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About Ships, G.C.F, Jungkook and Jimin and ship wars

This is an open reply to a wonderful post by @noransaekk . I was inspired by it but I don’t claim that the original poster shares my opinion. These thoughts are my own thoughts! Also, this is in no shape or form an attack on other ships, nor am I trying to convince anyone in anything. It is merely an opinion and an invite to a peaceful discussion. So, let’s beginn:

I will start by saying this: shipping is a part of every Kpop fandom, of the industry as a whole, idols know this and they are encouraged to use it. Simply said: shipping draws attention to an artist and therefore from a business point of view helps the sales. Regarding BTS there are three main controversial ships (I’m not naming them, all of you know them) and each of them has its moments. Some more eyebrow raising, others more.. speculative (for lack of a better world) but nonetheless everyone is free to ship whatever they want as long as it does no harm to the band and other people! In a way shipping is helpful because it creates discussions about heteronormativity, sexuality, society and etc.

Regarding BTS, in the second half of 2017 and particularly after G.C.F shipping took a different form.

But lets start a little back..

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I never got why people want guns? I love guns, they are amazing. Shot a few myself, mostly shotguns and rifles because Ireland but the love is there. I’m pro gun all the way but I’m not pro every Matthew, Mark, Luke and John having one. I know people say they need it for self defence and I understand but have you seen fail videos? Stupid people with guns do stupid things with the guns and I don’t consider that great for the self defence case. People are saying if people had guns in London the there would have been less death and it could be possible but what about the person who shot the gun? Yes, they killed bad guys but killing someone is not an easy thing and it can have bad after affects on someone’s mind. What if they liked it? What if they didn’t? Cause no sane person likes killing but it is necessary and that why we have Garda and soldiers. They do the bad stuff so we don’t have to and look how it messes with their minds? Some of them aren’t good people and look what happens when you give them the tools that cause a lot bad things. I guess why guns are needed and I will never be for banning all guns cause that’s stupid but not everyone is good. So until you can make sure that the person holding the gun isn’t the next terrorist or mass shooter or gangster or just a crazy person who loves hunting a bit too much then yeah you need gun control. Don’t give me the bulshit it’s someone’s right because yes you have a right to defend yourself but what is defending yourself when the bad guy has a gun also?

Many, many people have been getting spammed by @crosa-rosa sending their newest music video to their submit boxes. That band has tried to say it wasn’t them and they have no control over it; BUT IT IS THEM

Not only that; but many of the people they’ve sent the video to are trans – and given the transphobic nature of the video, this seems intentional. They’re trying to stir up controversy to get their name out there. In addition to that, they’ve stressed out a ton of people because they fear the submission a virus or a screamer. 

They continue to claim it isn’t them, but they’ve done this EXACT SAME THING prior, as they admitted on their blog in an earlier post

They’ve also been trying to justify spamming on twitter.

I think there can be no reasonable doubt that it’s them. A random spammer isn’t just sending out their newest video just because. That’s ludicrous. No one has anything to gain from this EXCEPT CROSA ROSA. 

At this point, the decent thing would be for them to apologize for the stress and annoyance they’ve caused. Send a message to these buttholes by giving their video a thumbs down and letting them know directly (on twitter and @crosa-rosa) how unacceptable and gross what they’ve done is. Spamming is desperate, annoying, and intrusive. If this is the only way you can get your music heard - then it’s shitty music. I hope their career tanks and we never hear about them again after this. Fuck you, Crosa Rosa

It’s late 2004 when Petunia receives - by owl, of all things - a copy of The Daily Prophet. She almost throws it away as a reflex, but movement on the front page catches her eye. A newborn baby held in the arms of a red-headed woman who looks vaguely familiar stares back at her from the paper. The headline reads SAVIOR OF THE WIZARDING WORLD AND STAR CHASER WELCOME NEW BABY JAMES SIRIUS POTTER-WEASLEY. 

She drops the paper to the kitchen floor in shock. Harry. Nasty, freakish little Harry, who couldn’t properly cook bacon has a son. 

