convenient ways to murder a man


In the early morning hours of 8 September, 2005, 18-year-old Jennifer Teague disappeared in Ontario, Canada. She had finished a late night shift at Wendy’s and had went to meet a couple of friends at a nearby convenience store. It was on the way home from this rendezvous that she disappeared. On 18 September, her body was discovered by an off-duty police officer, dumped near a secluded parking lot. On 9 June, 2006, authorities were called by a concerned citizen who had seen a naked man running down Fallowfield Road, shouting: “I killed Jennifer Teague!” The man was 24-year-old Kevin Davis, a local pizza worker, who had taken magic mushrooms before the bizarre confession. David plead guilty to the crime and confessed that he had been searching for a number of weeks for a woman to rape and murder. He explained that he wanted to find a young victim that he could control easily and came across Teague by chance as she was walking home alone, late at night. It was described during trial that the main motivation behind the murder was his general hatred of women. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole hearing for at least 25 years. The trial was a very unique one: it is extremely rare for a suspect to plead guilty to first degree murder.

An AU where Marinette witnesses a murder and Adrien is the lead detective.

fair warning, could be considered graphic idk.

  • Marinette is walking home from a late night at work and since it’s about to rain, she decides to take a short cut to the bus stop.
  • Lightning flashes as she enters the cut through alley way, revealing a man pulling a knife out of a woman’s body. He sees her. She runs and conveniently drops her belongings, including her keys to her apartment.
  • She sees a crowd in the distance but as she nears them she slips on the slick pavement, slamming her head against the concrete and knocking herself out.
  • Luck on her side, the crowd notices and she gets help.
  • While being treated in the hospital, Marinette gains enough consciousness to babble incoherently about a man killing someone in the cut through alley and how she had to run but loses consciousness again
  • Police get involved, more specifically Homicide Detectives Adrien Agreste and Nino Lahiffe who believe the recent murder points to a serial killer they have been tracking.
  • The men are thrilled to finally have a witness and Adrien impatiently enters his witness’s hospital room to talk to her only to be completely awestruck by this woman’s beauty.
  • Nino can tell Adrien has the hots for the witness and it hasn’t even been 5 seconds.
  • But when Marinette wakes up she can’t remember anything besides how she felt. And how she currently feels about a certain blonde detective
  • (Doctors say its traumatic amnesia and that she will recover her memory as her head heals further)
  • Realizing the possibility that her missing belongings were snatched up by the serial killer himself, including keys, her ID, and address, Adrien decides Marinette needs to be under Witness Protection.
  • Marinette says she rather just stay with a friend. The men can tell that Marinette is much more than her looks. She’s a fighter with a strong backbone.
  • Thus enters Alya, Marinette’s badass best friend who butts heads with both detectives through her mother-hen like protection over Marinette.
  • After heated arguments, it is resolved that Nino and Adrien would be patrolling the block of Alya’s apartment regularly.


  • A lot of close calls happen, as the serial killer plots to take Marinette out personally.
  • Adrien and Marinette fall for each other Nino and Alya also fall for each other, even though they argue a lot.
  • Adrien saves Marinette’s life in the final show down.
  • serial killer goes by HawkMoth 
  • It’s a thriller. thriller of night