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My Choices Fic

The Crown and the Flame:
Raydan and Kenna
A Comforting Embrace- Kenna seeks out Raydan’s company on the eve of battle. 
The Only Choice -  Raydan witnesses a moment between Diavolos and Kenna which triggers his doubt and insecurities about his place at Kenna’s side.
Out of the Shadows -  Raydan and Kenna talk about his determination to stay in the shadows and how she wouldn’t let him.
This Moment Only -  Raydan has been avoiding Kenna since their night together and she wants to know why.
Who We Become -  The night of her coronation, Queen Kenna reflects on the enemies who tried to break her and the allies who put her back together and how each has shaped her. [ChoiceCreates #18]
Dancing With Shadows [NSFW] -  After defeating the Nevrakis army, Kenna celebrates with a rendezvous with a certain spymaster.
Don’t Speak [NSFW] Raydan and Kenna steal a few minutes alone after a strategy meeting.

Diavolos and Kenna
A Happy Future -  Kenna and Diavolos talk about children.
A New LegacyKenna and Diavolos discuss the Nevrakis family name.  
Against the Odds -  After defeating Azura, Kenna tells Dom about her relationship with Diavolos and then finds comfort in the arms of the man she loves.
Baby Names -  Kenna and Diavolos discuss baby names.
Bad Blood -  Kenna and Diavolos talk about Marco.
Bedmates -  Fenris wakes Kenna up to ask why there is a man in her bed. [ChoicesCreates #22]
The Center of His World -  As Kenna fights for her life after giving birth to her fourth child, Diavolos tries to keep it together even as he faces the unthinkable: a life without her.
Dance With Me - Kenna asks Diavolos to prove that he’s as good of a dancer as he claims.
Don’t Want to Let You GoKenna and Diavolos prepare for their first separation since getting married.
Drinking Party -  The night before Diavolos’s wedding to Kenna, her friends invite him to the tavern for drinks.
Forbidden -  Kenna indulges in a forbidden love affair. 
Grateful Diavolos reflects on his feelings towards his father. [ChoicesCreates 31]
Hold Me-  Kenna is feeling overwhelmed by the impending battle and Diavolos offers her comfort which soon turns into something more.[Companion to “Filling in the Blanks]
In the Shadow of Betrayal-  Reeling from a lover’s betrayal, Kenna wonders if she’s setting herself up for more heartbreak by falling for the enemy. (Minor Kenna/Raydan) [takes place after “Hold Me”]
Just One Night- AU.  Prince Diavolos has an unexpected encounter in a tavern during a visit to Stormholt.
Little MomentsDiavolos and Kenna steal a few minutes alone.
Loyalty-  Diavolos Nevrakis has always defined himself by his loyalty.
LossKenna and Diavolos suffer a painful loss. *mentions of pregnancy loss*
MilestonesLeon says his first word.
More Than Convenience -  Princess Kenna is initially unhappy about her impending marriage to Prince Diavolos, arranged since she was a child, but as she gets to know her future husband, she begins to think it might not be so bad, after all.
More Than HIs Name-  Kenna remembers a long-ago conversation with her mother that helps her come to terms with her complicated attraction to Diavolos
The Prisoner -  Kenna and Diavolos pay Marco a visit.
Safe HarborAfter Kenna defeats Azura, Diavolos reveals their relationship to the entire castle: including his father.
Shadowed Observations -  Two men who love Kenna Rys have a conversation about her future. 
So Much to LoseKenna is reminded of how fragile life is when Diavolos is wounded.
Something Diavolos asks Kenna to go for a friendly ride.
Touch-  Kenna changes everything about Diavolos’s life, including his view on being touched. 
True Colors -  Kenna and Luther establish an uneasy truce after the war is over, but can it last?
Uncharted TerritoryDiavolos contemplates his feelings for Kenna.
Undone Diavolos’s touch is Kenna’s undoing.
The Waiting Game-  Diavolos waits anxiously while Kenna gives birth to their first child.
Waiting, Hoping- Kenna waits and hopes for news that will change her life. 
Wedding Gifts -  Tevan gives Kenna and Diavolos a wedding gift.
What the Heart Wants  -  On Kenna’s wedding day, she struggles with the disapproval of her friends and her decision to follow her heart, even when it picked a very unlikely mate.[ChoicesCreates #17]    
Worth the Fight -  Kenna and Diavolos vow to overcome all the objections to their relationship and be together.
Worthy of Her -  Diavolos thoughts before and during Kenna’s proposal.
Written in The Stars -  Five years ago, Kenna had let Diavolos go and married someone else, now she was a widow and he had returned to see if the moment was finally right for them. [ChoicesCreates #24] 
Wrong Turn -  Diavolos escorts Kenna back to her room after getting her wounds looked after, but unfortunately makes a bit of a wrong turn. 
Anticipation [NSFW] -  Kenna and Diavolos flirt and tease each other during Zenobia’s wedding reception, letting the anticipation build.
Belonging [NSFW] -  After saving Diavolos from some unwanted attention, Kenna shows her husband exactly how much he means to her.
Bored [NSFW] -  Kenna is bored and decides to seek out her husband.  
Control [NSFW] -  After a frustrating meeting, Kenna decides to turn the tables on her normally dominant husband.
Entertainment [NSFW] -  Kenna attempts to convince her husband to play a game of chess with her, but he has other plans.
The First Day of Forever [NSFW] -  Diavolos and Kenna’s wedding night, follows “What the Heart Wants”.
Fury [NSFW]-  Diavolos and Kenna fight about policy and then move the fight to their bedroom.
Haunted [NSFW] -  Kenna has a nightmare that causes tension between her and her husband.
Heat [NSFW] -  Kenna and Diavolos have their first real fight as a married couple but get distracted as the heat of anger turns into a different type of heat.
Mine [NSFW] -  Diavolos returns from a trip to Fydoria to find his wife in an article of his clothing and then proceeds to ask for it back.
Morning [NSFW] -  Kenna and Diavolos enjoy a lazy morning in bed. 
Persuasion [NSFW]-  Diavolos shows Kenna why sleeping in the nude is best.
Possession [NSFW] -  After an evening spent in the company of an admiring ambassador, Diavolos’s possessive side comes out.
Reminisce [NSFW] -  Kenna and Diavolos travel to Lykos and reminisce about their first kiss and how it left them both wanting more. [ChoicesCreates #26]
Rest [NSFW] -  Diavolos comes home from a draining trip to Abanthus and Kenna tries to convince him to rest.
Reunited [NSFW] - Diavolos returns from his first post-wedding trip to Lykos. Sequel to “Don’t Want to Let You Go”. 
Spar [NSFW] -  Kenna challenges her husband to a sparring match.

