conversation with my bestfriend


Why is it so hard to find someone who’s down for deep conversations, late night adventures, who’ll let me drag them to every coffee and bookshop I see, unexpected roadtrips, doesn’t mind being travel buddies, take terrible and “aesthetic” photos of each other, who understands my humor and likes to joke around a lot, who isn’t afraid to take risks and just enjoy life?

Conversation with my bestfriend about yaoi.
  • Me: *got caught reading smutty yaoi*
  • Friend: Ew! You're reading those stuff again?
  • Me: Everyone has to read smutty BL novel.
  • Friend: Not everyone! I don't read those. And those aren't novel! There's pictures on it!
  • Me: It's not fun reading a novel when it comes to the intense part! You watch porn too!
  • Friend: How did you know?
  • Me: You just told me.
  • Friend: You jerk. What's so great about that? Wait, two guys doing it? Ew you gross!
  • Me: Stop saying that. And for your information, they are not gross. It's a wonderful creation.
  • Friend: What's so wonderful about that?
  • Me: *make her look at the part* See? It is awesome!
  • Friend: Did it happen on the actual scene?
  • Me: What?
  • Friend: I remember you showing me pictures of them. In animation.
  • Me: Oh? Oh, yeah. But this is a doujinshi.
  • Friend: A what?
  • Me: A fan-made one.
  • Friend: What's that guy's name? The one putting his stick on the other guy? Whoa, this guy is so handsome.
  • Me: It's Aomine. And the bottom one is Kise.
  • Friend: Really? Lemme read it. You read it before so let me read it.
  • Me: .... And now you actually wanted to read it?
  • Friend: I'm bored so what's wrong with that?
  • Me: Let's read it together.

Me: I feel lost, empty, and extremely hopeless lately.

Him: You bring about the turning of the world. You bless me with the most quiet of nights and brightest of days. You are the universe in my eyes. You’re as brilliant as the sun, as calm as a midsummer breeze. You’re as strong as a forest oak, and as beautiful as the mist rolling over the mountains.

I don’t know what I’d do without my boy bestfriend ❤️

—  K.N.B.
How a conversation with my boyfriend at 4am goes:
  • Me: Hey babe, you wanna know what would be great right now?
  • Him: What?
  • Me: You coming over with a box of doughnuts and you feeding them to me.
  • Him: Lol I bet
  • Me: No seriously, wouldn't that be great. The two of us sit up all night and just eat a box of doughnuts together and just fall asleep. That's like a relationship goal I wanna reach when we get married. You ready?
  • Him: Ready for what?
  • Me: Late nights eating doughnuts with your wife and falling asleep together with the doughnut box.
  • Him: Yea
  • Me: Yea...Me too!

“ you know , sometimes I wish I wasn’t seventeen ”

My best friend looks at me sadly and replies

“ but why ? You’re almost done with high school , we are almost done with this little
Town, you can go off to that big city you’re always dreaming about .”

“ I don’t know . Seventeen is hard . Life is hard. When you are six , life is so carefree . You are so clueless about the horrible things around you . When you are six it’s all about running as fast as you can, and living in the moment . At seventeen I’m always thinking about tomorrow . It’s all about plans and what’s next . I’m so stressed. Seventeen means the future . Seventeen means running as far away as you can .”

- 17 is too much at times . Sometimes I’d rather be 6

to my favorite 'almost'

Do you still think of me? Do you still remember me? I know you don’t. But know what? I still do. I still remember you. The hoarseness of your voice, your laughs, everything about you. How could I forget someone whose presence is already imprinted in my heart?

It’s been a year. 17 months to be exact, when we started talking. I will never forget the night you called me, when you first talked to me. I can never forget the night you’re shy of talking to me because you felt I was so superior and high and that you can’t reach me.

17 months ago, everything was so different. You’re way too different. You’re the type of person, someone can easily be confidently close to, someone who’s a good listener and a conversation-keeper. Talking to you felt like talking to my bestfriend, it felt like my secrets are safe with you. I feel so secured. You’re the type of guy who is as talkative as some other girls. I like listening to your stories because I like the way you tell them. I like listening to your fears, to your dreams, to the entirety of you.

