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I was at JIB and I ship Destiel with the intensity of a million suns, and I agree 100%, I loved Jensen's reply bc he was just joking around and he's been kind and funny and he really didn't come off as trying to put anyone or anything down. Just joking, and you can see it from his face, too. Also I love how (in general) he was less guarded at this con, and how it really looked like he was having fun at solo panels, too - they usually look the most difficult for him - he's so sweet:3

yeah. he said that himself in the first panel iirc, that he came to a point when he finally let the love in and embrace it. 

so he fees more comfortable in convensions :) 

i really loved seeing him like that. 

Oc headcannon: cosplay girls

Alex: 1. Shiro Iori( kill la kill) 2. Springtrap(fnaf) 3. Sailor Uranus(sailor moon.)

Violet: 1. ms.fortune(skull girls.) 2. Amethyst(Steven universe.) 2. Lucy(elfin lied)

Stella: 1.Hatsune miku (vocaloid.) 2. Maka Albarn(soul eater)
3.saya kisaragi (Blood C)

Clover: 1.princess Tiana(disney’s the princess and the frog.) 2. Kanaya( homestuck) 3. Pearl(Steven universe.)

Ruchika: 1.terezi pyrope(homestuck) 2. Lapis lazuli(Steven universe) 3 mako mankanshoku (kill la kill)

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