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okay but like Sana and Isak working on biology in the living room of Sana’s house, minding their own businesses, getting into idk mitosis or whatever theyre learning about and then all the sudden, they hear laughter in the hallways and Sana drops her head to the table and groans loudly (but genuinely thinks about asking Isak if her make-up is smeared because where there is loudness and laughter, there is usually Yousef fuck) but then the boys sweep into the house and Sana yells at them to shut up. Which ofcourse means they all converge on the living room.

And Isak is like- whoa hey guys hahaha and they all give Isak nods and make loud noises and Elias kind of stares from Isak to Sana in a like ‘yo what the fuck are you doing with my sister’ kind of way and Sana snorts loudly and slaps him upside the head. So Isak is fist bumping everyone and then the last of the boys looks weirdly familiar? So he kind of cocks his head and is like sorry have we met before? And the floppy haired Mikael shrugs and is like ‘have I slept with your girlfriend at one point?’ and Isak laughs and shakes his head. And the Mikael is like ‘oh, how about boyfriend?’

And then Isak just- starts because he remembers. Best buddy Mikael. Fuck. So Isak looks away really fast and kind of laughs because Even hasn’t really mentioned him since that one text message conversation, but would it be weird to not bring up that Isak knows him?

And then Miakel kind of laughs and before Isak can even think of it, ‘You know my boyfriend escapes his mouth. And Mikael just raises an eyebrow and is like, ‘Do i?’

And then Sana cuts in uneasily, clearing her throat and almost scooting herself in between the two boys, “Mikael this is Isak He’s uh- Even’s boyfriend.”

And then there is complete silence in the room.


BOOKS READ IN 2017: THE POWER by Naomi Alderman

                                                     Gender is a shell game.
                                      What is a man? Whatever a woman isn’t.
                                     What is a woman? Whatever a man is not.
                       Tap on it and it’s hollow. Look under the shells: it’s not there.

In The Power the world is a recognisable place: there’s a rich Nigerian kid who larks around the family pool; a foster girl whose religious parents hide their true nature; a local American politician; a tough London girl from a tricky family.
But something vital has changed, causing their lives to converge with devastating effect. Teenage girls now have immense physical power - they can cause agonising pain and even death.
And, with this small twist of nature, the world changes utterly.

                                Even a stone is not the same as any other stone.
                            There is no shape to anything except the shape it has.
                                       Every name we give ourselves is wrong.
                                    Our dreams are more true than our waking.

Beyonce Gets Political, and I Get Snatched Bald: An Overview of Themes and Motifs in the Formation Music Video

It is important that you know, I am not even a Beyonce stan like that. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the post I am going to relate. If we were not perfectly convinced of Jacob Marley’s death before the play began, then there would be nothing remarkable about him showing up at his “business” partner’s house to bitch him out in the middle of the night.

It’s also important to note that Beyonce usually doesn’t go in for this sort of thing. She’s not really the Artist/Activist type. This video is the most political she has ever gotten, and I swear it took the convergence of Black Lives Matter, Black History Month, Mardis Gras, a Nat Turner Rebellion movie, the blatant disrespect of casting a white man to play Michael Jackson, and all the planets to bring us this blessing. Many have said Formation is the phrase, “I love my blackness, and yours.” given physical form. It is all that and more.

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This opening line prepares us for the realness to come

Let’s start with the fact that Formation features a voice over by Big Freedia the Queen Diva of NOLA Bounce. If you don’t know Bounce music, or you don’t know Big Freedia–and if you don’t know Bounce, you won’t know Big Freedia–let me direct you to Youtube so you can educate yourself. I recommend you start with Excuse, and Y’all Get Back Now. Big Freedia also has a very nice feature in Ru Paul’s Peanut Butter.

All throughout this video we are treated to imagery from Black queer culture, from Big Freedia’s voice-over, to dancers, to queens just slaying in the beauty shop. Again, if you are unfamiliar with the richness of Black queer culture, I direct you to the internet, because there’s just too much to explain. Start with Paris Is Burning on Netflix and go from there I guess? Like, literal books have been written and it is too big an undertaking for me alone. But Formation is an anthem for Black Femmes as much as it is for Blackness in general.

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Beyonce heard all y’all talking that shit about “Why is her hair always done, but she can’t make sure her baby’s hair is done?” Uh, because Blue is a child, and that is her NATURAL HAIR, and she clearly is ROCKING IT.

