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everyone going crazy over newest hero being an 11 year old black girl, buddy, guy, my dude, boi, am i the only one seeing controversy in you killing an 11 year old girl in a viddy game?

yeeeaaaahhh i dont think she’s gonna be a hero, maybe the new hero will be a robot she’s built or something? i also saw someone mention the possibility of her building athena a body!!

Okay guys there is good and bad controversy

Good controversy angers the oppressors.
Bad controversy angers the oppressed.

Now let’s put this into fiction.

Good Controversy: Racebending characters, adding diverse people in a story that is predominantly not and in which viewers are uncomfortable with a diverse person being in a powerful position.

Bad Controversy: killing off minorities, offensive story lines, offensive jokes, whitewashing, writing story’s so the oppressors feel empathy instead of writing stories that the oppressed feel safe with.

Now I feel I needed to say this, after Nick Spencers reaction to his shitty teen movie plot “twist”. I feel like I needed to say this after OINTB and fandoms reaction.

If your controversy is pissing of the oppressed you’re doing it wrong.

LET’S BE FRIENDS:  a mandy && gaz fanmix.

( because everyone needs a gal-pal to paint their nails – and the town – red with, and they’ve just found theirs. )

01. let’s be friends // emily osment. 02.  this is what makes us girls // lana del rey. 03. glory and gore // lorde. 04. jenny // studio killers. 05. flawless // beyonce. 06. ribs (let’s have a sleepover remix) // lorde. 07. serial killer // lana del rey. 08. problem // natalia kills. 09. dark horse // katy perry. 10. controversy // natalia kills. 11. run the world ( girls ) // beyonce.

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On the Trail of Bigfoot’: A 2012 documentary that focuses on the legend of the elusive cryptid.

This reality doc features brief interviews with Dr. John Bindernagel, Researcher John Green, and Professor Jeff Meldrum. Also included are witness testimonies, skeptic theories, and looks into the controversial ‘kill or no kill’ debate.

Run time: 50min 31sec

-The Pine Barrens Institute

christ, im all for supporting reblogging over liking art on this site but… i just saw an argument that said “if you dont want to reblog our art thats fine, but dont waste artist’s time with all these ‘like’ notifications” pls… its one thing to say reblogs > likes but saying likes are absolutely worthless is just fucking dumb. get over yourself, sorry. most of yall dont get payed for every single person that sees your work but you sure as hell act like it.
-with love, a tumblr artist

avatar universe AUs (plots for if you want to write an avatar story)

all benders lost their bending AU

genetically engineered benders are dangerous AF AU

bending is illegal AU

revolution against technology to protect spiritual activity AU

children that resulted of a human/spirit marriage are treated as monsters/outcasts AU.

spirits are greedy and want to take over the human world AU

avatar doesnt give two shits about the world unless you pay him to AU

the airbenders have divided into 2 groups,descendants of aang and those who were born thanks to harmonic convergences, are now at war.

the avatar is deaf AU

we just discovered that our most dangerous prisoner is an avatar.

the avatar has been brainwashed into serving a certain nation AU

nonbenders have released a virus that “cures” benders AU

the OWL went corrupt and is stirring shit all over the world AU

there is a cult that only recruits benders of sub-elements who want create a world where only the “strongest” should survive AU

nonbenders rule over benders and treat them as commodities making the the avatar the most expensive bender AU

four nations lived together in harmony, but everything changed when the avatar attacked AU

these are some plots i came up with during the time i was watching LOK, i have mentioned some of them before on my blog! you can use these AUs for aang, korra and any other OC avatar, just have fun.

edit: was feeling creative so i added a few more!