Talking to you means bringing myself to many dimensions. You’re adventurous, quirky, brave, amazing, etc. I remember the times when we would talk for hours over phone calls, from night to dawn. When you would wake me up in the middle of the night just because you want to share something to me. When you would call me when you’re eating, when you’re walking your way hime, or when you’re waiting for your jeep, just to talk to me and hear my voice. I remember when you would sing me songs before I sleep, or when you would annoy me when I sing because you always tell me my voice sucks. You would make me listen to certain songs because they all remind you of me. Remember when I would help you memorize your school stuff for your exams the next day? Remember when you would send me anonymous messages and pretend you didn’t but I would still know it was you who sent it? Remember when you would draw my pictures, when you would write my name in different stykes and say it’s beautiful? I remember everythng. Too glad, too sad I remember everything.

17 months ago, everything is different. I got only you, you got only me. It could have been us, but I didn’t take a risk. I didn’t give you a chance. FUck all these insecurities and what-ifs. I hate them. I was so afraid of being hurt again. I was so afraid of loving again. It’s too late that I realized that I lost one man who’s ready to love me despite my flaws and imperfections. I lost a man who has been there to cheer me up and encourage me. I lost a man who I realized later, that I’m inlove with too.

Second chances are rare; too bad it didn’t work for us. It didn’t because you got tired of loving and waiting for me. It didn’t work because you found someone new. It didn’t work because you changed. You became the person I’ve never imagined you will become. I didn’t see anymore the reasons why I fell in love with you before. And you blamed me for everything. You blamed me for your change. You blamed me for the person you’ve become now.

To my favorite ‘almost’, I miss you. Until now, I can’t keep not to think and regret things. So many thoughts run in my mind. What if I gave you the chance of loving me before? What if I told you earlier what I really felt for you? What id I didn’t deny my feelings for you? What if you didn’t give up on me too soon? What if you never changed?

I don’t know. So many what-ifs. But I think, it’s best for me to say that everything happens for a reason. Maybe we weren’t really meant to be together.

It’s been 17 months and we barely talk. I doubt if you still remember me as the girl you used to love, you used to sing songs to, you used to dream with. I just wish you don’t deny me. Please remember me.

To my favorite 'almost’, you said you’ll come back

To my favorite 'almost’, I am still waiting.


sometimes I’ll post a half selfie and people get really sassy about how I’m withholding

here’s the thing,
most of the world doesn’t want to see people’s selfies

also I feel like most people just want to pretend I’m actually jessie, so it’s easier to let people do that
and keep real life Debby behind the camera for the most part
it’s what I call hiding in plain sight

idk whatever, maybe that’s just me.
for all of you who don’t care and don’t need them and are frankly made uncomfortable by them *ahem*
please ignore this post, I’ll delete it soon
those who want them,
here they are gloriously underwhelming
as I never know what to do with my hands
and if we’re being honest,
I’ve mostly taken these in a conversation to send to my bestfriend or boyfriend
both of whom are long distance and bound to forget my face
which is why they all appear as though the context is obscure

Birthday Gift (Dirty Harry Styles Imagine)

  “Birthday Gift” - A dirty Harry Styles Imagine

I feel the bright morning sun peer through my curtains and realize it’s time to get up. I hate waking up. But today is supposed to be my special day. Today is my nineteenth birthday.

    I don’t really have any plans being just moved to L.A., but I know I can count on my boyfriend James to surprise me with something. He may not always be as caring or as attentive as I wish he was, but today is my birthday. He has to have something planned for my, right? No boyfriend in their right mind would ever ignore their girlfriend’s birthday.

    I roll onto my side to check if he has sent me any birthday messages, but I see I only have one text, and it was from my best friend Harry.

Harry - Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday y/n! I hope you can drop by. I have a very special gift for you. ;)

Y/N - Thank Haz. I’ll make sure to come by.

    Harry is one of the first people I met when I moved to Cali. Of course, I thought it would be extremely rare to see celebrities roaming down the streets of California, and of course it is. But one night when I was at one of the more popular clubs in the city, Harry just happened to be there in V.I.P.

    The girls there went absolutely insane. I’m a fan of One Direction, too, don’t get me wrong, but I figured the chance of The Harry Styles giving me the time of day was a bit slim to none. So, I just focused on dancing and having a good time.

    Eventually, though, I suppose he just noticed me dancing or something and sent one of his security guards to ask me if I would like to come meet him. And of course my answer was yes. Like, absolutely yes!

    Then they just let me into V.I.P. and we chatted the whole night. We really hit it off. But by then, I had already met James and had somewhat of a thing with him. Harry was very respectful of that though, and agreed to just be friends. We’d exchanged numbers and we’d been best friends ever since.