In fact, this video features A WEALTH of natural hair, textured hair, weaves, perms, braids, Black hair in general.

Note: Baby hairs are small, fine, wispy hairs on your hairline that your mother would brush or gel in a specific way. If you don’t know what a baby hair is, ask a Black person, or someone with “ethnic” hair (gag).

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In fact, every single person in this video is Black except for the cops.

And let’s talk about that scene

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A little black boy dancing his heart out in front of a line of cops in riot gear,

and the cops put their hands up. YES YES YES YES YESYEYSYESYES!!!!!

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Please note the multiple nods to Majorette culture (okay ladies, now let’s get in formation, prove to me you got some coordination, slay trick or you get eliminated) which is very southern.

Formation is very southern

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From Southern Gothic imagery

to people dressed for Mardis Gras

To the scenes with people dressed in 19th century Creole garb, in their parlors, with fans.

Now let’s examine some of the lyrics:

My Daddy Alabama, Mama Louisiana

This is more than a statement about Beyonce’s roots. The vast majority of Black Americans can trace their ancestry to the South, after many of us moved to northern cities in the Great Migration. To this day, the majority of Black people in the US live in the South. I’m a New Yorker for generations back on either side, but guess what? The family reunion each year is held in Virginia, because that’s where my people come from.

I like my negro nose and Jackson Five nostrils

There has literally never been a more full-throated, stalwart, stark as hell positive affirmation of Blackness in mainstream, popular media since the original Black Is Beautiful movement in the 60′s. Maybe not since the Harlem Renaissance? I predict In a few years, people will be inverting their contours and getting plastic surgery to achieve the coveted Jackson Five nostril. Only by then they’ll rename it something more palatable to the mainstream (Read: white people).

I got hot sauce in my bag

Let me tell you something about my septuagenarian Grandparents: they literally always have a bottle of hot sauce in their car. Like many retirees, they like to travel, take cruises, do old people stuff. Never have they ever gone anywhere without a bottle of hot sauce. Never has my grandfather been in a restaurant and not requested hot sauce–even though he always has his own.

As I type this, I have a bottle of hot sauce on my night stand, next to my bed. Why? Because I put that shit on everything, and it’s just more convenient to keep it handy. I put hot sauce on pepperoni pizzas. Sometimes I sip out of the hot sauce bottle like it’s a fine wine.

I make all this money, but they’ll never take the country out me

A reminder to never forget your roots, a statement about preserving your identity under the pressures of assimilation, or commentary on respectability politics–no matter how much money you make, how famous you become, you’ll always be Black to the powers that be? Trick question. It’s all three

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Note: Red Lobster is known to be the de-facto Black date night restaurant. I have no idea why.

All of this culminates in Beyonce, sprawled atop a NOLA police car, sinking into the flood waters of Katrina. She metaphorically drowns the police in a flood caused by the colossal abdication of responsibility by those in power at the expense of the disenfranchised. She is prostrated on the symbolic corpse of the oppressor as it is subsumed by water.

I Literally Can Not.

Other images that made me want to praise dance:

  1. Black man riding a horse down the street. Little known fact, Black people were some of the first cowboys in the American west. For the most famous example, see the actual man The Lone Ranger is based off of.
  2. The newspaper with the picture of Martin Luther King and front page headline that read, “More Than A Dreamer.” A reference to the #ReclaimMLK movement, which is about countering the sanitized, white-washed, commodified version of his message with the reality of his radicalism.
  3. The fact that the portraits on the walls of the mansion are of Black women
  4. I slay, I slay, I slay

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guess what i have gone through an entire ao3 tag once again and as a result i give you all these beautiful fics ur welcome

And Then There’s You by grantairas (3/3 | 1,303 | General)

Achilles’ father owns a diner. It’s nothing special, until Patroclus starts working there.

The Hunter’s Season by thechandrian (3/3 | 28,963 | General)

Achilles is a nereid, a mythical sea creature, and Patroclus is the prince of a country that is famous for hunting them. They meet and fall in love.

Your Eyes Outshine the Stars by rokuxotax (1/1 | 261 | General)

As he watched him dramatically retell the story of how the famous soldier won the battle, Patrclus could only smile and think, “Your eyes outshine the stars”.

