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Studebaker Avanti, 1962. Designed by Raymond Loewy’s team of Tom Kellogg, Bob Andrews and John Ebstein in 40-days, the Avanti featured a radical fibreglass body design mounted on a modified Studebaker Lark Daytona 109-inch convertible chassis with a modified 289 Hawk engine. It was one of the first cars to do without a conventional grille, instead air for the front mounted engine enters from under the front of the vehicle, a design feature much more common after the 1980s. The car was only produced until December 1963 by which time over 5500 cars had been manufactured. With the closure of Studebaker, the Avanti name, tooling and plant space were sold to two Indiana Studebaker dealers who were the first of a succession of entrepreneurs to manufacture small numbers of Avanti replica and new design cars until 2006

SoMa Week 2015 - Day 1: Geeking Out

SoMa Week 2015 begins!  I wrote this in honor of Anime Boston 2015 this week.  This unbeta’d because of reasons.

The noise, the sights – it was almost overwhelming to Soul as he wandered through the high-ceilinged halls of the Hynes Convention Center.  There were people running everywhere, shouting to their friends.  Cosplayers posed for pictures every few feet.  Soul tried to take everything in at once and found himself turning his head this way and that, like someone watching an intense tennis match.

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