controlled demolition

PSA: Episode 32′s Release

Hey Folks! 

Just a quick PSA about the release of Episode 32. We’ve had to shuffle around some recording times, and we’re not going to be able to lay track for the last scene we need until tomorrow night. Rest assured that we’ll be going straight from the studio to the editing bay, but realistically it may take us more than a few hours to integrate the new material with the rest of the episode. 

SO - Episode 32 will be released on Monday April 11th - just note that it’s our usual policy distinction of on Monday, not by Monday. In other words, expect it to be released before Monday becomes Tuesday, not around the start of the 11th. If you find that the idea of checking in periodically throughout the day for updates fills you with anxiety, please go into Monday under the assumption that the episode will be released at 9:00 PM EDT on the 11th. 

Thank you all for your tremendous understanding and patience as we work out the kinks of recording with a larger cast. 

Here is another preview snippet from the script for Controlled Demolition: