Is Being Gay… even gay at all… ?

The male anatomy in comparison to the female anatomy is surprisingly the same. What school and religion don’t teach you is that a man is a woman, inside turned out… This is in truth the only difference that a man and a woman share… Both men and women:

1. Have a prostate… yes women, just like men have a prostate… it’s just in our society that the female prostate is not discussed much or in majority of the case… never at all! Did you know that a woman has a prostate?

2. Men have periods… there is research and evidence to back this up… because men are (inside out), men do not bleed, but some men, more than others, do and have the capability of experiencing their own version of PMS, noted as, Man Periods… these symptoms mirroring a females version of PMS… stomach cramps, mood swings, and even hot flashes… these brought on due a man own monthly hormonal cycle… why isn’t this widely mentioned?

3. Men can and have the capability to breastfeed… Males like women have milk ducts and some mammary tissue… They also have oxytocin and prolactin, hormones responsible for milk production… wow right?

4. Men actually do have a womb called, The Müllerian duct… this duct would normally disappear in male fetuses, because males produce hormones that reduce and eventually cause it to disappear… This duct if hormones are not produced fast enough or correctly enough, it turns into a womb… This is also the explanation to people being born with both female and male genitalia and reproductive organs…

5. It is easier for a man to become a woman, than it is for a woman to become a man… because in scientific theory a woman can bring forth life (naturally) which makes her complete… in religious theory we are created to recreate Gods image and likeness… the same as a copy machine, except physically we don’t all look the same, but in spiritual theory, we are all the same… energy, gained consciousness… awakened by the awareness of ourself… apart of the human experience… A man is incomplete because naturally without a little redesign… he can not bring forth life… he can only be a fertilizer of life… even the fruits and vegetables that we grow and that provide us with nutrition need a fertilizer to grow or grow properly or grow even better…

6. Men are not the only ones that can produce sperm… Advances in human knowledge have made it possible for a woman to reproduce without a man… so, in religious theory… it’s really not all that far fetched, of a story about the conception and birth of, Jesus Christ from actually happening… In fact perhaps something of this nature could have taken place… if man is capable of creating this one to 9999.999% of a chance that nature would do this, Jesus, being the only human being given this honor of being that 0000.001% of a chance, being born without the aid of a man… I can almost guarantee something of this magnitude, in a world with no scientific explanation, living in a society of little to no, scientific research… could you imagine the stories that would come from such an event…

7. Yes… information in our period of time moves pretty much in seemingly rapid successions, just as fast as light travels through darkness, sound travels without gravity pulling at its tone… and as swift as energy moves from here to there… All at the tip of our fingers, the click of a button, the instant brew of the human thought… Imagine how fast stories from out of that region of the world would have spread… each story crafted to be better than the one that they heard previously, by ambitious men wanting tell the greatest story… to create a philosophy… an ideology… an order based on this single event, with the intent to shape their society… change the culture… direct the behaviors of those that lived amongst them, however they saw fit, under a fabricated cover of being inspired by the spirit of God… it would not be implausible for a book of religious rhetorics , hypocrisies, an excuse for war, a horrible presentation of God, contradictions, controversies so great that they cause outbreaks of death and murder… the cause for entire generations being wiped from the face of the Earth… all stemming from them daring to believe in something otherwise… men that made themselves with ink and a pen… that established themselves as a religious authority… as God’s mouthpiece… them only having the blessings of God to be able to hear him speak from their ignorant thoughts of Heaven… and where it actually is not… by putting their thoughts… some from a pure intent and others stemming from greedy intentions to paper, further establishing their words as the principles of Heaven for the guide for mankind…

