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The Resistance, or protests against Trump beginning since November 8th of 2016, fights for peace and justice for all people. However, Pepsi recently decided that they want to fight for peace and justice for all people…while selling cans of their soda for loads of money.

In the recent 2-minute commercial, Kendall Jenner is modeling in front of photographers while a demonstration is taking place outside the modeling studio. The commercial features small clips of couples kissing, a hijabi Muslim taking pictures, among Trump opposers protesting in the streets. Later, Kendall removes herself from the studio and joins in on the demonstration by giving one police officer a Pepsi; as a result of her valiant act, the Resistance cheers, and multiple people begin drinking Pepsi.

This is problematic in so many ways, so let’s break it down:

1. Kendall Jenner is obtaining fame through a political commercial, yet she has never been political before this.

Besides mentioning her approval and support for then-candidate Hillary Clinton, Kendall has absolutely done no protesting of Trump and his radical policies. In an Instagram post, Jenner announced her support of Clinton, captioning one of her photos as “Shirt by @themarcjacobs. History by @hillaryclinton.” Despite being a female member of one of the most outspoken families in the country, Kendall Jenner has failed to attend little to any protests. But some protests weren’t in her area, so we’ll just let that slide… wrong. Kendall Jenner failed to attend the Women’s March, a series of protests held around the entire globe, even in remote places with small populations.

2. Pepsi is appropriating the Resistance for money.

Pepsi also, as a company, has never taken a stance on politics. Similar to Kendall’s issue, Pepsi is using their platform not to provoke change, but to make money off of the suffering of others.

3. Kendall Jenner wasn’t arrested, but Ieshia Evans was.

In 2016, Ieshia Evans was arrested by the police for protesting the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge. The photo sparked controversy, but a similar set-up occurred in this Pepsi video. Kendall came face to face with the police, but instead of receiving handcuffs, she gave them a Pepsi and receive cheers and applause. The Huffington Post says:

The image of Jenner approaching the police line is all too similar to the widely shared photo of Black Lives Matter protester Ieshia Evans in Baton Rogue in 2016, as Elle notes. Unlike Jenner, however, Evans was arrested. If only she had a Pepsi in hand.

This is just one of the countless examples of when celebrities use their fame to exploit national crises and obtain money. Like Gigi Hadid embracing her Palestinian side, the rest of Taylor Swift’s white girl squad is appropriating the struggles of millions of Americans.


Emma Watson addresses Vanity Fair photo controversy

Source: The Star Online

Looking for Shimakaze cosplayer to nut on her butt - 20 (Ax)

On July 3rd, I have decided to fulfill a fantasy, a reenactment from a controversial photo titled “Shimakaze butt nut”. In specifics, I would like to be the best cosplay photographer I could possibly be , and nut on the butt of a Shimakaze cosplayer. All Shimakaze cosplayers are welcome, as long as you dont get -too- creepy. All you have to do is show up in cosplay, on time. This is NOT a joke, please don’t send me troll messages.

  • No Cameras or recording devices
  • You MUST be in character at all times
  • No furries.
  • Nobody over the age of 40.

  • If seriously interested please send me a message. Thank you.
  • Location:Anime Expo

So Kylie Jenner uploads a picture of herself apparently looking black and receives comments like this, yet Nicki Minaj can look white in photos and nobody bats a fucking eyelid!?

People need to understand that not accepting a white person (such as Kylie Jenner) appearing black, but being totally comfortable with a black person (such as Nicki Minaj) appearing white, is racism.

There is no difference in what these two women did and the fact that “because Nicki Minaj is black, it’s fine” completely fucking disgusts me.


Charlize Theron’s son likes wearing an Elsa costume and people got really transphobic about it

The controversy arose over photos of her son Jackson, now 4, dressed as Elsa from Frozen. This week, Jackson was spotted, with his mom, wearing a dress and a hat with a long Elsa braid. It wasn’t long before Twitter trolls started slamming the actress for her decision to let Jackson dress like a princess.

Better not soldier on

Could I just sort of mention, that Mycroft keeps telling Sherlock and John all along, that this - Eurus’ wicked tasks - are no game.

What is this? We can’t do this. Is this supposed to be a game?

Used to games and used to tricky cases however, Sherlock and John rush on. Obviously annoyed by Mycroft’s refusal to join in.

Sherlock: What do you make of it?

Mycroft: Am I being asked to proof my usefulness?

Sherlock: Yes, I should think you are.

Mycroft: I will not be manipulated like this.

Also, not only does Mycroft anticipate exactly what Eurus has in store for them, he also tries to warn them both.

Well done, Dr. Watson. How useful you are. Do you have a suspicion we’re being made to compete with each other?

Yet Sherlock and John are trying to pull through - as Soldiers. After all they have solved a great many tricky cases. But this one here: each single task should convince them, that they are not going to win. And they might remember for a moment that Eurus would have been perfectly happy with blowing all three of them up just about a day ago.

