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may/june fic rec!

hello everyone! i just wanted to share some of the amazing fics i’ve read in the past few months in case y’all are looking for something to read! enjoy!!!

your mess is mine  (176k) Louis is the father to the most brilliant little boy in the world who is all Louis really needs, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Harry is a gorgeous boybander fresh off a two year break and a massive scandal that’s left him a little broken and more than ready to move on.They fall in love.

waiting on you (76k) “Vampires,” Louis says with disgust, glaring over at the vampire who is noisily slurping from the woman’s neck nearby.Zayn gives the neat fang marks on Louis’ neck a meaningful look.“Can’t live with them, can’t live without them,” Louis finishes, ignoring Zayn when he rolls his eyes.Louis takes a long sip of his milkshake, presses his fingers against the marks on his neck, and definitely doesn’t think about the vampire who left them there.

far away (57k) Harry returns to London after five years. Stuck in the past with “what ifs” and “what might have beens”, he sees that his friends and ex (and possible love of his life) Louis have all moved on with their lives while he finds himself questioning his own life choices, past and present.

friday i’m in love (29k) It has a pattern, Harry has noticed.
It’s not that he has been observing the guy who regularly comes to the coffee shop for the past few weeks; but he totally has.
It’s also not Harry’s fault that he’s infatuated with the guy who apparently follows a very repetitive schedule.Or the one where Harry works at the coffee shop and Louis goes there almost every day and Harry is head over heels for him, making his love life look like a The Cure song.

here in the afterglow (88k) “If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat.Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.”-1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.


the wonderlands- "Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.“Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

take a sad song and make it better Louis couldn’t save Harry, but he sure as hell won’t let this happen to Jude.Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, once best friends and two fourths of the biggest band of all time, are now complete strangers. The only thing that connects them is Jude, Harry’s son and Louis’ beloved godson.Louis would do anything for Jude, Harry is too caught up in his addictions to care. Can anything fix what’s happened between them, or is it too late?

paint me in a million dreamsHarry’s one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, has made a name for himself in prestigious films and lives the life of a superstar. There’s just one thing missing to make it picture-perfect, but the one Harry’s in love with is completely out of reach for him. Enter Louis, one of Hollywood’s biggest actors himself, who just came out of the closet and taps new genres in the industry. When Louis sacks the role Harry auditioned for in Scorsese’s next big film, their irrational feud starts. Who could have guessed it would get even worse when for promo season, their teams decide to present them as a couple for publicity?In short, Harry’s in love with someone and doesn’t care about dating anyone else, Louis never felt home in L.A., Liam writes love songs for someone he shouldn’t write love songs to, and Niall makes everything better with good food.

BTS Shadowrun AU Aesthetics (5/7)

The year is 2070. The world is a battleground and it is every man for themselves.

The Great Awakening—when magic returned to this world, bringing with it spirits, demons, and dragons—forever changed the face of metahumanity. Magicians run alongside orcs and elves. Advancements in bioware and cyberware allow metahumans to keep up with magically enhanced adepts. Hackers and technomancers shape the world from inside the Matrix. The age of ordinary has passed.

Political unrest has resulted in the weakening of government and the rise of the megacorporations. They are shining fortresses amidst the urban sprawl, turning a blind eye to their consumption of resources and the devastation that lay just outside their doors.

Between them lie the shadowrunners. Mercenaries for hire, these people take great pleasure in messing with the megacorps. Some are freedom fighters, some are in it for the money; everyone is just trying to survive. Bangtan is no different. Specializing in infiltration, recon, and retrieval, these seven men are doing their best to tear down the system in style.

Kim Namjoon – Call Sign: Coyote – Illusionist

Kim Namjoon is a Chaos Mage with a background in the Hermetic Tradition. Like most trained in the science of thaumaturgy, Namjoon has a very analytical mind. Controlled chaos, a cute euphemism Namjoon uses for his intuitive leaps of logic, is the name of the game. Since dropping out of his corp-paid university training, he has encountered many other magic users and taken what he perceives to be their best tricks, adapting them to form his own brand of magic that is neither Hermetic nor Shamanic.

Like the Trickster whose name he’s taken, Namjoon specializes in illusions and manipulation magic that often pave the way for the team’s deep cover runs. He is adaptable and quick-thinking, and at his heart of hearts, a survivor. For Namjoon, battle magic usually involves confusing the enemy to a point that their own attacks are useless. He sets them up and lets them destroy themselves.

