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Violet Chachki for Legendary Children, Atlanta’s controversial drag queen photo exhibit

“Drag is an ancient art form. Cultures across the centuries have employed cross-dressing in both entertainment and spirituality. Drag points out the gendered dichotomy that divides our species; it expands our empathetic abilities. Drag disarms masculinity and honors femininity.
In our modern, American society, gay men are the carriers of this art form. They get to parade around as a completely different person for our entertainment. They get to prod us, make us uncomfortable by turning gender into a hyper-real sham. In my work for ‘Legendary Children’ I present drag for what it is — a surreal commentary on gender and power filled with glitter and feathers.”

Matthew Terrel 

My thoughts on the descriptions:

I know some of these already have been said but here is what I think:

3x01: Degrassi is giving a warm welcome to an influx of Syrian refugees and a spiteful Lola posts a controversial photo.

Okay so I’m hella excited for new characters and all, but I’m worried we may get all of their backstory before we get backstory from the characters we already had (i.e. Jonah, Esme, Yael, Baaz & Goldi, etc.)… But I’m still excited to see what this premiere brings.

3x02: The Gamers are determined to make their vlog a success. Maya discovers an interest in ‘tragedy porn’. Esme tests Zig’s limits on how far is too far to go at school.

So the gaming club is back?? Tragedy porn? Is this Clare’s fanfiction plot all over again but worse? I am excited about Esme and Zig’s plot. I’m excited to see how Zig and Esme work as a couple or friends or whatever the hell they are.

3x03: Jonah and Grace pitch the Student Council on a play about the Degrassi bus accident. Goldi has questions about what it really means to be Muslim.

100% here for more Jonah and more Goldi. Thats all. (No but really I’m so excited to see Goldi and this storyline is really important)

3x04: Maya meets Saad, who shares a mutual interest in the dark side. Frankie feels that Jonah is hiding something.

I’ll deal with this Saad guy in another post but um, can we leave Fronah alone pls? They’re my high key fave trash.

3x05: Shay, Lola and Frankie cozy up for girl’s night until it becomes…less cozy. Is Frankie ready for more intimacy and will Shay’s insecurities put her own relationship in jeopardy?

Okay so… What I gather is, Frankie wants to have sex with Jonah? Does she know he’s straight edge? Or did they drop that. Either way I’m still #MoreJonah2k17…. Also I’m hella hype to see Tiny be bf goals and treat Shay like a fucking princess and tell her theres no pressure.

3x06: Frankie is driving herself crazy over Jonah. Miles and Lola work on the play, together experiencing an emotional roller coaster. Zoë and Rasha are also taking a kind of thrill ride.

WHY CAN JONAH NOT HAVE HIS OWN STORYLINE? I’m really excited to see Frankie and Jonah fight some more…. So heres where Miles knocks up Lola. As far as him cheating on Tristan or not, I hope he doesn’t bc Zig cheated on Maya already and I don’t want to go through that hell again… Either way I’m the most excited for my girl Zoë for getting a new bae and being a queen.

3x07: Zoë and Rasha are determined to make it work, even if it means keeping secrets. Grace is faced with a life and death decision and needs a friend.

Zoë deserves a nice steady girlfriend, but my gracevas ass came crawling back when i saw this. I really hope Zoë can be with Rasha and friends with Grace and have no conflict bc I love her and she needs to be happy…

3x08: Lola’s friends are not there for her. If Tristan makes it to the play, will Miles’ indiscretions be revealed? Maya’s obsession with death is getting out of control.

Okay so this is the abortion plot that I’m so excited to see Amanda Arcuri slay. I can’t believe Miles and Lola have sex. Is it an ongoing thing? A one time thing? It says “indiscretions” leading me to believe there were multiple… So this also means Tristan is alive!! Thats good news! But this whole Maya thing is worrisome… crap.

3x09: Maya can’t deal with her depression. Frankie and Jonah are trying to figure things out. It’s Ms. Rivas’ wedding and Zoë violates her mother’s wishes and brings Rasha anyway.

This whole episode will have me in tears by the end lets be real. Between Maya’s depression, Fronah trying to “figure things out”, and Zoë mother fucking Rivas being a hella queen, my emotions won’t take any of this.

3x10: Opening night and the play receives rave reviews. Everyone loves it but Tristan clearly senses the truth. Maya appears to be happier… but appearances can be deceiving. 

Okay yay play. Tristan senses the truth about what? Isnt the play about the bus crash? What is the big secret?! Anyways, I get more worried about Maya every time she is mentioned.

As long as everyone makes it out of this season in one piece with no fucking bus crashes, I’ll be fine though. Its gonna be wild, I can already feel it. Help. Also can I just mention how happy I am that these descriptions gave me no mention of Baaz the Ass, and trash can Chu?