Nonetheless - nothing of this causes them any uncertainty. They. just. soldier. on.

Eventually the three of them reach the moment to realise that the out of control aircraft is now heading towards a city, and thereby promising to claim even more victims. Again it is Mycroft who points this out, trying to convince Sherlock and John that they need to help the girl steer the plane away from mainland to avoid further casualties.

Cruel as it might seem, Mycroft is right. And John’s reaction, his look and him backing away, are entirely infuriating (to me at least). Even now John and Sherlock think they might solve this case - this final problem.

So we find them, after Sherlock shattered Molly to pieces and still believing that he might be on the winning team, in the elimination game, when finally - FINALLY - Sherlock realizes that he will not win, as long as he plays along.

He decides to go against the rules, putting an end to the game and forcing Eurus’ hand - a hand they had to fear all the time anyway. There was no promise by her of any sort that any of them three was supposed to survive the day. 

So here it takes us to the controversial Chess Photo, that shows Sherlock’s revolt, throwing the pieces towards the observer - which might very likely be Eurus.

After rewatching the episode I find the picture quite misleading.

It was Mycroft who didn’t play by the rules all the while.

No idea what would have happened if Sherlock for once would have listened to what his brother said, instead of telling Mycroft to shut up again and again.

Maybe just sometimes Mycroft DOES know better.

anonymous asked:

Vernon fluff/angst request?? You're a foreign idol that participates in ISAC and and you notice that Hansol's alone so you introduce yourself and end up liking each other. but slight controversy starts after photos of you two "flirting" at the event.

You pace around the field, the only member of your entire group in the “foreigner section.” You hated it. Sure, it was nice to talk to others who spoke your native language, but, you wanted to be with your members- you wanted to participate with them and cheer them on. You wrapped your hair around your finger and gave a deep sigh, glancing around the field at the other “foreigners”. 

Your eyes caught onto a fair, brunette boy who seemed just as disappointed to be there as you did. 

Well, I guess I might was well try to settle in, you thought to yourself. You gave a shrug and picked up your umbrella, walking towards the boy. As you got closer your brain started to recognize him. Obviously he was an idol, but from where?

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Zayn Malik’s guide to staying relevant: Release headline-worthy content on the heels of 1D news

So Zayn kind of spoiled the 1D “finished the album, just had a phenomenal show in Kansas City, leaked a little bit of the album, oh and by the way Louis is holding a ball for sick children” headlines by announcing his solo career.

This isn’t the first time Zayn unveiled big news immediately after One Direction does something of note. Once or twice is a coincidence. More than that? Well, this might be a strategy. This is something Zayn has been doing since the start of OTRA picking up again.

Zayn has also been tweeting more this month than he ever has. That’s no accident.

I’m putting a timeline together of times Zayn headlines have collided with big 1D news within 24 hours of eachother. If you have anything to add, send it to me and I’ll put it in.

June 5/6 - OTRA kicks off again and 1D perform at the Capital Summertime Ball

June 6 - Perrie posts a photo of Zayn debuting his green hair. 

June 9 - TCA Award nominations are released and Zayn and 1D are up against each other in one of the categories. 1D gets some positive headlines for offering to meet with teenagers who were injured in a theme park accident. 

June 10 - Zayn tweets for the first time since his Naughty Boy/Louis feud to inform the world that his hair is now white and it was purple the day before. 

June 13/14 - 1D performs No Control for the first time but most videos of it don’t come out until the 14th.

June 15 - Zayn’s cover of No Type leaks, and Mic Righteous makes sure everyone knows Zayn wants his music out now. 

June 16 - Liam does a charity sketch with Andy Murray, Jack Whitehall and Clare Balding for charity

June 16 - Zayn tweets a selfie for the first time since leaving the band. His hair is bleached.

June 24 - 1D announce new perfume, release video for perfume

June 24 - Zayn shows up front row at fashion week. It’s his first public appearance aside from the Asian Awards since leaving the band. It is also the first time Zayn has ever gone to a fashion show. 

July 5 - Liam releases the “washing my hair” video which people go crazy over

July 5 - Papers report Zayn is trying to trademark “Zaughty”

July 7 - One Direction announce #Action1D campaign

July 7 - Zayn tweets a selfie for the first time in a month, adds a tweet about the weather, suggests a song for fans to listen to and RTs someone’s video.  

July 9 - American leg of OTRA tour starts up 

July 9 - Papers publish story on Zayn’s new house, release details about the home that they got from “insider”

July 20 - Liam and Niall release video for Action 1D, Niall is photographed with Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson in controversial photo, Louis baby-gate continues

July 21 - Zayn is papped at a club for the first time since leaving the band.

Can’t Wait // Sam Wilkinson (smut)

Request:  Can I have a Sammy smut where he walks in on you helping yourself and then you can decide the rest?