Ode to Patroclus by AchillesPatroclus (deansamcas) (1/1 | 680 | Teen)

Patroclus once revelled in silence.
Now, he can find no silence. It is as if when he met Achilles, someone pushed play.

Heartbeats by patroclilles (1/1 | 1,639 | Explicit)

“Of course. It’s the music that plays in my head when I watch you sleep. I needed the world to hear it.”
I laughed, knocking his shoulder with mine. “The world? I am the only one here,” I joked.
“Precisely,” Achilles responded, looking at me through his eyelashes, and my breath hitched.

Flour Fights by beccaphillips (1/1 | 663 | Not Rated)

Patroclus was new to the baking scene and thought the best place to start was cake, it couldn’t be that hard, surely?

Fire-like by actualarmin (1/1 | 1,651 | Teen)

They all called him Pyrrha, or fire-like, a name which was just as beautiful as he was as he danced in front of the watchful observers. With each movement, he was on fire.

Will You Forget About Me? by grantairas (1/1 | 592  | General)

Patroclus chooses to remember a simpler time, instead of talking about the future.

Love Like This by AchillesPatroclus (deansamcas) (1/1 | 437 | Teen)

Achilles had not felt love before this.

The Shadow of Your Heart by champagneboyband (1/1 | 2,681 | Teen)

I feel my breath catch in my throat when he reaches a hand out, tentative, and wraps loose fingers around my ankle where it rests near his head. A sharp shock of recognition runs through me, and my skin feels electric with it. I’ve known these hands before, I’m sure of it.
According to Greek mythology, five rivers run through the Underworld: Styx (the river of hatred), Acheron (the river of sorrow), Cocytus (the river of lamentation), Phlegethon (the river of fire), and Lethe (the river of forgetfulness). Those who wish to live again may be reincarnated, but not before they drink from the water of Lethe, erasing all traces of their past lives and selves. Reincarnation AU

It Could Not Have Been Any Other Way by Palebluedot (1/1 | 789 | General)

Where one went, the other would follow. That was plain from the start. 

he remembers (but oh, how he tries to forget) by patchilles (1/1 | 728 | Teen)

this and this and this.

good god, let me give you my life by hoech (1/1 | 836 | Teen)

word prompt for patrochilles: entwine, graves, dawn, soul, taste.

at least as deep as the pacific ocean by ninjee (1/1 | 5,166 | General)

It’s not that Patroclus somehow has not noticed that his new favorite coffee shop seemed to only hire possible models, but, well. There’s a thin line between noticing and admiring a person’s looks and being fucking creepy about it.
(aka the very, very cliche coffee shop au.)

All The Walls Dissolve Away by Brenda (1/1 | 1,265 | Not Rated)

He follows the voice on instinct. He knows that voice better than his own, knows it deep in the darkest crevasses of himself, in the space where nothing else exists. He would follow that voice into Hell itself. Perhaps he is already there.

all kinds of gold by makunahatata (1/1 | 635 | General)

Achilles drags Patroclus out of bed to view the sunrise.

the moirai sees and you move still by sunflowerbright (1/1 | 370 | Teen)

  Achilles dances for Patroclus. And only for him

The Ends by lonelylibrarian (1/1 | 2,912 | Teen)

Everything seems to happen at the ends of months for Patroclus.

Set Fire to the Rain by lottielovebuzz (1/1 | 549 | General)

imagine your otp: one putting their ridiculous music on in the car and singing along while the other sits in the passenger seat with their head in their hands

If Something Should Ever Happen To Patroclus by Palebluedot (1/1 | 822 | General)

He had always been told he was the fastest boy in the world, but never before had he so desperately needed this to be the truth as he did then, thin branches whipping his face as he ran through the trees, clutching Patroclus tight to his chest.

the fire is so delightful by achaiion (1/1 | 1,242 | Teen)

“It’s 42 degrees, Pat. 42 degrees.” He hisses, when Patroclus comes him from his shift at the hospital to find Achilles wrapped up in an unbelievably large jumper, a blanket, his hat, scarf, and gloves. With the thermostat turned right the way up.
“You’re ridiculous,” Pat tells him, pressing a kiss to Achilles’ forehead.

Right Within Your Heart by ShowMeAHero (1/1 | 3,357 | Teen)

Patroclus is in the Christmas spirit. Achilles needs some urging.

