conversation 2

How many hundreds of men do you think I’ve sent out to be eaten by titans? One arm isn’t nearly enough to make up for that. I hope I’ll be able to pay back the rest in hell
—  Erwin Smith (Ch. 51) which sadly skipped during the animation

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Lucina in fanon:

  • Large-eyed moe-blob
  • Shorter than every single guy no matter the age
  • Thin arms and zero muscle
  • Constantly smiling some cutesy smile
  • Knows a whole two (2) conversation topics: Her father (/Marth) and her flat chest
  • Desperately needs some sort of father figure
  • Only carries the Falchion to help her posing

Lucina in canon:

  • Could easily pass for a man for what was probably several months and even tricked a warrior society
  • Had her own aunt fawn over how dreamy she was as in said disguise
  • Accidentally breaks walls while training
  • Literal second thing she does after meeting her father is fight him
  • Grew up during a god damn apocalypse and led her people through it
  • Mostly looked up to her father and Marth to inspire her to lead her people
  • Travelled back in time to prevent the apocalypse from happening in the first place

For being an awesome friend and a tremendous inspiration to the simming community, thanks for being awesome @holleyberry! Hope your birthday is the best. Here’s some male clothes to help ;)


These are all for Adult Male.
No morphs at this time.
They come in all original EAxis colors.

Button UP Loose
Sweater Crew
Sweater Knit
Shirt Open Layered
Chinco Pants
Shorts Long Cargo
Jeans Bootcut
Pants Dress


Credits: EAxis, Senate for converse, and Yuxi for boots.


I worked on this all day.
And it was the worst experience ever.
Nothing was going right with this mesh.
Bone assignments didn’t stick.
Morphs exploded (so there isn’t any)
And recoloring was a bitch because of the painted on back piece.
I’m glad it’s over.

This is for AF.
Found in Everyday Outfits.



EAxis, @bunsblr for peeptoe heels

Happy Simming

ADDITIONAL! Just reblogging for different time zones and to let everyone know the wonderful @digitalangels​ added morphs. Please download them HERE and delete my original mesh.

Conversations between characters #2
  • Jane: Why have you started watching the weather channel so much lately?
  • Thor: I like to see where the meteorologists predict sunshine and then make it rain there. It is most entertaining to see the confusion on their faces.
  • Jane: Why would you do that?
  • Thor: ...
  • Thor: I miss my brother.


3t2 All About Style Sweater Shirt Heart

Another one of my favorites from TS3 days.

No morphs.
This is for Adult Female.
It comes in all the colors pictured above.
Obviously there can be clipping around the wrist
And also paired with certain bottoms.

I included the PSD (multiplier) for creators.   



EAxis, All About Style


The Sims 4 Pickup for The Sims 2!

I’m very excited to upload this car because I was sure that this conversion will be impossible. Basically it’s enlarged toy from TS4. I had to put interior from TS3 Vorn P328 into it. I hope you’ll enjoy it guys. And it may be the only chance to see a sim in this car :P 


Vamps revamped

Hello, guys! :))) I just finished working on this set and ready to share! The organ (piano in disguise) is functional as well as the radiator. The awesome grungy decals you`ll find in the very beginning of deco/wall section since they are all free. My personal favorite is “the lush ivy” (in the first row on the preview pic), I like it so much better than M&G one! You`ll see!

That`s it! Have fun! :D And let me know if you have any questions!

Credit: EA, Maxis, Sims 4 Studio


Sims 2 & Sims 4

Little Decor Set
• 6 New Meshes made by me
• Wall Buckets - 2 sizes (2567 polys)
• Wooden Pumpkin Baskets - 2 sizes (1924 polys)
• Wooden Stars (184 polys)
• Tart Tin Tray (2350 polys)
• S2 to S4 Cassandre Desert Cup Conversion

* Please Note*
Sadly, not everything works out well for both games.
The Wall buckets had some major transparency issues and could not be included in the set for Sims 2 :(
Sorry about that!

I hope you will enjoy!