Just because it seems I have to say it...

Don’t ship real life people unless they’re okay with it.



Don’t ask actors, especially if they’re children, if they’re gay.

Don’t be assholes to minors, It (2017) fandom. Jesus Christ. 

To wrap up,


What is okay: Shipping fictional characters from the It universe. You can ship the characters they play, not the kids.

AoT characters in a nutshell:
  • Eren: One boy's struggle with early onset erectile dysfunction
  • Mikasa: Edgy Ruby Rose recolor uses angry boy as a comfort object
  • Armin: Nerd really wants to go to the beach. Gets eight pack abs along the way.
  • Conny: I love Sasha a lot
  • Sasha: I love Conny a lot but also have a deep backstory about surviving famine resulting in a strong appreciation of being well fed that the fanbase consistently reduces to "haha potato meme girl"
  • Jean: Everyone's a bitch... But what if... I'M the bitch?!
  • Marco: They had to turn him into a meme character so everyone forgets the fact that he was objectively the best one
  • Historia: Killed a giant monster, told the world "I am your Mom now" then followed through with it
  • Ymir: Fuck I'm gay but I also have a crippling complex that causes me to need to live for other people regardless of the harm that may come to me. I have absolutely no self worth.
  • Levi: How many times am I going to lose everything
  • Hanji: I'm deeply traumatized and angry at the world but I cover it up with extreme sadism and by convincing my friends and neighbors that I am a rampant vore fetishist
  • Erwin: I'm here to start Nazi controversy and kill all my own men and I'm all out of men
  • Bertholdt: Bashful tallboy stereotype
  • Reiner: I cannot live without that bashful tallboy or I will succumb to a horrible mental split
  • Annie: Who?
  • Pieck: My petplay fetish interferes with my profession
  • Zeke: Proto Man if Proto Man were a Monkey Daddy. They just put his Mom's texture on his Dad's model and called it a new character.

In the video, Jordan begins the recap song by saying that in the past season Lena and Kara became friends, before yelling repeatedly: “But they’re only friends!”

The cast laughs and Benoist joins in, shouting: “They’re only friends!”

They were referring to a LARGE portion of the Supergirl fan community who want Lena and Kara to have a romantic relationship, a pairing who has been dubbed “SuperCorp.”

Jordan later says: “I’m going to get destroyed for what I just did…I just debunked Supercorp,” and Benoist chimes in, saying: “That’s pretty brave.”

McGrath tried to walk back the cast’s comments, saying that “the great thing about what we do is, like any art, anyone can read into it what they want,” but she was laughed over by the rest of the cast.

Wood then sarcastically added: “Sexuality is all about others’ perception of yours, right?”

A number of fans felt the video was extremely hurtful and dismissive to the fans who ship SuperCorp, many of whom are LGBT+.

They felt it was part of a trend in which fans imagining hypothetical same-sex relationships is seen as absurd, while “shipping” heterosexual characters is accepted.

its so humiliating and makes me so angry and sad, bc for once i’d like my ship to be acknowledged in a good way, i want it to be respected-

— sandra (@karagaynvers) July 22, 2017

it’s always non-canon gay ships that get mocked, as if it’s hilarious & absurd, and hoping for more than friendship is inherently delusional

— sam (@korrasam) July 22, 2017

it’s just sad cuz. lgbt fans can’t trust straight actors lol. they’ll always think gay shipping is something funny or weird or ridiculous

— sam (@korrasam) July 22, 2017

The video is particularly shocking as Supergirl has been previously lauded for their feminist message and positive portrayal of LGBT+ people, particularly through the relationship of Supergirl’s sister Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer.

Alex, played by actress Chyler Leigh, had a coming out storyline earlier this year that was praised by critics and fans alike and LGBT+ fans have followed their relationship eagerly.

Some fans have accused the show of tokenism, using their one lesbian relationship to excuse other incidents homophobia and queerbaiting.

