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Food fight was shared with 6 other characters, board game was with the whole team, combat skirts was .3 seconds long with a high-five.  And if “board game” is one of the only scenes you can think of for them in this show that can deal with monsters and tragic backstories and magic and fighting evil for the sake of good, that says a ton. Out of all that, Ruby and Weiss have “board game”.

Whereas  Blake and Yang have had a very deep heart-to-heart for half an episode, Sun and Blake got an entire season together to bond, Jaune and Pyrrha - don’t even get me started, Ren and Nora had childhood together as did Ruby and Yang, Yang and Weiss also had a deep conversation and heart-to-heart.

Ruby and Weiss have nothing. No SIGNIFICANT scene alone together for longer than 5 seconds. They don’t have a heart-to-heart beyond volume 1 when Weiss said maybe Ruby wasn’t so bad, but even after that she still continued to be nasty towards her. They haven’t had a scene to be amiable- to be friends - with each other in years. There is no content to potentially build a song around for them.

People can name exact episodes and scenes for other characters  “That Blake/Yang scene” and “That Yang/Weiss scene” and “that Jaune/Pyrrha scene”. But what is the “Ruby/Weiss scene?” There is none. 

I can handle this, but I can’t handle anything else
Conversion, software version 2.0
I don’t mind letting you down easy, but just give it time
Now come one, come all, to this tragic affair
All my friends are living my dreams. Do you know what I mean?

This is weird. The songs in order were:
Kill the Rock - Mindless Self Indulgence
Toxicity - System of a Down
Ain’t it Fun - Paramore
The End. - My Chemical Romance
Where is the Boom? - Palaye Royale

Book Lover Questionnaire

Rules: There are none. Reblog with your answers. Tag someone if you want. Or don’t. Let’s just have fun with it. :) 

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1. Name a book you’re embarrassed to say you haven’t read yet.

Classics like Pride and Prejudice and Little Women. I own them, but i’ve yet to read them. I see people rave about Jane Austen all the time, and it’s a little embarrassing that I can never contribute to those conversations :/

2. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever used as a bookmark?

The remote to the tv. My bookmark had fallen and I was too lazy to pick it up, so I used the remote because it was the closest thing 🤷🏽‍♀️

3. Look at your bookshelf. What’s the first book you see with a yellow spine?

Summer Days and Summer Nights: an anthology edited by Stephanie Perkins. (An excellent read, but especially great during summer. In case it wasn’t obvious by the title :P)

4. If you could have one new book from a deceased author, who would it be?

I haven’t really read any books by deceased authors, at least not that I know of. 

5. Name an author who deserves more readership.

I feel like Sarah Dessen isn’t as big as she used to be. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown out of her books, but her early books are some of my favorites and I feel like they’re very under appreciated. It could just be I’m not following the right people, but SD was such a huge part of my reading life when I was growing up, I just hope she’s still an influence for those growing up now :)

This was so much fun! I’ll tag @becpunzel @books-in-a-storm @thereadingchallengechallenge @becomingomnilegent @princessofbookaholics if they’d like to do it, of course :)

sleep scale

12+ hours: hell yes. decadence has a name and it is ME. the dream. im marrying  my bed you’re invited to the wedding. i might feel groggy and angry for the rest of the day when i actually do get up but WORTH IT. 

12+ hours (ALTERNATE): i am deeply clinically depressed and approximately three (3) inches from death at any given moment

11-10 hours: ideal. im functioning at perfect 100% capacity my body and mind are a well oiled machine. im ready to knock out all my errands and chores in under an hour, work a full day and then study that language im trying to learn

9 hours: good! i could have slept longer, but getting up was no great horrifying trauma either

8-7 hours: the “””””medically recommended amount””””” for adults, but in reality more like a “fine, i GUESS” amount. normal mild levels of angst at having to get out of bed

6 hours: silent unceasing internal groaning for at least the first hour after waking. dont expect any kind of quality conversation for the first 2 or so hours. ive got a Less Than Medically Recommended Amount Of Sleep, that means im a martyr right???

5 hours: pretty unpleasant. feels gross. expect a moderate crash during the late afternoon. this is the first number that is considered worthy of entry in a college student sleep-measuring contest. altho if you try to enter with 5 hrs dead-eyed hordes will instantly materialize from the bushes and one-up you “5 hours??? HAHA SWEET SUMMER CHILD. I HAVENT SLEPT IN 3 YEARS”

4 hours: a Very Poor Decision. deep seated, incoherent rage upon waking that persists up to several hours. consume large amounts of your stimulant of choice, but you’ll still feel like a cave troll. constant aftertaste of chemicals and regret

3 hours: half awake half walking in some astral plane haunted by the wails of the newly-dead. children and animals fear the emptiness in your vacant eyes. a very respectable entry to any sleep-measuring contest. you’ll still get beaten by the “2 hour” and “all nighter” people, but everyone knows this is Bad

2 hours: you can get up, but only by rending your soul from your physical body in a paroxysm of agony, since it will refuse to leave the bed. you are now soulless and will feel absolutely zero emotion until sometime in the late afternoon/early evening when your soul returns and ALL the emotions will hit at once, leaving you alternately sobbing or creepily hyena laughing

1 hour: you fool. you imbecile. your hubris and weakness has brought you to this point. they are coming. you cannot escape. why didnt you just stay awake. why didnt you just pull the all-nighter. the strength of your no-sleep headache threatens to stab through your skull like an ice pick. all you can taste is blood. they are comi


honestly im just really happy we got to see a different side of lucas this season?? like last season everyone hated on him bc he was skeptical of eleven (imo the only realistic one but that’s a whole other post) but tbh we only really ever saw a lot of him complaining or freaking out and not too much of his softer side,,, and this season he’s got the romance with max and he’s fiercly protective of his friends (including eleven!!) and I just honestly?? love?? lucas sinclair??

How many hundreds of men do you think I’ve sent out to be eaten by titans? One arm isn’t nearly enough to make up for that. I hope I’ll be able to pay back the rest in hell
—  Erwin Smith (Ch. 51) which sadly skipped during the animation

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


On a full moon night in his 7th year, James lost the control of his animagus form and accidently got back to his human form in the middle of the forest, where he was almost attacked by Remus. Sirius saved him, but James got out of there pretty hurt. He didn’t want to go to the hospital wing because there would be so many lies to come up with. Almost out of option, he magically sent Lily a message to her dormitory, asking her to go to the potion class to help him out if she could - no question asked. Intrigued and curious, Lily went there. That was the conversation they had at 2 a.m while she was preparing a potion. This was also when James discovered Lily knew about Remus and this was when Lily discovered she had some sort of feeling for him - she have always admired his loyalty towards his best friends.

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For being an awesome friend and a tremendous inspiration to the simming community, thanks for being awesome @holleyberry! Hope your birthday is the best. Here’s some male clothes to help ;)


These are all for Adult Male.
No morphs at this time.
They come in all original EAxis colors.

Button UP Loose
Sweater Crew
Sweater Knit  ! @deedee-sims added morphs HERE!
Shirt Open Layered
Chinco Pants
Shorts Long Cargo
Jeans Bootcut
Pants Dress


Credits: EAxis, Senate for converse, and Yuxi for boots.