controlling of the black body


We were opposites at birth
I was steady as a hammer
No one worried ‘cause they knew just where I’d be
And they said you were the crooked kind
And that you would never have no worth
But you were always gold to me

When men do find themselves stripped of the body’s autonomy, it’s often played for laughs, like the opening of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, where a hot teenage boy heir falls to his death trying to impress a girl, or in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, where a teenage boy is possessed by Freddy Krueger and it’s used as a hamfisted metaphor for homosexuality: Losing control of your body is like craving dick! In An American Werewolf in London, a John Landis horror-comedy, Landis sends up the idea of a boy being turned into a werewolf, but never once do you feel truly horrified for the protagonist. Landis kills him off in the end because it’s still a fantasy for white men to be the victims of society’s violence. There’s no urgency in protecting the young man afflicted with lycanthropy because white teenage boys who watch it won’t see it as an allegory for real-life horror that creeps into your life — here, it’s just a movie.

Peele uses Get Out to take control of black bodies and give black men in the audience an allegory that they’ve craved in horror for decades. In the final moments of the film, once Chris has come out the other side of the carnage, a police car arrives. A director unfamiliar with living in a black body might have gone a darker route and given Chris a new adversary, a white police officer who misinterprets the events of the film. But Peele has lived in his body long enough to want a fantasy, a morality tale of sorts with a hopeful outcome. The police car is Chris’s cavalry, because a black man is in it and not a white man. In the real world, our bodies might not be our own, but in Get Out, they’re our greatest tools for survival.

—  ‘Get Out Understands the Black Body’ review by Ira Madison, please please please go see this movie

Me: *typing that shklance thing i’m doing* Ah time to rest a bit.
Me: *hanging out in the shance tag and suddenly seeing Shallurance*
My curious ass: hmm I’ve never seen Shallurance content before… *reads the whole thing*
Brain: Hmmm
Me: No. DON’T. YOU. DARE. Don’t you fuckin dare! Stop. STAH-
Brain: Werewolf AU
Me: Fuck you. Fuck you that’s brilliant. Agh I hate you BRAIN!

the Shallurance I’m talking about by @fratboyshiro

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hate me all you want but:

-Muslims are NOT the problem. A small portion of radical people who twist the words of a beautiful and peaceful religion are the problem.

-Gun control will not stop violence, but it will severely limit it.

-All lives do matter, BUT right now we need to focus our attention on the BLACK LIVES that are disproportionately being affected, mistreated, and slaughtered.

-Being something other than heterosexual or cisgender is totally okay??? Like you’re valid and real and you’re not some genetic mutation or abomination, you’re a beautiful human being who deserves love and happiness and being comfortable in your own skin.

-Being fat is okay. Being skinny is okay. Your body’s image is not defined by what media and magazines say it should look like. All bodies are lovely and gorgeous and amazing, and you do whatever you feel like doing so you’re comfortable in your own skin.

-If you’re not black please don’t use the n-word. It’s not for you, and no your “freedom of speech” doesn’t give you the right to use a nasty word connected to years of hatred, violence, and torture of the black community.


Just some thoughts of the moment regarding a bunch of random things :)

did anyone else think that Rachel’s eye being a camera was so symbolic? I mean when you look at it from the perspective of how women’s autonomy is adressed in this show, it’s such an important motive. the moment she finds out and looks at the screen and sees her own view reflected in it endlessly made me think immediately of that famous atwood quote “you are a woman with a man inside watching a woman”. Rachel is such an important character because she is the typical female token of someone who “made it” and is part of the male world of science but the way she is treated shows that there is really no way that women can be themselves in a field that is controlled by men. her power is an illusion, she is even more objectified than all the other clones. all this time she was walking around with a camera inside her body and a man watching her every move and she herself watches herself being watched. I feel like they are really showing how science is a tool made to control women’s bodies. 

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Request: Could I make a request where reader used to train with Ben until he turned to the dark side. Reader escapes the jedi massacre and becomes a smuggler on the outer rim. She is able to remain low-key until someone catches her using the force. A gang then captures her and sells her to the First Order where she is brought to Kylo. And I’ll leave the rest up to you! You are such an amazing writer. Anything you write is fantastic! Thank you for giving us such great fics to quench our Kylo thirst!

A/N: I’ve used this gif so much but like I can only use so many since I’ve written a bunch of fics and there’s only so many kylo scenes…….tlj where ya at??? Anyways, thanks for the request, anon! It’s a pretty long story seeing as you gave me a lengthy request but I totally do not mind! Also, it’s a pleasure to write for you guys so your gratitude is appreciated! Side note, the droid mentioned is completely made up and I didn’t give it much of a description so let your imagination run wild! Thanks for reading, your kind feedback is welcomed :)

Warning: It’s pretty angsty at the end? Not much of a warning…mentions of death though.