    That was three months ago. I still feel new to the city though, because I only know Harry, James, and a few people from work. So, I’m looking forward to James having something planned for me.

    At some point in time I give up on waiting for James to call or text and decide to take a shower and get ready for the day. I don’t have to work, so I suppose after getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup, James will have called me. Then I’ll stop by Harry’s for a second, and then head over to James’ flat.

    I take a hot shower making sure to clean really well. James is really into appearance and all that. Not that I mind too terribly because of course I shower regularly, but if I want to just have a lazy day at home and forget to put on my vanilla cremé, it’s usually best not to invite James over unless I’m in for a bit of antagonizing, which I hardly am.

    When I get out, I towel dry hair, put on some cute, girly makeup and grab my birthday girl outfit. It included a pink peplum top with a black belt, tight black skinny jeans, a pair of dangly butterfly earrings, a gorgeous matte pink lipstick and a sparkly headband.

    Since James still hasn’t called me, I decide to also wand my hair. It takes me about thirty minutes. When I’m through, I get a call. I quickly check the Caller-ID excited to see James’ name, but it’s my parents.

    After hearing their birthday greetings I finally just decide to go over to James’ house and demand a reason why he hasn’t called or texted me.

    When I get to his flat, I ring the doorbell and stand there impatiently. About six minutes later he opens the door, and I can tell he has barely even woken up, and it’s two in the afternoon.

    “Oh, hey babe,” he says while yawning.

    “Hey your damn self,” I snap.

He looks at me with wide eyes surprised at my attitude.

“Why are you here? And dressed like that?”

“Why am I here and dressed like this?” I repeat. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’m think I’m serious. Why are you here? Just to stop by?” James asks. I know he has to be joking. I know he didn’t forget my birthday.

“No!” I say.

“To do it,” he says cheekily.

“Absolutely not! James what the fuck! It’s my birthday! I came over here and look like this because it’s my birthday and you forgot to call me or text me and I was hoping you would have something planned but you don’t!” I yell.

“I forgot,” he shrugged.

“Really? I hadn’t noticed! That’s all you have to say for yourself?”

“I mean, what else can I say?” James retorts irritated. As if he has the right to be irritated. I didn’t forget his birthday. He should be apologizing. He should be asking for forgiveness. He should be telling me ‘Happy fucking birthday,’ but instead he’s standing here seeming dumbfounded and confused about why exactly I’m angry.

“Okay, James. You know what? Just call me when you figure out what to say. I’m gonna go enjoy my birthday,” I say rolling my eyes and walking away. I’m so pissed off. At least I have Harry to look forward to.

When I get to his place, he’s in his car at the end of his driveway as if he’s about to go somewhere. When he sees my car he stops and waits. I get out and stand at his passenger’s door. He rolls down the window.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were going somewhere. I just wanted to stop by, I should’ve called first,” I mutter still pretty angry.

“No, love, actually I was coming to see you. You hadn’t called or texted me yet so I was just going to bring you your present,” he smiles.

“That’s really sweet of you,” I say offering a small smile in return.

“You look angry. What’s wrong y/n?”

“James forgot my birthday,” I mutter.

“Are you serious? I’m so sorry. Come on, let’s go inside and talk about it.”

Harry drives back up to park his car and gets out. I follow him inside and sit down on his living room couch. I know I can always depend on Harry to make me feel better or tell him everything, from my terrible cramps to my Teen Wolf fangirling. Hazza’s just always there when I need him most, or when I don’t need him at all. Sometimes I wish I could get that out of James.

“So, what happened exactly?” Harry asks when we’re both on the comfortable on the couch. I lean my head onto the leather and sigh.

“Well, when I had woke up he hadn’t called or texted me. I decided to just wait around, you know? Get dressed, do my hair, my makeup and everything because maybe he had worked late and wasn’t awake or maybe he was planning to come over and surprise me,” I rant.

He adds in a small nod so I continue.

“But then he doesn’t call. I just decide to go to his house and he was hardly even awake at two o’clock in the afternoon. And he still didn’t even tell me happy birthday. That asshole forgot!”

“Wow. He’s a terrible boyfriend,” Harry laughs.

“It’s not funny,” I complain punching him in the arm.