She’s slightly more prepared two years later when another copy of the wizarding newspaper soars through her window. This one she has to open to the second page, but sure enough, HARRY POTTER CAUSES CONTROVERSY WITH NEW CHILD’S NAME blinks from the top of the paper. Another baby, this one looking more like Harry himself had - where had THAT thought come from - blinks up at her. 

Petunia Dursley has a nervous breakdown, though, after an anxiety attack caused by a third birth announcement from that world. Vernon enters the kitchen to find her sobbing on the floor, next to a newspaper - a moving newspaper - open to the fourth page, which proclaims, LILY POTTER-WEASLEY BORN NEW YEARS EVE. 

In regards to 'Kitty'

I think we can all agree that Kitty is the most wonderful ship name and we as a fandom have been gifted. But

*Controversial opinion*

It is also a curse; it is hard to track the tag on tumblr and find any ‘Kitty’ content without pictures of kittens WHICH IS GREAT but not what I’m looking for.

Should we adopted another ship name (-??Blackrook??Blackdale???-) for Kitty as well as keeping the ‘Kitty’?

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Honestly the more I hear about JK Rowling the more I dislike her. (There's a post about how Cho's name and backstory were so stereotypical and disrespectful ( I can't remember it but it was about her name not matching her country(?) (Whatever you call where you're from) And now your blog with her acting as if she's the authority on the fandom)

I´ve read the controversy behind Cho´s name as well, the actual issue is that both Cho and Chang are last names and they´re Korean, although Cho´s supposed to be Chinese. Which is definitely distasteful and just plain ignorant. 

Another big problem I have with Joanne is the issue with the Ilvermorny houses and their blatant appropriation of Native American culture. Read here (x).

Other problems are the lack of proper representation in the books (not only of POC, but of LGBT people as well) and her excusing it as not wanting to distract from Harry´s storyline (and yet somehow the dozen het couples she included don´t distract). 

Her support of abuser Johnny Depp, to the point of even allowing him to be part of the HP Universe, and then blocking fans who questioned her, read here (x)

Not to forget her problematic, classist, ableist tweets and words. Read here (x), here (x), there´s more as well. 

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Thoughts on the latest Moffat controversy? Namely, that he's said that Dur Hoo is a children's programme and some people are very angry about this. Personally, I've always freely admitted that it, along with Star Wars and Harry Potter, is goofy bullshit for children. Doesn't mean it's not enjoyable or well-written.

People are angry about that? Really?

Doctor Who’s, like, timeless British children/family storytelling. On par with, I dunno, Mary Poppins or Harry Potter. That’s just what it is. It’s about optimism and wonder and impossibilities. Heck, it was originally devised to be educational for kids! They’d alternate future stories with some science lecture embedded in them with educational historicals. The first two companions were a history teacher and a science teacher for that!

Doctor Who is something that can be extremely complex and dark and meaningful, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but it’s heart’s always gonna be as a place for children. I don’t understand how people can find that offensive or controversial.

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There is a YouTube video called "MARY SUE - Terrible Writing Advice"After I watched it, Somehow, I remembered Yona! ☹️Almost all what he said is completely matching Yona as a Mary sue character. Am I wrong?

I’ve never understood this concept of Mary Sue character. I’d never hear about it before joining Tumblr, and even then I chose to ignore it completely. A story doesn’t depend entirely on a single character, and even if that character was too perfect to be true, who cares? People will close the book, others will read it till the end. Plus it doesn’t look like there’s a universal definition of a Mary Sue character anyway. You’re not supposed to relate 100% to a character (unless you’re reading your own biography ^^ and even so there’s no law that says your description has to be accurate).

As for Yona and this video, I don’t think it matches. She has flaws, she’s weak, naive, too trusting, etc… but she also willingly killed someone and wants to fix the problems her own father made. She didn’t have horrible parents either, the villains she met actually couldn’t care less about her (Soo-Won just keeps going with his plans regardless of whether she interferes or not), Hak keeps telling her she’s stupid/ugly (ok not lately), the dragons didn’t initially join her because she was pretty or strong but because of the pull from the pact, etc… If Yona is a Mary Sue then so is Harry Potter. Did it prevent people from loving the series and rushing to see the movies? Nope. Should you care if others think your favorite character is a Mary Sue? Nope. Chill and let people enjoy fictional works the way they want. And authors, don’t let this stupid controversy stop you from naming your character Mary Sue. It’s a pretty name.

