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Controversial film opinion: Shelley Duvall not Jack Nicholson is the real star of The Shining.

Christ, the look on her face when he brings out the axe.

He’s hit her before, the viewer assumes. Long before the hotel stuff. He’s a violent unstable alcoholic. She puts up with it. 

But then she realizes: “Oh, fuck. This time he’s *really* going to kill me and our child.”

It’s horrible to watch. She realizes what is happening. 

anonymous asked:

so... it's my 19th birthday and I'm feeling like I didn't accomplish anything I wanted to by this age. Anyway you inspire me so much and my goal is to have a mind as intimidating as yours by the time I'm your age. you are amazing and genuine and a goddess and I truly wish you the best

Hello! Sorry, this got a bit lost in a sea of responses to a text post. 

Firstly, thank you! This made me very happy. Secondly, do not even - by the time I was 19, I thought I’d done nothing with my life. I think 19 is kind of a nowhere age for a lot of people, though. Sort of a limbo. Maybe it’s because it’s a prime number, but who knows. Honestly, at 19, I’d be surprised if you had accomplished all your goals! I sure hadn’t. But I’m sure you’ve achieved a million things that you don’t even consider accomplishments, and I’m sure you’ll achieve a billion more by the time you’re my age (ancient, like craggy old hills). 

Literally the only advice I have for anyone who feels like they haven’t achieved as much as they would like:

  • read more - expand your creative horizons!
  • look back at all that you have achieved. The friends you’ve made and kept, the times you got out of bed when you thought the world was ending. They’re all achievements.
  • do things that terrify you. Controversial opinion here: even anxiety shouldn’t stop you. I’m terrified of public speaking, but I still did a poetry slam when I was 20. I’m shit-scared of public transport, but I get the bus every day. It makes my hands shake when I have to order food, but I do it every time I go out for dinner. You have to push yourself, even if pushing yourself just means leaving the house - nothing was ever achieved by living comfortably.

And that’s pretty much it. Oh, and also, take baths sometimes and watch your hair go all floaty like a mermaid. I have had a lot of cough medicine.