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We’ll be opening Round 2 of applications to our Artist Alley on Monday, February 15 at 11:59PM EST. If you missed Round 1 of applications in December, now is your chance to apply. To learn more about the Artist Alley, check out the link attached to this post.

Note: If you miss your chance at Round 2, we will be opening up two more rounds of applications – Round 3 in March and Round 4 in April.


Some pictures of my Saints Row Professor Genki cosplay. This was my first and, currently, only ‘major’ cosplay. 

I put a ton of time and work into this costume. The head was made out of 1″ pink housing insulation, with every other layer being hollow to make it lighter. The pink was built around a hard hat for support. The fabric was/is nothing special and was purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics. The smile was made out of a see-through material layered 3 or 4 times, so I could at least sorta see. The ears were supported by heavy metal rods that were strong enough to stay up but light enough to bend. The glasses were made out of plywood and the eyes were foam pool floaties ground down with a sander. 

The tail was made by my girlfriend by using alternating pieces of scrap fabric from the head. She did an AMAZING job, and it has held up fantastically throughout two conventions and longer. She also made the bow-tie and helped out a ton on the head itself. Bless her for having a level head while ‘convention crunch-time’ was in full swing.

The lab coat was ordered on Amazon, and the seafoam pants were from Old Navy. The feet were from and were awesome, except for the fact that they’re slippers and I walked around for 3-4 hours. Which is totally and completely my fault and not theirs.

The gloves were gardening gloves turned inside out.

Suggestions if you’re looking into making a giant mascot head, try to integrate a little computer fan or two to vent air. It was incredibly warm in there. The gloves were nitrile also making them very warm. They worked perfectly, but were stupid hot.

@bats-and-butterflies (photos 2 & 3)

I can tag the cosplayers if they request!

Anime Convention and Cosplay Health Advice

This Valentines’ weekend is another Katsucon for me. As someone who has been attending anime conventions for over 10 years I want to give some advice on certain health issues that can happen at conventions.

First off, germs are all over crowded places.

If you are sick please stay home. You are not only a hazard to yourself but also to other attendees. Prevent yourself and others from getting sick at conventions. Wash your hands or bring hand sanitizer. If you are at a convention and start to feel sick go and buy medicine. Also rest to recuperate small sickness. For bigger problems like you tripped and are bleeding badly get medical help from volunteers.

Second, if you are cosplaying bring something comfy to wear in public too.

I say this because many cosplays can become uncomfortable after a while. Even if you’ve worn the outfit before still bring something as backup. Everyone can change a size slightly and have a piece no longer fit them.

In crowded places the temperature can rise so if you are wearing a heavy cosplay and start feeling dizzy DO NOT put off changing until your original scheduled time! Please! I’ve had a friend almost faint from doing this at a convention! A few more pictures is not worth the trip to the hospital!

The reverse is also dangerous! If it is snowing, raining, or just windy it is better to change into something else. Yes there are clothes at the dealers room usual and sometimes gift shops nearby but the weather near me in the DC metropolitan area can switch fast. I was hot at Katsucon last year so I left my coat in my hotel room. Well it started sleeting in less than half an hour. It was late at night so I couldn’t go to a store at the hotel and hotel stores are expensive. I wasn’t a far walk to my hotel room so I was okay but if I was at a further hotel I could of had a real problem. Speaking of problems…

My third piece of advice is if you are starting to feel weird or are hurting DON’T ignore it!

My left leg was bugging me after the convention’s registration line. I keep ignoring it until it got so bad my sister and my friend had help me out of the dealers room. This was at last Katsucon and a big thank you to Katsucon’s medics at Katsucon 2015!!! One volunteer had to help get me to the information desk. The medical desk was up two floors and I could no longer walk without tears forming in my eyes from pain. Two volunteers from the medical desk came down to where I was at information. They checked for sprains and disjointed joints. There were none. They still gave me a pain killer and lent me an ice pack. Those did make it so I could walk again. So thank you so much medical staff!

I did go to a doctor after the convention and found out it was Plantar Fasciitis. This has no outward appearance which is why the staff could not find anything visibly wrong. Plantar fasciitis usually happens in older people or people with high foot arches. It can however happen from standing on a hard floor for a long time, wearing shoes with little to no arch support, and from changing from shoes without height to those with height ( ex. Heels, padded sneakers, platform shoes) and that change in reverse. Katsucon’s registration line is not on carpeted floors. The floor is very hard. To add to that I also was in cosplay shoes. Now these shoes were flats but that made me feel the floor more since there was no arch support. I also changed into another cosplay later that day that gave me a slight height increase. You cannot cure this quickly it is like a bruise. It usually takes months. It took me until that summer until I could run like normal again!!! I could have lessened my pain if I stopped straining myself at the convention.

Fourth, bring snacks. I don’t mean you need to bring meals in fact few hotels have places for cooking. But bring snacks in case you get hungry or feel dizzy. I’ve helped friends and family at conventions since I carried small snacks like Oreos and pretzels. I also recommend if you can to bring both something sweet and something salty. That way most cravings will be fixed.

Fifth, stay hydrated. This is similar to four. You don’t need a gallon sized water bottle with you but don’t ignore what a body needs. Most conventions I’ve been to have water dispensers and paper cups. Use them! They are there for a reason.