Word Count: 5K+

There was a new state of fear forming about the galaxy. Force Sensitives no longer existed–or at least most went into exile or stayed hidden–while the newfound Jedi order turned to dust. It was disastrous, and with such disaster caused much stress about the people living amongst it.

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Why the OB poster freaks me the eff out...

So…@thelatenightstoryteller asked me my opinion of the new OB poster, and to be honest, at that point I hadn’t given it much thought beyond the obvious Neolution symbol in the pool.  Well…the more I started to look…the more I started to freak the fuck out.

Only women are being led to the pool (from the left), and when they come out (on the right), they are being paired with men.  I’m already not happy with the implication…

But when you look closer, you find expression in the women…

Some appear to be excited to go, some appear to be begging to be let in; while one, at least one, appears to be refusing (bottom left of pool). 

Now, let’s look at the pool itself…

Some look happy and youthful.  Swimming out on the right, ready to meet their new future head on.

But what about the ones who are trying to swim back out to the left?  Is youth not what they wanted it to be?  Did something go wrong?  Did they realize the future they chose is not the one they truly want?

Now, let’s talk about THIS bitch…

She is actively “inspecting” the women.  What desirable traits is she looking for?  (side note - FUCK YOU, lady)

Are we watching the formation of Westmoreland/Neolution breeding stock?

I have more sinister thoughts pairing this with specific Cophine clips we’ve seen, but my brain is already starting to spiral, so I’ll leave you with this…

I honestly can’t tell if this is intentional or not.  If it’s just bad Photoshop…well, that’s funny.  If it’s symbolic…does it tie back to the greater theme of Orphan Black and women being in control of their bodies?  Is this woman’s body simply not her own anymore?  She is disappearing into the void that is this creepy ass island.


Title: Intoxicant

Paring: Reader x Peter Parker

RequestI saw you wrote a fic with peter based on a song and I was wondering if you could do that but with the song “last night” by Lucy Spraggan??

Song: Last night (beer fear) by Lucy Spraggan

Word count: 1,329

A/N:  [ PETER IS 22 IN THIS OR HOWEVER OLDER YOU WANT HIM TO BE (please at least over 21) BECAUSE HE IS OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL IN THIS AND HAS A JOB ] I really enjoyed this song and recommend listening to it while reading this, also thinking I might make this into a series, not sure yet though. 

Warnings: Alcohol, mild swearing

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You didn’t know what you had gotten yourself into until you took your 4th shot of vodka. You stared at your co-worker Peter Parker who earlier in the night invited you along with a few others out to a small club to celebrate the end of the physical quarter.

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X - Part Two

A/N: Here I am, coming at y’all with a part two to “X”. Part three is already in the works so stay tuned. I’ve never been so excited to write before and I have so many ideas and plans morphing and swarming through my brain. My headaches are outta control, man. I appreciate feedback and I love you guys. Enjoy.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

I felt shockingly warm, long fingers push against my lower back rather roughly. When I looked in front of me, in front of us, I could see a picnic laid out carefully. Directly to the right of the checkered blanket and basket, was a pond reflecting the deep blues and purples of the night sky above. The pond was dancing with life while the rest of the surrounding area was empty.

I could sense people on the outskirts of the park, just outside of my peripheral vision.

My feet coaxed the rest of my body in what ever direction the fingers pushed it towards, my mind didn’t seem to think there could be any other way. It was under complete lockdown, waiting for its next set of instructions that could only be delivered by the gentle pressure being placed against my back.

While we became close to reaching our destination, the strings of pressure along my back became more evident.
The fingers were not relenting their grip like I expected them to, but I was at complete ease. I trusted the person whom those fingers belonged to.

Whoever they were.

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rookie mistakes.

Alpha!Soldier x Omega!Reader Fluff (?)
Prompt: Rookie Omega!Reader keeps passing out on Alpha!Soldier’s lawn

There it was again. The vigilante sighed loudly, setting a book, that he was reading on a small coffee table. Cracking his neck, he stood up and went to the back door that leads to his lawn. He didn’t even have to open to door to know who was behind them.

He already knew what sight is waiting there for him.

Sleeping naked girl in the middle of his lawn. If it didn’t happen so many times already he might be a little bit more shocked. Maybe as shocked as when it happened for the first time.

He was just in the middle of his evening routine, his soldier-like habits did die hard - checking everything is locked and loading his gun kept him sane before he went to bed, still with one eye opened.

And that was when it happened. He heard some loud noises from behind the back door, someone was definitely on his lawn. With his gun in hands, he opened the door and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting what he saw and probably would be at bigger ease with some group of thugs wanting to get revenge on him.

