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Nightwing #51 Review


When Nightwing #50 came I was blown away. New ideas in a Nightwing comic?? The idea that something important is happening in a Nightwing comic?? Superstar artists in a Nightwing comic?? I was fully on board. Of course I hated that they shot him but the idea that a big push was happening for my favourite character was happening pushed the worries out of my mind. This is just an obstacle for Dick to overcome right? Things will be back to normal but even better right? Well I hope. In Nightwing 51 we dive deeper into this controversial storyline and we get more of the “Ric” name. I was so confident that dc wasn’t going to actually change his name. I mean, calling him Rick was just a clever reference to the character in Casablanca in titans. I was sure it wouldn’t go this far. But yet in this comic he fully goes by the name of Ric. Ugh if you’re not comfortable with Dick than just call him Richard or Grayson dc! Anyways this comic picks up a week after the last comic and I like this. Usually it’s up in the air how much time has passed from issue to issue in comics but I deeply appreciate them being exact. It’s been 4 months since batman 55 and a week since Nightwing 50.

We get Dicks bad dreams, a conversation with Alfred, another set up with scarecrow, dick being a taxi driver, dick beating down a mugger and an interesting set up for next issue involving a blüdhaven cop taking on the mantle of Nightwing. Really I was surprised at how much great content was here. Compared to the recent batman and red hood issues this one comic has more content than the two combined. It’s rare that I wait for a comic and it actually satisfies me. The art by Travis Moore here is gorgeous just like last issue but this time there is more of Christopher Mooneyhams art and surprisingly I liked it a lot.

Although with less detail Christopher’s pages have a deep sense of drama to them that just soak blüdhaven in the grit it deserves. 8 out of 10 for this issue. Although I don’t like them changing the character and the idea of this whole story in general in my opinion were still getting great comics out of it. Hopefully it’ll be even better when Dick is himself again.


guess what my next fancomic’s about yaaahh

their ages are literally all over the place in the comics/tv shows/etc. but I’ve always been a fan of babs being older than dickie. Twenty years since they’ve started but the OG sidekicks can still break out the bat ears!

(also thanks for the peeps who visited us at flamecon last weekenddd. so fun seeing everyone + get encouragement to continue my dc fancomics <33)