Our Joy Was So Bright by grantairas (1/1 | 613 | Teen)

We were like gods at the dawning of the world, and our joy was so bright we could see nothing else but the other.

Meet Him Again by prouveyrac (1/1 | 1,545 | Teen)

The first time I fell in love with him, both of us were destined for death. I fell because I made the mistake of testing the Gods. He fell because he was enraged at my death; he was blood thirsty.
The second time, I never met him.
I wish I was able to say that third time was the charm. But it wasn’t; he was in love with someone else. An attractive boy, better than I ever was. Though, whenever I did see the two together, he never looked happy.
The fourth time, I knew him, he didn’t know me.
The fifth time is right now.

It’s always perfect with you by deadheartbeats (2/2 | 1,571 | Not Rated)

Patroclus watches as Achilles jogs down the hall back to his class and he finds himself thinking that winter mornings are ridiculously warm when Achilles is around.

Episteme by scarlett_the_seachild (1/1 | 645 | Teen)

It is times like these that you are not sure whether you admire him or whether you are repulsed by him.
The incident that leads to the whole Achilles/Pat relationship. All from my twisted, absent mind.

…as the poets say by Palebluedot (1/1 | 607 | Teen)

“Do you know the story of how people came to look as they do now?”
Patroclus shakes his head. “Will you tell it?”

(History Is) A Pattern Of Timeless Moments by Brenda (1/1 | 3,179 | Teen)

Achilles knew his truest triumphs would never be strung together in verse to be sung at campfires, knew that no poet or aoidos would ever know his greatest success. No, these conquests – the huff of Patroclus’ laughter against his throat, the sharp, sea-salt taste of Patroclus’ skin after a swim, the way Patroclus’ eyelids fluttered after every kiss – those were Achilles’ alone to cherish.
Or: Four times Achilles and Patroclus were truly happy.

your name like a song by sarahyyy (1/1 | 1,108 | Teen)

“Patroclus,” he sighs again into the dark, and means I wish I could, means I wish I dared, means I wish you wanted me too.

When Rome’s In Ruins (We Are The Lions) by metwithdarkness (1/1 | 6,596 | General)

So far, Patroclus has learned the following about Achilles:
- He doesn’t get along with either of his parents, but
- he lives with his dad when he’s not at school, and
- his dad pays for college and
- the frat house he lives in was named by his dad
- (but really, does Achilles want to follow in his dad’s footsteps?)
- (honestly, he’s not sure he does, but)
- (what would he do instead?)
Patroclus suggests being a male model and Achilles laughs so hard he snorts soda out of his nose. It’s humanizing, which is both awesome – after their runs, Patroclus was half-convinced Achilles was secretly a god – and terrible – god, if he’s human, he’s touchable, now isn’t he?

roused his drowsy blood by orphan_account (1/1 | 758 | Teen)

The day the two lives converge is dull, clouds covering the sun and rain on the horizon. Patroclus has changed schools, again, another incident forcing him to run, and he feels drawn to the music room, the tune drifting from a window so very familiar.

Ruins of Troy by HailMary (1/1 | 5,425 | Teen)

Achilles waits for Patroclus in the underworld, but Apollo has other plans.

Recognition by captainskellington (1/1 | 8,456 | Teen)

Patroclus didn’t need to ask who “he” was, he knew full well.
He’d been living for this day for eight years now, some twisted cocktail of hope and dread seeping through his body every time he thought of it, which was often.
He was back.
He was back.

Philtatos. by achaiion (1/1 | 3,994 | Teen)

They lie on Achilles bed, entwined. It’s a nice feeling, tangled lambs and Achilles’ head on his chest, the steady thump thump thump of Achilles’ heart against his body. Patroclus runs his fingers through thick blonde curls, and he hears the boy they belong to hum in contentment. Achilles looks up, resting his chin on Patroclus’ chest. It’s a funny angle, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He meets Patroclus’ honey brown gaze, and he smiles.
“There’s a word for you, you know. Philtatos. It means beloved. That’s you.”

i shall but love thee better by Cordelia (2/2 | 4,192 | Explicit)

In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless, heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood, like a hundred golden urns pouring out the sun.