Loud  Part One Part Two [NSFW]-  Kenna is mortified to learn the reason why none of her friends want rooms near hers.   *COMPLETE*
Torment [NSFW] Part One Part Two-  Kenna attempts to get ready for a ball, but her husband proves to be very distracting. *COMPLETE*
Diplomatic Relations [NSFW] Chapter One Chapter Two *COMPLETE*
A Twist of Fate Chapter One [NSFW] Chapter Two [NSFW] Chapter Three Chapter Four [NSFW] Chapter Five [NSFW] Chapter Six [NSFW] Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight [NSFW] Chapter Nine [NSFW] Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve  Chapter Thirteen [NSFW]  Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen  Chapter Seventeen Chapter Eighteen [NSFW] *Chapter Nineteen [NSFW] Chapter Twenty [NSFW] Epilogue AU. Kenna has a brief encounter with a stranger she meets in a tavern and it will change the course of her life. Rewrite of Book 3. *COMPLETE*
A Joining of Hearts and Kingdoms Part One Part Two [NSFW] Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven [NSFW] Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten [NSFW] *Part Eleven-  Queen Kenna negotiates a new everlasting peace amongst the Five Kingdoms, while also settling on the husband of her choice. 
A Love Betrayed Chapter One Chapter Two [NSFW] Chapter Three [NSFW] Chapter Four *Chapter Five- AU.  For Kenna the hardest part of allying herself with Luther is reuniting with the man who broke her heart.
Unexpected Chapter One *Chapter Two [NSFW] *Chapter Three [NSFW] Chapter Four [NSFW]-  After receiving an invitation to visit the Iron Empire, Kenna consults an unlikely source for advice.  

The Duty of the Crown Series (Kenna/Raydan, Kenna/Diavolos) *COMPELTE*
The Good of the Kingdom -  Queen Kenna struggles with what to do about Abanthus and receives surprising advice from an old friend.
A Solid FoundationDecision made, Kenna approaches Diavolos with her plan for a diplomatic marriage.
The Crown Comes First -  On the eve of her wedding, Queen Kenna says goodbye to the man she loves.
Flowers of Yesterday-  After three years apart, Raydan and Kenna meet in the garden of Aurelia. 
Something MoreDiavolos confronts Kenna about Raydan’s return.

Healing Hearts Trilogy (Kenna/Diavolos) *COMPLETE*
Hollow-  Kenna and Diavolos have a terrible fight before he leaves for Lykos and while he’s gone, disaster strikes.
Healing [NSFW] -  After a near death experience and a rough patch in their marriage, Kenna and Diavolos find their way back to one another. 
Happily Ever After Kenna and Diavolos take a much-needed getaway with their children.

