Inspired by the Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax, we here at Conundrum Towers have expanded our operations to make room for the Annapolis Valley Zine Library. Initially comprised of over 1000 items from our personal collection, compiled after decades of trolling zine fairs looking for talent. The library has discarded the dewey decimal and is divided into five categories: zines, mini-comics (art- and alt-comics), chapbooks (poetry, fiction), art / bookworks, and Billy Mavreas. Located in Greenwich, NS, walking distance from the University town of Wolfville, nestled among apple orchards, old growth maples, and farmer’s markets, we believe this to be the only zine library in the Maritimes outside Halifax. Looking for an intern with library experience to do the extensive cataloguing. 

We are always looking for donations.

Opening hours: Thursdays 10am-12. Or by appointment (

10224 Highway 1
Wolfville, NS, B4P 2R2


The Library
By Chihoi
Debuting at TCAF 2013. Author in attendance!

Published by Conundrum Press
7x9.5 inches, 160 pages, black and white, hardcover

To debut the new Conundrum International Imprint, The Library is the first English edition of Chihoi, a young Hong Kong artist, who has had books published in Chinese, Italian and French.

Reading the short stories included in this volume is like reading someone else’s dreams. “The Library” or “Father” reminds one of Kafka; “I’m with my Saint” feels Gauginesque. All the stories feel like smudged emotions, they speak to regular hurt and deprivation, strength in silence and loneliness in numbers. Questions are asked without question marks and are left unanswered even as the stories end. The Library is book of beautiful pencil lines, written to illustrate the tales we know in our heart but have never witnessed.

Chihoi is a poet of the quotidian, of life’s minutia, of little gestures, of silences. He is also the poet of the invisible, invoking the spirit of a dead person or a lost love, and rendering him/her real. He offers us his stories with a little melancholy at the corner of his smile and he illuminates them with a warm spark. He imbues them with a rhythm, like a conversation, by the pauses. His stories are more complicated than they appear, they are open and complex and full of little contradictions and they resonate long after we turn the last page. They are like the calm after a storm, when the wind finally dies down and the landscape is revealed anew.


Simon Bosse’s Loiterers, out 11/5/14
At long last comes the first book in English from the legendary Montreal cartoonist, screenprinter, editor, and publisher! Loiterers collects three of Bossé’s novellas into one volume. Demon Sweat is a dark fable of a boy navigating a Montreal-like dreamscape, fighting off his demons. The Wild Ones is Bossé’s collection of energetic, complex, and visually stunning wordless strips, informed by both Fritz the Cat and Eraserhead. The title story follows two anthropomorphized teens through playgrounds and suburban backyards looking for that perfect discarded cigarette butt.


Obituary Man
By Philippe Girard
Author is attending TCAF 2013!

Published by Conundrum Press
84 pages, $15.00

Behold: Obituary Man! A nondescript man who gains indescribable energy from reciting the eulogy at the funerals of strangers. He has never felt so alive!

Maurice Petit is the unremarkable type, unaware of his own loneliness until, one morning, on his way to work he feels the crowds in the street press on him. He chokes on the weight of his routine. At work he consults his horoscope, which says that some great threat is close at hand. This warning seems the harbinger of some great end, the death he assumes to be imminent. Next to the horoscopes he finds the Obituary section and the name of a classmate from his elementary school. Maurice Petit has reached that lackluster age when peers die of heart attacks, and his own heart races. As he flees the office he tells the secretary, “I have an appointment with a dead man.”

At the funeral something compels Maurice Petit to stand tall and speak. For a moment he is Obituary Man and has a voice for the dead. But will his newfound power rejuvenate him or get him mixed up with the wrong crowd?

Philippe Girard is the author of a dozen books in French for which he has won a Bedelys Prize and the prestigious Joe Shuster Award. Obituary Man is his third Conundrum title in English and will debut in Toronto at TCAF 2013. His other books in English are Ruts & Gullies: Nine Day in Saint Petersburg and Killing Velazquez.


Have you all watched this Children of the Atom animation? Even if you have, you should watch it again. It’s wonderful.