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a/n: a short little something bc it’s “choose your own ship” day for the d2 countdown, and there is not nearly enough fic about these boys.

ben isn’t quite sure why, but since returning home to auradon, he’s been haunted by the memories of being on the isle. not just the torture of his own kidnapping, but everything else - kids dressed in ratty clothes, eating garbage while sitting out in the streets, too scared to spend their time at home with their abusive parents.

those sights shake ben to the core, sending him tossing and turning every night, waking up with tears streaming down his face more often than not.

“shh,” someone says as they lie next to him, gently running a hand through his hair to calm his shaking. “it’s alright, love. you’re safe now.”

“those kids aren’t,” ben says back, blinking up at green eyes in the darkness. “they’re dirty and starving and in pain–”

“then bring ‘em here,” his companion says. “you have the power to do that, you know. after all, it’s what brought us here.” ben smiles slightly.

“thanks, harry,” he says. “you always know the right thing to say.” harry smiles back, ruffling ben’s hair, causing him to giggle softly. the comfortable silence that falls over the two is cut off by a loud snore coming from behind ben.

“oi, gilly,” harry says, reaching across ben to slap the third boy on the arm. “keep it down, will ya? we’re trying to have a nice conversation here.” gil only grumbles in response and turns over. ben just snorts, his previous emotional pain now momentarily forgotten.

anonymous asked:

(1/2) I've been at a computer science conference all week and I attended a presentation on using machine learning to improve ASD diagnosis. As frequently happens, a discussion starts up in the middle of the presentation, but this time it was people having questions that revealed serious misconceptions and I actually spoke up and addressed them. The moderator wasn't even mad, he came up to me afterward and asked if I did autism research and we had a nice conversation.

(2/2) I actually do traumatic brain injury research, and we talked about that and autism. I’m just really proud of myself for being able to speak up. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. (also, for any followers who are interested in TBI he told me about a blog called TBI on the Hill which explores the politics of TBI.)

That’s wonderful! I’m glad you had such a good experience and were able to educate others about autism. 


5 stories they could do with Rebecca from this point to make her more sympathetic and less “we’re doing this again?!”

1. Panicking about being a bad mother. Lachlan and her sister are hardly shining examples.

2. Conversations with Leyla. Involve her in another characters arc (though they’d have to give her a personality for this one).

3. A child runs away Arthur, Noah, Samson etc and Rebecca finds them and brings them home. Would involve her in more people.

4. Have a cold front between her and Diane. Because she was directly involved in ruining Roberts marriage, making him mope on her sofa.

5. Make Rebecca the schemer. She would actually be more likable if she had a brain and getting rid of Aaron was her and Chrissies objective.

How many hundreds of men do you think I’ve sent out to be eaten by titans? One arm isn’t nearly enough to make up for that. I hope I’ll be able to pay back the rest in hell
—  Erwin Smith (Ch. 51) which sadly skipped during the animation

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….




For being an awesome friend and a tremendous inspiration to the simming community, thanks for being awesome @holleyberry! Hope your birthday is the best. Here’s some male clothes to help ;)


These are all for Adult Male.
No morphs at this time.
They come in all original EAxis colors.

Button UP Loose
Sweater Crew
Sweater Knit
Shirt Open Layered
Chinco Pants
Shorts Long Cargo
Jeans Bootcut
Pants Dress


Credits: EAxis, Senate for converse, and Yuxi for boots.


I worked on this all day.
And it was the worst experience ever.
Nothing was going right with this mesh.
Bone assignments didn’t stick.
Morphs exploded (so there isn’t any)
And recoloring was a bitch because of the painted on back piece.
I’m glad it’s over.

This is for AF.
Found in Everyday Outfits.



EAxis, @bunsblr for peeptoe heels

Happy Simming

ADDITIONAL! Just reblogging for different time zones and to let everyone know the wonderful @digitalangels​ added morphs. Please download them HERE and delete my original mesh.


3t2 All About Style Sweater Shirt Heart

Another one of my favorites from TS3 days.

No morphs.
This is for Adult Female.
It comes in all the colors pictured above.
Obviously there can be clipping around the wrist
And also paired with certain bottoms.

I included the PSD (multiplier) for creators.   



EAxis, All About Style


The Sims 4 Pickup for The Sims 2!

I’m very excited to upload this car because I was sure that this conversion will be impossible. Basically it’s enlarged toy from TS4. I had to put interior from TS3 Vorn P328 into it. I hope you’ll enjoy it guys. And it may be the only chance to see a sim in this car :P