*A Modern Romance (Modern AU Kenna/Diavolos)
*The One That I Want [NSFW] -  Kenna never intended to get involved with the son of her biggest rival, but then she hadn’t been prepared for the way Diavolos made her feel.

Multi-Parings/Unspecified Pairings
Loving Her (Kenna/Dom, Kenna/Raydan, Kenna/Diavolos)-  Loving Kenna Rys was easy, keeping her was a different story.
One Door Closes (Kenna/Raydan, Kenna/Diavolos)-  Kenna tells Raydan about her relationship with Diavolos.  
Terrors in the Night (Kenna/Male Love Interest)-  She wakes up shaking in terror, remembering what Azura did, but his presence calms her.
What If (minor Kenna/Dom, Kenna/Raydan, Kenna/Diavolos) -  Over the years, there were many times Kenna wondered “what if”.   [ChoicesCreates #21]

Gaining Clarity (mentions of Kenna/Diavolos)-  Dom clears up a few things for Sei in regards to his feelings
Filling in the Blanks (Dom-Centric, mentions of Kenna/Diavolos)-  After being rescued from Hex, Dom gets introduced to the newest member of the rescue party. 
Past Hurts (Dom-Centric, mentions of Kenna/Diavolos, Kenna/Dom)-  Several people notice Dom’s frequent absences from Stormholt and the way he occasionally looks at the king and one person finally decides to address the situation.
This is Your Fault -  Sei has news for Dom.
Unspoken -  After three years, Dom and Sei define their relationship.

Kindred Spirits (Whitlock/Lia) -  Lia and Whitlock immediately bond over being the youngest rulers and form a relationship that develops over the course of five years.
The Strong Survive (Luther) -  Luther reflects on his worldview and his place in it.
Trust In Love (Zenobia/Tevan) -  After her brother falls in love with Queen Kenna, Zenobia wonders if she can bring herself to follow his example and open herself up to the possibility of love and happily ever after.
Set In Stone (Minor Dom/Kenna) -  Adriana and Kenna talk about Kenna’s future.

The Royal Romance
Prince Liam/MC (Eleanor)
A Lifetime of ThisLiam wakes Eleanor up with a kiss.  
*Bad DayEleanor wakes up with an off feeling and then remembers what day it is.
The Beginning of Everything -  Queen Eleanor has special news for her husband.
Christmas in Cordonia -  Eleanor is having a hard time adjusting to Christmas in Cordonia until a special surprise from Liam reminds her of the most important things in life. [Choices Creates 22]
Crossroads-  At the Coronation Ball, Eleanor finds herself at a crossroads wondering how to respond to the prince’s proposal.  [Choices Creates #21]
Emotional Currents -  Liam and Eleanor talk about Drake.
History Lesson [TC&TF x-over]-  While visiting the Royal Portrait Gallery, Liam tells Eleanor about an interesting legend attached to his most famous ancestor.
Love & Duty -  Liam and the King talk about what is required of a royal bride. 
Matters of the Heart [ROE x-over] -  Prince Liam and his favorite potential bride discuss the events that led to his brother’s abdication.
Now and Forever -  Liam is plagued with doubt, Eleanor sets out to reassure him. 
Old Wounds- Eleanor has a bad night. 
Stay With Me [takes place after What Comes Next]-  Liam and Eleanor, the morning after the Coronation Ball.  
So Close to Losing You-  A riding “accident” puts everything in perspective for Liam and Eleanor.
StarcrossedLiam and Eleanor decide on a name for their first child.
*TraditionsEleanor prepares Thanksgiving dinner for her loved ones.
What Comes Next -  Liam and Eleanor finally get to move forward. 
What You Are GivenIn the aftermath of the coronation, Eleanor finds herself surrounded by people who love her and realizes she’ll be ok.
Who We Used to BeLiam and Eleanor have a fight and then reconcile in the maze garden.
Without You The stress of the engagement tour becomes too much for Eleanor and she decides to go home, leaving Liam desperate to fix the mess and reunite with the only woman he’ll ever love.
At Last [NSFW] -  With the traitor unmasked, Liam and Eleanor are finally free to be together.
Midnight Encounters [NSFW] -  Liam and Eleanor have an encounter in the garden maze.
Never Tear Us Apart [NSFW]-  Liam and Eleanor celebrate their engagement with a passionate reunion.
Living Dangerously [NSFW] -  Liam shows his naughty side at the Cordonian Derby.

