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Alright, but you know how Sam is gonna be all:

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with Jack.  But Dean is not.  Not initially.  You know what may actually break him?  A bit of Cas like behaviour:

‘Dean, I don’t understand that reference’

‘Dean, why isn’t the plumber fixing that woman’s pipes?  He’s taking off his pants’

‘Dean, that woman isn’t mad at you.  She’s mad because she hates her job at the post office’.


Then Dean would laugh or cry, Sam would cry.  Jack would be really uncomfortable then cry because he wants to fit it and can feel other peoples emotions.

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You know now that I’m almost 100% positive that Cas in in the Empty I can’t help but be thinking of the scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 where they’re all trying to get to Davy Jone’s Locker to rescue Jack Sparrow to bring him back to life and just… 

Imagine Dean and Sam finally figure out how to get into the Empty and It goes down all like

While Winchesters keep looking and we’re sitting there knowing what going to happen and on the edge of our seats before:

and we’re watching from our screens just 

All according to plan 

Dark Nights (Part 6)

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Summary: The reader is having a hard time coming to terms with how she’s reacting towards Dean and he’s not making it any easier…

Dark Nights Masterlist

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Some fluff, some angst, some cliffhanger…

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Why would i stan a lead who’s treated right, has most of the focus, always gets appreciated and is in all episodes….

when i can obsess over a character who has so much potential but it’s always thrown away, who’s taken for granted, used and abused and their pain never acknowledged, get blamed for everything going wrong while all the good they do is forgotten, and no matter what they sacrifice and how much they try it’s never enough, and they barely have any screen time.