convent of santa maria delle grazie

Every time I think of Italian!Remus, I can’t help but imagine Sirius, with his eyes closed, letting his forefinger decide which country he should be backpacking the summer after his graduation. How it stops the globe pointing at Italy. 
How Sirius walks in refectory of the convent near Santa Maria delle Grazie one day, searching for L’ultima Cena (Lily had made him read Dan Brown, Sirius had to see the real thing!). He has to wait that a large group of people walks away before being able to stand in front of it. 
How Sirius has just a few moments to be able to admire it alone before someone stands near him. It’s a boy with beautiful brown curls and green eyes with that bit of amber that makes the irises resemble sunflowers.
Before he knows, his mouth blurts out “Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci was gay?” - as soon as he understands what he just said, Sirius winces.
His flirting skill level was set on 0 - usually, he doesn’t need words.
The stranger turns to him and stares at him surprised. “Are-are you talking with me?” he asks and his accent is the cutest thing ever. 
“Yes, I mean,” he swallows, “I’ve read it somewhere,”
A few hours later the stranger isn’t a stranger anymore. His name is Remus (both his parents have a thing for Ancient Rome apparently), he is Italian ( “Well, actually I’m only half. My dad is Welsh, my mother is Italian. I’ve been living here all of my life, though”) he is travelling across the Country too.
Remus is confused when Sirius tells him his name (”Like the star,” Sirius says,  “The brightest star in the sky,” he adds, and Remus’ eyes lighten up. “Oh, Sirius like Sirio. I should have understood right away,”), then laugh listening to the many stories of his school days. 
A few days later, they travel together and arrive to Rome. In the Colosseum they act the Gladiator’s speech (Sirius sends the video to James).
The Stairs of Spain Square, Fontana di Trevi, they’re lucky enough to get to see Cappella Sistina on their last day in Rome. (”Did you know that Michelangelo was gay?” Remus says to him, looking amused. Sirius just snorts.)
They go to Naples next, and walk in Mergellina after having had pizza for lunch (”The best I’ve ever had,”). Remus is talking, but Sirius doesn’t listen. He thinks of the past days spent together, of those few times they were about to kiss walking in Rome, how their hands were so close he could feel Remus’ warmth.
Sirius thinks, and thinks, and remembers. Remus has stopped talking.
Their first kiss is the most beautiful thing ever. 
Their first kiss tastes like pizza and smells like the sea.
(“I can speak Italian,” Sirius blurts out after it. Remus raises an eyebrow.
“Really?” he asks, amused and Sirius nods, without knowing what he should tell him. “Speak to me, then” he says and then laughs when all Sirius says is “Mamma mia!” and… Sirius just prays his mouth to shut up.)