controlled planting

Wait, That’s Her?

Pairing: Scott Summers x Reader

Summary: Reader is a student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and her mutation is the control of plants and nature - She re-grows the tree that Scott destroys when he first arrives and from that moment on, he’s fixated on her. 

Warning: none !!

Word Count: 605 (sorry it’s so short - part 2 maybe?)

A/N: inspired by how Jean & Scott met.

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agentalex  asked:

For your greek!mythology au for supergirl do you think Alex would be daughter of Athena or Ares? Who would the other characters parents be? Winn would probably be the son of Hephaestus right? J'onn would be like the son of Hecate. What are some of your headcanons?

Okay so FIRST OF ALL!!!! That is mean. I’ve been racking my brain trying to decide which is a better fit for Alex, and you just forced me to do research (I love it, thank you).

Here we go. (Kara and Lena here)


Whilst in a first look, Ares would be a good fit for Alex, I think that’s mostly an act. I think all that aggressiveness of hers is mostly an act that she puts on so she won’t get hurt, because if you see her with Kara and Maggie, she’s the softest softy. Also, in the books it is said that daughters of Ares are massively built ‘Ares’ daughters, in particular, have the physical bodies, skeletal structure, and muscle distribution of exceptionally large, strong, and well-conditioned human men.’ and Alex is tall but rather tiny in structure (Chyler is very skinny, I’m afraid she’s going to break like half the time I see her)

Most of the cool stuff Ares gets Athena also has. Athena is, after all, the female counterpart of Ares.

Athena’s children’s abilities include:

  • Enhanced strength and swiftness.
  • Able to adapt to using various types of weapons quicker than normal.
  • Never forget what they heard.
  • Immense expertise in war strategy.
  • Great control over any weapon.
  • Highly skilled in armed and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Possess high intelligence and wisdom.

Again, Athena is the goddess of:  courage, inspiration, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, etc.

Alex is very brave, Alex is just, Alex is a fighter and a genius, she admittedly loves the sciences, she’s very good at using various different weapons (we’ve seen so many) she’s great at hand-to-hand, she’s a good strategist, she’s in a really good rank at the DEO so that proves that she is very intelligent even if we hadn’t seen other proof.

So Alex would be a Daughter of Athena.


Winn is also a constant struggle for me because I can see the Athena qualities in him, but let’s analyze Hephaestus.

Hephaestus was the god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture. He was a kind and peace-loving god. And he made a few of the other gods’ weapons as well as armors for demigods, he also made jewelry and many other crafty stuff. Was the patron of the arts.

on the books, he is also the god of technology, craftsmen, and blacksmiths.

Hephaestus children’s abilities are:

  • They are expert builders.
  • They are mechanics.
  • Technokinesis: As children of Hephaestus, they can control and manipulate machines.
    • Can sense machines, mechanics, or metal.
    • Can identify machinery type and use by touch.
    • Can sense faults in metal ore.
  • Can find and sense traps in the ground.

These all fit for Winn the techy guy who likes toys and computers and other machinery and is really good at making stuff, including suits, armors, traps, gadgets and so on. Like, just everything Guardian is enough to prove this, and that is only a fraction of what we’ve seen him do. Winn is a genius with mechanics, great builder, and good at fixing stuff. He is also comical and stubborn and kind and not very into fighting, which are all traits of Hephaestus.

But he is much more than simply mechanical minded, he is a genius in other fields of expertises, admittedly good with math and sciences and languages and being a super nerd.

So Winn would be a Son of Hephaestus but I’ll go as far as saying he’d have the grace of Athena as well.


I’ve never thought of J’onn as being on the same level as the rest of the characters. He is Spacedad. He has his own category. 

I like the idea of J’onn being a full on immortal who directs the camp and loves all the campers as his own children. However, he coul be a demigod who gained immortality from the gods.

In that case, I don’t really think Hecate would fit him because she’s the goddess of magic, sorcery, witchcraft, crossroads, trivial knowledge, and necromancy. Those aren’t things I associate J’onn with.

I feel like Hypnos would fit him better. Although he is the God of sleep, here are some abilities of his children:

  • They are capable of memory retrieval.
  • They are capable of memory alteration.
  • They can induce sleep.
  • They can use hypnosis.
  • They can astral project/dream travel. (when asleep)
  • They can manipulate dreams.

J’onn is a telepath, on the show he can both retrieve, read and alter people’s memories, hypnosis is also a thing for a lot of telepaths and astral projection would be something I wouldn’t cross out of his powers just yet, it’s definitelly something I think he could do. He is also very calm and knowledgeable and insightful, and the son of Hypnos we see in the books, Clovis, is like that.

So J’onn would be an immortal Son of Hypnos and the director of activities of the camp.

Other characters, 


James is a little tricky one. But I think he could be a Son of Apollo like Kara. 

Not only is he ridiculously good looking and athletic, but he is also very artistic, he is a skilled fighter, could be a good archer if they just gave him a bow on the show. He is a photographer, and Photography is all about light and Apollo is the god of light. Children of Apollo are skilled in physical contests and games, James is shown to be good at anything physical he likes games. Children of Apollo are natural healers and James really cares about helping people so I think that is something James would like to have do great use of.

And I’m sorry but that is literally the only God I could think for James.

So James would be a Son of Apollo.


For some reason, I think she’d be a daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture. I don’t have a good excuse for that, just that there are a few jokes of her being vegan and Demeter children can control plants. It’s silly, sorry.

But for real, Maggie could be a Daughter of Nike, who is the goddess of strenght and victory. I particularly like Nike.

Nike’s children’s abilities include:

  • They are extremely competitive.
  • They live for contests and never settle for second best.
  • They can be pretty intense and driven but they are hard workers and tough opponents.
  • They never turn down a challenge.

I think that fits Maggie. She is always making bets and challenging people at pool, doesn’t seem like the type to turn down a challenge or settle for second best. She’s tiny and she had that air that she’s ready to fight and challenge everyone all the time. She seems very competitive from what we’ve seen, and hard worker.

So Maggie would be a Daughter of Nike.


I love her, we need more Vasquez.

Vasquez is a Daughter of Nemesis, goddess of balance, justice, and vengeance.

Children of Nemesis:

  • Believe that people who are full of themselves should be brought down.
  • Never forget an insult.
  • Make good allies.

For me it fits Vasquez, she’s a great ally for the Danvers’ sisters, she looks like she’d fight people for calling her the wrong name, and she cared about justice and fucking up the patriarchy. lol


Lucy is really smart, but she would definitely not be a Daughter of Athena. I think Lucy would be a Daughter of Aphrodite. She’s very poised, she always looks good, canonly smells great and seems to have a lot of social skills and awareness.


