering, becoming aware of the situation you might be in.

‘Okay, please leave and wait. A squad car will be with you soon.’

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Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: My responding gulp is likely audible, and I can’t tell if it’s because of the way Finn crowds close to me, or if it’s because of his request of me.

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @wrestlingnoob @motleymoose @deseraysmiththings @ambrosegirlforever @kyoukohorimiya

“Come on, just come swimming with me, please.”

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Camilo Acosta Wedding Date (and birthday ;) ) - 7/29/2017

Dark Navy tuxedo with blush pink shirt (groomsmen in the same colors), Pink tie for ceremony, pink and white bowtie for reception, Pink rose or cherry blossom boutonnieres, blue suspenders, black dress shoes for ceremony, pink converse sneakers for reception!


Reception| Heikki and Regina

Heikki had tried not to cry during the ceremony. This became harder and harder to do as the ceremony went on, eventually leading to a few tears falling as the happy couple exited the venue. Needless to say that his eyes were still a bit rimmed with red as he approached the bride. He only paused a moment when Lumi tugged on his sleeve–making him kneel so she could whisper in his ear. He beamed as he scooped the four year-old up in his arms and finished his walk to his friend. 

“Lumi says you look like royalty. I couldn’t agree more, Queenie. I told you you’d make the most beautiful bride.”


softcho  asked:

hello! I am fairly new to the fandom and have just restarted my blog, making a new account and deleting the old. since you are my favorite Sherlock/johnlock blog on this entire god forsaken website I wanted to ask you maybe for some help in getting involved in the fandom? how do I get involved in the community, start talking to people, what are some of the most popular fanfictions or "landmark" theories or fan made stuff, anything like that I should know? sorry to bother you but tysm!!

OKAY FIRST OF ALL: SADFASFSDF YOU’RE AMAZING, THANK YOU! :D :D <3 I’m honoured to be one of your favourite blogs!

Well, “getting involved” means interacting with the fandom itself; my own experience is that I was simply a lurker for about a year, then posted up some of my own theories, and then started commenting on other people’s posts. 

Seriously, reblog and comment on posts respectfully, and some bloggers will gladly interact with you via the post. But don’t be discouraged; some bloggers genuinely cannot keep up with how many comments and reblogs the get on their posts, so know that them not interacting with you specifically is not personal. 

Join watchalongs with like-minded bloggers (ie. other Johnlockers); I met a LOT of awesome people doing those and are some of my favourite things here! The ones I go to are hosted every weekend; The Sunday Crew hosted by @cupidford and Saturday night by @gunshyvw, and sometimes bloggers will post on their blogs if anyone wants to watch a show with them – DM them to ask them if you may join! @finalproblem also hosts a Wednesday night Sherlockian Watchalong, so if you want to meet various people from various groups in the fandom, you can join them! :)

As for talking to other people privately, I’m actually the worst though; my own shyness makes me not be the one to initiate a conversation, but I’m always receptive to people DM’ing me in the chat. Find a post you want to share with someone, or comment privately on someone’s post to start up a conversation! With me anyway, I LOVE when people take the time to comment privately on something I wrote about and then ask me some details. OR find out their ships and send fluffy headcanons; wins me over every time. Just be patient: Real life is still a priority for a lot of us, unfortunately. 

Making friends is not going to happen overnight; like in real life, don’t ‘force’ yourself into being someone else’s friend. Let it grow gradually. Most people are here to make friends, so if you respect them, they’ll come to respect you and adore you. It’s tough, I know, to be new in such a HUGE fandom, but you’ll definitely find those few people you click with indefinitely :)

So! Fandom. I’m assuming your meaning the Johnlock fandom, since my blog is pretty clear what I’m about, so here goes:

  • For some Johnlock fandom things, may I suggest my TJLC Beginner’s Guide? I mention some of the tropes in the Johnlock fandom you’ll come across as well as some of the popular theories. Some of the links may be broken, jsyk :p
  • For other fandom theories, I have a RIDICULOUS Masterpost that may take you several days to wade through, so you can check that out! I also write meta as well, and I reply to a lot of asks, so you can peruse those too!
  • I have a list of my own fic recs here, I’ve a blog tag here, and some of the blogs the I KNOW that rec fics a lot are @cupidford and @kinklock. There are a TONNE more, guaranteed, and I’m sure my followers will be happy to help you out. Plus, peruse my johnlock ficlets tag to find some brilliant authors who write weekly ficlets! There is some smut in the tag, so please heed the additional tags. There are SO many great authors on this site, and I encourage them to reblog this with their own fave/popular fics attached because I KNOW I’m going to miss people and I hate doing that :)
  • I know there are SO many, and I encourage my followers to help me out, but I know for a fact @kayjaykayme and @cupidford make image manips, @softsons is currently making a FABULOUS TJLC Explained video series and @vanetti makes fanvids! There are a TONNE of artists, so, like the fic writers, please add yourself to this post! Shameless self promo: @stephdrawsjohnlock is my Johnlock art blog.