[[You ever do the math and realize you needed to age ur fuckin character bc apparently you had done this considering when her release date was as her birthday so now Meiko is 35 my word or like i might be doing the math wrong now bc im sick and anemic but we will see because i do have an solid timeline for her somewhere]]

Well, this has been going around on Facebook lately. Let me clarify how this is wrong, because in any time of controversy, Orwell’s name is brought up and it irritates me greatly because it’s usually wrong. We have plenty of records that everywhere else that teach about the Civil War, including plenty of cemeteries and the great documentary Ken Burn’s The Civil War. Removing statues put up during the Jim Crow and Civil Rights Era to show black people who they thought was boss is not Orwellian. Having them there is more Orwellian than taking them down, if possible. Whoever created this needs to get over themselves. People are so worried about this history but there’s ton of American history that is outright ignored constantly.

Sailor Moon Names Controversy

So, everyone once in a while, we get called out for “misspelling” character names in Japanese, or else questioned why things are spelled differently.

I feel much of this is due to established common spellings among fans that have just cemented in people’s minds. But, please note that Sailor Moon was not written in English or with English-speakers in mind. There is no real “true” translation, there are various factors that will lead to a particular way of writing it in English. As part of Sea of Serenity’s policy, every translation is completely fresh with no regard to any previous translation of the work. As a results, sometimes characters names may sometimes be different. There is not necessarily one “right” answer.

Below I will hopefully outline our process and explain some of the more common complained about names.

The below are not necessarily in order, but they are the various things we incorporate into the final choice.

1) Consistency!

The most important thing to us, is that names are consistent. So we don’t have Jadeite, Neflite, Joyzite and Malachite (all of which are valid in some way).

2) We avoid straight romanisation of Japanese names excluding names, places and cultural elements such as foods.

This is so we don’t end up with names like Esumeroodo which are clunky to read in English. However, with things like Usagi Tsukino, Azabu-Juuban or mochi, we retain these to preserve the Japanese nature of these instead of something like Rabbit Moonfields or “Tenth-Linen-District”. However, if there is straight translation description such as “Kaguya Island” or “University Potatoes”. We will translate these to give a better explanation.

3) We take into account the source language of the word.

Many Sailor Moon characters are loanwords or derived from other languages. We try to replicate this where possible. Hence, Esmeraude, derived from an Old French word, over Esumeroodo or even Emerald.

4) We take into account what the Japanese word is trying to convey.

For example, the name Esumeroodo is supposed to invoke an image of the gemstone emerald, with a bit of French flair, in English, Esmeraude does this same job. Note that in Japanese, the sounds equate directly to “Esmeraude” but the name itself is still “Esumeroodo”.

5) We take into account whether a particular translation will cause confusion.

The translation “Emerald” may cause unintentional with the character Bilhah Emerald for example. We will avoid double ups unless they are intentional in the Japanese.

6) We take into account whether the spelling makes a name difficult to pronounce in English.

If there alternatives spellings in the source language, we will pick the one that we feel best reflects the intended Japanese pronunciation. More on this below.

6) We take into account surrounding Japanese media written in English.

We do take this into account, but do not give it strong precedent unless the source has gone out of their way to promote a particular spelling, that is, provided a specific translation that is to be seen by English-speakers. An example of this is “Guardian” or “Senshi” post-2003 media. Another is "Eudial” is written as “Youzeiaru” on her locker in the anime, yet, I have heard very little claim the name should be “Youzeiaru”.