Drake/MC (Amelia)
An Impossible SituationAmelia deals with her mixed feelings as the engagement tour begins and the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any solution in sight.
Fair Play (feat. Liam/Olivia) -  The friends play board games and things take an interesting turn.
Happy Endings (minor Liam/Olivia) -  After everything is settled with Madeleine, everyone finds their happy ending, it’s just not the one that was interrupted.
In Too DeepA talk with Madeleine leaves Amelia frustrated. Sequel to “Impossible Situation”.
It Doesn’t Matter  -  After Liam makes his choice, his bride-to-be confronts the man she loves.
Love Will Find a WayDrake and Amelia are reunited after the disaster of the Coronation Ball.
Out in the OpenAfter an attack on Amelia’s life, her relationship with Drake is exposed. Follows “Whiskey Conversations”.
*Perfect For A Person After everything, Amelia gets her happily ever after.
The Rest of Our LivesOnce the plot against her is resolved, Amelia is free to be with the man she loves.
Restless Nights [NSFW] -  Unable to sleep, Amelia goes to Drake’s room.
Worth the Wait [NSFW] -  Once the drama of the engagement tour is behind them, Amelia and Drake can finally be together.

Background (MC, Queen Regina) -  The Queen and Eleanor talk about Eleanor’s life in New York.
Battered, Not Broken (Olivia, minor Olivia/Liam, Liam/MC)-  Olivia works up the courage to face a new social season, even if it means watching Liam with his new bride.(ChoiceCreates #20)
*Black Sheep (MC, Hana) -  Amelia and Hana have a talk about family and expectations.
Date With DestinyTwo waitresses share random conversation on the night where one of their lives will change forever.
Her Secret (Queen Regina) -  Queen Regina has a deep, dark secret.  [Choices Creates #25]
Just DessertsWith a little help from her friends, Eleanor gives Madeleine a taste of her own medicine.
Obstacles (Madeline, mentioned The Prince/MC) [ROE x-over] -  Madeline reflects on her desire to be Queen and the woman standing in her way.
Patriotic Duty (Olivia) -  Olivia makes a vow to clear her family’s name. [Choices Creates #25]
Something in Common (MC, Maxwell)-  After learning the story behind Maxwell’s tattoo, Eleanor shares the story behind hers.
Wine and Sympathy (Oliva, MC) -  Olivia and Eleanor share a moment of understanding during the engagement tour.
Whiskey Conversations (Liam, Drake) -  Liam and Drake have an honest conversation about Amelia.
Two Americans in Cordonia (Liam/MC [Eleanor], Drake/MC [Amelia]) Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two *Chapter ThreeWhen Maxwell approaches Eleanor with the offer to sponsor her, he agrees to let her bring a friend with her and the course of the social season is forever changed. 

Rules of Engagement
Birthday Gifts Maya gives her husband a very special birthday gift.
Finding Common Ground -  Leo and Maya argue about their future.
Love, Fate and Guilt [TRR x-over]-  Leo waits for news of his brother’s coronation and he and Maya discuss what might have been.
Bad Behavior [NSFW] -  Leo and Maya slip away from a royal function for some private time.

CravingsMikayla indulges in a pregnancy craving.
The Next AdventureMikyala has special news for her husband.

The Bitter End (MC/Prince, MC/Businessman)-  Before Maya can accept one proposal, she has to turn another one down.
The Heart Knows (MC/Prince, MC/Businessman, MC/Bartender) -  While trying to decide which proposal to accept, you are torn between logic and a connection that you can’t explain. (ChoicesCreates #17)

Endless Summer
A Thousand LifetimesThe Endless remembers a loving moment from one of her many lifetimes.
Don’t Want to Be Without YouAfter being reunited, Stephanie hates the idea of being away from Jake for even a little while.
Finding Normal -  Stephanie gets a wonderful surprise at her college graduation.
Friendly AdviceOn the way back to the Celestial, Jake and Sean have a conversation.
His Princess -  The evolution of a nickname. 
Late Night Confessions-  Stephanie overhears a conversation between Diego and Jake.
Midnight Ramblings -  Stephanie and Diego have a late night conversation about a certain pilot.
Reunion -  Three years after returning from La Huerta, Stephanie learns that Jake is back in the States and goes to confront him.
Would Have Been -  Stephanie deals with an unexpected loss. [Warning- Pregnancy Loss]
The Wrong Choice -  While deciding where to sleep, Stephanie ponders her attraction to Jake and the fact that even if he is the wrong choice, he’s the one she wants.
Cycles [NSFW] -  Since returning from La Huerta, Jake and Stephanie have fallen into a vicious cycle, unable to stay away from each other, but unable to make a life together either.
Unilateral Decision Part One -  As their return to real life looms, Stephanie makes the decision to keep an important secret from Jake and it weighs heavily on her over the course of the next several months.