And in conclusion: it’s NEVER A BOTHER!! I love helping newbies out around here! As a heads up, you and everyone have a new friend in me! Please feel free to message me anytime; just know I won’t reply right away because I don’t have chat on my version of the mobile app because it sucks, lol. But when I can, I try to reply to every chat message I get.

And remember: it’s more fun if you’re here because you want to have fun! If you’re here only to gain popularity or followers, it will not be a good time. Be here for YOU. Be here because you WANT to be happy! My blog is made to make me happy on my sad days; that’s what it should be for you too! Others will find you :)


there isn’t much i could say about the show that hasn’t already been said, so i’ll go right into my personal experience. my cousin and i went up to meet him together, and told him how we’ve been waiting for the opportunity since we were kids. we were so nervous, and you can tell because my cheeks are all red in the photo of me and mike together. we left him letters for all the things we didn’t have time to say. i asked him if he was still thinking of maybe adding more dates.

“maybe! we’ll see how this goes. we’re halfway through the tour now, so we’ll see what the reception is.” i told him there were 5 of us there at the meet and greet alone from the cleveland area.

“are you saying i should come to cleveland?” he asked with a smirk.

“that’s exactly what i’m saying,” i answered.

when it came time to get things signed, i gave him the monkees s/t album my favorite local record store owner gave to me as a housewarming present. it had all the signatures except mike, and i honestly never thought i would have the chance to complete it. it was a nice feeling.

“looks like you’ve got a full one,” mike remarked.

my cousin beth joked before the show that when he asked what her name was to sign her picture, she was going to tell him that it was “thefairestoneofall” so that he would have to write “to: the fairest one of all.” hahaha. in the end, she chickened out.

i am more into photos to be honest, but i figured why not take advantage of the autograph opportunity since it was presented to us. i narrowed my favorite first national band album down to these two, but couldn’t pick one favorite. i told him this and asked if he would choose his favorite and make the decision for me.

“would you like me to sign both of them?” he asked. so sweet.

the videoranch assistant (not jessica) who was there to help with photos asked me, “so, do you guys want to each take one with michael…and then one together with him?” oh lordy, she read my mind. so that is how we ended up with the wonderful photo op above. above all else, i have wanted my photo taken with mike more than just about anything, but given the chance to also get one taken with my best friend was the best possible scenario. afterwards, i said to him “have you ever been able to say that one before? two cousins in one night?!” sometimes my mouth just takes over when i’m nervous.

“KISSIN’ COUSINS!” the photo girl shouted. an elvis moment during my mike moment. it was too good.

i love that today, i woke up to this: “I am having a wonderful time meeting and greeting all who were able to get passes and the pictures and the stories make me love all of you even more.”

we love you too, michael. truly.

Meeting Nez - 14 November 2013 - Cleveland

I’m already having some post-Nez blues, so I figure I should type this up before it leaves my mind forever!

On 14 November, I attended Nez’s Movies of the Mind show in Elyria, Ohio. It’s a little suburb of Cleveland; the venue was at a community college performing arts center in what was kind of the middle of nowhere. I say “kind of,” because there were traffic lights and buildings and people, but Abbe road (on which the Stocker Arts Center is found) was dark and long and somewhat intimidating. Easily navigated, though, thankfully, and it had one of the best parking lots I’d encountered at any concert I’ve been to.

Of course, that was partly because this show was not sold out. The theater itself was about half full in the bottom tier, and the balcony seats were retracted into the ceiling since they were unnecessary. It was a cool, modern place, comfortable and functional, where every seat had a good view of the stage. Despite being seven rows back and quite far to the right side of the stage, my view was amazing.