Below are some of the more common names, that we will discuss specifically


From ミメット鉱 “Mimetto-ko”, from the English, Mimetite. The -ko means “mineral”, just like the “-ite” does in English. Taking this away, leaves us with Mimet, which approximates the Japanese sounds perfectly. The only rule in controversy is “6″, due to Naoko Takeuchi’s spelling of it as “Mimete” on a panel. As this was written for a Japanese audience off-hand and appears as “flavour-text” only, we do not need to take this into account. If we did every time, we would have to include spellings like “Deth Fantom”. Counter-arguments include that the English itself “Mimete” is based on the Greek “Μιμητής” (mimetes), however, the English “Mimet” has undergone significant change in pronunciation, and it is clear the Japanese reflects the English pronounciation, not the Greek (compare with character, Sailor Aluminum Seiren which reflects the Greek, not the English). 


From テルル鉱, “Teruru-ko, from the English Tellurite. The -ko means “mineral, just like “-ite” does in English. Taking this away leaves us with “Tellur”. This accounts for the double “r” sound in the Japanese which the spelling “Tellu” by Naoko Takeuchi does not reflect, it makes the word look like it should be pronounced te-loo in English when it is more something like Tel-ure which gets in those two r sounds. (In Japanese, l and r English sounds are both positioned after the Japanese “r” sound). Counter-arguments include that Tellur is from the Japanese word for “Tellurium” (テルル - Teruru) though seemingly so due to it being identical, all the other Witches 5 are minerals, not elements. Logically Tellur is too. 


From ビリユイ石 “Biriyui-seki”, (the seki means stone) now this is an interesting one. The English equivalent for this is Wiluite. You can see it is very similar, but not quite matching with Vilyui or Viluy. In fact, this compound has an alternative Japanese writing “ウィルアイト” (Wiruaito) which is definitely approximating “Wiluite”. The question is now, where did Biriyui-seki come from. Wiluite is named after the River Wilui in Russia. Other spellings include “Vilyui” and “Vilyuy”. It seems that the Japanese word, has gone back to the original source language, Russian and transliterated unlike Mimet and Tellur. Vilyui, we preferred over Vilyuy because there was one less letter to change and the pronounciation of Vil-yu-i is clearer, this was a stylistic decision. Counterarguments include “Viluy” from Naoko’s side-panel again. I am not familiar enough with Russian to count this as an alternative spelling, it may very well be. None the less, Vilyui is still available and makes pronunciation is clear. Viluy does not get across the distinct “y” sound in the middle of Vil-YOU-ee, looking more like Vil-OO-ee.


From カオリナイト “Kaorinaito”, straight from the English mineral “Kaolinite” with no in-between stages. This one, I feel is straight-forward. Counterarguments include “Kaorinite”, this seems to be either a mistranslation that doesn’t reflect the mineral-origins, or may be to play off on Kaolinite’s human name “Kaori”. For consistency’s sake, we have not included this, as we would have to do names like Euko Alimura and Yui Vidou for the Witches 5 who have similar human names with similar sounds as their Witches 5. We feel this is starting to stray too far away from the Japanese names, howeve, I will note a real Japanese person may choose to romanise their names in these ways, it would be acceptable as the sounds are still represented. We do not feel it is necessary in this translation.


A very interesting one, Kouan derives from a Japanese word, 紅安鉱 “kouanko” or in English, Kermesite. It is clear that unlike her sisters, Kouan’s name simply comes from a Japanese mineral’s name. However, Naoko swapped the script to コーアン (ko-an), with a long o- vowel. In Japanese “oo” and “ou” are identical sounds. As a personal preference, writing double “oo” sounds in Japanese however, is exceedingly rare (おお) for Kooan, so we have gone with the more usual “ou” (おう) for Kouan to account for the long vowel found in both the kanji and katakana forms of her name. The same way we do for characters like Kou Seiya (over Koo Seiya). Counterarguments include Koan, we do not feel this properly reflects the long vowel, and Cooan, we do not see the switch to a “c” in English as necessary. 


Perhaps the most contentious of all.

Esmeraude and Saphir’s names derive from old European names for Emerald and Sapphire respectively. Rubeus is derived from the Latin word “Rubeus” from which the word “Ruby” is derived.

