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Skam fics that I like

There are so many good fics in this fandom, I am overwhelmed. That`s why I want to make this list over fics that I like.  I know that many has done this before me, but I just need this overview. This list is not complete, I have guaranteed forgot some fics I have read and liked. But if you find some you haven`t checked out, take a look! Enjoy.

Edit: It was late when I posted this, and I forgot some things and some links… I`ve tried to fix it!

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autumnsunshine10  asked:

Hi! Where do you draw most of your inspiration from? ☺

hi hi! 

To be honest, I have had trouble with being “inspired” lately. It seems a struggle to delve into my brain sometimes. But when I do catch a spark of inspiration it is usually from something totally random, like a conversation between strangers I happen to overhear, or the way the sunrise reflects in my neighbors’ windows. And, one of many reasons I am eager to be more active on here again, all the amazing Tumblr poets & prompts & conversations about poetry really inspire me to write/create things I normally wouldn’t.

Thanks for the question! <3 

“It’s pointless to count stars.”

“It’s also pointless to count freckles, but I know you have 36 on the edge of your left hand.”

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Dialogue Prompts: Actual Conversations

1. “I literally saw you die.”
“You saw me die? That’s messed up.”

2. “Killing’s fine.”

3. “Yay, I died!”

4. “Wait, we can kill everything?”

5. “I killed you!”

6. “I want to kill you now.”

7. “I almost shot at you.”

8. “The arrows go through people!”

9. “I throw my arrows in the air sometimes.”

10. “No more frozen arrows.”

11. “Oh, no, I’m not supposed to be here.”

12. “Punch Elsa, punch Elsa!”

13. “Maybe this IS the room I’m supposed to go into.”

14. “I can see cows. We’re on a plane!”

15. “No! You took up with the wrong person!”

16. “See, look, I almost shot someone!”
“Yeah, that was me.”

17. “You don’t break diamonds! You eat diamonds!”

18. “I really don’t know how I came here.”

19. “Don’t care, I want to fight.”

20. “I’m trying not to die.”
“I’ll help you.”

21. “I can’t enchant anything!”

22. “That’s all the potion of healing did?”

23. “What time is it? Oh, gosh, no!”

24. “Help me!”
“I’m digging!”
“How is that supposed to help me?”

25. “Am I asleep yet? I’m not asleep. I need to be asleep.”

26. “I’m gonna let these guys attack.”

27. “We all have to stay awake!”

28. “I will murder you.”

29. “I just broke the world. What am I doing?”

30. “I live a normal life, thank you very much.”
“Fine, I’ll go be the hero!”
“Go ahead. You’ll also be the dead one.”

“I don’t want to die.”

“Unfortunately for you, my dear, that’s my choice to make and right now the color of red looks perfect on you.”

Hermione's first alone time with Draco's best mate in the world.
  • Hermione: I love him, Blaise. I'm with him through whatever. For better or for worse, right?
  • Blaise: Heh, you know Draco. It'll probably be worse.
  • Hermione: I know. I kind of knew that the day I met him.

So if Peter Hale has been wiped out of existence, that could mean that Paige is still alive. Because he wasn’t there to work on Derek’s insecurities, sway him into wanting to give her the bite. So imagine Derek just living happily with his longtime girlfriend Paige, oblivious to all the drama happening in Beacon Hills. Until something pulls his instincts back there. Dreams, echoes, sparks of confusion. He doesn’t know what it is at first, until he finds himself back in his hometown, caught up in this web of disappearing people: muddled memories and pieces of a life that don’t seem to quite fit anymore.

…And a boy with amber eyes he can’t quite remember, who he only sees in afterimages and half-faded dreams.

And eventually, of course, the pack finds a way to defeat the Hunt. Rescue the people who’ve been captured, and restore history to the way it should be.

But if he does that, he’ll lose Paige.

So he has to choose. Correct history, or let the lost stay forgotten? Save this boy with an impossible hook on his heart, or let his first love live?

“No one wants to jump out of the boat, but when the boat is sinking you gotta jump eventually.”

“If the boat is sinking, I’ll just stand in it and wait till I reach the water.”

“This is why I hate you.”

Prompts of the Week #1


  • “Don’t look at me. I’m not worth your attention.”
  • “It’ll get better with time. But I guess we don’t have time anymore either.”
  • “You’ll see how I can be without you. And you’ll wish you never let me go.”
  • “You know… your dreams are trying to tell you something… Right?”
  • “It’s okay. And even if it’s not… It will be.”
  • “Don’t give up just because you failed the first time.”


  • “Let’s be lonely together.”
    “I think that defeats the point.”
  • “I don’t know who I am anymore.”
    “That’s okay because I know who you are.”
  • “You’re special.”
    “A special kind of messed up.”
  • “I don’t think I can handle expectations. I don’t want to let you down.”
    “You’ve never let me down.”
  • “Don’t worry about me, I can handle myself.”
    “But you don’t have to handle yourself alone.”

  • “I don’t need your help.”
    “But I still want to help.”

  • “Why is there a cat on the fridge…?”
    “Oh, I forgot. I got us a cat.”

  • “What’s on your shirt?”
    “I don’t know. It might be grease…or something else..”

  • “Would you rather…have a lifetimes worth of your favorite food or me?”
    “You. Actually… I’ve been dying to ask… Will you marry me?”


  • A falls and hits their head, losing about a year’s worth of memories. B is their roommate who finds them and takes them to the hospital. A and B’s relationship is remembered but the main thing A seems to have forgotten is their newly found confidence and thus B decides to try and help A find a love for their own body/existence but all A really finds is their love for B.

  • A and B decide to have a sing off(B is strong in their opinion that A can sing amazingly and A denies it with a passion) and they then upload the video to Youtube and go viral in 24 hours. Decide how this effects your OTP

  • A and B go to high school together, A gets a lot of crap for his/her looks/style but B always stands up for A until one day A says he/she doesn’t need to be protected and B backs off only for A to get in some serious trouble and for B to come and save her/him.


  • Au where every child is born with a stone that matches their soulmates and they have to wear them on their necks so their soulmate can see it.