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How many times had he found himself walking this same, winding path into the forest since returning to Gravity Falls? How many more times had this same pathway appeared in his nightmares in the months he’d spent back in California? The past summer had left its scars on the mind of Dipper Pines, and not a day had gone by where he hadn’t feared that something horrible would happen while he and Mabel were away from their uncles, unable to help. Now that summer had come again and they were back in Oregon, Dipper had taken to trekking deep into the forest almost daily to be sure the statue of Bill Cipher remained untouched and lifeless.

Each and every visit so far had yielded nothing; no changes, not so much as a nearby branch out of place. Mabel had stopped accompanying him after only a few days. Told him he was being paranoid and that seeing the statue creeped her out too much. He’d dared not told Stan or Ford, lest they lecture him about being foolish or it being dangerous or any number of things. So for the last week and a half, he had been making the journey alone. 

Maybe Mabel had been right. Maybe he was just letting the past haunt him. After all, there had been nothing before, why should today be any dif—


Dipper stopped dead and stared, not at the statue, but at the ground in front of it. Someone lay there, apparently unconscious. He didn’t know if it had anything to do with Bill or the statue, or if it was just a coincidence (though was anything ever coincidence in this town?) but either way, he hurried over to their side and placed his fingers on their pulse. They were alive. Good. But they still needed help.

“Hey,” Dipper struggled to pull them up into a sitting position, supporting their weight with one arm as his other hand tried to shake them awake. “Hey, wake up. Are you okay?”

Pulling on Heart Strings

There was a new student on campus. A freshman, who apparently was into puppetry and the fine arts. It just happened by chance he was in the same class as Mabel and also by chance he took a seat next to her. He would glance at her with a slight smirk, but turn away before she had the chance to see the action.

On the way out of class, he made sure to bump into her shoulder. Whether on purpose that wasn’t certain, however he did try to assist her by retrieving her books,

“Sorry about that.”