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Talking of GF's Zodiac, we know that at least two symbols are metaphorical (ice bag (someone who is cool in the face of danger) and glasses (someone who is a scholar)), but according to you, even the other eight symbols (pine tree, shooting star, question mark, fez symbol, five-pointed star, llama, heart, six-finger hand) have a metaphorical meaning about their characters?

…. uh.

I would say yes? I don’t remember ever talking about the GF Zodiac, recently, but I am always game for GF theory!

Pine Tree! Dipper Pines. Pine trees are a coniferious tree that flourish up in the north west. Always green, always growing. They grow in clusters and stay close to each other. Dipper flourishes up in Gravity Falls! He’s always growing throughout the series, getting stronger and stronger throughout the summer. He takes after Ford! And he grows closer to all his fellow Pines, despite thinking he didn’t have a place before.

Shooting Star! Mabel Pines. Usually a symbol of good luck and used as a wish carrier. Rare and few between. Mabel is anything but ordinary, one of a kind, a glowing treasure who brings luck and new life to everyone she meets. Unfortunately, this also means she’s used a lot… (see Gideon Gleeful) but she never lets that dim her. She’s shining and bringing hope.

Question Mark! Soos Rameriez. Soos’ role has always been to make the kids question everything. He answers questions. He provides questions for the kids to answer. He has questions in his own past… so many questions. Also a symbol for his rise to take on the Mystery Shack.

Fez Symbol! Stanley Pines. This one’s difficult. We don’t really know what the symbol is, it’s just… mysterious. Everything about him in the series is just shrouded in mystery. The fez itself is even a symbol of mystery and is somewhat exotic.

Five-Pointed Star! Gideon Grey Gleeful. The five pointed star is usually used in media, particularly with the eye in the middle, as a sign that the psychic our character is going to meet is very… fake. Gideon is a fake. But he’s also great at swindling others. On the other hand, the star is also a symbol of light and change. Gideon changed by the end of the series!

Llama! Pacifica Northwest. Drama Llamas. Ok, but really. Llamas are considered an exotic pet. A show pet in the US. … Pacifica is a show pet to her parents. A conversation peice. However, wax Larry King also says they are “nature’s greatest warriors.” Pacifica fought for her freedom. And she won. She’s overcome her previous nature and changed.

Stitched-up Heart! Robby Valentino. Well, his last name is  play on Valentine. So. There’s that. But also, Robby has a lot of heart to him. He’s a sweetheart, honestly. A misunderstood teenager who just really wants someone to understand. His heart is a mess. But really, he means well.

Six-Fingered Hand! Stanford Pines. An anomaly. Something odd and strange, a diversion from the norm. Ford has always been seperate from the normal. He’s got something extra. Something that makes him more. He’s abnormal and unique… Not always a great thing, as he’s proved, but he has taken advantage of it and made it great.

…. So! Yeah! That’s my take on it.

I love this show. Aaaah.

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