My love. Cat is brilliant, Cat is elegant, Cat is witty, Cat dominant (ha, yes I rhymed). She’s really good with her words, she knows how to hold herself, she knows how to control people and boss them, she constantly insults people for their appearance and sometimes lack of wit/a brain, she always looks perfect beyond comparison, she’s sophisticated, she’s attractive, she is hinted to be strong on seduction, very influential, high social abilities and awareness.

Cat Grant is a Daughter of Aphrodite!

Like, there’s hardly room for debate on this. But she definitelly would have the grace of Athena.

And I can’t think of any other character of Supergirl, but I’m taking the liberty to add my favorite Flash characters here as well because why not, though I won’t go much into them because this is already huge, but they’re pretty much obvious

except for Barry and Wally, so here:

Hermes is the god of roads, speed, messengers, commerce, travel, thieves, merchants, athletes and mail deliverers (cuz that’s not random). Hermes was known to be quick and cunning and had the ability to freely move between the mortal and divine worlds. He is also the patron and protector of travelers, herdsmen, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade. In some myths Hermes is also depicted as a trickster where he would outwit the gods either for the good of humankind or for his own personal amusement and satisfaction.

Children of Hermes:

  • Are skilled at theft and trickery.
  • Have a high athletic ability.
  • Are persuasive.
  • Some or all of Hermes’s children have the ability to pick most locks with their minds.
  • Can sense any physical traps.
  • Are good at alchemy and making potions.
  • Are good with money.

Barry is a forensic Forensic scientist which means he is good with alchemy, he is a speedster and a good leader. He can ‘freely move between worlds’ and he is also good with inventions.

Wally likes the roads, like literally, he was into car racing, he loves speed, I’m pretty sure he is skilled at theft and lockpicking, he seems to be really into sports, he is witty and fun, totally into playing tricks on people.

So we have:

  • Kara Danvers, Daughter of Apollo 
    • With the grace of Zeus, aka she can fly
  • Alex Danvers, Daughter of Athena
  • J’onn J’onzz, immortal son of Hypnos and camp activity director
  • Winn Schott, jr, Son of Hephaestus
    • With the grace of Athena
  • Lena Luthor, Daughter of Athena
    • With the grace of Aphrodite
  • Cat Grant, Daughter of Aphrodite
    • With the grace of Athena
  • Lucy Lane, Daughter of Aphrodite
  • James Olsen, Son of Apollo
  • Susan Vasquez, Daughter of Nemesis
  • Maggie Sawyer, Daughter of Nike
  • Barry Allen, Son of Hermes
  • Iris West, Daughter Aphrodite
  • Wally West, Son of Hermes
  • Caitlyn Snow, Daughter of Athena
  • Cisco Ramon, Son of Hephaestus

As for Headcanons:

  • Athena is the only deity to claim their children at birth, but Lena was ‘adopted’ by the Luthors and Lionel died when she was young, Lillian decided to never tell Lena about her real mother. And so Lena remained oblivious to her demigod nature and parentage until she went to camp at the age of fourteen
  • Lena is immediately claimed by Aphrodite when she arrives at camp and it takes a few years before she finds out she’s actually a daughter of Athena, so she’s the only demigod(ess) to be claimed by more than one God and because of that, some people don’t like her.
      • most people feel abandoned by their godly parent so they don’t like her having too much attention from the goddesses
    • Children of Aphrodite don’t like her because she’s too smart and cares more about studying than caring about her looks
    • Children of Athena don’t like her because they think she’s too vain, but they eventually come around when she proves herself as a true daughter of Athena
    • When she still believed to be a daughter of Aphrodite and lived in cabin 10, she would mostly spend time with children of Athena studying and stuff
  • It is said on the books that Hephaestus has a crush on Athena, and also he is married to Aphrodite, so Winn totally has a huge crush on Lena, for both her claims and they are total besties. Lena is constantly sneaking into the forgery to work with Winn on their crazy inventions
  • Winn doesn’t have Pyrokinesis, but he has bunker 9 and managed to open it one time when his gadget exploded in his hand while he tried to fix it.
  • Literally everyone in the camp is in love with Kara
  • Everyone but the children of Aphrodite and Athena have the hugest crush on Lena because she’s just ridiculously hot
  • Single mother Eliza Danvers raising her two demigod daughters, Alex and Kara, by herself and taking in Winn when he is not on camp
  • Winn actually being led to the Danvers, by J’onn, when his mother died before any of them went/were sent to camp
  • Eliza is just so freaking smart that Athena took a liking of her so much so that Alex is one of the only Daughters of Athena with a human mother
  • Alex, Kara and Winn all arrived at camp together after some crazy spider attacks on the girls’ bedroom made Eliza decide to send them off for the summers. Kara was six, making her the youngest person to arrive at camp, Winn was seven and Alex was eight
  • James was the one who showed them around when they arrived and decided to take Kara and Winn under his protection because they were both so tiny. Alex was initially jealous of him because ‘they’re my siblings’, but came around when she saw how well he took care of Kara
  • Kara cried the first few nights at camp because she had never been away from Alex and Eliza before, but James made sure to calm her and tell her she was safe and she’d be able to spend time with Alex the next day
  • Kara cried when James said she had to throw part of her food in the fire for the gods
  • James arrived at camp with a satyr at the age of nine, he was eleven when Kara, Alex and Winn arrived
  • Cat was fourteen when Kara arrived, Kara all but imprinted on her and decided to follow the ‘pretty girl’ around. Cat pretended to be annoyed but she adored Kara
  • Cat was the counselor of Aphrodite’s cabin and passed it down to Iris
  • Lucy and Cat are a little bit of nemeses
  • As an Aphrodite tradition, Lucy was told to break James’ heart but refused and they maintain a strong lasting relationship
  • Alex fights everyone who dares look at Kara, she once broke a boy’s nose because he tried to kiss Kara and a boy’s arm because he checked Kara out with too much avidity… they may of may not be the same person named Mike.
  • The moment she set her eyes on Kara, Lena was in love
  • Kara and Lena became really fast friends, but neither Alex nor James were very fond of the situation. Cat and Lucy were their number one shippers
  • Kara and Lena danced around each other for two years before Lena kissed Kara on the last day of summer, they started officially dating the winter after that when Lena spent the holidays with the Danvers instead of going home
  • Even before they started dating Kara would fight anyone who tried to say anything bad about Lena. She spent three entire weeks without talking to James because he called Lena untrustworthy and wouldn’t let her be in their team for capture flag and two days without talking to Alex because she called Lena vain. Has physically fought people for things they said about Lena. Broke a guy’s arm and nose because he touched Lena’s butt and tried to kiss her, Alex had never been more proud
  • Alex only started liking/accepting Lena when it was revealed that she was actually a Daughter of Athena
  • Vasquez is always Alex’s second at capture the flag and Kara is often jealous
  • Maggie went to camp at the age of twelve after her parents kicked her out
  • Alex and Maggie started dating without even knowing. Everyone just thought they were dating and when they found out they didn’t care to correct people and decided to start dating anyways
  • Winn is the nerdy and annoying little brother of the group. Everyone calls Winn ‘Danvers’ and he loves it, Alex and Kara never corrected this, and have many times encouraged and used the name for him
  • Winn likes to tease Alex about Maggie and run to hide behind Kara before Alex can hit him
  • Alex and Maggie take turns scaring Winn, James and Kara are his protectors
  • Alex and Maggie always compete against each other, they are never on the same team for anything, they like trash-talking the other with the silliest lines. Alex calls Maggie Adidas to get her riled up, Maggie teases Alex about not having a bellybutton and calls her ‘brainy’
  • James and Maggie stay at camp all year around. Kara, Winn and Alex stay on school breaks (all of them). Lucy only stays on summers. Lena goes to boarding school when she’s not on camp. Cat refused to stop going to camp even after she started college, she goes back every summer. No one knows anything about Vasquez’s life, there is no pattern of when she stays on camp, she disappears for long periods of time only to show up again as if she never left.
  • Eliza takes in any and every demigod that shows up at her door, her children often bring home friends to spend the last week or so of summer