+they’ve actually learned nothing about the importance and necessity of LGBT representation DESPITE all the #Sanversfeedback they received💔

— Eden Singer (@edensinger) July 22, 2017

One Tumblr user says she contacted Benoist’s publicity team to express her concerns about the video and received a response that said she was making “baseless claims” and made her feel “disrespected and patronized.” (Also threatened to sue her)

Fans have found this video particularly upsetting considering the troubling frequency of the “bury your gays” trope in mainstream television.

Last year CW show The 100 controversially killed off a lead character just moments after she had finally kissed (haha. Yeah they just ‘kissed’) her female love interest. The death sparked 300,000 tweets with the hashtag “LGBT fans deserve better”.

In the past two years, 62 lesbian and bisexual women characters were killed off on television, a number vastly disproportionate to the total number of LGBT+ characters.

This is not my work. I just thought this explains why were so angry. I also saw a post on twitter that said it takes a special kind of cast to go to comic con, a place where your supposed to promote your show, and end up losing viewers. And I havr to admit it does.
Senate votes to kill new rule allowing class-action lawsuits against banks after Pence casts deciding vote
The Senate voted Tuesday night to kill a controversial pending rule that would have allowed Americans to file class-action suits against banks instead of being forced into private arbitration or small claims court. Vice President Mike Pence broke a tie and cast the deciding vote.
By Jim Puzzanghera

Jim Puzzanghera at LA Times:

The Senate voted Tuesday night to kill a controversial rule that would have allowed Americans to file class-action suits against banks instead of being forced in many cases into private arbitration.

The move by the Senate followed a similar action by the House in July to rescind the rule. President Trump is expected to sign the repeal legislation, providing a major victory for the financial industry.

Vice President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote after the Senate tied 50-50. All but two Republicans — John Kennedy of Louisiana and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina — voted to repeal the rule. No Democrats or independents supported the move.

The White House said Trump “applauds” Congress for voting to repeal the rule, which would have given consumers “fewer options for quickly and efficiently resolving financial disputes.”

The rule was unveiled in July by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and praised by Democrats and consumer advocates as giving average people more power to fight industry abuses, such as Wells Fargo & Co.’s creation of millions of unauthorized accounts.


Nearly all Republicans opposed creation of the bureau and have pushed to reduce its authority over financial firms. They also have urged Trump to fire Cordray, a Democrat who was appointed by Obama to a term that does not expire until July 2018.

Republicans have complained that Cordray has been too heavy-handed as bureau director, putting in place rules they say have restricted consumer access to credit. In June, the House voted along party lines for a Hensarling bill to repeal many of the stricter Dodd-Frank regulations.

The bill, which the Senate has not yet considered, also would gut the consumer bureau. The director would be subject to removal by the president for any reason and the agency’s independent funding stream would be eliminated, making it subject to congressional appropriations that would allow Republicans to reduce its budget.


Kill All Men Vs Kill All Women. My most controversial video yet!?

anonymous asked:

Are u a person of interest fan? If so, do you think killing root off was a good idea? Also, are u like a fan account, because you post and reblog so many different things hehe idk what u are

Ohhhhh, yes I am a massive POI fan. No I am not a fan account, I suppose, I’m just a user who is very opinionated.

Oh poor anon, you are in for one long, detailed rant here.

But I’ll try to keep it short.

Originally posted by weytani

I’ll answer your question by 3 different perspectives, which for me is the best way to approach this matter.

As a Root/Shaw shipper :

Root and Shaw were undenianly one of the most compelling, multi-dimensional ships I have ever come across, and the plateau on which they were developped was one that has stuck with me ever since Season 2.

Unlike many fans, I quite enjoyed the way the ship was portrayed through Season 4, as I believe that Shaw could never love Root back the way Root loved her. It was just too far out from her emotional capacity. Did I feel like we could have seen more of them? Certainly. Did I leave the episode in which Root dies absolutely devastated? Yes. 

But, the catch is, I love drama. I love pain and angst, and in a way, I think Root and Shaw were always destined to have a very tumultuous relationship (if it were ever to develop to that), so Root dying fed my desire to see a ship struggle if only for the few remaining episodes.