“I know it’s not funny. I think it’s bloody awful that a lovely girl like you ended up with a twat like James. What makes it even more terrible is that you just stand around and let him treat you like that when there’s millions of other guys that could treat you a hell of a lot better,” he says sincerely.

“I wish I could meet one,” I roll my eyes.

“I think you already have,” he whispers.

I tilt my head in confusion and look Harry in his eyes. They’re such a gorgeous green. The kind you just get lost in and make corny pickup lines about. And his amazing lips. Especially when he’s shy or trying to flirt and bites his bottom one. I can just imagine them in between my l-

“Love?” Harry interrupts.

“Hmm?” I say shocked.

“Did you hear what I said,” he asks.

“I- I’m sorry I was spacing out.”

“You were staring at me,” Harry smirks.

“I was not!” I say looking away. This is so embarrassing. Here I was fantasizing about my bestfriend in the middle of a conversation with him.

“Yes, you were,” he retorts laughing, his dimple exposed.

“I said I wasn’t!”

“I said you were,” Harry returns moving his face dangerously close to mine. I can feel his warm breath fanning across my face. If we were just an inch closer.

“Well, it doesn’t matter what you say, Harry. Because if I say I wasn’t staring at you, then I wasn’t staring at you,” I mutter with all the courage I have left. I try to make it come out defiantly but I’m sure it sounded shaky.

And in one swift move Harry pushes my body onto the couch and pulls himself on top of me. He spreads my arms out above my head and straddles me at the waist. My top rises and I feel my skin touching the cool leather. I feel my face heat up when I realize that Harry’s lying on top of me with his crotch merely a few pieces of fabric separating it from my center.

My heart is pounding and I feel my face heat up and I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

“I don’t like you with James. You’re too good for him,” he whispers placing a kiss to my right cheek.

“I know…”

“He doesn’t appreciate you,” he says moving his soft lips to my left cheek.

“I know…”

“He doesn’t treat you right.” he then kisses my neck.

“I know,” I moan.

“He can’t do the things I’ll do for you.”

And before I can respond, he crashes his lips onto mine. I feel my heart do all types of backflips. It could probably win a damn Olympic medal. But I ignore it and focus on enjoying this moment of sensual ecstasy.

I feel his tongue on my bottom lip and I quickly let him in. His tongue pressed against mine and moves slowly around my entire mouth. I softly bite his tongue out of passion and he lets out a sexy low growl.

He sits up and pulls me up with him.

“I can make you forget him,” Harry says, his voice laced with lust.

“I bet you can,” I return.

“I can make you scream,” he smirks.

“I dare you to.”

He reaches for my shirt and quickly and pulls it over my head. My top and headband fall of the couch and his lips find mine again. The kiss is more intense this time. I can feel the desire simply in the way his lips move against mine. I feel a fever growing inside me and I need more of him.

I crawl over top of him, forcing him to fall back on the couch. I bite my lip as I reach my hands under his shirt and rub my hands over his abs.

“The experience is even better when you can see them,” he says cockily.

“I might have to take you up on that offer,” I wink.

I pull his shirt from over his torso and I can feel myself getting wet as his stomach is exposed. His tattoos decorate his gorgeously toned abs, and I just want to lick them. So I do.

“My god, y/n,” he groans.

“It’s y/n. But you should call me god more often,” I purr. He rolls his eyes and sits up to where I’m straddling his crotch. I grind my center onto him and I can feel the craving pulsing through my veins.

Harry unclasps my bra, and his eyes take in my chest as if he’s taken a sip from holy grail. He presses his soft lips to my right nipple, immediately making it harden. I throw my head back in pleasure, and my eyes shut tight.

“Harry,” I moan.

He softly grazes my left breast with his finger, and I yearn desperately for more of his delicious touch. My fingers trace against the skin of my bottom lip as I watch him. I lay back onto the couch and he places one of his knees on each side of my hips. Harry kisses down my stomach easing ever-so-slowly to the waistline of my jeans. I want him there so bad right now. I want his lips. I want his tongue.

He finally pulls my pants down and I kick them off. He throws them off the couch as he stands to remove his own. I roam his body greedily with my eyes. I can see the bulge in his pants and it nearly makes my mouth water. I want to feel him. I want to feel every marvelous inch of him inside of me.

I reach out for his boxers and snap the waistline back.

“These have got to go,” I smirk.

“So do those. No matter how incredibly sexy they are. And believe me. They are incredibly sexy.”