And I will stop now because this is too long and has taken up too much time, I’ve been writing this for at least six hours why am I like this? I got a little bit carried away, can you tell?

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

For those of you who would like to learn to lucid dream, or who have achieved lucidity but would like to be capable of doing it more often, the following techniques are those that I have used and have had good results with:

First of all, before you begin your practice, you’ll need to discover your own personal dreamsigns. These are recurring themes/objects/people in your dreams that you can use as signposts to help you recognise that you’re dreaming.

For instance, in my dreams there are a few themes that pop up at least weekly, and they are: strange appearances of the Sun & Moon (either more Suns in the sky than is normal, holes or markings on the Moon, luminaries that grow or shrink as I walk towards them, etc.), pine trees moving or growing in strange formations, my late father, and certain celebrities that frequent my dreams on a weekly basis.
It’s important to choose themes that recur frequently, as these are likely to pop up in your dreams in the future. Having a dream journal can greatly aid you in this practice, so if you do keep a journal, sit down with it, read through your dreams from the past few months, and make notes of the items/people/themes that appear more than once in your dreaming reality. Themes that are absurd or impossible in real life work best, as they are less likely to slip past your watchful eye.

Once you have made a list of your personal dreamsigns, copy them into your notes on your phone and read them often, if not once a day (before bed works best) but anytime that you remember. Before you sleep, say out loud “I will recognise any dreamsigns in my dreams tonight, and thus recognise that I am dreaming.” That is really the key here, to recognise in your dreams that you are dreaming and that you have control over your dream. Planting that intention in your mind before you sleep will help you to achieve this.

Once you achieve lucidity, you are free to use it in innumerable ways: to seek answers about your life, to understand the cause of your nightmares and thus ascend them, even to commune with your Gods or meditate/scry. I’ve had some intense scrying sessions in my dreams, where I’ve predicted all kinds of things that came to pass in my waking life. Because here’s the thing: in your lucid dreams, you are the omnipresent, omnipotent God of your own reality; you have unlimited power and potential, and can exact powerful changes in your waking reality and in your consciousness.

The technique is as follows: throughout the day, whenever you encounter your dreamsigns, or the mundane versions of same (for me those would be pine trees, the sun and moon [in the sky or elsewhere, such as art or on tv], photos of my dad, etc. – see how they are mundane versions of the above list I gave? That’s what you should be looking out for), do a reality check. And by this I mean, stop what your doing, look around you and ask yourself “am I dreaming?” Look for a clock or for writing in the space around you (paperwork, notes, posters, etc.), read them, look away, and then read them again. Did the text change? Is it still the same time or have the digits become garbled? Even though you know you’re awake, this is a fantastic habit to get into, because as I’m sure you all know, if you do/encounter something enough in your waking life, it will eventually show up in your dreams. So if you conduct reality checks enough (at least 5-10 times a day – I know this seems daunting but it just became a habit for me after only two days of doing it, and now I do it every few hours just out of habit) eventually you’ll do it in your dreams, and since the nature of dream reality is that it is fluid, and constantly changing, you’ll see a dreamsign, look for any discrepancies in the realism of the world around you, see that it is unstable and dreamlike, and realise that you’re dreaming. After this the (dream)world is your oyster!

So, to recap:

- Make a list of your personal dreamsigns.
- Look for their themes in your waking reality.
- Once you’ve spotted a dreamsign, or anytime you remember, conduct a reality check.

Hope this is helpful. Happy dreaming!