I know there has been a lot of controversy over the whole “killing lesbians off” thing, but I simply refuse to reduce my ship to another victim of that trope. The writers never baited us, I believe. They never tried to lure in the LGBT community, the way I see it. Regardless of whether it did happen, Nolan had been very vocal since the begginning about the show’s genre and intentions.

My one problem is that I wished we had gotten more visual confirmation of the fat that Shoot was canon, and we didn’t get that, because she was killed off that quickly. Although I do suppose the extension of this scene :

Originally posted by dreaduquesne

was confirmation enough.

Good idea? Maybe. It gave a beautiful bittersweet ending to this amazing ship, but it also barred any chance there was of Shaw expressing further how her absence during all that time she was captive affected her and her mindset regarding Root. Sad.

Creative perspective :

Good idea? Definitely.

Like it or hate it, the symbolic “trascendence” of Root to being the voice of the Machine was inevitable. Root has always been Her voice, but, let’s be honest here, Root is probably one of the most tragic, well-developped, drastically changing character to have ever existed.

Since pretty much 3x17 and this :

Originally posted by asleepinawell

I knew Root would sacrifice herself. And it would either be for Harold, or Shaw.

Root was so in love with the Machine that she became it, didn’t she? No. See, my view is that the Machine became Root, in a way. Root was so in love with the Machine, and She was so in love with Root that they kept changing together.

And I know a lot of people hate this, but the Root/Machine relationship to me was as alluring and interesting as Shoot. The writers had to give closure to each respectively, and the way they chose to do it broke my heart but also revealed their brilliance. Which brings me to :

Character arc :

Good idea? It breaks me to say it, but yes. One hundred percent.

Root has had the most incredible, beautiful, unexpected, and world-turning arc I have ever seen in a Sci-Fi show and I will never, ever, let that character go.

She died for a cause she believed, for a man she loved and a Machine she adored.

She didn’t die for Shaw.

That and only that is the singlest saddest thing. Her death wasn’t wasted and yet I find myself wishing she’d at least died for the actual woman she was in love with. Regardless, her journey was beautiful.

LET’S BE FRIENDS:  a mandy && gaz fanmix.

( because everyone needs a gal-pal to paint their nails – and the town – red with, and they’ve just found theirs. )

01. let’s be friends // emily osment. 02.  this is what makes us girls // lana del rey. 03. glory and gore // lorde. 04. jenny // studio killers. 05. flawless // beyonce. 06. ribs (let’s have a sleepover remix) // lorde. 07. serial killer // lana del rey. 08. problem // natalia kills. 09. dark horse // katy perry. 10. controversy // natalia kills. 11. run the world ( girls ) // beyonce.

image credit: freakishfrollic.

'Batman Returns' at 25: Stars Reveal Script Cuts, Freezing Sets and Aggressive Penguins

Twenty-five years ago, Batman returned.

Director Tim Burton and star Michael Keaton upped the ante with the followup to 1989’s Batman, the smash hit that single handedly made the Dark Knight cool for a new generation and jump-started the superhero movie genre that had stalled years earlier with a disastrous string of Superman sequels

Batman Returns, released June 19, 1992, featured less kid friendly characters than its predecessor. Gone was Jack Nicholson’s The Joker, and in his place were the grotesque Penguin (Danny DeVito) and a sexy Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), whose costume bore a striking resemblance to something that could be purchased at a BDSM shop.

These bold characters helped make the movie a classic, but also alienated corporations such as McDonald’s who had a newfound interest in the movie franchise business via promotional tie-ins - and complained loudly about the film’s darker tone.

Here, the film’s key players - Burton, Keaton, Pfeiffer, DeVito, Christopher Walken, composer Danny Elfman and screenwriter Daniel Waters -   look back on the insane sets (complete with temperamental penguins), script changes (Batman shouldn’t talk so much) and a costume so hard to fit into that it was vacuum sealed.

Michelle Pfeiffer was crushed when another star was cast as Catwoman.

Pfeiffer may be the definitive big-screen Catwoman, but it was a role she almost missed out on.