8. Males can not in scientific theory produce eggs, which is the beginning of our human experience or becoming a complete and conscious human being… Women are the portals to life from a spiritual theory and think of a males sperm as being a form of food… a physical provide of natures nutrition, giving us (the egg) the strength to move onto the next journey of human development with the womb…? Science now has discovered the ability to create, Male eggs… and these eggs could also be fertilized by another man and carried by his partner, allowing two men to father a single child together, just as a man with a woman… I’m sure the birth would probably have to result in a C-section, but woman have that same procedure each and every day because they can not give birth in the traditional since…

9. Men are just as emotional or can be just as emotional as a woman is noted to be…

10. Did you know that just as science can create, Mâle eggs. Women can produce their own sperm with the help of science, using her own bone marrow… The only set back science notes is this method would only produce female offspring… Maybe it’s not really a set back after all… Nature left in the care of chance… left under the watch of the impossible or what has never been seen before… anything can happen… God doesn’t make mistakes and a mistake that causes complications in our subjective eyes and our easily disrupted thoughts, may not be a mishap of nature after-all… it is being left in the care of chance and the probability of all things being possible… once again, anything can happen…

So, I say all that to establish the foundation of this thought…? Is being gay even gay at all…? Imagine how the world… how our society… how religion would lose its grip, how religious theory would have to be rethought and revised… imagine the impact that this would have on human sexuality, how an embrace of these truths that have been provided, as secretly as a secret can be kept… imagine the impact on sexual freedom… no longer would people who enjoy having an empty mind be occupied with something that is clearly a natural occurrence of nature, to hate…

Is our society ready to embrace the truth of same sex attraction? Same sex relationships? And then toss in God’s greatest expression… which is Love…

In my greatest opinion… Being gay is not gay at all… what society has given to us, as to what it is or means to be gay, it is nothing next to the truth… in fact, it is as far away from being a truth, as Heaven is ultimately distant from this ever expanding universe…

Gay doesn’t exist… no one can honestly be gay… the ways that we experience sex and relationships is really a matter of human sexuality and human nature, ultimately displaying nothing different from what we can already see, even in the extended lives of our extended family… the Animal Kingdom… homosexuality or what one would consider “gay” goes on there as well…

Tony Talks… Let me know what you think?


The Doctor is established as being half-human in the TV movie. Shortly after, before launching their Eighth Doctor comics with Endgame, DWM did their final Seventh Doctor story Ground Zero

Ground Zero is still controversial because it features the death of Ace, and to be fair, it’s not the best thing Scott Gray (otherwise great) has written (it feels rushed and most everyone’s characterization is unfortunately hollow). 

Still, it’s a nice little story that really isn’t as controversial or intentionally contradicting as everyone makes it out to be. Ace is evidently not her teenage self, and Lungbarrow definitely leaves room for the Doctor to have nipped away before going to Skaro. The fact that the intent behind the story was to contradict and bash VNA continuity overwhelms the actual story, me thinks. 

Which might be why people don’t talk enough about how the comic implies Susan is part human as well. 

She and the Doctor are both able to enter the physical dimension of human unconsciousness despite assertions and reminders the entire time that aliens and non-humans would be rejected or destroyed utterly. The TARDIS is practically ripped to shreds because she’s alien when entering the unconsciousness, while Susan and the Doctor are right as rain. 

The Doctor even says to the Threshold, moments before enacting his plan to enter the unconsciousness, he’s “more human” than he looks.  And he stresses to Susan again and again that they’ll be fine, and that surviving the unconsciousness has nothing to do with the TARDIS defenses. 

Makes Susan’s son Alex, from BF’s An Earthly Child, Relative Dimensions, and Lucie Miller/To the Death, being less than 7% Gallifreyan, make a little more sense, don’t it? 

transcription of sufjan stevens’ “don’t look back” interview

interviewer [voiceover]: here’s the tale of two songs and how they helped sufjan stevens reconcile the sexual and the spiritual. and it came via a little-known california songwriter.

sufjan: judee sill was a very unknown folk singer, sort of like uh, joni mitchell, uh, in the seventies. and she only had a few records, and she died prematurely, and she was a very troubled woman but she was a great songwriter. and her stuff is being more celebrated now. but my stepdad loaned me a mixtape of her music, maybe in high school or college? and i remember the song “jesus was a cross maker.” and it’s a beautiful song that confuses the sacred and the sensual and really extenuates– ‘cause she sings about heartbreak and a lover, but also about just… dutifulness… with the same kind of erotic passion.