- Brigitte

demigod tae

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  • i was gonna say something low key salty about got7 but i won’t cause i don’t want to get beat up
  • anyway this is demigod tae
  • if that wasn’t obvious
  • alright let’s start from the beginning shall we
  • tae’s dad was a simple man, just a farmer
  • a livestock farmer like a very small farm down in the countryside of upper new york, just past corning
  • can you raise livestock there well i guess you can now
  • it’s mostly cows!! but there’s also a little plot of land dedicated to growing some crops maybe like a sweet potato that seems valuable
  • okay anyway he has his little farm, taehyung’s dad that is, and he’s pretty isolated all to himself
  • he gets together with some other fatness occasionally and sells his goods whatever that may be
  • idk about farming im just going off harvest moon okay
  • but you know it’s whatever
  • okay down to the drama
  • there’s a forecast for major flooding in the area, and tae’s dad is a little worried because while he’s on high ground, he loves his little cows and he will not let them get hurt
  • so when the rain starts to fall, he grabs seven hundred blankets and treks out to the barn where all the cows are
  • he pats down some hay and makes a little nest for himself so he can chill with the cows
  • the rain starts to pour and it’s actually rather alarming how hard it’s slamming against the roof, but tae’s dad feels infinitely better knowing he’s with the cows and they’re safe
  • he’s relaxing, singing some songs to the cows, when there’s this sudden slamming against the barn door
  • tae’s dad thinks he must be hearing things, but he’s maybe too curious for his own good, and so he goes to check it out for himself
  • he opens the door cautiously, and standing there in the pouring down rain is a pretty lady, with a hoodie under a pair overalls
  • she’s very tanned, and her hair is dark and a little unruly, and her eyes are the color of the earth right after it rains
  • tae’s dad gets all flustered because she’s gorgeous but then he snaps out of it and ushers her in
  • so what if she’s oh, i don’t know, a serial killer or something
  • she’s kill him with a garden hoe or something smh
  • anyway he quickly searches around the barn and finds some old blankets and hands them over
  • he then takes off his jacket and says he’ll close his eyes if she wants to put it on
  • he definitely doesn’t try to peek through his fingers
  • no he wouldn’t, he’s a good guy and he gives her the privacy she needs and when she changes he opens his eyes again
  • “how’d you even find this place?” he can’t help but ask
  • the lady ignores him at first, heading over to buttercup the cow and rubbing her head affectionately
  • finally she looks over at tae’s dad “lost.”
  • he gives her this look because who even wanders out into the countryside anyhow?? like how did she even find the countryside???
  • “you must really love these cows. they’re fond of you.” the lady says with a soft smile. “especially this one.”
  • and tae’s dad eyes widen and he just gives her this look “wait can you—”
  • “what?” and she smiles and goes back to petting the cows
  • obviously she can’t really escape the rain and so the lady decides to camp out with tae’s dad and the cows for the night
  • and they spend the entire night rambling about their favorite flowers and favorite garden plants and favorite vegetables to grow and the best ways to care for chickens
  • they don’t even sleep because they spend the entire night talking and also the rain is really really loud they can’t sleep under those conditions
  • and she won’t reveal her name the entire night but when the sun starts to rise, she looks over at tae’s dad and kinda mumbles “the names demeter”
  • and tae’s dad eyes light up and he gets all smiley “you mean like the greek goddess??”
  • “something like that”
  • and by mid morning, the rain has calmed down into a soft sort of drizzle and demeter could easily leave but she chooses not too, instead the two of them stay in the barn and keep talking
  • and they kind of get on the topic of the farm and demeter is all “oh is it only you caring for everything here?”
  • and he nods “it’s fine. not many people like farming.”
  • “i like farming.”
  • it starts out with demeter showing up bright-eyed every morning, ready to work under the blazing sun with tae’s dad and yes it’s hard work but they’re always smiling and getting to know each other better and tae’s dad’s corny farm jokes make demeter giggle and blush
  • get it
  • corny jokes
  • cause it’s a farm
  • okay but the months go on and demeter is staying later and later and the two are getting closer and closer
  • and finally tae’s dad is like “there’s an extra room in the house”
  • and that’s when demeter officially moves in with tae’s dad
  • she’s like wow yikes i wasn’t planning on falling in love with him this is— this is new
  • so she’s like well i better tell him i’m the actually the greek goddess so when he’s scared away at least there’ll be a valid reason for it
  • and so one day she comes down to breakfast and sits on the old wooden bench where a plate of scrambled eggs and fresh strawberries is waiting for her
  • she kinda smiles a bit because wow she really is in love??
  • and tae’s dad comes down the stairs and his hair is a mess and he looks sleepy still and demeter is literally heart eyes for days
  • he comes and sits across from her and has the most gentle of smiles on his lips
  • demeter starts to play with her hands nervously “look, i gotta tell you something…”
  • and tae’s dad rests his hands on hers to try and calm her “it’s okay!! i already know your secret.”
  • “you, you do?!”
  • “you like me, don’t you?”
  • and demeter just stares at him because he’s giggling to himself and he looks so damn proud of himself
  • “i thought that one was obvious.” she laughs and she leans over and kisses him on the nose
  • and yes, she eventually tells him her actual secret and yes he totally flips out but not in a bad way more like the most excited wonderful way in the world
  • they don’t actually get married because yah she’s a goddess that kind of breaks the goddess rules but they basically act like it
  • they raise all the beautiful cattle and sunflowers and carrots together
  • but
  • but is that enough??
  • nah fam it’s not
  • they’re sitting at breakfast again right
  • and they’re holding hands as the sun shines through the window and the birds sing outside
  • “look, i gotta tell you something…”
  • tae’s dad laughs and he kisses her forehead “oh come on, i already know you’re the goddess demeter!!”
  • “i thought that one was obvious…”
  • they both laugh but get serious again
  • “look, the reality of it is… i’m pregnant”
  • tae’s dad screams for maybe the next seven years?? yah, at least seven
  • he spins her in his arms and kisses her face all over and then kisses her stomach
  • zeus doesn’t even seem interested in demeter and gods only know why
  • but she gets to stay with tae’s dad, and eventually, with lil baby tae
  • as soon as he can crawl baby tae is out in the garden, messing with the sunflower, pulling up carrots, trying to talk to the bumble bees
  • he’s the cutest baby and he’s spoiled by his parents, especially so by demeter who gives him the gift of being able to grow plants by singing to them
  • like one day he’ll have the potential to control plants with his song but right now he’s a small bean baby
  • get it bean
  • cause demeter
  • anyway tae is raised knowing who his mom is and he’s so damn proud even though he’s not allowed to tell anyone he’s so proud of her and he thinks she’s the coolest person in the world
  • he obviously loves his dad too
  • small bean tae names all the cows after his godly aunts and uncles and apollo is so damn offended he has an ugly ass cow named after him
  • tae absolutely adores nature like both of his parents and he’s like i’m gonna be a farmer like both of you guys are!!
  • and demeter is like look buddy… and that’s when she gives him the whole demigod talk like we love you and everything but eventually zeus is gonna come for my ass and i won’t be here to protect you any longer and you need to go to a special place called camp half blood
  • and tae just about sobs because he’s such a momma and daddy’s boy like he loves both of his parents and the idea of having to be separated from his parents breaks his heart
  • after he hears about camp half blood he sleeps in his parents bed for like four weeks straight
  • but alas the time comes for him to go and unlike most demigods there’s no monster attack, no monster chase scene
  • it’s just him and his parents all walking hand in hand to the border of camp half blood
  • tae is sniffling, because even though he’s like twelve years old he loves his parents more than anything
  • demeter promises he’s always welcome back home but she might not be there, and he need to learn and train to be able to defend himself in the demigod world
  • so tae reluctantly steps past the border and when he gets inside he’s a sniffling mess but guess what’s above his head it’s demeter’s emblem
  • the most adorable boy in the world comes running over to tae and he gets all flustered because the boy is up in space and he’s so adorable
  • “hi i’m hoseok!! i know about you, you’re the one who named a cow after my dad!! my dad said i should seek revenge but you’re so cute, so i’ll take you to your cabin instead!!”
  • that’s how tae ends up in the demeter cabin, surrounded by a bunch of siblings who immediately put a flower crown on his head and a giggling hoseok who wants one too
  • i didnt know this was four pages long but it already is and im at school typing this aren’t you guys im willing to sacrifice my grades for this au
  • jk im in creative writing this is a really chill class and i can get away with doing this kind of thing
  • okay anyway tae grows up at camp and he always goes back to visit his dad because demeter is back up on olympus but she drops by sometimes and they’ll have picnics together
  • but for the most part his days are spent at camp, training and overall being one of the heartthrobs of camp
  • like i know demeter has a wicked wrath, just think like winter?? but i see the demeter cabin being pretty chill, almost like your stereotypical hippies
  • like tae is super happy go lucky we all know that but at camp he has like zero boundaries he would probably walk up to someone and be like wow you’re so cute i wanna kiss you!!
  • probably how he met jeongguk tbh, and then yoongi respectively who then threatened to beat the daylights out of him
  • okay anyway he always has his flower crown perched atop his head, it’s never like him actively picking flowers for his crown, but like since he has the ability to revive things, he can take flowers that have died and revive them for his cute little crown