Breathless by ElDiablito_SF (1/1 | 1,665 | Mature)

Separated from Patroclus after death, thanks to Neoptolemus and his bratty tantrums, Achilles is left alone in Hades, waiting to be reunited with his beloved.

as the poets say by jinkandtherebels (1/1 | 1,526 | General)

I am missing half of my soul. 

a lesson in love by achaiion (1/1 | 3,207 | Teen)

“You have to go.” Achilles says, and his hands are on Patroclus’ chest, but they aren’t pushing. No- he’s doing a lot of things, but he’s not pushing. He’s memorising the feeling of smooth skin beneath his hands, and he’s counting the pulse that thuds beneath the right, committing that to memory too. He’s feeling the rise and fall of his best friend’s chest - best friend, boyfriend, lover, whatever; they all feel like synonyms now - and he’s meeting those dark brown eyes with his own. “If my mother catches you here she’ll kill you.”
“I know.” Patroclus murmurs, but he makes no move to go.

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/ * 🔅  hey, that’s [ JASON TODD ] !  [ HE ] looks exactly like [ TYLER POSEY ].  but you might know [ HIM ] as [ RED HOOD ] instead, the [ 22 ] year old member of [ THE OUTLAWS ].  the one with the cool [ WEAPONS PROFICIENCY && EXPERT COMBAT TRAINING ].  i hear [ HE ] is [ INDEPENDENT ] and [ PRAGMATIC ], but definitely [ COMPLEX ], too.  since the convergence, [ HE ] has been living in [ GOTHAM ].  ( robin , told y'all )

congratulations, robin !!  you have been accepted as JASON TODD ( tyler posey ) of THE OUTLAWS.  you know what to do.

“Colleen” and “Divers”

       Time passes hard.

       Rachel and I still need to complete our “Delving into Divers” series. I guess I did not anticipate it to take this long, but I promise we will finish one day…But now it is time for another slight digression from the series. A couple of months ago I promised an analysis of “Colleen” in relation to “Divers” and I wanted to fulfill that promise, even if briefly. Let me also say that soon I hope to tackle the relationship of “Occident” to “Divers.” (If I write it, I will do it.)

        Both “Colleen” and “Divers” are fascinated by the formation of gender and femininity, the borders between land and water, the relationship of land (or more broadly civilization) with the oppression of women, and the relationship of water with freedom and movement. In “Colleen,” the narrator was once a sea creature (the story we see here is similar to the selkie myths prominent in Irish folklore) and now has become a human through an undisclosed process and undisclosed crossing of the borders of land and sea. But after taking on the form of a human, the narrator gains a gender, or more accurately, gains the imposition of gender by the human society on land. When the narrator was found on land, the people who found her could not perceive her as anything but a woman (locating gender in the appearance of her naked body, “having lost her shoes and torn her gown”). She “must have been a thief or a whore” too, the only credible reasons—according to their ways of thinking—that a naked woman would be found on the shore.

        They name her “Colleen,” the Gaelic word for “girl,” emphasizing the gender they have imposed on her. They also tell her that she is the “most blessed” woman because she “has forgotten everything,” which we come to see is the ignorance of her former watery freedom. It seems that that absence of knowledge of her past life is a way to better engender her and indoctrinate her with the values of their culture, she is a blank slate, a piece of material, something for them to project their values upon without debate, like a woman should be. They teach her the “laws of chastity,” dress her, and she endeavors to take on roles that show she is like a woman, that she can create and make things grow (“Tilled and planted, but could not produce —/not root, nor leaf, nor flower, nor bean; Lord!”). But she “overwaters” everything she tries to create and grow (because she is a sea creature and her subconscious has taken over).

         Her dreams have become infected with gendered expectations and an obsession with reproduction. She has recurring dreams of having a child. But she dreams of the child in the sea, her past and former lives converging symbolically (“I dream some nights of a funny sea,/ as soft as a newly born baby).” Her subconscious has become full of what civilization demands of and extracts from women (progeny) and also by what she has not forgotten of her freedom, diving for the child with a “wildness” in her to retrieve the child. The sea and the child become one in the same: a goal, an acquisition, a location. Civilization has not been entirely successful in shaping her into what they expect. In another dream, a whale (“a gray and sloping-shouldered thing”) reprimands her for wearing a corset with whale bones (his “very own baleen”), a corset one of the evocative signs of oppressive gender standards for women and their sexuality in the Elizabethean and Victorian periods in Europe. The whale suggests that maybe her forgetfulness is real and permanent. By this point in the song, it seems that Colleen can only enter the water in her dreams, she is bound and fixed to the land, like the narrator in “Divers” who cannot cross the borders of land and sea herself because of the “rules that bind” her there, but longs to do so. The narrator in “Divers” is also faced with nightly dreams of retrieving the pearls from the sea. As I discussed in my essay on “Divers,” I believe the pearls represent knowledge, particularly of a sexual kind to which she does not have direct access, a sexual repression of sorts. Colleen’s dreams, as we have seen, center around sexuality, as well: reproduction and repression of sexuality.