  • the avatar was assassinated to prevent a prophecy , but their twin sibling is going to take their place in leading the revolution and fulfilling the prophecy themselves AU
  • there is a special academy that only accepts bender from elite families,  now the avatar is one of them and has to stop these upper-class families from ruining shit AU
  • anyone can become an avatar by undergoing a dangerous surgery, but is that really a good idea ? AU
  • a plague breaks out and the avatar is the only cure AU
  • the world is literally divided by a wall where one end live in prosperity and the other live in poverty AU
  • nonbenders control the media and have convinced benders that bending is something to be ashamed of AU
  • the avatar comes from a special bloodbending clan and no one wants to accept him/her as their savior AU
  • the avatar is 30YO but has the mental capacity of a 5YO child AU
  • the avatar is a snotty little shit who gets visited by the future version of himself because he fucked up big time and now the only way to save humanity is for him to die (or is it?) AU
  • spirits go back to possessing humans because they no longer like the idea of immortality AU
  • republic city is worst city in the world because it serves as a host to all criminal refugees and tainted family bloodlines, now world leaders want to bomb it AU
  • technology has taken over, no one bothers to bend anymore AU
  • the previous avatar screwed up (and angered the spirits) now the new avatar has to decide what nation should sacrifice their own element as a compensation for the previous avatar’s act AU
  • benders can no longer wed non-benders, this resulted in a pure/non-purebred controversy, babies are being killed for being nonbenders and vise versa AU
  • the avatar was recruited as a baby to be a riotous person and now they posses a black and white code of morality AU
  • children that resulted of human/spirits fornication have special powers and are stirring shit worldwide AU
  • if the avatar sacrifices him/herself then the humans are saved. if they dont, the spirits will not be. (ie: s/he can only save one of them) AU
  • there are two avatars born at the same time (because of vaatu reasons) and now one represents darkness and one represents light. (story deals with the inner turmoil of both teenagers, especially the one who hosts vaatu) AU
  • the avatar sucks. they cant bend nor are they spiritually active , what to do? AU
  • humans move into the spirit world which somewhat affects the spiritual flow things AU
  • nonbenders created a capitalists society where they have the upper-hand (benders are forced to hide who they are in order to make it) AU
  • for the last 4generations. the avatar was abducted as a baby and imprisoned their whole life,for some-reason this resulted in an extremely egalitarian society (or did it?). the new avatar’s parents manage to hide their identity. its up to him/her to unravel the the leaders worked so hard to hide from their people AU
  • the world is a melting pot. they is no sense of individuality or culture appreciation. its up to the avatar to remind everyone that they should be appreciated and acknowledged for their differences, not ignored AU
  • the avatar hates bending and benders, s/he thinks its time for benders to see what its like to be on the nonbending side of things. (ie all benders are stripped from their ability to bend by the avatar)

*the upper (first) part are things i came up with a while a go, i just thought id re-post them so no one would miss anything!
MTV Airs Racist & Uncalled For Segment Featuring Rebel Wilson and Her "F--- Tha Stripper Police" T-Shirt During VMAs 2015 [TW: Racism, Ethnocentrism, White Privilege, Offensive Content]
Rebel Wilson delivered an uncensored moment at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ star took the stage wearing a cop costume before ranting about disappointing police strippers.

Rebel Wilson delivered an uncensored moment at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The Pitch Perfect star took the stage wearing a cop costume before stripping it off to reveal a “F— Tha Stripper Police” shirt.

Wilson, who presented the award for best hip-hop video, began by saying that “a lot of people have problems with the police,” suggesting that she was going to say something about police brutality and recent, controversial police-involved killings.

But instead she went on a rant about disappointing police strippers, ripping off the costume to reveal her obscene shirt. MTVs censors likely weren’t laughing though as the “F word” in Wilson’s shirt wasn’t censored, and while MTV tried to avoid frontal footage of her from the top of the shirt down, the writing on her shirt could be seen on monitors on the stage and from side and distant shots. Furthermore, the top of the “F word” was also seen from the main camera on Wilson.

“They come to your house. You think you’re getting arrested, and you just get a lap dance and it’s usually uninspired,” Wilson said. “I hired a police stripper for my grandma’s 80th and he wouldn’t even feel her up…I hate this injustice, hence the shirt.”

Wilson went on to present the Moonman for best hip-hop video to Nicki Minaj for “Anaconda.”