A corp kid, Namjoon grew up privileged; his path was set for him from birth. Though he may have left that life behind, his insider know-how is invaluable on a run.

Hoseok | Jeongguk | JiminSeokjin | Taehyung | Yoongi


The Control Sigil – 

Bull’s RingUsed to control the another – often someone who is otherwise uncontrollable or dangerous. As such, it could also be used to keep yourself under control. For the latter, it would most probably be best worn, and for the former, given to he/she you wish to effect.

Birth of Chaoscan be used as a remedy or an invitation for Chaos as it gives mastery to that which cannot be mastered. Can be used in hexes to rain down chaos and ill-fate, or can be used in an inverted position to be used for focus and attainment.

The Trident HeartIs used to command the heart (be it your own or that of another). For the latter, I recommend this ritual:

  1. Place atop the sigil a drop or two of your blood, as well as a personal affect of he/she you wish to control. Roll/fold the sigil around the affect, in essence surrounding them with yourself. Burn. 
  2. Mix half of the ashes with The Conquered Heart Oil** (or something similar). Using the mixture, dress a (black and red) half-stick candle – if need be, carve the “bottom” into a burnable point as well. Burn the candle, black side first – until 1/3 to ½ of the black has melted. Extinguish, invert and light the red side. Allow it to burn until the red has overtaken the black. 
  3. Powder the remaining candle and add to this the last half of the ashes. Sprinkle on the victim’s property or on a path they will cross.

** The Conquered Heart Oil: 1 : 4, Castor to Carrier. Warm. 1-3 Red Roses, 1-3 Iron Nails, Cinnamon, Ginger, Orris Root, Sulfur, 3 dried, Red Chiles. Warm oil, add dry ingredients – with the exception of sulfur. Add this, instead, to the bottle. Pluck the Rose Petals from the stem(s) and impale them on the iron nail(s) – add curio(s) to the bottle with the sulfur. While the oil is still warm, pour into the bottle. 

It’s not that you should never love something so much that it can control you.
It’s that you need to love something that much so you can never be controlled.
It’s not a weakness.
It’s your best strength.
—  Patrick Ness, The Ask and the Answer
Ok, but what about “Best Man Wars”?

More specifically Yuuri’s Best Man at his wedding?

Yuuri being like, “No Viktor, you can’t be the best man we are getting married dammit!”

Phichit of course assumes he will be the best man because he’s Yuuri’s best friend, he’s the closest person to Yuuri, and the person that loves Yuuri the most after Viktor of course

Minami then interjects because I AM YUURI’S NUMBER#1 FAN, I HAVE HIS MERCHANDISE AND I EVEN DEDICATED ONE OF MY ROUTINES AND MADE A SIMILAR OUTFIT TO HIS BECAUSE THAT’S HOW MUCH I LOVE YUURI KATSUKI! after Viktor of course. Then he timidly asks if he could be Yuuri’s best man because it would be the best moment of his life.

Chris is as much as a little shit as Phichit is and while he would be totally down on being Viktor’s best man he can’t help but joke/tease everyone saying that he would be the best option for Yuuri’s best man because there’s no way you can be as intimate/close to someone as (almost)naked pole dancing buddies.

Makkachin barks, but Viktor and Yuuri tells him/her(?) that no, you must be ring holder, you can’t be the best man, Makkachin disagrees because he/she already takes care of Yuuri, consider him her/his own puppy and that the title belongs to Makkachin from the beginning.

Makkachin is a dog so no one understands the complaints.

Somehow the discussion evolves to a full blow war and somehow Yuri(Plisetsky) get involved in the mess and being the competitive angry kitten he is declares that whoever loses is stuck being Viktor’s best man. Viktor is more or less crying in the corner wondering how the 5 times champions and ice skating living legend that he is can’t get anyone to give more than zero fucks about being his best man.

Phichit makes the matters worse because he then makes posts on all social medias available asking people to leave likes/rebblogs/retweets to who they think that should be Yuuri’s best man and now things got even more chaotic.

Yuuri decides to settle this Chaos by making Coach Celestino his best man because he can’t trust all this madpeople to be his best man and he really needs a responsible adult he also knows that if he played favorites the ensuing chaos would get worse so he took the most damage control option avaliable. 


