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do you have any jaythan fanfic recommendations? x

WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS BECAUSE YEAH EXPECT A VERY VERY LONG ANSWER I’M INCLUDING ONESHOTS AS WELL HAHAHA I don’t know if you want normal fics or smut fics idk I read them all so here’s all haha

I’ll update this from time to time okay? You can always send me recs :))

Jaythan Fanfics

  • Untouched (maxislikesugar) Explicit - In a whole new world in the future, the citizens are allowed to own Pets. But what happens when Jay was allowed to have an Untouched Pet; a virgin pet with no other intention than to serve his owner well? Expect some real dirty sexual training, innocent!Nathan that got me lying in a pool of puddle on the floor and some badass Max George interfering along the way. Absolute fav of mine now.
  • Murderous Perception (nath-sykes-me-up) - When Nathan Sykes gets the patient he’s been waiting for; a Psycho serial killer, he’s quick to discover that things are completely different in Jay’s eyes, years of suffering unfold as he finds himself in an difficult position as well as trouble making brother; Harry causing problems where ever he goes, Nathan suddenly learns the unbalance of life itself.
  • Jaythan Shadowhunter ‘verse (yesjayplease) - A shadowhunter!AU which is beautifully written. One of my absolute favs.
  • It’s A Zoo (yesjayplease) - Jay is struggling after his girlfriend left him. He decides he needs a new, fresh start, so he moves to the most unlikely place: a run-down zoo nine miles away from the town. He needs to do something different as an escape from it all, but he clearly hasn’t expected to be attracted to the young, cute zookeeper Nathan Sykes. I died with feels because Nathan being cute and grumpy and Jay is just… oh dear.
  • By The Corner (jaythanstan) - Coffeeshop!AU with a splash of Tomax as well. Beautifully written.
  • This Thing Called Us (jaythanstan) - I just. This. Oh god.
  • Untouchable (henderparker) - A three-shot. Kinda Romeo and Juliet, a bit. But, not Romeo and Juliet.
  • Revolving Doors (mickeysykes - TWFF) Explicit - In which Nathan is sure he loves Jay but Jay is not really sure of it. Full of ups and downs and tears and hesitation.
  • Heart And Soul (mickeysykes - TWFF) Explicit - Sequel to Revolving Doors. Marriage plans, yayyyyyy!!!
  • “Z” At Your Service (mickeysykes - TWFF) Explicit - After the break, everyone have their own wonderful careers. Except Jay. He became an escort. His name is Z now. But he didn’t expect Nathan to book him for the night.
  • Touch The Rain (jamfic) - Huge tear-jerker. Jay’s dying.
  • Tonight I feel Invincible - Jay was supposed to kill Nathan, but he fell in love with the kid and kidnapped him instead.

Jaythan Oneshots

I have some Jaythan fics here as well but it’s best if you don’t read them because they suck so bad.

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you are such a dumb ass bitch. harry is way to good for taylor

They’re just too good for each other. :) You don’t need to call me that. I’m pretty sure I’ve never said them to you.

Yes, Harry is too good for Taylor. But Taylor is good for Harry too, okay? 

It’s pathetic, how it bothers you. It’s not even your life. It’s not even your feeling. It’s theirs. You are allowed to hate, go ahead. It’s your right. But it’s not your right to come into people’s ask box and sending them hate.

Don’t do this again sweetheart. Don’t do this to anyone at all. Someone might get hurt, because of the fuming hate inside you. Put the fire off, maybe you’ll understand life better.

May God bless you, anon, whoever you are.

I don’t ship Haylor, baby. But even if I do….

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my boyfriend carries my bags, in the damn car while he's driving he will offer to hold my drink while I buckle, instead of just putting it in the cupholder. Gentlemen still exist. Doesn't make them an ass! Love can be a bitch tho

Oh, of course sweetheart. And nathan happens to be one of those gentlemen as well! People just need to understand that. :)

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Louannah? (: xx

“It’s been a while, isn’t it Lou?” Hannah asked, a sweet smile curling on her pink lips, her almond eyes seemed a mile away. 

I let forth a small chuckle, “Good old memories, right?”

“Yeah, but not even a thing we say right now can change whatever the hell happened before,” she remarked, throwing her gaze out of the cafe window and onto the busy streets of London.

“Are you still mad about it, Han?”

She sighed, “No, but I hope you understand such thing left very deep scars, you know.”

Send me a ship name, and I’ll write a five line fic about it!

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I hate Nathan Sykes, hbu?

I don’t hate Nathan Sykes. I just hate;

  • his multicoloured eyes
  • his smile
  • that stupid cocky attitude of his when he’s on stage
  • his cute button nose
  • the ‘Game Over’ T-shirt
  • his voice
  • when he’s just being a whiney b*tch all the time and just complains
  • the fact that he kissed Britney Spears
  • when he tweets 'Mooooorrrrninnnn’ like that’s the best way to ruin your life
  • his gorgeous body, like have you guys noticed how good his hips are???
  • his middle name
  • the evolution of his hair

Basically I hate Nathan Sykes, so thank you for asking that, anon.

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oh my gosh are the wanted breaking up???

Taking a break to pursue respective careers but… yeah.

They’re the band that stays strong through the toughest ordeals. A fight with the world’s biggest band, Nathan’s hiatus, awful record sales

Suddenly the news just hit us like a jackhammer and we don’t even expect it. It’s like witnessing death and feeling the secondhand agony. It’s that moment you just think, somewhere in this world someone’s gonna laugh at this. 

I just wish it’s a joke. the boys are gonna go ‘Hey we thought it’s April and we’re doing April Fool but oh it’s January. Sorry but gotcha!’ but you know it’s never happening. Never.

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You know what I learned recently? The Wanted can't sing. That precious 'husband' of your is lip syncing. Wow, so much called one of the biggest boybands in the world lol.

I’m trying hard not to cry. I am not going to ask what is wrong with you, anon.

Nathan lip syncing? I wonder why I don’t know about that. But yes, sure, Nathan can’t even talk in the past month before he has some voice trouble. Sore throat, but not an ordinary one. I think his immune system is trying hard to fight the infection.

If you’re saying he’s not worth in the band, you should rethink ur life hun. He had done nothing to hurt you, and he is such a nice lad. I don’t understand why there are still people who hate someone as innocent and nice as him.

I just. Can’t. Sorry if this is offensive.