“As a young girl, I was completely obsessed with Catwoman. When I heard that Tim was making the film and Catwoman had already been cast, I was devastated,” says Pfeiffer. “At the time, it was Annette Bening. Then she became pregnant. The rest is history. I remember telling Tim halfway through the script that I’d do the film, that’s how excited I was.”

Determined to make the most out of her time as Catwoman, Pfeiffer threw herself into mastering the whip and kickboxing.

“I trained for months with the whipmaster. On our first day together, I caught his face with the whip and it drew blood. It completely shattered me,” she says.

Pfeiffer would go to perform all of her own stunts with the whip, but found performing on set was infinitely more challenging than at practice.

“I was very nervous on my first day of shooting. I’d gotten pretty good with the whip, but when you show up … you don’t anticipate all the lights everywhere,” she says. “They were set up in places that prevented me from hitting my marks with the whip. So we had to rework the lighting again and again.”


Michael Keaton cut more than half of his Batman lines from the script. 

Screenwriter Daniel Waters envisioned a chattier Batman. Keaton had other ideas.

“My version of the script had more a lot more Batman and Bruce Wayne speeches. Michael Keaton would go through the script and say, ‘Hey, that’s a great line, but you gotta cut it. This is a good speech, but you gotta take it out.’ He wanted to have very minimal dialogue, especially in the Batsuit. When I saw the final film, I realized he was exactly right.”

For Keaton, he preferred to let the suit do of the talking.

“Once I realized how powerful the suit was in terms of an image on screen, I just used it,” says Keaton.

Keaton’s Batsuit wasn’t without its faults. His trademark full body turns were born out of necessity, mainly the fact that he couldn’t turn his head.

“It was a practical move early on to move in a certain way because they hadn’t refined the suit and it wouldn’t function properly, ” says Keaton. “I got around that by making bigger, bolder, and stronger moves from the torso up, and it worked.”

Batman Returns was a victim of franchise-mania.

When Burton made his first Batman movie, he wasn’t thinking about corporate synergy or selling toys. That all changed with Returns.

“At the time with the first Batman, you’d never heard the word franchise. On the second one, you started to hear that word,” says Burton. “On the second one, we started to get comments from McDonald’s like, 'What’s all that black stuff coming out of the Penguin’s mouth?’ So, people were just starting to think of these films in terms of marketing. That’s the new world order.”

Speaking of that black Penguin saliva, McDonald’s had DeVito to thank for that.

“The black saliva was a concoction that I came up with after working with the makeup and the special effects people. Basically, it’s kind of like mild mouthwash with food coloring in it. We had it in a jar with a nozzle on it. Before every scene, I’d squirt it into my mouth,” says DeVito. “Luckily the taste wasn’t that bad.”

“It was the most uncomfortable costume I’ve ever been in. They had to powder me down, help me inside, and then vacuum-pack the suit,” says Pfeiffer. “They’d paint it with a silicon-based finish to give it its trademark shine. I had those claws, and I was always catching them in things. The face mask was smashing my face and choking me … we had a lot of bugs to work out.”

One of those bugs? 

“Originally, they didn’t leave me a way to use the restroom in the suit, so that also had to be remedied as well,” says Pfeiffer.

DeVito didn’t have it much better as he transformed into the Penguin.

“It was four-and-a-half hours of makeup and getting into the costume. We got it down to three hours by the end of the shoot,” says DeVito. “I had pounds and pounds of face prosthetics and body padding, and the prosthetic hands which were hard to use. I kept them on about half the time.”


The real-life penguins had their own dressing rooms.

Working with penguins is harder than it looked, and required those sets be kept much too cold for human comfort.

“I’m the kind of guy that loves being on set, but it was cold as shit because we had real penguins and they had to keep the water really cold. They had these massive air conditioners,” says DeVito. “I was the only one really comfortable, because I had pounds and pounds of face prosthetics and the body padding, not to mention the heavy coat.”

But animal lovers need not worry for the well-being of DeVito’s adorable co-stars.

