converging interests

Protect Tim Drake at all costs unless he said something stupid to one of his girlfriends again and especially if that girlfriend was Stephanie Brown. In which case, let her punch that idiot in the face.

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Why do you say "drop the B"? I get "drop the T" because it really doesn't make sense to include them but bisexual people are still same sex attracted.

so? they are not homosexual. they are other-sex attracted as well, like heteros are. they carry with them heterosexism and homophobia. 

are lesbians safe in a community that supports equally the interests of bisexual men and homosexual women? these are much of the time antithetical in the same way that hetero males’ interests are antithetical to lesbians’ interests.

ally with them when our interests converge.

fight them when they actively contribute to our oppression.

always be wary because chances are their interests and goals are more hetero-aligned since 90% of their relationships are hetero-partnered.

it goes without saying i like alfred and arthur’s relationship to be a lot more prickly 

from fighting over Locke and Hobbes and Rousseau before the revolutionary war to just downright sneering contempt and petty vindictiveness that persisted all the way through the American Civil War. until…alfred started getting rather powerful in the late 1800s. and their interests started converging a lot more in the dick-measuring contest of early 1900s international relations, to displace that earlier animosity. especially in this brave new world where even empires really can’t rely on standing apart anymore- the winners are those who are smart and savvy enough to grab useful allies to gang up on others. 

but still, even from that time onwards where they ostensibly got on better, i like the idea that there’s always this underlying tension. of the old king not ever being at ease (because the sun was never supposed to set on his reign, for all time). as he sees how it’s becoming more and more obvious that he’s gonna lose his crown to the boy king- and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. 


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Anita Bruce

“The work on this website represents a convergence of many interests and ideas that have developed in recent years. It refers back to my earliest interest in natural history and a developing interest in archaeological textiles and the richness of museum collections and displays. These strands are woven together in work that references both art and science.”