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a small meta about harry's character in CURSED CHILD

i saw cursed child irl yesterday, and although there were lots of….really bad things (all the queerbaiting can fuck riiiight off), there were also some really good things, and the play was far better than the script conveyed. in fact, some lines had even been changed and whole new scenes added in. but there was one thing that really stuck out to me. i’m about to say something pretty controversial (?) here, and even contradict what i myself had earlier said. and its in regards to the character and ‘ooc’ness’ of harry potter in the cursed child. and that line. you know which one i’m talking about.


when i read the script i really hated harry’s character. it felt like he’d been destroyed, changed, supremely fucked up into an angry, cruel father. i, like literally everyone else, took to twitter and got really fucking angry. i gave the book 2 stars (and i do still stand by that).

but then i saw the play.

the play is actually….really quite good. i could talk for a while about the choreography, the casting, and the acting and how they’re on point. but this is a post about the story and this is a post about harry.


one of the first things my dad did as we broke for the interval, and this is after the ‘sometimes i wish you weren’t my dad’ / ‘well sometimes i wish you weren’t my son’ thing, was look at me and tell me that he was quite frankly unnerved. i asked him why and he said ‘because this is so realistic. because that is a realistic portrait of who harry would be in his forties.’ there was something about the look on his face that made me think, you know what, a harry potter story nearly made my father cry.

my dad is older than harry would be, but he has kids pretty much exactly the same age group as lily & albus/james. and honestly, when he said that, i was confused because i still saw that scene as ooc. so we talked about it, and my mum actually agreed with him, and they both said that to them, harry had changed in a way that is realistic to the way adults change into middle age and parenthood. and i began to understand. my dad did not go through a childhood like harry’s, and sometimes he lashes out, says all kinds of shit he doesn’t mean, regrets it within seconds but continues to make those mistakes. my mum is the same. and i think most parents (unless you live an ideal life) are also the same.


also; harry suffered a huge amount of shitty abuse as a kid and to have his own son throw that back in his face, even in a classic angry teenager way (gestures to self), must really hurt. i read some posts by abuse sufferers/survivors and many said that it’s a common effect of childhood trauma / ptsd to have random outbursts of anger and irrational temper. and maybe there’s a parallel to goblet of fire /half blood prince era when harry is really suffering and traumatised and acts in a similar way to ron and hermione.

actually i think harry’s mental health is really beautifully addressed in the play which doesn’t come across in the script so well (theres this scene where he’s sitting on the stairs crying & there’s his younger self below the stairs crying and there was me, also crying).


so, to sum up, if you’ve read this whole thing.

the events of the cursed child take place literally over 20 years after dh, and harry is in his forties. he’s not a child anymore - he lives a totally different life - and therefore of course he’s not who he was at 17. he’s overworked, tired, struggling, and pretty obviously still suffering from ptsd. he may be ooc compared to harry from the early books, but overall i believe that he is painted as a pretty accurate picture of an adult harry potter.

oh, and a psa, i’m not excusing his actions, they were still really shitty, particularly in the au world with the map and accusing scorpius. but i think we may have been too harsh on the writing. 


Literally Who Is Shocked News: Brianna Wu Lies About Her Privilege

Brianna Wu goes against her own statement of receiving $200k from her parents. To misdirect people from the truth, she changes the element of the story she originated herself.

Sorry Wu, but if this is a myth, why are you omitting that you yourself are our source? Why are you changing when and for what you received those money?

If we had a real gaming journalism, a making contradicting claims controversial figure in industry would have her story scrutinized.