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DEC 11, 2015

Friday, 11 Dec 2015

Your thinking is rather gloomy and pessimistic at this time. You see the superficiality, the flaws, and the foolishness or impracticality in others’ plans. Also, communicating with others is difficult now, and people resist what you are saying. You feel more inhibited and uncommunicative, and you sense that others are not receptive. Frustrating conversations and the feeling that you are coming across negatively are possible now, so you are inclined simply to keep your thoughts to yourself.

at the risk of sounding really cheesy...

this is my story of this past thursday’s michael nesmith meet and greet and why it is so important to me and my life right now. it’s a little sentimental, so i apologize ahead of time.

although it may seem entirely unrelated, i have to start off by saying i was so elated to find out i will be having a baby girl this spring. don’t get me wrong, either way i was excited, but there was something special i always wanted to pass on if i were to have a daughter one day and i can scarcely believe the time is almost here. i’ve written on here before about how my mom was a first generation monkees fan from the sixties, and how i learned to love them during the eighties revival when i was a toddler – in part, i’m sure, to her encouragement. i know for a fact i first heard their records from her collection, and i am assuming she would have had control over what was playing on the television set when i was four years old, so she undoubtedly put the show on for me, knowing i already adored the music. growing up with the monkees in my life made for happy childhood memories and helped define the relationships with some of the people in my family closest to me, including my mom and my two cousins who shared my love for the band at an early age. i wanted more than anything to pass this on to a daughter who might find the same sort of enjoyment and inspiration out of the band (especially since my cousin amy already has a 4-year-old who adores the monkees and has been singing along since she learned to talk).

when i met michael nesmith this week, i didn’t want to weird him out but i also knew i wanted him to know how much it meant to me that i had the opportunity to raise the next generation monkees fan in my family. when we started talking, i started off by saying that although we had already met the previous spring and i told myself i wasn’t going to be greedy and buy another meet and greet pass, then something happened that changed everything. he made that silly surprised face he does:

my response was, “i know! that’s exactly how i felt!” i told him that i was expecting my first child, and i couldn’t wait to tell them one day that i took them to hear michael nesmith…and to meet him, kinda. he chuckled at that. i said it was exciting to raise this next generation monkees fan and he asked if it was a boy or girl. i told him about my mom, and me, and how this was something i looked forward to passing on. he said he hoped that the monkees and their legacy would “last that long,” and i assured him it would, adding that the tradition was strong in my family anyway, so i knew it wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. he congratulated me, and after he was done signing a few things he wished me luck and told me he was sure it would be a success. it meant a lot to me to have that interaction, and to let michael know just how important he and the other guys have been to so many people and the courses of their lives. i hope he gets that.

so anyway, these are the photos i will show to my daughter one day. i hope she will appreciate them like i do. first, me re-introducing myself to michael and looking quite-obviously pregnant:

then me, hand on belly, explaining the significance of our meeting that day:

and finally the two of us, posing for a photo that came out looking like we were comfortable old pals. what a sweet man.

i only wish the photo of us hugging at the end had come out better, but at least it is a memory i can keep regardless.

sorry if this post is lame and cheesy, but it is the culmination of two very significant and important things in my life and (my love for the monkees and the arrival of my first child) and i am a little emotional these days :)

Day 3: Coliver + Music (ps, the song I used x)

They’ve been more or less joined at the hip since they exchanged vows, so Connor is more than a little surprised when he turns and finds his husband of three hours missing from beside him.

Connor politely excuses himself from conversation and searches the reception hall - or tries to, because everyone keeps stopping him to congratulate him and ask where Oliver went off to.

That’s what I want to know, Connor wants to say. “I’m looking for him.”

“He’ll turn up,” one of his relatives says. A cousin, he thinks. He has never had the closest relationship with his family, but he hadn’t wanted his half of the hall to be empty. The cousin smirks. “Unless you think he booked it.”

The cousin’s date rolls her eyes. “People only run before the wedding. What would be the point now?”

“Second thoughts?” says a third person, another cousin, probably.

Connor really hates his family. What he hates more are the crippling insecurities beginning to swell. He stamps them down.

Oliver wouldn’t just leave. Even if he was scared, even if he wanted to leave, Oliver would tell Connor first.


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NOV 15, 2015

Sunday, 15 Nov 2015

You feel more inhibited and uncommunicative, and you sense that others are not receptive. Frustrating conversations and the feeling that you are coming across negatively are possible now, so you are inclined simply to keep your thoughts to yourself.