convenient censorship

wackothagreat-deactivated201608  asked:

Gon and Killua taking a shower

I’ll change it just a little bit and make it a bath ok?


Killua turned the faucet off, the last few drops sending ripples through the smooth clear surface of the nearly overflowing tub. He dipped his fingers in for a brief moment, testing the water, before replacing them with his feet. The water was a little hotter than lukewarm and stung his tired and beaten body nicely. He sunk in feeling the rush of ache then ease overcome his body. His lips parted to release a low groan of satisfaction as he finally settled on the corner, resting his head back and stretching his legs out as best as he could. 

The room echoed with a peaceful silence that was only disrupted by the occasional drip of a water drop as it plopped down into the tub. Killua closed his eyes enjoying the warmth and unwinding effect of the water. He let himself sink down, submerging himself up until the water was up to his face, breathing out in satisfaction. His moment of peace was killed only a moment too soon when the door to the bathroom was thrown open and a bolting ball of energy bursted in.

“KIllua, let’s take a bath together!” Gon declared with a huge smile on his face, towel thrown over his shoulder an no other piece of cloth that could have provided Killua with convenient censorship of Gon’s delicates. 

Killua would have groaned in annoyance had he not been taken by surprised by Gon’s sudden naked appearance causing his voice instead to come out as a half chocked shriek. Killua’s mouth gaped uselessly for a while unable to form Gon’s name. 

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