Back to You (Craig/Zahra) -  Craig and Zahra talk after their kiss.
Safe (Estela/MC)-  MC tries to decide who to sleep next to during the trek up to the Observatory and decides on the person who makes her feel safest: Estela.
Together (Estela/MC)-  Estela and MC plan their future, together.
The PIggbyback Ride (Sean/Male MC) -  Tristan sprains his ankle and Sean has a simple solution to their problem.
Something (Sean/MC)-  Stephanie ponders who to sleep next to and knows that if she chooses Sean it will be start something more, something that scares more than any fling with a bad boy ever could.
A Lifetime With You (Quinn/Male MC) -  After saving Quinn’s life, Tristan lets her know how much she means to him.
Comfort (Grace/Aleister) -  Grace seeks comfort from Aleister as they wait for the pending battle.

The Freshman/Sophomore
A Little Help From Her Friends -  Savannah prepares to go on her first “first date” in 30 years and calls her best friend for advice.
Bad News Chris receives news about his father.
The Best DaySavannah has news for her husband.
Every Story Has Two Sides -  While visiting Chris for Christmas, Savannah meets his ex.
The Freshman: Thirty Years Later -  Savannah and her daughter have a conversation the night before the latter’s first day of college.
First Steps [Endless Summer X-Over] -  Savannah receives an invitation to her sister’s wedding.
Full CircleThe gang plays one last game of “truth or truth”.
The Great Pumpkin Invasion - The roommates prepare for a Halloween party.
I Choose You -  Chris has a moment of insecurity.
I’ll Take Care of You -  Savannah sprains her ankle and receives some TLC from her boyfriend.
It’s the Thought That Counts -  Chris tries to make Savannah breakfast in bed.
Making MemoriesChris and Savannah unwind after a family vacation.
Shared SpaceSavannah gets frustrated by how much of her stuff is in Chris’s room, leading to the two of them having a serious discussion about their living arrangement.  
SurprisesSavannah’s sister surprises her with a special Christmas gift.
*Need You Tonight [NSFW] -  After their heart-to-heart talk at Gabriella’s, Chris and Savannah reconnect on a physical level.
The Next Step [NSFW] -  Chris and Savannah discuss having a family.

High School Story
*The Best of MeSequel to “Everything Happens For a Reason.” Michael has an important question for Cassie.
*Difference of OpinionMichael and Cassie disagree about his group of friends.
Everything Happens For A Reason Cassie gets set up on a blind date with the last person she expected.
The Last Night Michael and Cassie share a special moment on their last night before going their separate ways.
TogetherMichael buys Cassie a special present and they define their relationship.
Winter FunMichael takes Cassie skating.

Just Friends (Unrequited Caleb/MC) -  Caleb asks Cassie to the movies and gets a disappointing answer.

Grayson/MC (Lexi)
Come Back to MeThe time for the final battle has come and Grayson has to watch the woman he loves walk out the door and hope that she will come back.
DistractionLexi tries to work on an important proposal, but her husband has other ideas.
Interrupted  -  Grayson is tired of being interrupted every time he tries to get closer to Lexi.
Missing Pieces Panicked after Lexi goes missing, Grayson puts the pieces together and starts to clue in on what’s been happening over the past several weeks.
Moving ForwardGrayson surprises Lexi by telling her he knows her secret.  
The No Superpower Rule Grayson catches Lexi breaking one of the house rules.
To Be With YouAn impulsive kiss turns into a lot more for Grayson and Lexi.
Wait Until MorningAfter the battle with Silas, Lexi just wants to be with the man she loves. Everything else can wait.  
We Don’t Have Time For ThisGrayson and Lexi get a little distracted before an important press conference.
Irresistible [NSFW] -  Lexi and Grayson have some fun on the way to a Prescott Industries event.
Waited So Long [NSFW] -  Lexi tells Grayson the truth and then they give into the feelings that they had been denying for too long.

Kenji/MC (Sarah)
The Great Costume Debate  -  Kenji and Sarah argue over Halloween costumes.
*Kiss Me At MidnightKenji and Sarah welcome in the New Year together.

Love Hacks
The Rest of Our Lives [TRR Cross-over] (Mark/MC)-  Mark and Evie steal a moment before their rehearsal dinner.

Character Name Guide:
The Royal Romance: Eleanor Sloane (Liam), Amelia Grant (Drake)
Rules of Engagement: Maya (MC), Matthew, Mikayla (party twin), Melissa (nerdy twin), Aunt Natalie, Marcia (cousin)
The Freshmen: Savannah Clarke
Endless Summer: Stephanie Taylor (Jake), Tristan O’Hare (male), April Connor (Estela)
High School Story: Cassandra “Cassie” Martin 
Hero: Alexandra “Lexi” Hart (Grayson), Sarah Monroe (Kenji)
Love Hacks: Evelyn “Evie” Sloane 
(I’ll re-share when I update)


fandom: b.a.p
member/reader: daehyun, female
genre/warning(s): smut, some violence, vampire!au, some bad flirty lines, cheesecake loving dae, what’s it called when dae’s being a dick bc there’s that too
length: 7K+
summary: in which daehyun is a vampire that walks you home + flirts with you 
a/n: ah! i haven’t post in forever, i’m sorry :( also i hit 4k thanks wowie my heart is gonna burst it’s been a good day

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Absolutely Speechless Thoughts about 407

So like, aside from the Octavia stuff, this episode was cooking on all cylinders for me, and god, did it land some gut punches.