        She later meets a traveling salesman who shows her a picture of a narwhal, a reminder of her past life. He can tell that she has a strong reaction to this image and declares that she “ain’t forgotten everything” like she should have. The subconscious has become the conscious. He also seems to know her “real name,” the one from her life as a selkie, not Colleen (“I would not speak your name in this place; /and if I were to try then the wind — I swear —/would rise, to tear you clean from me without a/ trace.”). She asks to be rescued, for him to say that name, but he reminds her that she became a woman willingly, became “cossetted” and caught the “dread disease.” He says that the disease brings “peace,” implying that such oppression is beneficial for women. During this interaction, she realizes how much she has internalized of gender and life on land like “laws that govern property” (women being property), but finds the strength to say that she does not “know any goddamned Colleen.” She ultimately does not need him to return her to her self. She rejects the gender, name, and identity imposed on her. “Colleen” then dives into the “deep blue sea…where you never in your life have felt so free,” crossing the borders between land and sea once more willingly, with her full mind, and without society stopping her. The narrator at the end of the songs picks up once more on the theme of forgetfulness, but what the narrator has forgotten is not freedom of the sea, but the constraint of the land. She encourages others to join and to engage in the same kind of forgetting, a freedom, a type of liberation.

        In “Divers,” the narrator asks: “And how do you choose your form?/ How do you choose your name? How do you choose your life?/ How do you choose the time you must exhale and kick and rise?” This narrator is specifically discussing the philosophy of birth, mortality, death, corporeality, and gender, the narrator and the song focused on constraints, borders, and transcendence of such inevitable realities for men and women. But these philosophical questions are very relevant for “Colleen,” too. Colleen had a gender, name, and more imposed on her by a society it is not clear she chose to enter. (The traveller claims she chose this life, but that is what he says and that is never revealed by Colleen’s focalizations.) But at the end of the song, she chooses to shed that gender, that name, and even that body to regain her freedom. Could Colleen escape the rules that bind her to the land and male-dominated civilization because she was never truly a part of it? How can she so easily reject that imposed life once she regains awareness of other possibilities outside of civilization and cross the borders of gender? The narrator in “Divers” knows there should be other possibilities for women, that they should enter the water, have freedom and knowledge, but she cannot yet attain those possibilities. She cannot yet forgot what society, the land, civilization has imposed on her and join the former “Colleen.”


milinmestry  asked:

Why lightning happens mostly at night.

Well, actually, it doesn’t always!

Thunderstorms happen at different times of the day in different locations at different times of the year. 

When I lived on the east Coast of Florida storms were most common in Summer - you would notice a round of storms around the hottest part of the day, then another after the Seabreeze from both coasts has converged. When I lived in Western PA we often saw summer storms in the afternoon before sundown. Now that I live in New York, I see them more at night. 

So the main commonality here is summertime. We have more storms in summer. The difference in the examples is the location we’re seeing the storm, and the cause of it. Is the storm from frontal activity? Day-to-day surface heating? These are important to consider with thunderstorms. 

Primarily, you are going to have more storm activity when there is a large change in temperature. This is most notable during frontal passages (say a cold front). If we have a bunch of daytime heating and are taken over by a new air mass, the air can be less-stable and produce stronger storms. You can still have lightning in the morning, but without the daytime heating having occurred, strong storms are less likely. 

Bottom line - most places will notice the most lightning climatologically when there has been the most heating has occurred and the air is at it’s least stable point. 

NASA has been doing some studies with Lightning Imaging Sensing (LIS) instrumentation and found that maximum lightning rates occur about 3-4pm local for different places around the world. 