  • he makes some for all of bangtan and it’s quite the ordeal because hoseok asks if he can pretty please have sunflowers, and pink roses are obviously the flower of choice for jin, but yoongi whines and complains when he doesn’t have the same kind of flowers as jeongguk has
  • tae should make a business out of it or something
  • okay but i don’t see tae as someone who actively wants to fight even if it’s for his own protection, he thinks that monsters probably have good in them if you look long and hard enough for it
  • but he can’t just rely on that philosophy when you know- he’s about to be eaten
  • he has a spear and it’s a perfect fit because he’s tall and he’s agile and it can be used as defense as well as a weapon unlike like, idk a bow or something
  • okay anyway back to tae being the cutest smallest bean at camp who isn’t actually small but whatever
  • okay so you’re pretty on the dl around camp, you stick to your cabin, a few close friends, but you definitely don’t go out there and try to get to learn everyone and their stories
  • you like to spend your days, sparring with close friends, reading, hanging in the arts cabin, or just kind of doing your own thing
  • the rockwall is something you’ve always wanted to try though and so one day you’re like you know what i’m gonna head down there and i’m gonna climb the wall of doom
  • but there’s kind of a line going on because like while anyone can just go for it, it’s hard to maneuver when there’s seventy two other people trying to climb the same area that you are
  • and you’re like i can do this, i’ll wait, it’s no big deal
  • but after a while, you feel a pair of eyes on you
  • you know how you can just tell when someone is staring at you?
  • well that’s the feeling you’re getting right then and there and so you spin around and leaning up against a tree is the most handsome person you have ever seen
  • he’s tall, dark, and handsome
  • i finally can use this
  • yes, in all of these au’s, all the boys retain their natural glow, this is an anti-whitewashing blog
  • anyway he catches you staring and you would assume he would look away all embarrassed but nah fam, he gives you one of those nods, and then winks and you immediately turn back around and shove your hands into your pockets because that is not allowed to happen no sir how dare he do that to you
  • how dare he attack you in your own home
  • but guess what you can still feel his eyes boring a hole into the back of your head and you will not tolerate this oh no
  • so you spin back around and he smiles and motions you over and you’re like hoe don’t do it but you do anyway
  • you cautiously make your way over to him and when he sees you’re actually coming his eyes light up and this huge smile breaks out on your face and you’re like this is what heaven looks like i guess
  • “i’m taehyung, but you can call me tae, or babe, whichever you prefer”
  • you roll your eyes and laugh a bit and he laughs too and wow that’s a very nice life
  • you introduce yourself and then you ask why he called you over and suddenly he looks confused and you have this sudden panic that maybe he was waving to someone else but then he smiles all cute
  • “well, it’s cause you’re adorable!! and i wanted to tell you, duh”
  • and you get super blushy and flustered and stare up at him and he just gives a shrug and smiles again
  • “me and my friends are probably gonna head down to the lake later today, do you wanna come?”
  • a few hours later, you find yourself fending off hoseok and taehyung who are trying to splash you and jeongguk with water
  • seokjin pulls down his sunglasses to glare and jimin mimics him and yoongi naps under his floppy sunhat
  • namjoon is stuck in the middle of the war
  • when you prove very resistant to his attacks, tae starts singing to the seaweed and suddenly it’s all up on your legs and you squeal and try to move but the seaweed has you in place
  • tae giggles and demands your surrender but before he can claim victory, hoseok splashes him and tae falls back in the water dramatically
  • you break through the seaweed and run over to him to see if he’s okay but when you lean over, tae grabs your arm and pulls you down into the water with you
  • it’s really shallow so it’s not it’s dangerous and you practically fall onto tae so there’s that happening
  • you gasp loudly and try to get up but he tells you that it’s really fine and that you can be his human shield from that traitor hoseok
  • which you end up doing
  • besides tae is just warm?? and laying in the water next to him isn’t half bad
  • after that you’re always with the group, no matter what
  • mostly with tae but the group does exist in the background…
  • like you even get an honorary flower crown and tae acts oblivious when namjoon calls him out for using flowers that mean beauty and attraction and love
  • but you and tae don’t really ever hang out alone because one of the boys if not more are tagging along–
  • until you get sent on a quest
  • and taehyung is the only one who tags along
  • there’s been some suspicious activity out west and you and taehyung have been chosen to go expect the issue and fix what needs to be mended
  • the quest is really freaking vague and you and tae are somewhat confused but hey, as long as tae is by your side you don’t mind
  • he’s not very good at fighting and you always have to protect him, but he can use certain plants to heal your wounds if needed
  • he likes to set up camp at night and he always volunteers to watch first so you can sleep
  • he’s also pointing out the different kinds of plants you encounter in each of the different states and he talks about all their properties
  • at first things were kind of !! because obv you both had a thing for each other deep down but after a week in tae was like you know what—
  • and so he casually holds your hand and when you question it he says “it’s safer this way”
  • he lets you use his sleeping bag because he insists it’s warmer
  • okay anyway you get to the good old west and you’re like okay so what are we supposed to do—
  • and suddenly you get an iris message and yoongi and jin appear on the screen and you’re like my dudes!!!
  • but they look absolutely worried and now you’re kind of questioning what’s going on
  • jin sounds absolutely panicked “you two need to leave, it’s not safe for you anymore, we figured out why you two are there and-”
  • the message cuts off suddenly but right before it’s gone you hear yoongi curse
  • you and tae exchange horrified looks but you shake your head “look, we’re aware, we’ll be okay…”
  • there’s a sudden rustling from behind you and you and tae spin, but a small kid comes walking up and you’re like where—
  • “hi, i’m minhyuk!! i’m from camp jupiter, you must be taehyung?”
  • taehyung glares “hey i’m not the only person here”
  • and he introduces you with a scowl
  • “it’s okay…” you rub his arm soothingly “i didn’t know there was another camp–”
  • “really??” minhyuk just shrugs. “well come with me, we have a lot to talk about!!”
  • minhyuk grabs you by the hand and tae just about has a heart attack because wait no other cute boys aren’t allowed to touch you like that !!
  • but anyway you end up at camp jupiter or as you like to call it “camp sticks up their asses” because it’s so strict
  • it’s nothing like camp half blood and while it’s definitely impressive it’s not home whatsoever
  • and like everyone seems way too interested in taehyung and you’re not liking it whatsoever
  • like everyone is like wow you’re so handsome and so gifted and so strong
  • and tae is like i’ve never killed a monster lol
  • and they just— still so handsome and so gifted and so strong!!!
  • and you’re wondering what the heck is going on and why you’re here and what your quest is
  • but one day while you and tae are eating your meal, one of the campers, a kid named wonho, asks tae to follow him
  • you get up to tag along but wonho smiles softly “we’ll be back in a few okay??”
  • but they’re not back in a few
  • in fact it’s night and you’re still waiting for tae
  • luckily a pair of friends named taeil and sicheng try to keep you company and cheer you up
  • but you’re sniffling because you and tae are a duo and now he’s gone—
  • and it’s light out and camp and you go to the guest house alone
  • it’s past midnight when tae comes stumbling in
  • you bolt up and slide off the bunk to meet him and you pull him into your arms
  • “what the hell is going on?!”
  • taehyung shakes his head “they’re trying… the gods are a bunch of crackheads–”
  • and how he’s rambling and he’s talking about the gods and how their split personas are getting worse and how zeus///jupiter has this wild idea to try and merge camps permanently through an exchange program of sorts and how he was the one nominated along with the wonho kid and neither of them had a say in it whatsoever
  • and taehyung says he will not do it there’s no way in all the underworld he will do it
  • and you tell him to calm down and take some deep breaths because he’s overworking himself but he takes you by the shoulders
  • “i’m not leaving camp half blood!! i grew up there!! my family is there!! and you’re there, i’m not ever going to leave your side!!”
  • “tae, nobody ever said-”
  • “i love you!!!”
  • and you two just stare at each other and there are hot tears streaming down his face but he smiles softly “gods i really love you”
  • and he leans down and kisses you so so so gently as if you might break if he’s any rougher
  • that night you two crawl into the same bunk, snuggled together and praying for the best
  • you’re both shaken awake violently though, and you open your eyes to see taeil and minhyuk standing there
  • “hurry up hurry up, we’re getting you out!!”
  • the four of you sneak out of the cabin to the edge of camp and you’re like but what about the guards but minhyuk just laughs and giggles
  • boom you’re swept up in this black mist and it feels like you’re body is pulling itself apart—
  • tae grabs your hand and squeezes it tight
  • when you open your eyes you’re standing in the middle of what looks like a desert
  • “sorry, shadow travel is exhausting” minhyuk yawns
  • and you and tae just stare in confusion??? because minhyuk??? a son of pluto??? but he’s so pure???
  • “opposites attract i guess!!!”
  • he says he and taeil will get you guys out of california for protection
  • and they do
  • you and tae make it back to camp half blood safely and you explain the details to chiron because he wasn’t even sure what was going on
  • he says he’ll try to mediate ok the gods behalf
  • and most of the gods side against zeus so it’s okay!!!
  • you and tae are safe and very much in love
  • the end