I’m gonna get the Octavia stuff out of the way first because…yeah.  I’ll buy what they’re selling (she’s hit rock bottom and longing for something– anything– to make her feel again) but I’m not happy about it.  Her conversation with Murderous Elf Prince was well acted but really heavy handed, and the shift from suicidal to Ready to Bone was a little bit abrupt.  But I’ve struggled with her arc this season and if this means she’s turning over a new leaf and we get some forward progress…sure, okay.  Also, this show’s insistence on what makes a murderer and what doesn’t is shaky at best and I wish they’d stop using that phrasing because it bugs.

The Science Island stuff really worked though, from Clarke’s lovely reunion with Abby to Emori’s delightfully in-character twist at the end.  I am INCREDIBLY CONFUSED how the mansion survived the first death wave not just intact, but pristine but I guess I can chalk that up to some Becca Invention of Future-Plot-Related Convenience because the initial scenes of Murphy cooking and Clarke taking a goddamn break with a well deserved shower and almost nap were on fire.  I wish we could have had Raven in there, giving Murphy increasingly unhelpful hints as he cooks just like he did for her in the flight simulator, but I do like that she was also taking a goddamn nap because literally everyone on this show deserves a nap and a cuddle.

The very convenient red shirt breaking in was puzzling, but it paved the way for Emori to steal the fucking show, so as my darling Moses in Attack the Block would say: allow it.  She really tore shit up, first with that brutal fight and then with her spitting out her whole horrible history and what I really liked about it was contrasting it to Clarke, who has darkness but in a very different way.  I have a lot of feelings about how Emori honed in on how Clarke was clearly loved and cherished as a child, because that is a fundamental to her characterization in a lot of ways.  It sets her apart from other characters, like Murphy and Bellamy and Raven, and it’s a sort of invisible privilege that she doesn’t always recognize.  (Privilege isn’t quite the right word there, because “being loved by your parents” should be a baseline human experience, but it isn’t and it’s a sort of emotional advantage that Clarke has that other characters don’t).  And having Murphy be totally fucking into Emori’s ruthlessness was a delightful surprise that still felt earned and in character.

Anyway, the red shirt solution was clearly an appealing option for Clarke, but I really, really liked that Abby was still all “this is fucking terrible of us.”  I appreciated the wisdom that Abby is bringing to the table there, because Clarke is just like “oh thank god this guy is worthless we can kill him nbd” and Abby’s like “…yeah, but we’re still killing him.”  (Or if he lives, they’re still torturing him.)  It’s an organic difference of opinion built around age and experience and I just love how it’s playing out.  It’s also highlighting how Clarke is unable to see the trees because of the forest, and that indicates some interesting moments for her in the future when they inevitably turn into Mount Weather: Bone Marrow Boogaloo.

Sidenote: real glad Zach McGowan was able to pick up a paycheck for this episode.  Good to see you boo, and I hope next ep we get Roan like, poking at fancy tech stuff in curiosity while Raven impatiently slaps his hand away.  I also totally forgot that Miller was on the island so when Clarke said Roan was unloading the fuel “with the others” I had this great mental image of him and Luna doing it by themselves, because they’re both ripped but he’s crossfit and she’s yoga and man now I want to write a fic with them as dueling personal fitness trainers.

The Arkadia scenes worked well for me too, although the “every other character who isn’t contracted for this ep is magically elsewhere” dialogue felt a little clumsy because how fucking big is Arkadia then?  But whatever, it gave Harper her own storyline that was heartbreaking and human, and well done, show.

But what I really want to talk about is Beard Dad and Bellamy having it out over a radio.  First of all, I’m really glad both Ian and Bob got some solid material for their highlight reels because they both acted the shit out of those scenes with just radios to play towards.  But everything was gut wrenching and in character, because Kane was parenting the shit out of everyone and nobody was having it, not even his Favorite Son Slash Trainee Dad.  

People have already said it already, but thank all that is holy for a Bellamy story that did not revolve around the massacre, but who he is as a person.  And who he is as a person is someone who will save the person in front of him every goddamn time, no matter the risk.  But lately, he’s been fading because he keeps trying to protect people and no matter what, they’re leaving him or dying and he’s utterly powerless against the oncoming radiation.  Bellamy telling those men that he wasn’t coming was agonizing to watch, and it reminded me of Bellamy finding Atom in the woods– he’s helpless and all he can do is listen to them die.  He can’t even give them mercy like Clarke did for Atom.  It’s a stark moment, and we feel every last bit of despair that Bellamy has been fighting for weeks.  

