controlled demolition

My Cabby is a Kaiju

Lets talk about giant reptiles.

Both Keetongu’s people and the Skakdi used Tahtorak as steeds. The Tahtorak themselves were sapient and able to speak simple Matoran. There’s no record of them complaining about being ridden, and in fact they only wanted to commit violence against the Skakdi because they kept fighting endless wars. 

After the migration out of the GSR, the Tahtorak have plenty of room to roam about, but are vulnerable to being captured by the new Skakdi empire and used as weapons of war. They’d be very aware of this fact, and probably more inclined to integrate with the more peaceful New Atero society if they provide food and protection in return. 

But what to do with a pile of giant Kaiju capable of leveling the city?

You let them level the city, or rather, you hire them to perform controlled demolitions and cart off the ruins of old Agori settlements and the dismantling projects of the two giant robots that are cluttering the planet. Money doesn’t really concern them, but they understand that the city puts currency into accounts for each of them and withdraws it when they eat from the communal rahi herds the Matoran raise for them. 

But there isn’t room enough for all the Tahtorak to be in and around the city at any one time, and there are other city-states and communities being established by various groups far away from New Atero. Getting messages, people, and supplies over vast distances safely is something of a problem due to bandits and dinosaurs with laser cannons running amok. 

But few things are inclined to take on something as big and tough as a Tahtorak, both over land and during their ocean crossings. Especially when word gets around that Miserix has starting hunting down anyone that injures his favorite creations. Several Tahtorak are quickly hired on by the post offices of various communities, and even more are employed by shipping concerns to safely transport their goods. 

Those Tahtorak with more mellow dispositions are employed within cities to transport people, acting as an above ground subway system that (carefully) walks over traffic and between buildings. Those Tahtorak who are a bit more clumsy but still friendly act as living cabs between cities, often with small shelters installed on their backs for overnight trips. The ride is safe, but sometimes a little bumpy. 

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