conveinent store

Fuck the customers (from a gas station employee) that;
1. Open there sandwiches before paying and there for RIPPING the barcode. Especially if it’s during a rush time!
2. The customers that pay for a one dollar soda with a $100 bill. Fuck you especially if I don’t happen to have enough change in my drawer.
3. The specific customer today that complained that the 24oz wasn’t much bigger than the 20oz and they he ‘couldn’t put any more in it’. Like. Yes. Yes you can. You just don’t want to fill it all up. And YES it’s not much bigger it’s only FOUR MORE OUNCES
4. The customers that get mad when I ask for an ID. I’m sorry if I haven’t IDed you before I AM going to ID you, I’ve already got a red card once I don’t want another damn one.
5. The people that say I should be doing something and not just standing around. Like? What the hell do you want me to do? I’ve done all the shift walk, filled everything, and cleaned all the counters SIX times in the past ten minutes??
6. The customers that get pissed that the ‘pumps aren’t working’ and then when I explain that, no, they are working you just put the nozzle in to far so it’s created a vacuum and you just need to take it out and put it back in.
7. The people that get mad that at like 2 am we don’t have ALL our coffees out?? I’m sorry we don’t have our ten types of coffee out?? It’s 2 AM on a Sunday? And the pots needed to be cleaned? And the only one that’s kept 24 hours is the most popular one?
8. The people that don’t read the sign that says our frozen yogurt is 49 cents an ounce, fills the cup up all the way, then screams at me about why the yogurt is $12.00. Like. ITS 49 CENTS PER OUNCE????
10. The lady that walked in with her dog?? That’s clearly not a service dog because of how it was behaving?
11. The people that drive away from the pumps without coming back in for their change THE PUMP CANT BE USED AGAIN UNTIL YOU DO DAMNIT
12. The guy?? That used our cappuccino machine?? And didn’t tell us there was white powder falling out of the side of it?? And just complained that his hot chocolate had to much water in it?? Like if I had known something was going on with it LIKE THE CREAMER POWDER FALLING OUT OF THE SIDE OF THE MACHINE INSTEAD OF GOING IN YOUR CUP I would have comped your coco for you????????
13. The people that go grocery shopping here and their total goes up to like $110 and they complain it’s so much?? Like I’m sorry it’s a CONVEINANCE store? Stuffs more expensive? There’s literally two grocery stores a five minute drive from here one of which is also 24 hours why you doing your shopping here?