conversation club

Scorpio & Leo
  • Leo, crying while looking at old photos: Scorpio, walks into her room with snacks: Hey Leo- whoa, what's wrong?
  • Leo, not bothering to wipe her tears: Today is the day my old cat Mikey passed away when he went outside and got hit by a car...
  • Scorpio, nods his head as he walks over to her: I'm sorry for your loss, but it would be better to think that he went to a better place, yeah?
  • Leo, glances up at him: Like a kitty strip club where he meets a stripper named Diamonds and helps her get out of the pimp game? Then propose to her and have kittens?
  • Scorpio: Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night

hey valentines day sucks but just remember that spreading the love is so important even if you dont have anyone special…just remember that even though it doesn’t feel like it, you have at least one person out there that loves you and cares about you, even if that person is me. be that one person to someone else too! if you’re feeling lonely and need to cheer up, message me or start a conversation with someone else that you are interested in! 🌝🌿🌿💛🌸

I think the moment things started to change with Lucifer and Dan’s dynamic happened in the spa when Lucifer was “lying” to Borris. Dan’s face as Lucifer starts his usual self loathing stint does something super unexpected: he begins to understand. Dan, as much as we like to make him out to be, is not a stupid man. I think in that moment Dan realized that Lucifer really wasn’t faking it. Lucifer seriously believes himself to be the monster that everyone else tells him he is. And Dan finally recognized that. I think that was what lead to their conversation in the improv club. If anything they definitely have a better respect for one another.


White people pls don’t use the safety pin as a way to absolve yourself from having to do anything more, solidarity thru symbolism isn’t enough and wearing a safety pin alone doesn’t make you an ally pls remember this, you have a responsibility to actively protect and step in for others, this isn’t just a “hey we’re in the secret enlightened people club” conversational piece PLS

  • Haru to Rin: Fuck you.
  • Haru to Rei: Fuck you.
  • Haru to Nagisa: ... Fuck you.
  • Haru to Kisumi: No.
  • Haru to Sousuke: Fuck you.
  • Haru to Makoto: Fuck you. Literally, fuck you, Makoto.
> trekking it on Azeroth---you people (and your magic) are INSANE

- Hux since then has Phasma accompanying him on such baby-time incursions (the baby needs sun/fresh air, etc.— piss off Kylo, you scare the locals)

- only this time, pirates/slavers—why don’t you people leave me (and my baby) the Hell alone?!

- Hux loses his blaster during the process/fighting/tactical retreat, only to suffer a hyperspace malfunction or such and crashland on some uncharted planet in some unidentified part of space—are they even on the same dimension/reality?

- makes his own substitute blaster/plasma sword from spare parts (from Kylo’s trophy lightsabers he gave as an anniversary gift?) because looting from some dead adventurers—your firearms are just SAD—but your credits and supplies/knives will do

- Hux and Phasma thinking the locals (so many types of them too) are crazy; the locals thinking the buff lady-in-armor and the cold-yet-feisty man-who-isn’t-quite-a-man (with his? cubical gelatinous baby possessing strange powers) are crazi-ER (basically, adventurers admiring Phasma because of her battle prowness; Hux initially being flirted by the women—he is quite a looker—until the reveal of his ‘mother’/alien-queen status, then he somehow becomes a member of the mom club and the men get awkward)

- the first time Hux sees magic he compares it to the Force and doesn’t know which is more practical/weirder; afterwards it all just reminds him of Kylo fricking Ren (and he misses the father of his children and his other children so much)

- trouble happens, Phasma does badass things; Hux does what he does best and unknowingly starts/inspires a cult or such

- someone—Velen of the Draenei, maybe—recognizes his species (the allmothers/almathir?) and somehow becomes their ticket home

- when they get back Hux doesn’t complain a word about Kylo’s Force 'nonsense’. Not a peep. Kylo, of course, is confused.


dated 10/23/2016; when you have such fantastic conversations with a talented author, some ideas are just too entertaining to keep to yourselves…

featuring a crack-y crossover with Warcraft a.k.a. Hux in a situation he really hates: prolonged exposure to nature/pollen/sun, (space) magic, loss of control, an absent Kylo Ren (when you need him), among other things…


Hey. You know what I love? Giant floral patterns! Especially on furniture! So here are 8 big, bright recolored chairs featuring florals from textile designers Liberty of London, Pat Bravo, Joel Dewberry and Elizabeth Olwen.

These chairs are a recolor of Msteaqueen’s conversion of the Club Chair by Awesims. The mesh is NOT included in my .package so you will need to download it here or here!

Colorfloral Club Chairs

  • 8 different patterns
  • design tool enabled & custom thumbnails
  • MESH NEEDED! (see above for link!)

DOWNLOAD: Sim File Share

TOU: Please do not re-upload or claim as your own. And, if you wanna, tag #sjane4prezcc so I can see what you make!

Credits: original mesh by Awesims, conversion by Msteaqueen

  • Narrator: A new car built by my company leaves somewhere traveling at 60 mph. The rear differential locks up. The car crashes and burns with everyone trapped inside. Now, should we initiate a recall? Take the number of vehicles in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we don't do one.
  • Business woman on plane: Are there a lot of these kinds of accidents?
  • Narrator: You wouldn't believe.
  • Business woman on plane: Which car company do you work for?
  • Narrator: A major one.