With how long he was already alive he wouldn’t expect himself to get this thrown back with a naked girl that somehow ended on his lawn. But then his werewolf senses kicked in, smelling all around he was sure this wasn’t any normal teenage girl getting drunk and ending up here, she was the werewolf, and omega to that.

“You are kidding me,” he murmured under his breath.

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First Bite

@chelseamosbey: Heyyo! I was just wondering if I could have a stiles imagine? x possibly where the reader is scotts sister and she asks Derek to give her the bite and he does, then Scott and stiles become annoyed with her, but stiles confesses he was upset because he doesn’t want to see her turn into a Kanima or something that could hurt her and then he kisses her Sorry if that was confusing or anything :/ thank you xx

Warnings: none

Notes: My first Stiles imagine, yay! I’ll try my best to fulfill this one

After learning that your brother, Scott, was werewolf you wanted in on it, too. It was more so you could impress Stiles. He was your brother’s best friend, but you had the biggest crush on him. You thought turning into something supernatural would really impress Stiles. Maybe it would help take his eyes off f Lydia. 

Though the only way you knew how to turn into a supernatural creature was by Derek Hale. No one liked him in Beacon Hills. He was mysterious and reserved. He could be scary and harsh as well, but he was your only hope.

“Derek, hey!” You ran to him, smiling. 

Derek furrowed his eyebrows, confused as to why you were approaching him. “Uh, yes?”

“I was wondering if you could turn me just like my brother.” You were so hopeful.

“Your brother? Scott is your brother?”

You nodded eagerly, clinging onto his arm. “Yeah, so I was wondering if you could bite me, too.”

Derek shrugged you off, seeming to not like the idea. You frowned, worried that he wouldn’t do it.

“Why?” He asked.

“…Because I want to be strong like him. Want to be able to protect myself, too. And go on those adventure him and Stiles are going on.” They were stupid reasons, but you were still hopeful. “Please Derek?

“I don’t just turn people for the hell of it, kid.”

You begged and begged Derek. You weren’t leaving until it happened. You wanted to be a werewolf. You wanted to impress Stiles and go on their adventures. You wanted to help them fight supernatural monsters. You felt like they’d only let you if you were some supernatural creature.

“Listen, Y/N, I’m just going to do it.”

“Then why Scott?” Derek paused. “Why him? What makes him so special? I’m the smarter one. I’m the more intelligent one. I’ll know how to handle it better than him.”

Derek was becoming angry. You kept arguing and persisting. It was annoying to him.Finally, he obliged. 

“Oh, all right already. Will you leave me alone if you do?”

You nodded your head. Derek rolled his eyes, looking around to make sure there was no one else nearby. You shut your eyes in anticipation, ready to change.

The bite hurt a lot, but you were excited. You were bouncing up and down. You ran off to tell your brother and Stiles, only before Derek could stop you. Tonight was a full moon, meaning you wouldn’t be able to control yourself since it would be the first time.

“Scott, Stiles, guess what!” You bounced in front of them. They had just finished lacrosse practice. 

“Huh?” They both replied.

“Derek changed me, just like you Big Brother.” You smiled, so proud of yourself. But the boys weren’t happy at all.

“What? Are you–You serious right now?” Scott struggled for words.

“You have got to be kidding me, Y/N,” stiles groaned.

Your smile fell, forming into a frown. You were confused and upset. 

“But… you guys will let me come with you, right? Come on, I thought this would be cool.”

Scott and Stiles both sighed loudly.

“Y/N, it’s a lot more than you think.” Scott looked at you. “It’s a lot of responsibility, and I don’t think you can handle it.”

Your mouth fell agape, hurt by the words.

“Especially when it’s a full moon on you’re brand new to this whole thing. We all remember how that turned out with Scott–” Stiles cut himself off. “Wait, tonight’s a full moon.”

The boys’ eyes went wide. they turned to you, but you were gone. You were ahead of them, walking away. The sprinted, running towards you and grabbing you by the shoulders. You squirmed, trying to back them off.

“What are you doing?” You shouted at them, turning to face them.

“It’s a full moon!” They exclaimed in unison. 

Your eyes went a little wide. You forgot about the moon, but you fully remembered how Scott was his first night. That’s how you discovered his secret.

The boys tied you down to a tree, waiting and watching. You glared at them, tired of them nagging you for what you did. Just in the nick of time, Derek showed up, out of breath from running.

“Thank God, this one runs quick.”

Stiles and Scott both shot him a glare. 

“What were you thinking? How dare you do this to my littler sister?”

“I asked for it though,” you piped in. “I begged him and wouldn’t leave until he did so. Don’t get mad at him, or I swear to God!” 