I love plants! Sorry this has been in my inbox for a while^^;;

▪She likes plants too!
▪she didn’t keep any around because she worked for Jumin and was too busy, but you buy her a little snapdragon for her windowsill when she quits
▪she ends up over watering it and calls you up in a frenzy, freaked out because it’s dying and it’s the only tangible thing you’ve given her
▪so you both decide to attend a gardening class!
▪She somehow misreads the flyer so you end up going to a couples gardening class
▪You two are the only non-couple there, which is awkward, but she has a fantastic time
▪ now that she knows how to take care of them, the cafe is full of plants!
▪It’s so neat and all of your customers love it
▪When she does finally get around to asking you out on a date, she does so with another snapdragon
▪“MC I promise this wasn’t a snap decision, but will you go out with me?” 

▪asks you if he can name one after his LOLOL avatar or one after the LOLOL programmer
▪every time he comes home from class he greets them ALL by name
▪sees your unnamed yellow flower and asks to name it Rika
▪your reaction is up to you
▪ he’s totally an accidental plant murderer bc he’ll rip them out of the ground without knowing better

▪when he first saw you through the CCTV bringing in a few flowers and cacti, he was kinda taken aback
▪V gifted Rika with a few plants but they all died quickly no matter how she cared for them
▪So to Seven, it was strange that there was even more life in the apartment
▪didn’t know much about gardening before but he spends 6 hours reading different gardening books and asks you about the different kinds of plants
▪gdi Seven
▪he has the full gardening outfit complete with the brightest gloves and pants
▪ Everything clashes terribly with his red hair and he’s an eyesore to look at
▪ but when he’s out in the sun, he starts to get all freckle-y which is adorable
▪ And of course he burns super easy, he could be outside for five minutes and still get a sunburn same
▪even claims he can communicate with your plants
▪"It’s my Seventh sense MC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“
▪how’d he manage to say ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) out loud wtf
▪thinks it’s the coolest thing that your plants have names
▪when you get new ones, he’ll beg you to let him name them
▪haha good luck on that one, hon

▪at first he was indifferent, but your passion really changed his mind
▪he loves seeing how excited and loving you are towards your plants but he’s a little sad that they can’t get the proper sunlight
▪he has a basement apartment, but he’s already called his landlord asking if the two of you can build a garden on the roof even though he knows the landlord is going to charge him a lot
▪when he gets the okay, he kind of goes overboard
▪you make a full day out of planting and building the garden
▪since it’s an apartment, anyone can go up to the roof and mess around
▪Zen makes sure to put up as many signs as he can, and he will 100% beat up anyone who so much as touches a single petal

▪he pretends to be indifferent
▪"MC they’re just plants. They can’t hear you”
▪but Saeran, plants need love and affection just like humans do ;-;
▪"Yeah whatever”
▪secretly makes him feel safe and happy when he sees you dancing around the house serenading and caring for your plants
▪will absolutely never admit it but he thinks you’re really pretty when you get into long rambles about the different types of plants and different facts & fables about plant care
▪takes an interest in Venus flytraps because they’re so pretty but yet brutal
▪if he gets one then you know Seven is gonna try getting one to gnaw on his finger

▪slightly indifferent
▪"well…you like what you like, MC"
▪he does get really jealous whenever you give them more affection than him
▪instead of confronting you about it, he’ll just give you the silent treatment
▪if there’s a plant you want, he’ll get it for you though, even if you do give it more attention

▪he cannot control his joy
▪you two are plant bud-dies!
▪your shared apartment has at least 10 potted plants in each room and your windows are always open to allow sunlight in
▪nightly routines are insane
▪not only do you two have to water them, but you also insist on saying good night to each and every plant
▪V just dies a little inside everytime he hears your adorable voice in the other room
▪For Valentine’s Day he’ll gift you with a little succulent, which has a tag that reads “I’m a succ-er for you, MC!”