“They had their own area on the studio lot with a swimming pool and refrigerated dressing rooms. They were very well taken care of,” recalls Walken, who played sinister industrialist Max Shreck.

And like human actors, some penguins were more approachable than others.

“There were three different kinds of Penguins. There were the big ones, the Emperors. They were very docile and sweet. They would walk up to you and you could pet them like a cat. Then there was a middle size who were a little more active. The smallest ones were very busy and aggressive, they’d give you a peck,” Walken says.

DeVito was so committed to the role that he didn’t break character on set.

“Once he was in that costume, he was the Penguin. He was always in character, using the menacing voice. I saw Danny after the movie, never during production,” says Walken.

For DeVito, the Penguin role is something he carries with him today - quite literally.

“When I met with Tim, he gave me a painting of this little creature on a yellow ball with red and white stripes,” says the star. “The caption is 'My name is Jimmy, but my friends call me the hideous penguin boy.’ I’m staring at it right now. I carry it around with me wherever I go.”


There was nothing fake about that memorable bird-in-mouth scene.

Viewers still speculate that movie magic aided in Catwoman holding a live bird in her mouth. Was the bird sedated? Was it CGI? Nope.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed. She had a live bird in her mouth while the camera was rolling,” says Burton. “It was four or five seconds, and then she let it fly out. It was before CG, it was before digital. It was so quick, it seems like it was an effect.”

Pfeiffer says she didn’t stop to ponder potential danger.

“I look back and say, 'What was I thinking? I could’ve gotten a disease or something from having a live bird in my mouth,’” says Pfeiffer. “It seemed fine at the time. I don’t think the bird was drugged or anything. We did that scene in one take. I think Tim likes to torture me a bit, it’s like a little brother [or] brat kind of thing.”

Burton says part of what made her performance great was the unexpected physicality to it.

“Michelle is a great actress, but she also does these funny physical things. Almost fluttering her eyes in the scene where she comes back to life. Her eyes look like a special effects, but that was all done by her,” says Burton.

Another larger than life aspect of Catwoman - her nine lives - is something the one of the film’s screenwriter says he never intended.

“To me, the whole nine lives thing was just a piece of dialogue and vague artistic license. It was never something I considered literally. In my script, and even in the movie, Selina Kyle dies at the end. She’s completely dead after the electric kiss with Walken,” says Waters. “The final shot of her head coming into foreground, that was literally done two weeks before the movie came out. Test screenings showed that people responded positively to the Catwoman character, so the studio wanted a more concrete glimpse that she was still alive.”

A controversial Batman kill wasn’t in the screenplay, according to Waters.

“My friends always asked, 'How can you have Batman kill somebody?’ To me, Batman not killing Heath Ledger at the end of The Dark Knight after proving he can get out of any prison, it’s like 'Come on. Kill Heath Ledger,’ ” says Waters.

But he’s not thrilled with how Batman Returns’ Batman handled capital justice.

“Batman killing the clown by throwing his bomb back at him, that wasn’t in my draft. I know how uptight people are about Batman killing people in the first place,” he says. “To me, if he’s going to kill somebody, it better be worth it. It should mean something. So, when he’s killing people in a devil-may-care way, it’s a little grating.”

Burton recalls the violence this way: “At the time, it felt like we were exploring new territory and it’s probably quite tame compared to now.”

He doesn’t recall the studio pushing back.

“I think that everybody was on board with the fact that these were going to be a different type of superhero movie. Because it felt new at the time, they really didn’t know what to say about it,” says Burton.


That memorable Danny Elfman score almost never happened.

After being hired for 1989’s Batman, Elfman was horrified to learn the producers wanted a pop-heavy score that’d feature the music of the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, and George Michael. He promptly quit.

“I didn’t wanna end up being just an orchestrator for someone else’s tunes, which is what would’ve happened if I went along with that,” says Elfman. “That process didn’t appeal to me very much. There are plenty of people more qualified to orchestrate for a pop artist than me.”

But as fate would have it, he got the call to return to London just a few weeks later.

