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November 1, 2013

They seem to be always changing depending on the day of the week except for Tickledbynichols and Poehlerized - But they are two of my favorite people on here. :)

Just wanted to see if xkit would do this yet, it failed the first few times i tried.

And it actually worked!!!!

So I did this last at 500 followers and here I am at 1000, thank you every last one of you.  I am amazed that you choose to follow me and I appreciate you all for being here and often reading through my mess of a life.

I decided to change up the format again.  I usually don’t like to just call people out, probably because I hate being called out and would prefer to stay anonymous, but I really want to point out all the people that love to interact with on here.  Somehow I managed to keep my shout-outs to 11 people that I really appreciate, so here they are.  If you don’t follow them, you ought to check them all out.

tickledbynichols - A very special friend, blogs about Beyonce, GOT, Continuum, and lots of other great stuff.  She also helps me run my Rachel Nichols/Continuum blog therachelcontinuum. :)

degizzie - A very special person, blogs a little bit of everything

artificerdagna lesbianpearl - One of the best people I’ve met on here. You have been a great help and inspiration on several things.  I want to thank you so many times. Lots of Beautiful Tropical Fish, Steven Unverse, and anything else that catches her fancy. :)

massivenerdywarehouse - Someone I love talking again. Warehouse 13, BTVS, Fringe, Lost Girl, are among the things on her blog.

sofofy - A marvelous person to talk to - Lost Girl, Orphan Black, OITNB, are amongst the many things she blogs.

androidiva - A very special person, lots of cool stuff, including swan queen

ashermajestywishes - OUAT blog mostly and lots of sass, probably why I like you.

dreadfuldevice - A wonderful person, lots of GOT, Sarah Paulson, and beautiful photos of Lisbon and Portugal :)

fragmentedsandwiches - A nice person to talk to, does lots of New Girl and Rizzoli and Isles and does her own continuum blog rambling-on-about-continuum

jenbookchick - Another person I love talking to, blogs lots of DW and HP

mandyrosask - The Mentalist, OUAT, DW, HP, and lots of great stuff.

Wait, there is more, I have so many amazing blogs that I follow, sometimes it’s hard to keep up.  Here is the rest of list.


a-tattooed-nerd, buffysummersociety (aavonlea), actual-jinglebelle, adorableoswald, alexarze, alisonsgaywhistle, allieisrandom, applesandwhitetulips, aurhia, bagginses-ofbagend, becksthewolf, benedictunicorn, blu3eyedlesbian, bornfromdarkwaterr, brokenevilregal, captain-westenray, captainamericn, captaingrahamcr, caskettoficecubes, conventionalvampire, currry-king, det-katherine-beckett, dianamustang1, dww13, elisabethshannon, ellengayge, emmastormborn, evangelala, faithlethane, fangdom, fisheysaremyfriends, fluttterbyefrom-dust-of-stars, furbidden-fruit, gaga-lovato, ghanimasun gigantichound221, gillyanderson


hannibalsbedhair, harlie-hadbury, holdyourchocobos, imtakingoverthisshipjanet, isaidihateyou, iss-korka, its-fandomtime, jelloandsugar, jordanmccarthy-saw, just-one-cosima, kendralynora, kristilynn, laaltakath, lauren-not-lopez, lazarus-wants-to-go-go, likeaustralianotcrosby, littlereddove, liverpuddle, lovemydarlingangel, luckeygirl87, mayormills, mia-toretto, miakirshnersmismarvell, moll-e-mollz, mount-everdeen


n2bxl, nerd-in-the-impala, ohsoblackandwhite, once-upon-a-bones, part-of-your-worldd, peppermintchonga, pondlifein221b, postcardstoalaska, propunker, pumpkinqueensally, rastastoner19, raydor-isles, regalremma, rhino894, rollercoasterchemistry, romeo-oh-nomeo, sarahjeancinema, savecarmilla, sirdigbey, splashesonrainbows, swansong23, swissgleek91


the-neurotic-zen-master, thetwelfthbunny, tiffanyknowles, tinytmas, tuesday-today, velvet-midnight, visions-of-violet, warriorsdebt, weareevilregals, weboftime, whoviankayleigh, wildheart71, wolfdogonthemoon, wounds-then-wisdom, yourregina4ever, and zedface

I follow so many people and these are some of the really awesome people.  I could just list them all, since you all make my dashboard so great.  I guess I had to bold a few more names on my list.  I have so many blogs that help make mine what it is. Thanks. :)