Jumin Han
▪at first he was a little scared
▪"you like cacti, MC?“
▪”but what if Elizabeth 3rd gets the wrong idea and tries to eat one?????”
▪iNtensE paNic
  ▪you have to assure him that, yes, have cacti, but that Elizabeth is a smart cat
▪two days after you brought in the cacti Elizabeth tried to nuzzle one
▪she got a needle in her cheek, but never did it again
▪Jumin makes you promise to only keep cat-safe plants in your house and save your cacti for the greenhouse
▪speaking of that
▪you have the biggest garden you could ever hope for and imagine, plus a climate controlled greenhouse
▪has exotic plants brought in for you and if he travels, he’ll bring home a plant from that country
▪you’re spoiled rotten
▪If you ask him to help you plant, he’ll show up in a wide-brimmed floppy hat and the entire outfit
he tried to wear a cooking apron too bless this beautiful boy
▪doesn’t really want to get his hands dirty so he uses a small plastic kiddie shovel to dig the hole and flick the dirt out
▪…he prefers the buying and watering
▪buuuut, since he’s gone sometimes on business trips, he buys you a little purple plant to put on your bedside table
▪your little plant Jumin


So I finished working on the silhouette designs and I’m happy with how they look! I haven’t got a name for any of them yet but I’ve got a basic backstory for each of them and a starting plot for how they all join together but if I told the story it would be spoilers. If you’ve got a good name idea hook me up though! 

The lady with the umbrella is the leader and she controls the weather and stuff. shes basically the team mum, a very tidy person, and often calls herself a babysitter. 

The one with the guitar creates sonic blast waves and her guitar is also a whip which I’m really excited to show the design for. shes young and inexperienced. She’s kinda messy and the umbrella lady is often being a mother to her. 

The one with the gauntlets is strong (duh) and a very close quarters fighter who’s gloves can also hack things. She’s a loud, ex boxer and very stubborn, often launching herself into every battle without thinking. It creates a few conflicts.   

The plant person controls plants and insects. They’re very quiet and to them self. they find it hard to join in with the other’s antics.

The hammer lady has a hammer (woah!) and she also creates force fields. She’s very calm and sensible gentle giant, normally being the sense of reason on the teams missions. To her the number one priority is to protect her friends. Her and umbrella lady are the oldest and get along the best.  

Inhumans Epilogue Part One

Originally posted by coldbloodedexosquirrel

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Epilogue P1, Epilogue P2 (The End)

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 7K

AN: I’m cutting it up into two parts because it got pretty long. Next part will be out before NEXT Thursday, not this one. This one is a bit early. Feel free to tell me your thoughts and thank you all for reading once again!

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523.8, (part one)

fandom: wolf 359
notes: T, domestic/library au, fluff, pairings are still undecided
characters: all of the main 8, with cameos from minor characters

summary: Scenes from Goddard Inc’s takeover of the Hephaestus; an independent, space-themed public library. Plus; Hilbert’s catnip, drunk trivia nights, Dewey Decimal spot-checks, Hera’s demon mom, Stampy the Roomba, and the continuing mystery of Jacobi’s actual job title.

“There are only three things you need to know about this place,” Lovelace announced as she sat down for her review. “Firstly: Eiffel is not allowed to ride the book train.”

also available on ao3

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anonymous asked:

What sorts of powers do you think each court has? What things do you think each court wears?

I love this ask and I’ve been thinking so much about it because I’ve fallen in love with each court and I have so many things in mind and I know they wont show up in ACOWAR, but these are my thoughts. 


Night Court: I think the High Fae each have a small slither of some of Rhys’s powers, except his damaenti powers. I think his mind-controlling/reading is something special only meant for a High Lord and his Heirs. But I think the others can control darkness (to an extent) and maybe some of them can winnow (but only to a small degree) and maybe even some of them can mist small objects. But obviously Rhys is all-powerful. 

Spring Court: Either we don’t know much about Tamlin’s powers or I’ve somehow forgotten literally all of them but winnowing and shifting, but I think the Spring Court can control plants. I think some of them can make plants grow (or die) on command. They use them as weapons. The Spring Court doesnt have the best High Lord and we don’t know a lot about them but I think they’re a pretty cool court. 

Summer Court: I think the Summer Court has powers over water. Tarquin, having the High Lord’s power (however that works), he can creat tsunamis and rainstorms and thunderstorms and even lightning, and god I hope this is true because Tarquin is gonna DESTROY THE WORLD in ACOWAR (hopefully. I’d trust Tarquin to save my life, honestly). Some of the High Fae can control waves, some can summon water, some can summon lightning or thunder, some can create a storm, but only Tarquin can do it all. The Almighty Tarquin. 

Day Court: Helion, my mans (Tarquin is my first mans), he controls sun light. Straight up will burn your flesh off, can block out the sun/sun light. The sun is his …. well you get what I mean. The High Fae can control wind and sunlight, obviously not as well as Helion can. There’s a lot of sand, so at least someone can create a sand storm and I’m waiting for that day to come even if I have to write it MYSELF. 

Dawn Court: Unlike the other courts, their magic has nothing to do with their environment. I feel like they have healing magic, and the High Lord of the Dawn Court can either bring someone back from the brink of death, and push them over. I think his power is very tricky. I also feel like magical healing blood makes sense for them as well.

Autumn Court: Fire. Fire. And more fire. I feel like Lucien can control hellfire/hell itself. It’s obviously just a head canon and I have no proof to back it up, but its a pretty cool concept. Well I think it would be cool. But basically fire magic coming from their hands, their ears (lol, idk), their mouths (shout out to Dragos), anywhere, really. Did I mention fire? Someone in that Court is a human fire-ball. I know it. 

Winter Court: Ice. Ice. Elsa called, she’s at the Winter Court. Kallias, my little button, snowflake son, can freeze someone from the inside out. I think it’s an amazing torture technique. He can slow down the heart rate, freeze your blood, turn you into a snowman, the usual. I think (just like the Day Court) someone can create a ice storm. Someone can also create one of the worst blizzards that it could destroy Prythian, quote me on that, if will happen even if I have to WRITE IT MYSELF (the sequel from the Day Court)


Night Court: Ugh. God. I love their clothes, the Fae in the Court of Nightmares always dress up, because they like to feel important. The females always wear low cut dresses, which long thigh gaps, and probably chokers and jewelry (the amount depending on what works with the outfit) and its a lot of blues, purples, reds, and of course black. The males wear nice crisp button up or tie-up shirts, the same colors, and expensive trousers and they’re all incredibly good looking. Where as the Fae in Velaris, I picture them in simple short sleeves shirts and loose trousers, most likely creams, whites, beiges, greys, and some color here and there if they want it. 

Spring Court: I’m not that into Spring Court clothes because it just isn’t my style. But I think the females wear light colored blouses, most, if not all of them, are sheer. (Light pinks and blues and yellows and oranges). They also wear shorts and thin trousers. Or they wear lacy, frilly dresses, most of them short, some of them long and thin. Most of them short-sleeves or no sleeves. The males wear simple white tie-up shirts and trousers, maybe some light blues and greens here and there. 

