controversy era

the end of The Daemons aka the UNIT Dating Controversy is real
  • Jo’s love for Three destroys the monster
  • Three tells UNIT not to hurt the Master because he wants to visit his problematic boyfriend in prison for secret funtimes “deal with him”
  • Jo and Three and Benton dance around a maypole
  • Yates asks the Brigadier to dance
  • The Brig suggests a drink instead and they run off to the pub together

this will never not be funny and utterly perfect


Hurrem Sultan was one of the most powerful and influential women in the Ottoman history and a prominent and controversial figure during the era known as the Sultanate of Women. She was “Haseki Sultan” (chief wife of the Sultan) when her husband, Suleiman I, reigned as the Ottoman sultan. She achieved power and influenced the politics of the Ottoman Empire through her husband and played an active role in state affairs of the Empire.


Project: 028.170
Available: 03.21.15
Style: Authentic Pro “S” and Slip-On Pro “S”

Vans Syndicate collaborates with auteur, provocateur and skater Harmony Korine. Harmony gained fame as the teenage writer of the controversial HIV-era cult classic film Kids that was set among the burgeoning mid-’90s New York skate scene in which he was immersed at the time. Harmony continues to write, direct and produce a growing body of influential films, books and works of fine art. Harmony created the custom checkerboard print pattern and his artwork is featured in the footbeds on his Authentic Pro “S” and Slip-on Pro “S” styles in canvas and suede.

Authentic Pro “S” and Slip On Pro “S”
•     Suede/Printed Canvas with custom Harmony Korine artwork on the uppers and footbeds
•     Enhanced cushioning in UltraCush HD sockliners
•     Vans original waffle gum sole featuring Harmony Korine’s original art

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Prince's Controversy Era.

There’s something so dirty and raw about this period during Prince’s career, that is such a turn on. I love the Controversy era. The exploration of ones sexuality mixed with the battle of not letting society define who you are, is just so perfect during this time. He wasn’t going to allow anyone to control him or his ideas which is such a liberating thought. In this time and age, it resonates so well with me because we believe we have freedom, but we really don’t.  We are truly apathetic and mainstream music echoes that behavior. The controversy that Prince wanted to create wasn’t forced like many modern artists try to evoke today(I don’t need to name anyone in particular, I think we can all think of one) but rather a natural and untamed behavior, that needed to be released. His music was playful and not pretentious which creates a sense of freshness still to this day. He wanted to play with different ideas that created controversy such as politics,religion, sexuality and gender roles but through the ideas of a wild youth that was still discovering itself. Thanks Prince for creating such a great album full of rebellious ideas towards society and its norms and rules. 

/Miss X

  • #’s 6-10
  • Adele being put at #5
  • Dementia Lovato being on this list 
  • the fact that they played Run Away With Me at the end as intentional Carly shade
  • the fact that this was obviously made by Taylor Swifferduster’s team since WatchMojo likes to ride her cock so damn much

HERE’S what the list should’ve looked like (all personal bias aside)

[in terms of success, record sales, hits, iconography]

  1. Adele or Rihanna (most album sales vs most record sales)
  2. Beyoncé (two iconic record breaking albums, longevity)
  3. Katy (only 2 albums this decade and snatched 8 #1′s and SB halftime)
  4. Gaga (biggest name in music from 2010-2011)
  5. Taylor (spent a lot of money buying her own albums+awards)
  6. Nicki Minaj (big hits, very popular)  
  7. Kesha (has 2 #1s and was a big deal during the beginning of the 10′s)
  8. Miley Cyrus (she was big during her Bangerz era, controversial)
  9. Carly Rae Jepsen (she has a #1 hit not everybody has that)