I don’t want fucking small talk. I want to know you’re passions, what you’d die for, and what you’d live for. I want to know if you’d like to get married or not. I want to know what you’d name your children—or if you even want children. I want to know your ambitions and what you wanted to be as a child. I don’t want to know ‘what’s up’ or that you got a Starbucks today. So, no, I don’t want no fucking small talk—I just want you.
—  after seeing you in a bookstore (via ishmal)

Mario Loiseau works two jobs, including long hours as a parking lot attendant to help pay for his 9-year-old daughter, Mabou’s, tutoring. Mabou is a science and language prodigy, and is already studying college-level algebra.

“So Daddy, how did you feel when I was born?” she asked her father during a recent visit to StoryCorps in New York City.

“It was like a dream come true,” he said. “I wanted a child forever, and you were my first and only born. You know, so, when I went to the nursery to see you, you were sleeping. You opened the eyes and look at me. Everyone was amazed, even the doctor said, ‘You see the connection she make with you?’”

'I’m So Proud To Have You As A Daughter’

Photo credit: StoryCorps

Explaining Planeswalkers to a non-mtg playing girlfriend

Mike: “I got the original five planeswalker figures!”

Christine: “I thought YOU were a planeswalker?

Mike: “It’s complicated. It’s more like you summon them to fight for you.”

Christine: “So it’s like you call up your friend and you’re like ‘Yo! Ted! I got something for you to do.’ and Ted’s like ‘Ugh, ok’ and then whenever Ted dies he’s like ‘sunofabitch I’m out’”


Urf, it’s good to be back… … … My mentor and I just returned from a long camping trip… and he forced me to turn off all my social medias… Erm, but, oof, I’m sort of back… I–I guess… I’m glad I made it back though… I almost d–died on that trip… Lesson learned: P. concolor are really scary… Nothing like the average domesticated Felidae family…

Time to catch up on the Science periodicals I’ve been missing before we go for another camping trip… … …