To anyone going to Otakon this year....

I’m thinking of making a little book to carry around this year  and having people sign it and write or draw something saying how important the con is to you and why you love it (just for personal curiosity). How many people would write in it?

My autograph with Jared

So when I first got to the autograph table, I gave Jared the Impala to sign. He loved it and asked me to demonstrate the trunk (which I did). Then I told him “Thank you so much for your Always Keep Fighting campaign, it’s kept me here today” and he replies with “it’s OUR campaign” and held my hand and was reassuring me while I was fricking bawling. Then I passed him my Sam plush and he was joking about signing the head because of his big hair and proceeded to TAKE OFF HIS BEANIE AND PUT IT ON THE PLUSH. I promised him I would knit the plush a beanie and show it to him next con, and I gave him his letter.
The whole thing was so surreal.