After an inspiring set visit, Elfman wrote the majority of the score on his flight back. He was desperate to record it all before the flight crew’s landing music erased the score from his brain.

“I was hearing the whole theme in my head, the A section, B section, French horns, first strings, second strings … I was really breaking it all down on this incredibly loud 747. Since I was sitting next to somebody, I didn’t want to yell into my tape recorder. So, I kept running into the restroom, which was even noisier. I guess the bathrooms were close to the engines or something,” he says. “It was getting weirder and weirder, because I kept going back every 10 minutes with new ideas. Every time I came out, there were more and more concerned flight attendants asking me if everything was OK. This was 'pre-heavy terrorism,’ otherwise I’m sure I would’ve end up in some type of handcuffs or restraints. Everyone was like, 'What the f - k is this guy doing every 10 minutes?!’

For Batman Returns, he used much of his same work, building on those themes, and he has fond memories of his work with the Penguin.

"There was this great sequence of the basket flowing down the river and into the sewers. That was very close to my heart,” says Elfman. “The abandoned baby. The Penguin’s death at the end. As silly as it is, I loved that. The Penguins carry his body into the water, I’m a huge sucker for that kind of sentimentality.”

Burton’s Batman team was as efficient as a NASCAR pit crew.

“When we first met, Tim showed me a photograph of Vincent Price in an older film,” says Walken of creating his character. “Tim was fascinated with his costume and his hair, he wanted Max to have that kind of look.”

Walken also remembers how quickly ideas became reality when working with Burton.

“I remember in my office, I had a scene with Michael Keaton and there was a reference to the power plant I was building. I said in rehearsal one day, 'You know, it would be interesting to have some sort of blueprint or mockup of what this power plant would look like,’ ” says Walken. “Within an hour, there was a model of this power plant next to my desk. I remember saying to Tim one day maybe Max should have a certain kind of cufflinks, and in an hour they had those cufflinks. The people who built things on that movie were just remarkable.”

That attention to detail went all the way down to the side characters in the film.

“I can’t say enough for the cast, even the smaller players like Pat Hingle who played Commissioner Gordon. Michael Gough, my Alfred, I really miss him, ” says Keaton, who had a special bond with the British actor, who played Alfred for nearly 10 years through 1997’s Batman & Robin.

Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

Burton says the studio pushed him out of the franchise.

Batman Returns was an undeniable hit, earning $266 million worldwide, but it fell short of the original by more than $145 million and led to Warner Bros. to push for a much more toy-friendly direction for the franchise. Director Joel Schumacher entered the franchise, with bosses at Warner Bros. telling him the studio had received thousands of letters from parents complaining the movie had scared their children. The new director put his own toyetic stamp on Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997), changing the course of the Caped Crusader’s big-screen destiny.

“I don’t know if any ideas made it in,” says Burton of subsequent the subsequent film. “I realized halfway through my meeting with Warner Bros. that they didn’t really want me to do the movie. They kept saying, 'Don’t you wanna go back and do a movie like Edward Scissorhands? Something smaller?’ I said, 'You don’t want me to do the movie, do you?’

Keaton exited the franchise soon after, unimpressed with the script for the followup. This version of Batman was done, but it remains a bright light in the history of the Dark Knight.



On the Trail of Bigfoot’: A 2012 documentary that focuses on the legend of the elusive cryptid.

This reality doc features brief interviews with Dr. John Bindernagel, Researcher John Green, and Professor Jeff Meldrum. Also included are witness testimonies, skeptic theories, and looks into the controversial ‘kill or no kill’ debate.