Summer Court: MY PEOPLES. MY MANS AND WOMANS. I love their attire (that I made up). I think the females wear a lot of sundresses. In my mind everyone in the Summer Court is super tall, so long dresses look so good on the females. Most of the dresses are white, with beige belts around the mid section (some of the dresses are two-pieces). The dress style is basic thin straps, with maybe different wrap-arounds to cover their shoulders from the sun. Also different shades of blue (maybe some gold) for their dresses and white/beige sandals. The males wear open-chested white/blue/gold tunics and simple trousers. Open-chested meaning they have ties but they leave them open. They also wear sandals. Some body jewelry. 

Day Court: Since I head canon the Day Court is like 95% sand, they wear headpieces. Male and female alike wear skin-made head wraps to block out the sun and the sand. The females (in the Day Court palace, or whatever) wear golden and bronze dresses that leave their midriff open. And body paint using silver and gold. Earrings, lots of body jewelry, and everything like that. Where as the males in the Day Court palace-type-thing just wear trousers. Day Court is the hottest Court so the Fae probably dress in the least amount of fabric as possible. White and gold trousers, possibly silver. Also lots of body paint and body jewelry. Where as the males and females who live out in the sand wear a lot more clothes. They cover all their skin to prevent sun or sand burn, but you can’t avoid sand forever. It gets to them at some point. They also have body paint and body jewelry, but less of it. 

Dawn Court: I get the Indian-vibe from them and this is canon until SJM writes that its not. No. Scratch that. To me, this will always be canon. So they were Indian inspired clothes. Lots of soft pinks and oranges and golds (other colors such as red, blue, orange, purple, etc. as well, just not as common). Nose rings and earrings. The High Fae obviously have more expensive clothes and garments, but everyone is pretty well dressed. It’s a very happy court I don’t care what you say it’s a very happy, peaceful court.

Autumn Court: Leather. Leather. Leather. So. Much. Leather. Mostly browns and black, but some times they dye their leather blood-red or orange. Leather corsets, leather pants, leather jackets, leather shirts, leather jackets, leather dresses. Lots and lots of leather. Also leather boots too, they somehow make it work. These males and females are leather freaks. But they look really good. And the High Fae have fur overcoats that hang off their shoulders. Some have fur capes. Did I mention cool finger-less leather gloves? Because they have those too. 

Winter Court: The Autumn Court is obsessed with leather, these guys are obsessed with fur. Fur dresses, fur courts, fur skirts, fur shirts, fur pants, fur jackets, fur over coats, fur gloves and mittens, fur hats. The High Fae in the Winter Palace tend to wear less layers, because it isn’t as cold or they’re just pretentious idiots who need to look good. The females wear simple, flowing, white dresses. Probably some sheer blue or grey top-layer to add a sparkly effect so it looks like the ice. The males wear white as well, tunic and trousers, same as always. But they wear fur sometimes to be extra. Ice head pieces as well. 

I hope that anyone who read this was entertained and maybe it motivated you to write more about the courts. 

You know what I like?

Mundane magic in urban fantasy stories.

Like, people who definitely possess magical abilities, but they’re really mundane.

A witch whose specialty is potion making, but she really only uses it to perfect tea.

A forest witch who can’t control plants but can speed up the growth process of flowers, flowers literally bloom wherever they walk- it gets annoying during hide and seek and the witch can’t control it.

A warlock with ice magic who makes delightful snowmen and ice rinks,

Or whose only ice magic is to make pretty frost designs on glass windows.

a magic user who can only make bread rise faster.

A metamorphamagus whose appearances change only very slightly and also very slowly throughout the year. So like in fall they’re a light blonde, in winter they have platinum blonde hair - nearly white actually- in spring they’re a light blonde again, but in summer their hair is straight up golden blonde, like you could make money out of that shit.


alright, but get this: percy jackson au

Son of Aphrodite!Lance
-knows Charmspeak
-hella good at archery
-can cut you with his eyeliner as well as his dagger
-will shank you and then spin away
-if he was female and wasnt into finding a relationship so much, hed be a hunter of artemis tbh

Son of Ares!Keith
-hella good at swords
-looking for Shiro 24/7

Child of Demeter!Pidge
-can control plants and shit but h8s bc tHE OUTSIDE IS GROSS
-hella tech
-on my way to find my family

Son of Hephaestus!Hunk
-doesn’t wield fire but hey if there’s a problem- he can fix it
-hella nice
-has this cool ass shield and sword

Son of Mars!Shiro
-he’s arm is made of Celestial Bronze!!
-is Praetor
-he’s definitely like jason bc he doesnt remember he has a sibling until the sibling finds him
-his nose scar is from falling face first into a table or smth lmao
-who needs a weapon when you can just falcon punch ur enemies to tartarus

Daughter of Bellona!Allura
-praetor AF
-is a savage
-staff/spear thing
-was living peacefully but then everything changed when the fire nation attacked and by fire nation i mean lotor

luke is lotor.
zarkon is kronos.

(lance is the child of the eldest of gods!! [aphrodite is made of the inchor of a titian I believe which technically makes her older than the big three] no one thinks that lance is the one in the prophecy though because, “really? a son of aphrodite is going to save the world? please.”)



they meet keith kind of like how they met nico. but keith already knew he was a demigod and they meet while fighting manticore. lance is ready 2 fight the boi.

pidgey always tried to get in on quests bc they need to leave and find their family (kinda like how annabeth tagged along percy’s quests for questing sake)

chiron is a mix between the og chiron and coran.

or like instead of being a demigod hunk could be like a satyr and be like grover!!

ahhhh!! just so many choices!

Game On.

Request from @avengersrulez1536Hey I have come up with another idea- it’s a pan x reader where the reader is Tiger Lily and she was born on the island  and now that pan is there they fight for the throne of neverland.

Note: Now I’m not sure how people would see Tiger-Lily as she hasn’t been introduced to the OUAT verse yet; however I know a few people that would see her just as dark and unforgiving as Peter but, unlike him, she truly cares for the girls under her protection - the ones that have found their way to the island. I hope you enjoy this and if you want her written differently for your request then please just let me know <3

Peter Pan x Tiger-Lily!Reader

Words: 1,916

Warnings: Well this is Peter and Tiger-Lily so I guess I should probably put violence here.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Neverland had never been as glorious as it was during the days of Tiger-Lily. You had been here for as long as the island itself had and over the centuries that have passed whispers have travelled among the girls that ended up on the island….whispers that would suggest that you weren’t born of man and woman but of the very soils of Neverland. It has been so long and there have been countless different stories of your origins fabricated that no one actually knew the real truth and you weren’t one to speak of it to others either.

The girls that came to your island had often lost their way in life or had wished to come here because of the horrors they were experiencing and each one of them grew to quickly admire you. You were connected to the island in a way that you could control each and every plant that grew, use them for whatever advantage you needed, but most important of all you could use your magic to provide healing medicine and food for the ones who relied on you.

If you gave to the island than the island would provide. There was only ever one rule for those under your leadership too: You looked out for one another. No one here would be out for themselves and if they proved to be selfish in their ways they would be banished.

Life couldn’t have been any simpler or any sweeter….

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