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Y’know, the media is always talking about crazy, paranoid rednecks all believing in wacky conspiracy theories - but the thing is, based on my experience with rural and small-town environments, they’re usually right, if not necessarily in the way you might think.

The thing about small towns is that it’s dead easy to get a conspiracy going. You’ll very often end up with situations where the mayor, the judge, the chief of police, the local priest, and the head of the goddamn schoolboard are all poker buddies, and, well, things just snowball from there. Petty conspiracies spring up in small towns like mushrooms in dark corners.

Of course, the key word there is “petty”. These are not groups with vast and far-reaching influence, and though some of them do keep up the pretence of secret handshakes and clandestine Supreme Council meetings and such, the secret is generally not well-kept. But, you know, if you happen to live within their small sphere of control, they don’t really need vast influence and impenetrable secrecy to mess up your life.

(Particularly if, say, you don’t happen to be white, and those five guys are also all members of the same KKK chapter…)

The SINate silenced Elizabeth Warren for reading the poignant letter from our Queen Coretta..Who warned that Jefferson Sessions is an unqualified terror with a racist vendetta..God is whispering in our ear; the American agenda is clear..If we don’t get control of our sphere this will be the year all our ground and gains will disappear
—  Born Free #therealbornfree

Inhuman of The Day

June 26th - Iso

Xiaoyi (last name unrevealed).  A NuHuman whose Inhuman abilities were triggered by the Terrigen cloud. Xiaoyi was born in a remote and rural area of Mainland China.  Her parents very much wanted to have a son and were quite disappointed when their child turned out to be a girl. Xiaoyi was also born quite premature and was a very small infant, from which she was given her name, “Xiaoyi” which is Cantonese for ‘small one.’

When the Terrigen Cloud passed over China, Xiaoyi underwent Terrigenesis and gained the ability to create and control isometric spheres within which she can alter gravitational pressure.  In short, she has moderate control over gravity and spherical vacuums that are somewhat akin to miniature black holes. The full extent of these abilities has yet to be discovered.  Terrigenesis also create a swash of diamond like patterns to appear on the skin of Xiaoyi’s face.

Xiaoyi’s parents were terrified by her transformation.  When the military came to their farm as part of a census for those affected by the Terrigen Cloud, Xiaoyi’s parents tried to send them away, afraid of what Xiaoyi might do were she to feel threatened.  Unswayed, one of the officers pushes Xiaoyi’s parents aside and tried to enter the home.  He was quickly by blown back by an energy wave.  The army’s tanks were ordered to fire on the house… and it was at this point that the Inhuman, Reader, intervened.  

Reader had been tracking new Inhumans and he stepped in as the tanks and rifles fired - he used one of his varied powers to temporarily freeze time.  Reader introduces himself to Xiaoyi, claiming that he could explain what had happened to her and offered her refuge were she to come with him.  


Xiaoyi quickly agreed to this and did not even want to take time to say goodbye to her parents.  She felt that they never wanted her nor understood her and it would be better were they to simply think she had been killed by the soldiers.  
Reader took Xiaoyi to Italy where he brings her to The Ennilux Corporation, a secret syndicate run by a fellow Inhumans.  Reader had actually been employed by Ennilux to seek out powerful new Inhumans for their own purposes.  Having trouble pronouncing Xiaoyi’s name, the Ennilux technicians dubbed her ‘Iso.’
When it ultimately dawned on Reader what exactly the Ennilux leader had planned for Xiaoyi and how it would effectively kill her, he changed his mind and rescued her once again.  This resulted in a wild chase that ultimately ended with Reader teleporting himself and Xiaoyi to New Attilan.  There the Inhumans of New Attilan fended off the attacking forces of The Ennilux Corporation… a conflicted that was ended once Black Bolt seemingly destroyed the Ennilux leader.

Embracing the new, Inhuman name of ‘Iso’ Xiaoyi opts to stay on New Attilan and becomes a member of the new team of NuHumans (along with Flint, Naja, Inferno, and Nur).  While Iso’s powers are quite impressive, there is something particularly special about her… something that both The Ennilux leader and Black Bolt appeared to notice.

When Lineage attempted to use the Inhuman Codex to transform a group of humans into devolved savages, Iso was able to wrestle the the codex free and use it herself to undo Lineage’s spell.

It remains a bit unclear what will be what for the Inhumans following Secret Wars and the all-new, all-different Marvel Universe.  Although it appears as though Iso will be a member of Queen Medusa’s Uncanny Inhumans squad.  

Enslaved Africans were property, and one way that many resisted the dehumanizing effects of slavery was by re-creating African notions of family as extended kin units. Bloodlines carefully monitered in Western African societies were replaced by a notion of “blood” whereby enslaved Africans drew upon notions of family to redefine themselves as part of a Black community consisting of their enslaved “brothers” and “sisters.” This slave community stood in opposition to a White male-controlled public sphere of the capitalist political economy.
—  Patricia Hill Collins: Black Feminist Thought