Nothing else was said. It went silent, but only for a few moments. The night was in full swing, and you were turning. You couldn’t control anything. Your heart was racing, body trembling. You felt slight pain before blacking out.

Stiles, Scott, and Derek saw you lash out, trying to break from your restraints. However, Derek and Scott both transformed to help control you. Stiles only watched, knowing not to interfere. Though he was worried, he was so worried about you. Being a werewolf could mean you could get hurt. He never wanted to see you hurt and neither did Scott. 

The morning after you awoke in someone’s room. You were in different clothes, smelling different things. You were confused. You shot up from the bed, breathing heavily. You searched the room, not remembering a single thing from yesterday.

“What happened? Why am I in Stiles’ room? Scott!” Your speaking got even louder and louder.

Stiles rushed in through the door, his lacrosse mask over his face. He looked so cute, and funny, but you were still lost. He made eye contact with you.

“Hey sleepy head, how are you feeling?”

“What am I doing in your room? why don’t I remember anything? Why am I in your clothes? Who changed me?”

“Whoa, slow down tiger.” Stiles entered the room, sitting at the foot of the bed. “You’re here because we told your mom that Scott was staying here and you were at a friend’s house. You turned last night, and it got ugly. Derek and Scott… they had to keep fighting you. You really scared us, Y/N. What were you thinking making Derek bite you?”

Suddenly everything came rushing back. You begged Derek to bite you, Scoot and Stiles got annoyed with you, you started changing… then everything else was a blur.

“I… I thought it would make me cool. I thought you and Scott would include me more.”

Stiles sighed, scooting closer to you. He rested a hand on top of yours. 

“Y/N, we don’t take you because we don’t want you hurt. I don’t want you hurt. Do you know what I’d do if we took you with us and you ended up getting hurt? I would never forgive myself. God knows what Scott would do. Last night had everyone worried. Derek could barely handle you last night, you were so ferocious. You really worried me, and that’s why we got upset yesterday. We’re just looking out for you.”

You never thought of that. Honestly, you were being selfish, thinking about yourself. You felt bad now and never wanted the boys to worry about you. You only wanted to fit in with them. 

“I’m sorry, Stiles. I never thought of that. I wanted to be included. But I’m tough, you know that.” You grinned a little, looking at him.

“I know, but that still won’t stop me from worrying about you or protecting you,” he chuckled. “I always want you safe.”

“Stiles, you know me. I’m always safe.”

Stiles’ hand moved to your cheek. You both looked into one another’s eyes. Butterflies swarmed in your tummy. You always got that feeling when looking at him. His smile could cure every disease, and could make you weak.

“You’ll be safer with me.”

Before anything else, Stiles kissed you. He kissed you sweetly, his hand moving to the back of your head. You didn’t want to pull away, this was such bliss. 

“I thought… I thought you liked Lydia.”

Stiles shook his head. “I thought I did, too, but it was you all along.”

You couldn’t help but blush. Your cheeks turned pink which made Stiles smile wide. 

“Wonder how we’ll break this to Scott then,” you giggled. Stiles only looked at you before kissing you once again.

I want my followers to understand something. I’m liberal, left-leaning, a person of colour, female, feminist, anti-racist, pro-gun control, pro-choice, pro-Black rights, supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights, campaigner for body positivity, and a mental health advocate.
these are some of the values that really matter to me. don’t come onto my blog and start shit on the things I post. if you disagree with these things, unfollow me. don’t contact me, don’t look at me, don’t follow me. I don’t want to see your shit in my feed.

Quick talk

If you look at the picture closely you can see the new character controling the black dogs with her weapon.

Those purple lines connect with their bodies.

Not that it is only them.

Her pet seems connected as well.

Or maybe…She controls them through her pet and weapon.

I just find it interesting.


Yes, all 3 connected to her weapon. Also notice that dark stone inside her weapon? It’s the stone from the start of the episode.

For A Reason - Part 2 (Peter Parker x Reader)

(I don’t own Gif!) 

Requested: YES! 

Warnings: Angst, Sad, Cursing, Death, Blood, Funeral, Fluff, Tony, Steve, And Bucky Are In It HEHE. Spoilers? 

Word Count: 4k (Got really into this wow) 

Part 1 

When you arrived at Steve’s base it had a slightly eerie feeling to it at first. You weren’t used to the isolation, and of course being so hidden. It wasn’t as big as Tony’s Avengers base but it was something. Steve and Bucky were the only ones there at the moment, everyone else had their other issues to be dealing with  just like you. When you had called Steve in the middle of the night and told him everything he very quickly agreed with your decisions and told you it was okay for your to go live with him and the others.

You unpacked your one duffle bag that was filled with all your clothes, laptop, and pictures of Peter. You put the pictures in a small box, and hid it in your closet, putting all your other stuff away as well.

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