Sixth and final piece of advice for now. Have money in a separate place that you will not use for items at the convention. Now using this spare money will differ depending on your circumstances. If you are young and at the convention with your parents chances are this will not be needed. Use this money on the last day for some last minute dealers room items, save it for another adventure, or use it for a nice meal after the con. If you are with friends or people you know that money can be last minute pizza party funds. However plans can change. Maybe your ride back home got a flat tire and you need transportation. Maybe it’s freezing and you didn’t bring a coat. Maybe a you need to buy some stomach medicine because you’re feeling queasy. Maybe the one panel you wanted to go to is filled and you want something sweet to stop your bitterness. Life will happen so do not use all your money on anime swag.

Conventions are meant to be a fun time and place. Don’t let problems like these listed destroy your fun!

Conventions -The flannel
Pairings: Single!Jensen x Reader, Jared x Reader (friendship), Misha x Reader (friendship)
Warnings: Awkwardness, fluff, cursing
A/N: So I decided to do kind of like a short series with Single!Jensen. Basically every chapter is like a different convention with different sceneries.
Summary: When Jensen spills coffee on the reader right before they have to go on stage for the convention he lets her borrow his flannel
“Come on everyone. You have to be on stage in 5 minutes. Get ready.” Someone said peaking his head through the curtain separating the cast and the fans. I don’t know why but I’m feeling super, extremely tired. Wait, I do know. We stayed up till 1 am yesterday filming for the new season of supernatural. In this season something is going to happen between my character, Karoline, and Jensen’s character , Dean, something some fans might like and others that will not. “I’m going to get a coffee.” I said standing up. I got my coffe how I liked it and went to sit back down. Though, just as I turned around I bumped into someone causing my coffee to spill all over my shirt. “Fuck.” I said, sounding more angry than I intended. I looked up into those amazing forest green eyes that I could get lost in right in the middle of filming. And they only belonged to the one and only Jensen Ackles. “Oh my god. Y/N, I am so sorry.” He apologizes. “It’s fine. Not really. God I didn’t bring a backup shirt. Fuck. What I’m I supposed to do now?” I asked. Jensen started to take of his flannel. “Here take this.” He said. It wasn’t a problem for him, he had a shirt under the flannel just like Dean. “Thanks.” I said as I made my way towards the bathroom to change.
“1 minute.” I heard someone yell. Ugh. I never really wear shirts with so many buttons so that makes it even harder. Finally I buttoned every button in my button up shirt. Wow that was like a riddle. As I made my way out, Jensen, Jared, and Misha were already standing in front of me. “Well. Look at that. Y/N is wearing Jensen’s flannel.” Jared teased. “Oh shut up.” I grumbled. “Well in all honesty I think you look better in it than me.” Jensen said, chuckling after seeing the blush on your cheeks. “Oh she’s blushing.” Misha piped in. “I hate you guys.” I said with a small smile. After that they started calling out our names for the convention. I ended up seated in between Jensen and Misha while Jared is next to Jensen (like always).
-Time skip
The questions that had been asked were mostly about what to expect in the new season and the best pranks the guys had pulled. “My question is for Y/N and Jensen.” A girl almost at the back said into the microphone. She seemed like a nice girl. A little shy but nice nonetheless. “Fire away.” I said smiling in a friendly way. “Okay. My question is , are Karoline and Dean going to finally admit their feelings for one another and finally get together?” I was a little taken aback by the question. No one in the convention had yet asked about any of the relationships in the show. “Well, I can’t say much because then some people will get mad,” Jensen said, “But I can tell you that I hope they do. I mean I personally ship Karoline and Dean. What about you Y/N?” Jensen asked. My eyes widened and i was blushing because of what Jensen just said. “I umm, yeah I totally agree with you.” I cleared my throat. Just when I finished the sentence Jared and Misha started fangirling. “I swear is like working with children.” I said into the microphone and started laughing along with Jensen. “Next question.” “Okay my question is for Y/N.” A girl said. “Oh come on.” Jared complained. I just laughed along with everyone else. “Are you wearing Jensen’s flannel?” The girl asked. I immediately stop laughing and stared into the crowd of eyes looking at me. Okay this was awkward. I started blushing a little. “It’s a long story.” I said. “We have time.” I heard Jared say. Okay yep that was it. I am going to kill him. “Okay so I was exhausted from filming till 1 yesterday, so I went and got some coffee. But I bumped into Jensen and the coffee spilled on me. I didn’t have any other shirt to wear so Jensen offered his flannel. And that’s it.” I said. The crowd erupted into awws and YASSS. It was crazy. “But like, seriously doesn’t she look cute in it?” Jensen asked and I immediately started to blush. Fuck him and his perfect face and lips and eyes and ughhh. “Oh and she looks even cuter with that blush.” He said teasingly causing me to slap his arm. “Stop.” I whined, covering my face. “Don’t cover your face, beautiful.” Jensen said taking my hands away from my face.
He looked directly into my eyes. My heart was pounding against my ribs and I felt like it was going to fall out. And I swear it felt like we were the only people in the room even though there were thousands. He still didn’t let go of my hands and kept looking at my eyes. But we broke apart when Misha and Jared both cleared their throats. “Not here.” Misha said, once again teasingly. And just like that another blush took up residence in my cheeks. But this one, this one was there all night.

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