I bite my finger feigning innocence and reach down to pull off my panties. I hadn’t even payed much attention to what pair they were since I wasn’t really expecting fucking Harry tonight, but I guess my choice wasn’t too terrible.

He moans involuntarily and his hand moves to the inside of his boxers. I stand from the couch and walk over to Harry.

“Now, now. Let’s not be stingy,” I whisper, licking my lips and putting a hand to the fabric of his underwear. I move my palm across his bulge and bite my lip.

“Oh, my,” I smirk.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, y/n,” Harry says pushing me back onto the couch. He pulls his boxers down and pumps his shaft a few times. I stare at it in awe. Holy nine inches. I must look something like a toddler seeing their favorite candy in the store or something, because he looks at me smugly.

“I’m not so happy that you seem surprised,” he says.

“Than do something about it.” With that, Harry makes his way back over to the couch excruciatingly slowly. He sits on his knees in front of the couch.

“I want to taste you first,” Harry says pulling my legs off the couch and spreading them. I whimper in response. He looks me in my eyes and I know that I’m in for it.

He presses a kisses to my clit and I lick my lips in response.

“Keep going,” I moan.

He nods content and licks a stripe between my folds. He moves back to my clit and swirls it around with his tongue. I can feel myself dripping and he goes down to lick it up. He pushes his tongue inside of my and I sigh in indulgence as his silky tongue moves around my center. This is the best I ever had.

    I arch my back and know I’m close.

    “Harry, I’ve got to cum,” I manage to get out.

    He stands back up and moves my legs back across the couch. He hovers over top of me and presses his lips to mine.


    “Go, Haz.”

I feel him slide inside of me. My walls stretch and we’re both moaning intensely. When I’ve adjusted, he moves his hips against mine. I’m a moaning mess. His lips find my breast and he nibbles and sucks on the skin.

    “My god, Harry,” I moan.

“It’s Harry. But you should call me that more often,” he sounds out of breath but he smirks and it’s overwhelmingly sexy.

He continues thrusting inside of me and I clench my walls as I bring my hips to meet his.

“Ugh, do that again y/n,” he groans.

I repeat the action and push my lips to his. His tongue slides across my lips and I bite it to tease him.

“Alright then, y/n.”

Harry begins thrusting faster and harder and my climax was approaching quickly.

“Harry, I’m cumming,” I pant.

“Okay, baby. Scream my name. Scream my name, y/n. I want to hear it.”

“Harry!” I scream I reach my high.

He continues thrusting until he also reaches his climax. His eyebrows furrow in pleasure and his mouth falls slightly open. When he’s done we both collapse onto the couch, him on top of me.

When he catches his breath, Harry places a kiss on my lips.

“What does this mean?” He whispers.

“Whatever you want it to mean,” I say quietly.

“Then you’re my girlfriend now,” he retorts smugly.

“Well, considering you didn’t even ask me,” I smile deviously. He laughs.

“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend, please?” Hazza smiles sweetly.

“Of course,” I say giving him a peck on the lips.

“Good,” he says.

I shift to where I’m lying on top of him, and I place my ear to his chest and listen to the steady rhythm in utter happiness.

“Oh, and y/n.”

“Yeah?” I respond.

“Happy Birthday,” he says.

Oh goodness. *swoons* My first dirty imagine! Sorry if it wasn’t that good. I tried to keep the grammar and spelling all nice and pristine and whatever so I hope you guys liked it. Please message me with requests, comments or suggestions and I’ll make sure to post another one soon. Thanks for reading!