Run time: 50min 31sec

-The Pine Barrens Institute

My top 5 otps

I made this up because I’m bored af

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Alright the second one is a bit controversial please don’t kill me over it alright respect my opinion please or just ignore it thank you

Pete x Patrick

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Joker x Harley/ Jared x Margot

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Miku x Kaito

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Mario x Peach

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Cynder x Spyro (My first ever otp no joke)

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avatar universe AUs (plots for if you want to write an avatar story)

all benders lost their bending AU

genetically engineered benders are dangerous AF AU

bending is illegal AU

revolution against technology to protect spiritual activity AU

children that resulted of a human/spirit marriage are treated as monsters/outcasts AU.

spirits are greedy and want to take over the human world AU

avatar doesnt give two shits about the world unless you pay him to AU

the airbenders have divided into 2 groups,descendants of aang and those who were born thanks to harmonic convergences, are now at war.

the avatar is deaf AU

we just discovered that our most dangerous prisoner is an avatar.

the avatar has been brainwashed into serving a certain nation AU

nonbenders have released a virus that “cures” benders AU

the OWL went corrupt and is stirring shit all over the world AU

there is a cult that only recruits benders of sub-elements who want create a world where only the “strongest” should survive AU

nonbenders rule over benders and treat them as commodities making the the avatar the most expensive bender AU

four nations lived together in harmony, but everything changed when the avatar attacked AU

these are some plots i came up with during the time i was watching LOK, i have mentioned some of them before on my blog! you can use these AUs for aang, korra and any other OC avatar, just have fun.

edit: was feeling creative so i added a few more!

  • the avatar was assassinated to prevent a prophecy , but their twin sibling is going to take their place in leading the revolution and fulfilling the prophecy themselves AU
  • there is a special academy that only accepts bender from elite families,  now the avatar is one of them and has to stop these upper-class families from ruining shit AU
  • anyone can become an avatar by undergoing a dangerous surgery, but is that really a good idea ? AU
  • a plague breaks out and the avatar is the only cure AU
  • the world is literally divided by a wall where one end live in prosperity and the other live in poverty AU
  • nonbenders control the media and have convinced benders that bending is something to be ashamed of AU
  • the avatar comes from a special bloodbending clan and no one wants to accept him/her as their savior AU
  • the avatar is 30YO but has the mental capacity of a 5YO child AU
  • the avatar is a snotty little shit who gets visited by the future version of himself because he fucked up big time and now the only way to save humanity is for him to die (or is it?) AU
  • spirits go back to possessing humans because they no longer like the idea of immortality AU
  • republic city is worst city in the world because it serves as a host to all criminal refugees and tainted family bloodlines, now world leaders want to bomb it AU
  • technology has taken over, no one bothers to bend anymore AU
  • the previous avatar screwed up (and angered the spirits) now the new avatar has to decide what nation should sacrifice their own element as a compensation for the previous avatar’s act AU
  • benders can no longer wed non-benders, this resulted in a pure/non-purebred controversy, babies are being killed for being nonbenders and vise versa AU
  • the avatar was recruited as a baby to be a riotous person and now they posses a black and white code of morality AU
  • children that resulted of human/spirits fornication have special powers and are stirring shit worldwide AU
  • if the avatar sacrifices him/herself then the humans are saved. if they dont, the spirits will not be. (ie: s/he can only save one of them) AU
  • there are two avatars born at the same time (because of vaatu reasons) and now one represents darkness and one represents light. (story deals with the inner turmoil of both teenagers, especially the one who hosts vaatu) AU
  • the avatar sucks. they cant bend nor are they spiritually active , what to do? AU
  • humans move into the spirit world which somewhat affects the spiritual flow things AU
  • nonbenders created a capitalists society where they have the upper-hand (benders are forced to hide who they are in order to make it) AU
  • for the last 4generations. the avatar was abducted as a baby and imprisoned their whole life,for some-reason this resulted in an extremely egalitarian society (or did it?). the new avatar’s parents manage to hide their identity. its up to him/her to unravel the the leaders worked so hard to hide from their people AU
  • the world is a melting pot. they is no sense of individuality or culture appreciation. its up to the avatar to remind everyone that they should be appreciated and acknowledged for their differences, not ignored AU
  • the avatar hates bending and benders, s/he thinks its time for benders to see what its like to be on the nonbending side of things. (ie all benders are stripped from their ability to bend by the avatar)

*the upper (first) part are things i came up with a while a go, i just thought id re-post them so no one would miss anything!