Here’s the study if you feel like getting nerdy. 

Also, fun fact, this mission was a joint mission between NASA and Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) as part of our Earth Science missions. So something that’s good for our knowledge and international relations - only an idiot and a total piece of shit would want to take funding away from our earth science programs.  

Hope this helps answer your question!

ironstvrk  asked:

/ * 🔅 hey, that’s [ ERIK LEHNSHERR ] ! [ HE ] looks exactly like [ MICHAEL FASSBENDER ]. but you might know [ HIM ] as [ MAGNETO ] instead, the [ 35 ] year old member of [ THE BROTHERHOOD OF MUTANTS ]. the one with the cool [ MAGNETOKINESIS ]. i hear [ HE ] is [ CUNNING ] and [ PERSUASIVE ], but definitely [ VINDICTIVE ], too. since the convergence, [ HE ] has been living in [ GOTHAM ]. ( sophie, 22, est, she/her )

congratulations, sophie !!  you have been accepted as ERIK LEHNSHERR ( michael fassbender ) of THE BROTHERHOOD OF MUTANTS.  note: please contact the main regarding erik’s age.

Lobe finned friends! Collect all 8?

Neoceratodus: Australian lungfish, living

Ichtyostega: early tetrapod, extinct

Protopterus: African lungfish, living

Periopththalmus: Mudskipper, one genus of many, living, convergently evolved bro.

Eusthenopteron: Large predatory lobe finned fish, extinct

Tiktaalik: Lobe finned fish/Tetrapod ancestor, exctinct

Latimeria: Coelacanth, living

Clarias: Walking catfish, living, convergently evolved bro

astcrchild  asked:

/ * 🔅 hey, that’s [ DANNY RAND ] ! [ HE ] looks exactly like [ IM JAEBUM ]. but you might know [ HIM ] as [ IRON FIST ] instead, the [ 23 ] year old member of [ THE AVENGERS ]. the one with the cool [ IRON FIST & KUNG FU ABILITIES ]. i hear [ HE ] is [ + INTELLIGENT ] and [ + LIKEABLE ], but definitely [ - HEADSTRONG ], too. since the convergence, [ HE ] has been living in [ GOTHAM ]. ( jacks!! )

congratulations, jacks !!  you have been accepted as DANNY RAND ( im jaebum ) of THE AVENGERS.  you know what to do.

la reine de mon coeur: a beatrice/lemony fanmix
“I met a woman, fell in love, and was never happy again.”

01 1953 - Ólafur Arnalds | 02 Almost A Kiss - Alexandre Desplat | 03 Two Lives Slowly Converging - James Horner | 04 The Wedding - James Horner | 05 I Understood Something - Dario Marianelli | 06 Still Travelling - Fabrizio Paterlini | 07 Fire - Brian Crain | 08 Black Sunrise - Audiomachine | 09 Dreams Are Dangerous - Bruno Coulais | 10 Frality (For the Dearly Departed) - Hammock | 11 Thoughts of Loss - Kyle Landry | 12 Lost Skies - Sophie Kazandijan | 13 Autumn Stories (Week 10) - Fabrizio Paterlini | 14 Truth - Balmorhea | 15 Passion to Sorrow - Kyle Landry | 16 Lost In the Storm - George Fenton | 17 Written On the Sky - Max Richter | 18 Runaway - Sophie Kazandijan | 19 Opus 23 - Dustin O'Halloran | 20 Liange - Anoice | 21 Shadows - Woodkid | 22 Film Credits - Ólafur Arnalds

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/ * 🔅 hey, that’s [ PETER QUILL ] ! [ HE ] looks exactly like [ CHRIS PRATT ]. but you might know [ HIM ] as [ STAR-LORD ] instead, the [ THIRTY-SIX ] year old member of [ GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ]. the one with the cool [ ABILITY TO FLY AND BREATHE IN SPACE THANKS TO HIS HELMET & BOOTS ]. i hear [ HE ] is [ DETERMINED ] and [ HEROIC ], but definitely [ CARELESS ], too. since the convergence, [ HE ] has been living in [ GOTHAM ]. ( charlie, 23, gmt+1, she/her )

  congratulations, charlie !!  you have been accepted as PETER QUILL ( chris pratt ) of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.  please submit your account within 24 hours.


Converge - A Glacial Pace