Charlize Theron’s son likes wearing an Elsa costume and people got really transphobic about it

The controversy arose over photos of her son Jackson, now 4, dressed as Elsa from Frozen. This week, Jackson was spotted, with his mom, wearing a dress and a hat with a long Elsa braid. It wasn’t long before Twitter trolls started slamming the actress for her decision to let Jackson dress like a princess.


Right now is taking place the ‘Million Mask March,’ in London and many other places. It is organized by Anonymous as an anti-capitalist protest, and I’m wondering, where do all the masks come from?

I’m also wondering why, if this is an 'anti-capitalist’ protest, they don’t print their own paper masks instead of buying (you can see the link below) hundreds of mask that by the way, are often produced in factories with terrible labour conditions in countries like Brazil (see the three pics attached).

Makes me think if we are all anticapitalist only when we don’t have to leave our Western comfort zone. Something to think about.

Capitalism colonize our dreams, utopias and revolutions if we don’t carefully think on the roots of the problem we want to fight.

More info following #MillionMaskMarch and here:

And here: Anonymous Masks’ Photo Stirs Controversy On Guy Fawkes Day

Can’t Wait // Sam Wilkinson (smut)

Request:  Can I have a Sammy smut where he walks in on you helping yourself and then you can decide the rest?


I tugged at the ends of my hair in frustration as I lay scattered across my white comforter, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my boyfriend. He was supposed to be here nearly an hour ago, but he was in the studio with Nate and I knew I couldn’t blame him for staying longer than planned. 

I aimlessly scrolled through pictures on my phone, stopping as I came across a few controversial photos Sam had taken of the two of us before he left for his tour a few months back. I couldn’t help but feel the heat that rose to my cheeks as I admired a picture of Sammy’s hand hovering over my area while his other palm clutched at my breast; a picture he referred to as, “simply a man claiming his territory.”

I flipped through a few more dirty pictures as I realized the wetness that now soaked my heat, enticing a flirtatious side of me I only allowed Sam to see. I open my messages tab and clicked on his contact, more than ready for his arrival.

Daddy, when will you be home?

Read: 6:13pm

…What are you doing?

I giggled at his flustered state, deciding to tease him knowing that he was most likely seated right beside Nate.

Nothing, baby. Just craving your touch :(

Read: 6:15pm

Fuck babe, not now okay? We’re still wrapping things up but I’ll be home soon.

I don’t think I can wait any longer daddy. Thinking about how good you feel inside me has sparked quite the dilemma, considering you’re not here…

Read: 6:19pm

Stop. I’m on the way back right now. You better wait for me, babygirl.

I smirked at my exciting victory, and slowly began to undress myself. The studio wasn’t far from my apartment, and I knew that Sammy would be home soon and I was determined to be prepared for his arrival.


Fifteen minutes later I was still strewn across my bedspread alone, the aching in between my thighs becoming difficult to ignore.I bit my lip as I contemplated pleasing myself without Sammy, although I knew he would be pissed if I was no longer in the mood by the time he got home.

I did my best to keep still and distract myself from my soaked panties, but my frustration was beginning to boil over and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.

I chewed on my lower lip as I slowly tugged off my underwear, rubbing down my body until my slim fingers reached my core. I patiently rubbed at my clit before dipping in one finger while massaging my breast with my free hand. I curved my finger the way Sammy always would when he fingered me, the feeling too strong to stay silent for. I began softly moaning, and increased my pleasure by adding another finger.

“Fuck Sammy, you make me feel so good,” I cried out while rubbing harsh circles into my clit, pretending that my boyfriend was here to take care of my needs for me.

Several seconds later I heard a light cough, and immediately removed my fingers from my core and threw my comforter across my exposed body.

“How good do I make you feel?” He teased, chuckling at my pouting face.

“Don’t be a dick Sam. It’s not my fault it took you fucking forever to get here.” I frowned, suddenly feeling vulnerable in front of him.

“I’m sorry, there was a shitload of traffic. Let me make it up to you,” He hummed, sending me his infamous smirk.

I silently nodded my head as he walked towards me, slowly removing the comforter from my naked body. He lifted me with his rough hands as he lay me across the bed, smirking at my trembling body.

His eyes stayed glued to mine as he began thumbing at my nipple, using his other hand to tease at my thighs.

“Sammy,” I whined, frustrated with his agonizingly slow pace.

Within seconds his mouth is attached to my breast, sucking on the tender and sensitive skin. I let out a soft moan as his fingers slide across my folds and his lips leave mouth shaped bruises across my chest.

“Who made you this wet?” Sammy asked huskily, rubbing his palm against my area.