Cameron imagine for Abby

Cameron imagine for Abby
I watched my little brother play video games, on the t.v. In the din, while I scrolled though tumbler.he was playing call of duty or something like that. My feet pulled into my chest, as I so badly watch to change into sweats, but knew I couldn’t. The Dallas’s were dimming over for dinner. So I compromise with my mom nothing to fancy. In all honisty I did had the Dallas’s or love and cameron were best friends at on point in our life’s, but people get famous, and things change. I really hoped cameron dident been home a week from collage and I didn’t want to have a deep conversation with anyone let alone my ex bestfriend. I herd the ding for the door bell, it was loud enough to snap my brother out of the game long enough for a sharp shooter to shoot him from behind.
“Abby get the door!” My mum yelled. She was cooking, and my dad was either on the thrown or fixing something. I pushed myself off the light brown couch that matched my uggs. I shuffled my feet to the door, while pulling down my sweater, that also match my ugg boots, my hair fell to the middle for my back, and I had on high waisted pants, I wasn’t short, I wasn’t tall. I pulled the door opened painting a fake smile on my face.
“Hello” I said greeting mrs.dallas. She smiled and hugged me comming in followed by Sierra, then cameron. I shut the door as Sierra and cams mom walked in to the kitchen. I walked back in the din without a word to cameron leaving him standing there akwardly. “ hunny, go on in the din” I herd my mother say. I her foot steps and I couldn’t have been Sierra or he mother because they both had heels on. By this time my brother had stopped playing call of duty and was now playing fooseball. “Comming Abby please” I brother cried again he was playing by his self and it dident seam fun. I was about to get up when I herd “ I’ll play with you” I turned to the door frame to see the voice walk twords my brother. About 20 min. Had pasted sceence they had started playing.i flipped thought the channels looking up everyone in a while to see who was winning. “Come on you guys, dinner” I her my mother yell for us. I pressed the power bottom and walked to the the door cameron was already out in the hall. I rapped my arm around my brothers shoulder “ come on you little booger” I joked. After dinner my mom asked my and cam to take my brother outside. And I wouldn’t have been akward if my phone hadent died. I sat on the swing. I saw feet sit ing the one next to mine. To big to be Andrew’s (the brother). “ sorry” he said almost unsure of the words that had came out of his mouth. “For….” I asked not looking at him “ everything I did to you, not calling you, not texting you, just for everything really” I said louder and more sure of not only his words but himself. “ oh” was all I could say, it was all I had to say, no other words would come to my brain. When I pictured this moment in my head, I por true my coursing him out with everything I had in me. But not now. I couldn’t. “All I get was an oh” he asked “ dallas, if your expecting me to say that it’s ok then you can just forget about it, you made it very clear that you don’t need me, and you never have, and that you’re better off without me. So all I have to say to you was oh” I was angry, the nerve of some people. “Ok” he said I herd him sand up, after I shot my head back to the ground. The suddenly I was pulled up and into arms, the coldness I felt only seconds ago was warm now,my arms in his chest and his arms wrapped around me. “ Abby, iv always needed you, iv always wanted you, I just got side tracked to what was important” he stopped and pressed his forhead upon mine. “ oh” was all I could push put. I was amazed , wounded stuck, in love with cameron dallas by just a few words. “ mabey oh can be are ok” he asked in a telling sort of voice,………… The rest is up,to you _____________________________________________ Sorry it sux, I’ll do better next time thanks for the request Have a great day loves

So, taylorswift,
I recorded a suuuuuper casual conversation I had with my bestfriend, who also happens to be a HUGE fan of yours. The result, in my opinion, is ridiculously adorable. We hope you like our video and we hope it can make you laugh/smile! :) we love you Taylor!
Xoxo, Mariana & Lucy 🐶👭❤️

I love you. And you love me too but not as much as mine. But let me tell you something about love, others motivated me to do what hearts say. And my heart asking you to turn around when you don’t see me, like taking your hand when I’m crossing the street, like telling you my biggest fear which is mean you would know that I fear a lot rejection. But my courage vanished by your every taking breath next to me, as I glance you a little bit more and a little bit longer I realize that I’ve been loving you in a subtle way than others woud. Without actually saying, I let myself become your ears when nobody listens, I let you borrow my jacket because I want your scent last here and there so that when you’re taking care and pampering someone else. I can picture your appearance through the shade of moonlight and sound of citylight. I let myself to help your assignments so that I can look up to you more often without someone has to caught me and tell others that there’s firework in my eyes when I see your face. An ocean waves that captured through the smile in my face. A “Love” that I’ve shouted out loud in the core of my mind. A story of a girl and a guy who live in the same world with different views. I love your silence and all the words that rolled out of your throat. But not when you have storms within, an anger and cold looks. I don’t love you in the moments when you hate yourself much than you hate others. I find it difficult when you can’t love your own self. Even more when you think you shouldn’t have existed in this generation. I don’t love you during those moments because it means I have to love you more without you love me a tiny bit so I struggle with it. Because I love you the way your laughter shaken my knees, the way you feeling determined to chase your dreams, the way you wake up feeling homesick, the way you begin to sleep and feeling safe. I love you and I choose to stay in your though days or happiness. I love you more because you love me a bit, as you can always say when you want to end our conversation; “I love you. You’re my bestfriend!”.