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Quick heads up for anyone nearby!!!

• 15 + people have come forward and spoken out that she has done this to them • when confronted with the facts and even the threat of police, she said they were simply rumours • there are multiple people defending her and her actions despite them being illegal • three police have contacted me stating that she could be charged if the victims were to come forward • when confronted she resorts to blocking people or denying everything even when faced with proof




PLEASE IF YOU KNOW THE LOCATION OF THESE CHAKRAMS, CONTACT ME ON THIS BLOG OR @h311agay or contact her at any of the following blogs @andi-draws or @andreyawinchester

These chakrams were very expensive so if you know of their whereabouts, please please please contact us

Stalking VS. Making friends: COSPLAY EDITION

I really need to address this, it’s something I’ve been dealing with the last few years.

So, this especially is for cons, but is also kind of general. I know we all get excited when we see someone we look up to, and someone we love, but please. DO. NOT. STALK. THEM.

“But I just want to be their friend!” You might say, or “What’s the line between being persistent and stalking?!” Well, let me explain to you.

This is surreal that I have to make this post from the point of view of things I have experienced. I don’t consider myself someone who people get excited to see, but that’s been changing in the last few years, as people have started to catch wind of my art and cosplay. So I guess now I can stand on both sides of the problem.


If you want to make friends with someone, especially someone’s who’s “well known.” Please don’t open with screaming at them/glomping them/TOUCHING THEM IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PERMISSION (THIS INCLUDES HUGS)/ or following them.

If you are constantly touching and hanging off someone without their permission, that is a no-no. I know you’re excited, I know they’re great, but they are a person just like you. They don’t like being touched without being asked, and they don’t like being treated like they are some public marvel for everyone to grab.

If you see people touching them without warning and them reacting positive to it, it probably means they know those people, and that you shouldn’t follow suit.


Following their social media pages shouldn’t be a problem, but if you start digging and seeking out their personal pages, you’re being creepy and crossing boundaries set for a reason. I’ve had to deal with this at cons. People ask me for my Facebook, and I tell them no, and they STILL attempt to seek me out MULTIPLE TIMES. I have a public Facebook page, I have tumblr, they followed me on both, but they STILL wanted my personal page. Please do not do this, especially if you’re trying to get to know them. Treat people like people because that’s what they are!

Following people around con can create a problem. Sometimes cons can be really crowded and people want to get away with their friends or by themselves. They don’t want to be followed. Ask if you can hang out with them, if they say no, DON’T PUSH IT. Saying hi when you see them is different than following someone around the con the entire time.

This also has happened to me, and it’s literally the creepiest thing. It can ruin any connection you had with the person. I had a cosplayer follow me constantly, and whenever I took a picture with my friends and I, they were in the background. They followed me into a dance and tried to dance behind me. It was freaking SURREAL.

Give people their space, give them their time out alone. We all get worn out and need space.

If you’re finding out where cosplayers live, shop at, who their closets friends are, finding where THEY live too, just. STOP. PLEASE. THATS TERRIFYING.



“You look really amazing!”
“I love your wig/hair/face/makeup/ect.!”
“Your figure/Physic really compliments the cosplay!”
“You’re really pretty/handsome!”

Creepy Comments:

“Your _______ turns me on”
“Wow, nice ass!”
“Woah, I love your Ass/Tits/ect”
“You’re so hot.”
“Would you do _____ to me?”

It isn’t that hard to tell the difference, kids.


Talk to them! Be friendly, smile, and ask them how they’re doing. Approach them in a calm manner, you know? Like how you’d do with someone who’s not in cosplay. Talk to them about what they’re cosplaying, ask to take a selfie with them, just be nice! If there’s no connection, don’t freak out. Sometimes people just don’t click! They’ll still appreciate you even if you’re not instantly best friends. Having friends is about liking the other persons company and having people you can trust and rely on. You don’t use other people just because they’re famous. Be genuine.

That’s just a little bit of what’s been on my mind. If I missed anything, feel free to add on!

Anime Convention PSA

You see this face?

(o wait, that probably is not helpful at all) 

Okay, you see this face?

This is the face of a shy goober. I actually have been known to hide from people (which is the “goober” part).

I think most anime convention crowds are probably like 40-60% by volume of shy people who make floaty hearts at each other from a distance. The most common thing I see posted on cosplay photos (aside from proclamations of awesomeness) is “I love your cosplay, but I was too shy to come up and tell you!”  And I understand because, like I said, I am a shy goober.