“Me, technically,” I sassed, watching as his eyes turned a lustful shade of black.

“Wrong answer,” He muttered as he flipped me over, slapping my ass with his large hand. I whimpered in pain as he massaged the stinging area.

“Who made you this wet?” he asked again, nibbling at my earlobe.

“Y-You did daddy,” I stuttered, shaking from the electricity he ignited inside of my body.

“Much better,” He replied in a hushed tone before sliding his tongue into my mouth, exploring an area that was all too familiar to him. He intertwined our fingers above my head as he kissed down my body, his hot breath stopping right in front of my aching core.

Without warning he plunged his tongue inside of me, humming and nipping every once in a while.

My moans increased in frequency and intensity as Sammy licked at my clit, inserting two of his fingers inside of me.

“Oh my god,” I yelped quietly, overwhelmed by the pleasure Sam had made me feel.

“Don’t try to be quiet, babygirl,” He commanded, dipping his tongue along my folds shortly after.

His fingers began to penetrate my area at a pace that he knew would make me scream, and I couldn’t help but let out countless profanities.

I felt the familiar knot forming in my stomach as he continued his routine, and I grabbed the ends of his freshly dyed blonde hair as I released underneath him.

“I fucking love you, Samuel Wilkinson.” I heavily breathed out as his lips attached to my own once more.

“I hope you learned not to start without me,” He teased, rubbing at my area a final time; the sensitivity causing me to whimper. “But I love you too.” He answered, kissing along my collarbone and blowing on the love bites he had left there.



I haven’t written smut in such a long time I’m sorry if it’s bad omg :(


anonymous asked:

Vernon fluff/angst request?? You're a foreign idol that participates in ISAC and and you notice that Hansol's alone so you introduce yourself and end up liking each other. but slight controversy starts after photos of you two "flirting" at the event.

You pace around the field, the only member of your entire group in the “foreigner section.” You hated it. Sure, it was nice to talk to others who spoke your native language, but, you wanted to be with your members- you wanted to participate with them and cheer them on. You wrapped your hair around your finger and gave a deep sigh, glancing around the field at the other “foreigners”. 

Your eyes caught onto a fair, brunette boy who seemed just as disappointed to be there as you did. 

Well, I guess I might was well try to settle in, you thought to yourself. You gave a shrug and picked up your umbrella, walking towards the boy. As you got closer your brain started to recognize him. Obviously he was an idol, but from where?

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this Instagram account posted a very controversial photo that depicts self harm in a joking way. please take the time to unfollow and report this account if you have Instagram, or signal boost this so others can be aware.

I was sickened by the comments made on this post, many people genuinely found this humorous and were using derogatory terms like “emo scum” towards people like me who were trying to defend mentally ill people. this is not socially acceptable by any means whatsoever, and I was baffled by how many people were okay with this.

to add insult to injury, not only was the owner of the account laughing at this, but they also continued to post pictures saying how they thought it was funny that so many people were “getting worked up”.

thank you for taking the time to read this and be aware of what’s been going on with this account. have a lovely day/night, wherever you are.

ENTJ’s Party vs. INTP’s Party

ENTJ’s Birthday Party

  • Booked a large hotel room specifically for the party.
  • Carefully calculated the number of guests to fit in the room and not make too much noise.
  • Came to the room 5 hours earlier to organize everything.
  • Provided healthy dinner and good alcohol.
  • Also laid out food and snacks beautifully on the table.
  • Porn star-themed dressed up party with best costume prize. Got some hilarious controversial photos.
  • Streamed random music from spotify.
  • Well-planned games and quizzes (he called it “pornolympics”) with visual aids (slides and videos on a TV screen) and prizes.
  • No one got crazy drunk. The ENTJ’s friends were so well-behaved. Everyone politely left us alone around 12AM.

INTP’s Birthday Party

  • A good ENTP friend who has a penthouse apartment hosted the space.
  • Invited tons of people and told them to bring friends, assuming at least half would decline…40+ people showed up.
  • Arrived when other people were supposed to arrive (but of course, everyone else was late).
  • Bring your own booze and snacks.
  • Put ice into the sink and stuffed all alcohol bottles in it. Opened chip bags lying around everywhere.
  • Told people to dress up for Halloween (it’s around the same time) with punishment for people who didn’t dress up (they have to wear a rubber ass on their head). (Actually only 1 person didn’t dress up).
  • Pre-made party playlist with upbeat songs only.
  • No games. Didn’t expect anyone to sit down and play. They were all mingling and drinking.
  • People were drunk and loud af. Until 4AM. Surprisingly, the police didn’t come.
  • Apparently, 2 couples met for the first time at this party (and I didn’t know about one couple until 6 months later -__-).