And man, poor Kane.  He was dadding Bellamy as best he could, but Kane has put his season one self so firmly in the past he forgot that not everyone has.  Bellamy bringing up Kane’s role in his mother’s death complicates their relationship in a really challenging way, because so much of who Bellamy is now is because he lost her.  He’s been carrying that guilt and anger around on his own for years, and you could tell it hurt him just a little to unload it on Kane, as deserved as it might be.  (It’s also a very on-brand moment for the Blake Siblings, and let’s have a moment of reflection to thank the new writers who managed to nail this in one fucking episode).  I am really interested to see where Bellamy is next episode, because “not wanting to be saved” is a really bleak place for him, but it’s also a place he’s been headed for this whole season and I cannot wait to see that arc come to fruition.

Next week: Bellamy and Jasper go on a very depressing looking road trip, and Jaha goes Full Cult!

Its On Me (2) (Mark)

Plot: you bump into Mark again after your initial convenience store run-in

Length: 973 words

Genre: Fluff/Angst/Chaptered Fic

*A/N: Part One // casually writes a sequel 10 months later… I hope you guys like it! I know I had various people within the past 10 months asking me to write the sequel, if you’re still around, I hope you guys like it too!!!! 

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Alrighty everyone! Here’s our character of the week! Actually, my sister’s favorite character is The Netherlands, so I’m excited to be able to do him. Anyway, here are some basic facts on our favorite Dutchman!

  • He lacks a canon height, however his sister, Belgium, has described him as “tall and handsome” 
  • He also lacks a canon name, however Himaruya stated that he liked the names Tim, Govert, Abel, and Mogens
  • Originally, in a response to a fan question in 2007, Himaruya said that he wanted to make The Netherlands a tsundere, who is xenophobic and loves to fight. However it is unknown whether he kept these characteristics
  • His volume 3 profile states him as a “solemn,  neat-freak, downer, scheming older-brother”
  • Later on, he is described as a “neurotic, solemn, free older brother, who hates tied things and messy gardens”
  • According to Belgium, he enjoys reading romantic poems
  • He buys his cooking supplies from Germany
  • He “goes Dutch” when it is convenient for him
  • Initially, he was said to be a strong strategist, and is world-dominating type of man.
  • In the Christmas 2011 strip, he prevented others from going to Japan’s house with a seemingly murderous aura, and refused to let his guard down.
  • He and his sister are said to have “difficult relations”
  • However, in modern times, the two seem to have reconciled and they now spend time together. 
  • Out of Luxembourg, Belgium, and The Netherlands, Netherlands is the oldest sibling.
  • He looks like this with his hair down

External image

And that’s about it! Well, of course there are some other things to keep in mind about The Netherlands, but these are just some basic facts. Remember, if you have an idea for who you want as the next character of the week, don’t be afraid to send us a message!

Have a nice day!

“I realized in those moments, the moments when I was crawled on the floor struggling to catch my breath and unblur my vision, that being all alone is not as convenient as I initially thought. That not having someone may mean not getting hurt, but it also meant that there was no one that could kiss my tears away and hold me until I no longer felt like my demons had finally won.” - thoughts I’ll never say out loud.

So now we have a guy who, at a convenience store, decides to initiate an interaction with some kids who are sitting in their own car. He does not like their music (describing it to his fiancée as, “thug”), and he does not like the volume. So he does something about it – he kills.
Did I mention, they are in a parking lot at a convenience store? A place where, pretty much by definition, you are spending only 60 to 600 seconds? A place where, well, you plan to leave? But the AMERICAN PATRIOT Mr. Brian Dunn decided to confront the kids about the volume of their music. These are kids who were sitting inside their own car, and it is he who initiates the interaction. When he got backtalk from them (wow, who knew, teenagers talk back), Mr Dunn pulled out his concealed carry qualified pistol and fired 10 rounds, nine of which hit the car and the kids. Listen to his interview. It is gruesomely fascinating as an illustration of the morons that are allowed to have guns in America. He even shot at them as they were, unarmed, driving away.

so, the elevators in my apartment building are really nice- there’s three of them, and it seems like whenever i walk into the building, one of them is already on the first floor, open and waiting to take me up. it’s really convenient- i initially assumed they had some clever scheduling algorithm where there’s always assumed to be a call from the first floor

but then yesterday i walk up to the elevators, none of which are open, and one of them opens as i walk up to it, before i even press the button. so i step in and quip out loud “the heck? since when are the elevators psychic?”