I tugged at the ends of my hair in frustration as I lay scattered across my white comforter, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my boyfriend. He was supposed to be here nearly an hour ago, but he was in the studio with Nate and I knew I couldn’t blame him for staying longer than planned. 

I aimlessly scrolled through pictures on my phone, stopping as I came across a few controversial photos Sam had taken of the two of us before he left for his tour a few months back. I couldn’t help but feel the heat that rose to my cheeks as I admired a picture of Sammy’s hand hovering over my area while his other palm clutched at my breast; a picture he referred to as, “simply a man claiming his territory.”

I flipped through a few more dirty pictures as I realized the wetness that now soaked my heat, enticing a flirtatious side of me I only allowed Sam to see. I open my messages tab and clicked on his contact, more than ready for his arrival.

Daddy, when will you be home?

Read: 6:13pm

…What are you doing?

I giggled at his flustered state, deciding to tease him knowing that he was most likely seated right beside Nate.

Nothing, baby. Just craving your touch :(

Read: 6:15pm

Fuck babe, not now okay? We’re still wrapping things up but I’ll be home soon.

I don’t think I can wait any longer daddy. Thinking about how good you feel inside me has sparked quite the dilemma, considering you’re not here…

Read: 6:19pm

Stop. I’m on the way back right now. You better wait for me, babygirl.

I smirked at my exciting victory, and slowly began to undress myself. The studio wasn’t far from my apartment, and I knew that Sammy would be home soon and I was determined to be prepared for his arrival.


Fifteen minutes later I was still strewn across my bedspread alone, the aching in between my thighs becoming difficult to ignore.I bit my lip as I contemplated pleasing myself without Sammy, although I knew he would be pissed if I was no longer in the mood by the time he got home.

I did my best to keep still and distract myself from my soaked panties, but my frustration was beginning to boil over and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.

I chewed on my lower lip as I slowly tugged off my underwear, rubbing down my body until my slim fingers reached my core. I patiently rubbed at my clit before dipping in one finger while massaging my breast with my free hand. I curved my finger the way Sammy always would when he fingered me, the feeling too strong to stay silent for. I began softly moaning, and increased my pleasure by adding another finger.

“Fuck Sammy, you make me feel so good,” I cried out while rubbing harsh circles into my clit, pretending that my boyfriend was here to take care of my needs for me.

Several seconds later I heard a light cough, and immediately removed my fingers from my core and threw my comforter across my exposed body.

“How good do I make you feel?” He teased, chuckling at my pouting face.

“Don’t be a dick Sam. It’s not my fault it took you fucking forever to get here.” I frowned, suddenly feeling vulnerable in front of him.

“I’m sorry, there was a shitload of traffic. Let me make it up to you,” He hummed, sending me his infamous smirk.

I silently nodded my head as he walked towards me, slowly removing the comforter from my naked body. He lifted me with his rough hands as he lay me across the bed, smirking at my trembling body.

His eyes stayed glued to mine as he began thumbing at my nipple, using his other hand to tease at my thighs.

“Sammy,” I whined, frustrated with his agonizingly slow pace.

Within seconds his mouth is attached to my breast, sucking on the tender and sensitive skin. I let out a soft moan as his fingers slide across my folds and his lips leave mouth shaped bruises across my chest.

“Who made you this wet?” Sammy asked huskily, rubbing his palm against my area.

“Me, technically,” I sassed, watching as his eyes turned a lustful shade of black.

“Wrong answer,” He muttered as he flipped me over, slapping my ass with his large hand. I whimpered in pain as he massaged the stinging area.

“Who made you this wet?” he asked again, nibbling at my earlobe.

“Y-You did daddy,” I stuttered, shaking from the electricity he ignited inside of my body.

“Much better,” He replied in a hushed tone before sliding his tongue into my mouth, exploring an area that was all too familiar to him. He intertwined our fingers above my head as he kissed down my body, his hot breath stopping right in front of my aching core.

Without warning he plunged his tongue inside of me, humming and nipping every once in a while.

My moans increased in frequency and intensity as Sammy licked at my clit, inserting two of his fingers inside of me.

“Oh my god,” I yelped quietly, overwhelmed by the pleasure Sam had made me feel.

“Don’t try to be quiet, babygirl,” He commanded, dipping his tongue along my folds shortly after.

His fingers began to penetrate my area at a pace that he knew would make me scream, and I couldn’t help but let out countless profanities.

I felt the familiar knot forming in my stomach as he continued his routine, and I grabbed the ends of his freshly dyed blonde hair as I released underneath him.

“I fucking love you, Samuel Wilkinson.” I heavily breathed out as his lips attached to my own once more.

“I hope you learned not to start without me,” He teased, rubbing at my area a final time; the sensitivity causing me to whimper. “But I love you too.” He answered, kissing along my collarbone and blowing on the love bites he had left there.



I haven’t written smut in such a long time I’m sorry if it’s bad omg :(