However, to this day, I do not think anybody has found any word, European, or otherwise that accurately accounts for the sounds in “デマンド” “Demando”. It is quite clear, it has something to do with diamonds. I have settled on the conclusion that it is some kind of pun between the English word “demand” and “diamond”. The word “ デマンド “ (demando) is already a recognised word in Japanese which means “demand” and Japanese readers would recognise it as such, to further this argument, the Sailor Moon musical song “Innocent Demand” explicitly makes this connection and is always written in English as “Innocent Demand”. However, in the context of the other gemstone names, a sense of it being “diamond-y” is also present. Just in how we might not know what languages Esmeraude and Saphir derive from, but we know they’re some kind of Emerald-y, Sapphire-y thing. It is possible, his name might be a contraction of Demantoid, but this seems unlikely as he is not associated with the colour green. Counterarguments - Prince Dimande/Demande, I have never found what languages these stem from, I suspect it’s an attempt to make the name seem more diamond-y, but as shown above. This isn’t necessary for this character, as the other character names make it clear, and Japanese readers would recognise the word “demand” the same way English-readers would.

I hope that helps and makes sense and you enjoyed reading!

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Oh dear. What was "Buy my silence"?

basically a controversial tumblr user names communismkills (status: Problematique) created a Patreon where people could pay her to stop blogging. price ranges went from affordable and would shut her up for an hour (though she would still post on other sites), all the way up to her permanent silence for $8,000 a month. the different tiers ranged up to that, with different levels of silence purchased. for $8,000 a month, though, she would stop.

you still see versions of the above meme floating around even now: most recently with the sixpenceee heals meme. here is a great example of a bunch of these memes.

I know we don’t have enough support for IronHusbands as it is but it’s not going to stop me from pushing for IronFamily

We don’t know enough about Riri Williams and so far things are kind of shaky with the name controversy, and I don’t know about/want to erase her family and I hope she has a healthy lovely family but she’s so wonderful and an awesome concept so IN THE MEAN TIME… IRONFAMILY

Did spinster James Rhodes adopt her on his own before even dating Tony? Imagine Riri dancing with them at their wedding. Image years later Tony officially adopting Riri and there are lots of tears.

Daughter from Rhodey’s first marriage in his 20s?

Child he didn’t know about before enlisting and discovered later in life?

Was Tony the godfather, and she’s the child of a close personal friend who died during the Battle of New York?

Did Tony and Rhodey adopt her together when she was a baby or maybe she became their foster child as a teenager?

Imagine spending years refusing to show Riri any behind the scenes work on the suits because she’s smart and they don’t want her getting into this. But then she’s so smart she follows in their footsteps to MIT and doesn’t get the plans from her fathers, she figures out how to build a suit all by her fucking self! And they are impressed and proud but so fucking furious!!!


On this day in music history: September 2, 1980 - “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables”, the debut album by the Dead Kennedys is released. Produced by Norm and East Bay Ray, it is recorded at Möbius Music Studios in San Francisco, CA from May - June 1980. The Dead Kennedys are formed after guitarist East Bay Ray (Raymond Pepperell) decides to put a band together after attending a show at the Mabuhay Gardens in SF. Taking out a newspaper ad, it is answered by Eric Reed Boucher (“Jello Biafra”) (lead vocals), Geoffrey Lyall (“Klaus Flouride”) (bass), Carlos Cadona (“6025”) (rhythm guitar) and Bruce Slesinger (“Ted”) (drums). Their name generates controversy immediately, with SF Chronicle columnist Herb Caen criticizing the Dead Kennedys for their moniker being in poor taste. Like the bands lyrics which often carry stinging political commentary and a highly satirical world view, their name comments on “the death of the American Dream” after the assassinations of JFK and Robert Kennedy. Jello and Ray form their own label Alternative Tentacles Records. Shortly after, they release their first single “California Über Alles”, taking a satirized jab at California governor Jerry Brown, comparing his “hippie-fascist” vision of America to the German Third Reich. It is followed by the equally controversial “Holiday In Cambodia”, a dig at the lifestyles upwardly mobile “self righteous Americans” juxtaposed to the brutal genocidal regime of the Khmer Rouge by Cambodian dictator Pol Pot. Re-recording their first two singles, their first album consists of thirteen originals and a cover version of Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas”. The front cover features a photo of several police cars on fire. The picture is taken during the White Night Riot in SF, with members of the gay community rioting after former city supervisor Dan White’s light sentence for the murders of Mayor George Moscone and openly gay supervisor Harvey Milk. The original back cover features a photo of the band Sounds Of Sunshine, is used after Klaus Flouride finds it at a garage sale. It’s altered placing The Dead Kennedys logo on the drum kit, and skulls and crossbones on the other instruments. The band are threatened with a lawsuit when the unauthorized use is discovered. The cover is reprinted with the SOS band members heads chopped off. Eventually, the photo is removed and replaced with an image of four elderly people sitting in a living room with the Alternative Tentacles logo affixed to a picture on the wall. Though receiving a poor reception from mainstream critics and never charting in the US, the album becomes an underground classic, and is regarded as a seminal and landmark punk rock album. Reissued numerous times over the years and even bootlegged when out of print, it is most recently remastered and reissued in 2008 by Cherry Red Records. “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” peaks at number thirty three on the UK album chart.

