People are dying...

People are dying
Do you even care?
It’s not just one group
Under attack
Death is everywhere
Because you didn’t win
You riot
Gather in the name
Of hatred and vengeance
Where has that gotten us?!
We’ve seen it all before
Now is the time
To open your eyes
Don’t just believe
What the media tells you
They don’t show
The whole story
Some is completely ignored
Things are being twisted
Left and right
We need to think for a moment
On a better way
There is not just
right or wrong
Don’t give a shit
What your party is
If your straight or gay
Black or blue or white
None of that matters to me
Yea I know
Black is black
And white is white
But in between
There a gray area
Where we need to unite
Yes it is true
There is a war going on
But it will not be won
With militia and guns
But with manpower
Of a different kind
Gathered as one
Put your differences aside
You need to stop for a second
You NEED to listen to me
This isn’t about politics
Or the “right religion”
It’s about our integrity
Our courage to stand up
Against what we know is unjust
I am prepared
On every front for battle
No I don’t need a gun
My mind is my only weapon
Prepared over the years
A madman once said
The pen strikes stronger
Then the canon
I am ready
For the consequences
Of my words
I’ll write them anyways
Go ahead and close the door
I’ll find another way
I am your consciousness
Screaming out
For once listen
This is not the right
Way of thinking
Take what comes
But do not
take It in stride
Take it and change it
Into a better way
I can’t scream any lounder
I’m running out of words
To make you hear this
There is a silent war
right before your eyes
Yet you don’t see it
Our world is falling
Into the abyss
I refuse to fall with it


RuPaul caused a controversy at the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards when he presented an award with actor Milton Berle, who performed a different type of drag early in his career. The two had conflicts back-stage, and when Berle touched RuPaul’s false breasts, RuPaul ad-libbed the line “So you used to wear gowns, but now you’re wearing diapers”. A surprised Berle replied, “Oh, we’re going to ad lib? I’ll check my brain and we’ll start even”. The press portrayed the exchange as a crack in the “love everyone” message RuPaul presented, and as a young newcomer treating a legend poorly. RuPaul would later describe the situation in his autobiography, describing Berle’s behavior backstage as sexually inappropriate and rude. He did regret the situation, saying: “Of course, what I should have done backstage is told him ‘Get your dirty hands off of me, you motherfucker!’, and then gone out there and been Miss Black America”. (x)

The signs as "taboo" conversation topics
  • Political views: Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn
  • Religious views: Cancer, Aquarius, Libra
  • Drugs: Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus
  • Sex: SCORPIO, Aries, Leo

I would say that sometimes it is okay to be the heartbreaker.

Sometimes you have to have blood running down both arms and a quivering heart in your hands. Sometimes it’s alright for you to look up at the sky and selfishly call it your own.

Okay, so heartbreakers are cold, calculating and cruel. Okay, so you are none of these, and yet you are all.

Place the heart down now and give it back to its rightful owner. It was never yours to keep anyway. Apologise and let it go.

You see, some days you will be the heartbreaker and you will be the unrequited love of someone’s once-upon-a-time story. Other days it will be you feeling the weight of someone else’s hands inside your chest. The truth is humans leave streaky, bloody messes everywhere they go and that’s just life. And that’s okay.

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #106 “What would you tell someone who’s never had their heart broken? I feel like I’m always the bad guy.”

I don’t understand why people knock down Marilyn Monroe. Saying “she’s not worthy of being a role model,” or “she was just a whore,”. Marilyn Monroe was an amazing woman. In her time and in our time, she stood and stands for so much. She was an Independent woman with a passion, she loved acting and did it even though she wasn’t paid as much as she should have. She was comfortable with her body, she wasn’t the skinniest woman in the world, but she flaunted it like no other. She was an activist for equal rights for gays and all races. She was a business woman who had her own film company. She was an inspiration for women that dreamed of getting out of the typical homemaker role. If you think that her faults with men and her provocative nature don’t deem her “worthy” of being a role model then you must think society is perfect… She deserves credit for being a bad ass woman who stood out of the norm in a time when that wasn’t encouraged. Why can’t a woman be intelligent and flirty ? 💋❤

Under ancient Jewish law, suspects found unanimously guilty by all judges were set free. Legislators of the time believed that unanimous agreement was a sign of errors in the judicial process, reasoning that if something seems too good to be true, a mistake was probably made. Source