conversation wheel

And these things hurt the most, like I’ve been falling for you for such a long time… you still decided to pick him and I’m not mad, but please just don’t lead me on– I had an innocent heart before I met you, love turns beauty into the beast and roses into the wilted, we are still trying to understand the bicycle ride, band-aids and letting go– we forgot about the training wheels, those conversations right before we split up, the one where you said your honesty– I’ll always love you for it. You told me “don’t you ever regret a thing, life’s too short to suffocate yourself.” Although I’ve breathed for a whole decade without your atmosphere to smother me, I still wonder about that conversation– the most real you’ve ever been to me, I appreciate you for it.
—  shallow relationships and deep conversations

#sustainablevanlife tip of the day: kick your paper towel habit. We’ve got a stack of *real* towels that we use in place of paper towels in the van. It consists of about 4 or 5 large wash cloths, 3 or 4 random dish towels and one larger hand towel that is designated for drying dishes, (clean) hands, etc… the other towels we cycle through as they get dirty, and just throw them in the wash when we do laundry. They are way more absorbent and durable than paper towels and can be hung up to dry with a clothespin.
The clean ones also double to fix rattles as we’re driving–anything that needs a bit of extra padding gets wrapped in a towel.
Using real towels has the added benefit of reducing the amount of shopping you have to do and the waste you produce. You can buy new towels (preferably organic cotton) or better yet, cut up an old bath towel that’s hiding in your closet or pick up a stack of wash cloths or hand towels from the thrift store.
Happy toweling y'all!


The Lovers’ Litany

Eyes of grey – a sodden quay,
Driving rain and falling tears,
As the steamer wears to sea
In a parting storm of cheers.
Sing, for Faith and Hope are high –
None so true as you and I –
Sing the Lovers’ Litany:
“Love like ours can never die!”

Eyes of black – a throbbing keel,
Milky foam to left and right;
Whispered converse near the wheel
In the brilliant tropic night.
Cross that rules the Southern Sky!
Stars that sweep and wheel and fly,
Hear the Lovers’ Litany:
Love like ours can never die!“

Eyes of brown – a dusy plain
Split and parched with heat of June,
Flying hoof and tightened rein,
Hearts that beat the old, old tune.
Side by side the horses fly,
Frame we now the old reply
Of the Lovers’ Litany:
"Love like ours can never die!”

Eyes of blue – the Simla Hills
Silvered with the moonlight hoar;
Pleading of the waltz that thrills,
Dies and echoes round Benmore.
“Mabel,” “Officers,” “Good-bye,”
Glamour, wine, and witchery –
On my soul’s sincerity,
“Love like ours can never die!”

Maidens of your charity,
Pity my most luckless state.
Four times Cipid’s debtor I –
Bankrupt in quadruplicate.
Yet, despite this evil case,
And a maiden showed me grace,
Four-and-forty times would I
Sing the Lovers’ Litany:
“Love like ours can never die!”

R. Kipling.


Серые глаза - рассвет,
Пароходная сирена,
Дождь, разлука, серый след
За винтом бегущей пены.

Черные глаза - жара,
В море сонных звезд скольженье,
И у борта до утра
Поцелуев отраженье.

Синие глаза - луна,
Вальса белое молчанье,
Ежедневная стена
Неизбежного прощанья.

Карие глаза - песок,
Осень, волчья степь, охота,
Скачка, вся на волосок
От паденья и полета.

Нет, я не судья для них,
Просто без суждений вздорных
Я четырежды должник
Синих, серых, карих, черных.

Как четыре стороны
Одного того же света,
Я люблю - в том нет вины -
Все четыре этих цвета.

Р. Киплинг.


Range Rover 6x6. There have been a number of six-wheel conversions of Range Rovers, the first were undertaken in 1971 by Carmichael & Sons of Worcester who did conversions for the emergency and armed services. Subsequently six-wheelers have been created for customers who wanted their Range Rover to be that bit more special, though Land Rover themselves have never put a factory 6x6 one sale