Controllers! (lots of links)

Hello everyone, thanks to peachydurazno‘s recent post about the controller I made him, I have had quite a few messages about what controllers I have done. the-big-bad-cis-boy asked if I’d post pictures of my controllers. I’m really shy about them and haven’t really done much selling because I’m self conscious about how good they look, but I decided to post all the ones I have pictures of. I never took pictures of a few of them, but here they are:

-A Banana controller for my friend who mains DK, a Yoshi controller (check the bottom!), and a Dry Bones Bowser controller. These were my first ones so they’re not very good.

-Then I made boner-taunt a controller for his main, Ike.

-Bowser themed controller

-A Link and a Zelda themed controller

-Jolteon/Thunderstone themed (pic 2)

-My own personal controllers were mostly based around my Smash mains or favorite racers in Mario Kart:

USA pride GC 

Pikachu N64 (upside down because it’s supposed to look like his head)

Palutena Wavebird

Fox GC (pic 2)

Toad/Peach hybrid N64

And, finally, my favorite of all: my Peach controller

Overall, I think the Ike, Fox, and Toad/Peach ones turned out the closest to flawless as I could manage. But maybe more people will start making customs when they see some of my attempts!


The Evolution of Nintendo Controllers