But this is the thing–EVERYBODY likes compliments! There are very few people in the world who do not want to hear people making any kind of happy noises at them regarding how awesome they are! So whatever nice thing you have running around in your heart while you muster up the courage, you should say it, because you won’t be doing anything but sharing happiness (and that always makes for more happiness)!

That being said, I’ll be at Anime Central next month, and RamenCon in… August? September? I’ll be more busy at ACen because I’ll actually be working, but if you happen to see me at either convention, ANYONE EVER AT ALL IS MORE THAN WELCOME to come up to me and talk or gush about my cosplay or ask to take my picture (or any combination), because odds are I’ll probably want to talk and gush about your cosplay and take your picture too!

PSA to my con friends/customers/lovelies

I know met like 99% of you guys at conventions! I’m forever grateful and looking forward to seeing everyone when I do. But it came to my attention that some people genuinely didn’t know they were expected to Tip! I just wanted to let you know when you guys are hoteling at conventions (whether in a large group or not) Please tip the Housekeeping! Just leave a dollar or two (hopefully from each person in a room if it’s a particular mess) for them! Housekeepers are grossly underpaid and they have ALOT of rooms to clean and manage per floor. They also keep alot of secrets too when we congoers are being… economical. (i.e overstuffing rooms). 

Once they even made the weird cushion bed and blanket set up I had on the floor all clean and ready to be slept on despite the fact that 4 to a room is pretty standard. And they dont hesitate usually to send more towels when it’s obvious there’s alot of people! They clean the room after messy cosplay emergencies and that 3 day old Chinese food/ pizza you tried to stretch across the convention weekend.

so yeah! Please just leave a smile pile of dollars on the dresser or in front of the TV.  

Tip your waitresses~ Tip your housekeepers~

Hey guys! How are y’all doing?

I just wanted to post this because it’s something I have been wanting to share. I cannot express how important handlers are. Yes all the of everyone’s attention goes to the cute fluffy animal but handlers need to be recognition just as much as the suiter.  

My manfriend (Meka) has been my handler for every suit/cosplay I have worn since we’ve been together over the past five years. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. He’s the one that brings me to all my cons and events. He’s the one that makes sure I eat and stay hydrated during events. He’s the one to remind me that yes, unfortunately, I am human and I need to take my head off and to rest from all the running around I do. He’s the one that keeps me safe from the unwanted attention. He does so much and people need to understand that this is so important and should be acknowledged.

Most importantly he supports me. He’s always there to keep my dreams alive and help through very one of my projects. He is the one I can count on regardless of anything. He’s the one that motivates me to push my limits, or to keep me from giving up. He’s the one that will always be there to cheer me on.

I am give all the the love to the handlers out there. They are the true heroes. Always remember to thank and love your handler after everything they do for you.

To you Meka, thank you for everything. Because of you, this happy little dragon was able to make other’s smile. 

We are a team.

- Hazardous

Convention PSA

If you drop out of a room a week before a con, you should definitely pay, anyways. You likely knew it was coming, and should have set the money aside accordingly. Or if something happens that’s out of control, then make plans to pay that person back. Even in installments.

By doing things like that, you place a significant burden on the person who booked the room. They took the responsibility to plan it for everyone else, which can be incredibly stressful. You increase their stress and financial burden, and sometimes it results in them having to cancel their entire room and con.

Don’t drop out of a room for a con a week before without paying.

Epic Rant About that time I was Jane Foster at a Convention
It’s been more than a week after the con and I still haven’t posted much about it anywhere at all. Over all I had a great time, bar a little drama here and there as there always is with cosplay. Unfortunately though, I had to deal with quite a bit more hate from my fellow con-goers than usual on Saturday while I was dressed as Jane Foster from Thor: the Dark World.

I really liked TDW for reasons I’m not going to fully spell out here, but I felt like they did a better job with the women, particularly Jane, than in the first film. She was clever and funny and still feminine. When the big strong man couldn’t save the day on his own, she fixed it with science. Between that and really liking her Asgardian dress/armour, I decided to cosplay her with my friend Mo as Lady Sif.

We knew the movie was only released in late fall, so we kind of expected to still be relevant/interesting on the con floor, and thought maybe we’d meet some other MCU folks for photos or something. What happened was people coming up to me just to tell me how much they hated Jane Foster.