and then in response, i hear uncontrollable tinny robotic giggling from the elevator’s speaker

so, uh

i guess my apartment building has living elevators! that’s the only explanation! i’m spooked, all right!!!

anonymous asked:

it's funny how people are always pointing out that Lucaya only had almost kiss when Rucas kissed, yet not only it was Lucas who initiated, unlike RL kiss, but it was also enough to make him question all of his Riley feelings

Mhmm. People always conveniently forget that Lucas initiated that almost kiss with Maya and, assuming they’re not hiding something from us, it’s the only kiss he’s initiated to date. He’s yet to initiate a kiss with his actual girlfriend, but he initiated an almost kiss with her best friend?

Bronies: Stop Responding to this idiot

This person is an obvious troll.  She uses Howard Stern as a source and goes so far as to mock the people who’ve committed suicide (which includes the attempt of an 11 year old boy.)

External image

(Image is cropped, and yes there were boob posts, I’m not hiding them or denying them, I’m making the image smaller for convenience)

Initially I was going to make a post about how people need to stop responding about her boobs and move on (seriously, they’re just boobs people, WTF?), but now I’m saying, stop responding because at this point she’s gone beyond troll to someone who shouldn’t be acknowledged at ALL. 

Anyone who’s willing to make fun of people who committed suicide or attempted it are NOT worth your time.  Just let this obvious troll go. She’s only doing it for attention.

Ezra: I got two ponies but I only asked for one.

There has been a lot of “horse play” in Pretty Little Liars. Watching the Christmas episode, the scene with Ezra and Aria stuck out to me. 

Now this was interesting to me, because we have seen a LOT of horses in Rosewood. We have seen them on clothing, and we have seen them associated with Kate, Mona, Hanna, Melissa, Spencer, Mrs. D and Bethany in terms of riding. However, with Ezra we see him talk about OWNING horses. This scene could have just been a cute way of reminding us that Ezra was a privileged child, but, could it have been a clue? 

A few episodes before, in “Scream For Me” 5x08, we see Emily and Spencer go try to find some answers about Mrs. D and Bethany(unrelated to this theory right now.) They have a conversation with a handsome trainer named Declan.


They talk to Declan about Mrs. D and Bethany. A few things stuck out to me in that conversation: 

#1-Declan claims to NOT working with beginners. 

#2-The horse he is with during the scene is named Zarro. We all know Ezra’s nickname was ‘Z’. Connection? 

#3-Spencer asks if they ever let people adopt their horses, and he says they have done it a few times, only SPECIAL CASES(could this be a dig at a mental illness? Nut Case=Special Case? Could this be a possible clue that someone from Radley was allowed to adopt a horse? Could Ezra be connected to someone at Radley? Could be nothing, but it could be something.)

After Declan leaves, they go into the horse barn to look for clues. while in there, they see a riding helmet and Spencer says its her sisters, and to look at the initials, HOWEVER, when she turns the helmet the initials are CONVENIENTLY backward to where for the viewers the initials are H.M.= HANK MAHONEY? What do we know about Hank? NOTHING except he was helping Alison, or helping A or helping the girls or BASICALLY WE DONT KNOW ANYTHING FOR SURE, but what we do know is that Ezra has been absent of late, and his sketchy ways are not behind him. NO ONE is that into finding answers and then just stops cold turkey. So what has he been up to? Playing some behind the scenes with a fake name: HANK MAHONEY? Now IF Ezra DID have horses, when he left his family, would he have left them? Was he fond of them or were they just something he got as a kid? Surely if you grow up with horses you become attached to them. Now, we know already Ezra has changed his name already from 'Fitzgerald’ to 'Fitz’, because he doesn’t want anything to do with his family and he is a writer and he would have to live up to the name. Could he have made a complete other name/identity for when he went to see/ride his horses to keep them safe and his family couldn’t find them? I could see that happening. Why should Ezra get to keep his childhood horses after dis-owning his family and his family’s fortune? Therefore, he has to hide them in plain sight.  

Now, Declan is young and looks somewhat Ezra’s age, so I tried to make a connection and the only thing I could remember is what Ezra told Aria about his friend who owned the B26 cabin(as I like to call it.) Ezra said that he checks on it for his friend. He says something about that there is no cell service and no internet, which seems appropriate for a “cowboy” horse trainer type.

Now I don’t think it was ever said, but I always assumed this “friend” was from his past. Maybe Declan?

This isn’t a solid theory, and there are a LOT of missing parts, but I just noticed that and wanted to jot it down before my thought turned to mush. 

If you have noticed anything that could go along with this theory, and maybe someone can turn it into a solid theory. Or its just a jumbled up mess that isn’t really connected. Let me know!