This is Brain Flakes, a failed cereal. While it sits in its own cobwebbed crevice in the shameful realm of unmemorable history, it was once believed to be an unprecedented beacon of advancement, a game-changing tool of robust patriotic achievement.

In the 1960s, the US government sanctioned the production of a cereal brand in hopes of spawning a new generation of cutting-edge thinkers that would fuel the nation’s position in the brewing arms race of the Cold War. General Mills, having partnered with the US Navy before on aeronautical research, agreed to develop a cereal that would appeal to children and supposedly enhance cognitive activity. Brain Flakes was introduced in 1965, along with its loveable mascot, Robert the Rottweiler, controversially named after Robert Oppenheimer, whose recent criticism of science and politics, in addition to previous ties to communism, demerited him from once-earned political exaltation. But if both Kennedy and LBJ gave Oppenheimer an Enrico Fermi Award two years prior, cereal developers were sure the folks at home would apply the meaning of truce, and subsequently shovel their kids with Brain Flakes, the Smart Kid Cereal™, for president and country. Little did the public know that these cog-shaped crunchy oats were clandestinely embedded with miniscule amounts of blended amphetamine salts that, fingers crossed, boosted enough executive function in children to keep them awake during class time.

So what happened? It wasn’t the secret cocktail of stimulants that brought Brain Flakes to an untimely demise. In the words of 8-year-old Mary Hall from Brooklyn, “Science tastes so bad!” Startled parents around the country reported their kids gagging, bursting to tears, and staging riots at breakfast. The name of science and Robert the Rottweiler proved unenticing to the world’s future leaders, and after disastrously low sales, Brain Flakes came to an official end in 1967 (coincidentally aligned with Oppenheimer’s death, a fluke that internet conspiracy theorists accredit to a classified government operation involving the resurrected soul of Sigmund Freud and the release of the comedy film “The Graduate”).

Rottweiler sales may have reportedly dropped 20% in Nebraska the year Brain Flakes ended, but ultimately the cereal left behind no monumental impact and was swiftly forgotten, with much relief to General Mills. Regarding the amphetamines, their addictive properties were eventually recognized and the drug underwent regulation through the Controlled Substances Act in the early 1970s. All that remains of Brain Flakes’ legacy is a scientist, an alleged Brain Flakes collaborator who wishes to remain anonymous, that claims he did hand his research over to Richwood Pharmaceuticals at some point in the 1990s. The company, now under Shire plc, debuted Adderall in 1996.

If this information is so obscure, so profoundly hidden, how did a 20-year-old drowning in existential failure obtain such an exclusive record? As per typical art student behavior, delving in delusion in place of practicing pragmatism and efficiency, I decided to write this 500-word revisionist history to avoid drawing a cereal mascot for character design homework (which I eventually did, as you can see). In short, I lied. It was fun.