Siamo lieti di annunciare KEVIN MCHALE come terzo ospite della Gleekon 2015!

We are happy to announce KEVIN MCHALE as our third guest for the upcoming Gleekon 2015!

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First GLEE Unofficial Italian Convention - MILAN (Italy) 4-6 September 2015




Here’s a preview of some the items I’ve been working on for Denver Comic Con 2015.  I’ll be with my crew from The Gameslave at booth G21 on May 23-25 and the Convention Center in downtown Denver.

I’m pretty happy with my work on my next round of Doctor Who labels that I had previewed bits of before. :)

I’ll have a variety of products as prints, buttons, coasters, charms, etc. There will also be the plexiglass displays we had last year, and at $30 cheaper now too for the larger ones!

Should be an awesome weekend, so stop by to say hi and check things out!

scu11y22 asked:

So which fic did they sign?

It was Speak From the Heart, which is set during 3x17, specifically the part where Oliver does his best man speech. I mentioned to Stephen that that was one thing I felt was missing in the episode, and after he read it he said “that’s awesome” and even now I feel like jumping up and down at the very memory. :D

I was very specific that it wasn’t something dirty, though, just because I knew it was a strange request as it was and I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. Hence the G-rated fic with speeches about love and Ollie very innocently mooning over Felicity (as opposed to, say, my latest fic where Oliver and Felicity go home together after everything that happens in 3x23 and end up having a grope on the Ducati and then sex on her kitchen counter… oops).

Phandom Meetup

I am organizing a Phandom Meetup in London on August 13th. Any ideas on where it could be? Just so it’s accessible to more people 🙈
It is a small event where we can talk about Dan and Phil, go shopping, eat food, whatever we want to do 💕
This is just an idea for now, but seeing as Summer In The City 2015 is two days after this, I have a feeling it’s a good way to meet new people before sitc and have a good time in general 💫

Since I didn’t get to take a selfie with Naomi this time around, here is a Throwback Thursday of me a few years ago, looking wretched at somewhere in the range of 10-20(+?) pounds heavier than I am now, with my other hot tub buddy Pepper treating me like a freakin’ rock star princess nevertheless. She makes my life all the brighter. <3 

Also, this past Sunday, I delivered her the message that my boyfriend has a crush on her. She playfully flirted back & it was the cutest shit ever. I totally ship it. lmao