Bird PSA

I usually don’t post much about my own dealio and whatnot on here, but there has just been something grating on my nerves that I want to address. Not just because I feel that it Is important, but it might help protect other people’s feathered companions out there…(so this is a mini rant, if you don’t want to read, please keep scrolling)

So today, I was spending some time with my two birds, Izzy (a pineapple Green-Cheek Conure) and Mozart (a traditional variation of cockatiel). My dad and came in asking my to cage my birds and bring them outside. It was a nice day and they love it when I migrate them (in their cage) outside to enjoy the sunshine, but today it was for a different reason. There was a loose cockatiel flying around near my house for the past five minutes and we wanted to see if mozart could potentially calm him down enough for him to land and potentially allow us to take him in. ( I personally don’t know if to method works, but the cockatiel did seem to stick around our house for a longer period of time)

Where I live, we don’t have wild cockatiels, and from what I know they are usually only found in the wild in Australia. But, what is getting on my nerves is that every summer around here I usually end up seeing at least one domesticated bird, usually a cockatiel, flying around. I don’t know if it is the same one, but that facto is kind of irrelevant.

I know that around here it is getting warmer, and bird owners might take their birds outside, but please…please…do it responsibly! That bird relies on you to take care of him or her.

If you aren’t taking them outside safely and responsibly, then the bird could be gone. Also make sure that your screens are in your window, if you have them open, because if you leave the screens up and the bird out, then Your feathered companion might just fly the coop.

The world is probably scary for them, domesticated birds could not know how to get food, or where to find water. They also could encounter a bird of prey, harmful man made structures, and many other potentially deadly objects/scenarios. As a bird owner, I would NEVER want my feathered children encountering any of those things.

Your bird, relies on you, to take care of him or her in the best way possible. Please, be responsible in looking out for your bird so that way they stay safe. Especially, as the temperatures in the United States are starting to spiral up into the 90+ range.

So please, take care of your feathered children this summer, and try to help birds that did get out to the best of your ability.

A little last note: if you no longer wish to take care of your feathered companion, please do not release them to the wild for the same reasons as above…please rehome them, instead.