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fanime 2015 isn’t dangerous nor will horse masked 4chan users will be running around.
said “friend”(a manipulative ex boyfriend) is a liar, posing to ruse me into making a fool of myself. we are no longer friends and i’m sorry for any panic i/he caused. 

hey guys!

convention psa to please stay hydrated,
drink lots of water and do not forget to eat!
right now the high is 10 degrees and the low is 0! with the wind chill it will feel like -13 degrees!
please stay hydrated and stay warm your health is more important than anything!!!


I just have to get this out there cause it happened to me and my friend more than once

When you see an Italy, Romano, Canada and any other character with a curl or whatever at a con


It’s really not that hard okay. You’re not being funny, you’re just messing up the wig. Trust me.

Most curls are made out of wire and when you touch it or pull it it will bend out of place so please don’t touch it without asking!

Also it’s hard to get the curls to stay on the wig and I personally just have mine bobby pinned to my head and it’s a pain to get on.

And not just Hetalia cosplayers but just all cosplayers in gerneral okay

Don’t touch the wigs

Dont touch the cosplay



Thank you.

PSA: Hotel Employees Are Sick of Your Shit

I’m a front desk clerk at a major anime con hotel. Every year I get complaints from people that are irrational. Please post this PSA.

1. Bell Carts are for Bellmen.
Bell carts must be pushed by bellmen. Bellmen expect tips. Yes, that means you may not “check one out” for the hour, day, or even the weekend. Throwing a tantrum at the desk isn’t helping your cause, either.

I don’t care that you are Super-Sparkly-Weeaboo-Internet-Celebrity-Fan-Artist and you NEED that bell cart to get all of your artist alley crap to where you want it. You must have a bellman push it and you must TIP the bellman for doing so. That is his job and his livelihood. Yes, I know you said that don’t want someone else touching your super-spechul-artworks, but we all know you’re just cheap.

So, no. You can’t use a bell cart for free.
You also cannot keep one you find in the hall in your room and think it’s your personal toy for the weekend. Yes, that has happened.

2. Until Gender-Neutral bathrooms become the norm for our society, please don’t bitch at the front desk about it.
I agree. We should not have bathrooms that just represent the binary genders but that’s the way my hotel was built. There’s a men’s room and a ladies’ room in the lobby. That’s it. We don’t police who uses which restroom, so use the one that you identify with and no one is going to have an issue with it.

Coming to the desk to complain about this and spend 20 minutes carrying on your Tumblr-Social-Justice-Warrior tirade isn’t helping anything. Actually, it’s making the cause look bad to everyone around.

3. If you can’t afford to have a hold placed on your debit card, use a credit card.
If you use a debit card to pay for your room, the hotel will “preauthorize” the amount plus 10% for incidentals. This means you cannot access this money. If you don’t want to deal with this, pay with a credit card or cash.

Screaming at the front desk clerk will not fix this problem. It is an issue we have been battling with the banks forever.

4. If you are checking in, we may ask for ID. Don’t be a douche about it.
Some properties require that everyone–no matter what age, no matter what method of payment–show photo ID. Deal with it. Telling us we’re “invading your privacy” is ridiculous. You can opt not to rent the room.

5. Hotel taxes are obscene.
They are more than sales tax. My property’s tax rate is 14% plus a mandatory resort fee. Standing there complaining about this isn’t going to change the charge. When you booked the room (or your friend booked the room) they were sent an email with all of this information. Stomping your feet like a two year old and claiming you “don’t have to pay” taxes or resort fees just makes you look stupid.

6. Your inside joke is not my inside joke.
Coming to the desk in character and expecting me to play along with your questions about “where you can find beautiful boys that swim like fish” isn’t going to make me laugh. It’s going to make me mad. I’m trying to work. Please, let me do that.

This is especially true when the line is long and people in it are annoyed.

7. Don’t room with people you don’t know.
Sure, you know them on the internet and they promised to pay you for their half! But then they got there and oh, their wallet was stolen in McDonalds on the way, but they’ll get money before the end of the con! So, you give them a key…and they ditch. And you’re standing there at checkout asking me for help because you can’t afford to pay for the entire room. There’s nothing I can do. You have to pay the whole bill.

Also, if you are over 18 and you room with people who are under 18, you are putting yourself in a bad situation. We have had angry parents come into the hotel looking for their child–and one father had a guy arrested because his 15 yr old daughter was this 25 yr old guy’s room!

That’s all I can think of for now.