As funny as this pic is… to me this is honestly what could be the best explanation for his “God of Hyperdeath” form.

I mean really. His look. His name. His ATTACKS. THEIR NAMES. “Shocker Breaker”, “Star/Galacta Blazing” “Chaos Saber/Slicer”, “Chaos Buster/Blaster”, “Hyper Goner”.

All of this could be from his immature/child mind trying to make himself look and sound most intimidating and frightening. When you become the god of this world, you pretty much are in control of everything, ESPECIALLY with how you literally are. Him changing to his “adult” form is kind of another thing showing how he wants to look intimidating (and being “mature” is totally so). And if all else fails, why not turn yourself into the most scary badass thing you can imagine?

There's Two Nogitsunes, and One is in Allison...

UPDATED: Letharia Vulpina provided some pretty suspicious plot points…

So, upon re-watching Riddled, I couldn’t help but notice the hints that there’s more than one Nogitsune in Beacon Hills. And after re-watching 3b, I came to the conclusion that if there is, it’s definitely in Allison…

  • This theory is built on the foundations on the use of the word ‘we’ by the Nogitsune in Stiles’s head. “We’re trying to save you, Stiles” is a quote directed at Stiles himself, so he couldn’t be a part of the 'we’ the Nogitsune used. This may be hinting that the Nogitsune might not have come alone, and if so, where’s the other one? My guess is Allison, because I have found significant evidence to support it. Hit the jump for more…

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Okay people, I’m pretty happy and hyped right now. 

Surfing in the web, I saw that people usually don’t focus in how Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head are related, since the later’s anime wasn’t the best and people usually don’t read visual novels. 

But he is another relationship between them, and it’s shown in the anime. 

Do you see the first image? That’s from Chaos Head(anime though) from when Sena explained Visual Rebuilding to Taku and how this could be used to control people senses and emotions by basically converting into data and sending to people’s mind. Then Taku looks for it on the net and finds it(In englishn though).

Now look at the second image. It’s the same document Taku’s was reading right? Well, you would think “Hey, that’s from C;H visual novel right?” Well no! It’s from Steins;Gate Visual Novel!!!!  It’s when she’s explaining about converting people memories into data. The topic seems a little bit familiar, don’t you think?

Can’t you see the third image? That’s an article about Christina’s thesis. And in the text box, Christina explains that several YEARS ago, her lab(One from the USA) created something called Visual Rebuilding. Does the name sounds familiar? 

OH MAN!!! That’s why I love Nitro+ and adore 5pb!

Rough day, as you can see from the state of my foam and cardboard swords. My kiddos kept breaking out into fights! I had no idea moving the desks around would cause so much trouble. They’ve banded into different families, you see, and wouldn’t stop insulting each other! One kid even called his former best friend a paunchy, lily-livered, flax-wench. It was chaos!!

All the additional counterspell summaries you came up with

My post splintered into about a dozen different versions, so I’ll collect all the wonderful things that were added to it in one convenient place. If I forgot or misattributed any, or if you come up with some more, let me know!

Perplex: “What do you like more, your spell or your brain?” (tokenmancy)

Remand: “BZZT! Try again!” (tokenmancy)

                “…Not now.” (stormstouthideout)

Mystic Snake: “Sssssstop that!” (sarkhan-volkswagen)

Counterflux: “All your opinions are invalid! All of them!” (northernweird)

Draining Whelk: “OM NOM NOM NO!” (fresh-prince-of-beleren)

Flusterstorm: “Are you quite finished? Good. No.” (ty-based-keranos)

Voidslime: “Three flavors of fuck you.” (nerdcute)

Dream Fracture: “Haha tempo bitches” (thepeppermintpig)

Absorb: “I can taste the mana!” (missedtrigger)

Arcane Denial: “I hope you remember your draw triggers after your ten minute turn! Hahaha.” (missedtrigger)

Forbid: “I told you NO!” (missedtrigger)

Glen Elendra Archmage: “No so hard I am going to kill myself to stop it and then come back to do it again.” (missedtrigger)

Counterbore: No, and don’t think about trying that again. (ancient-chaos)

Guttural Response: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! (ancient-chaos)

Spell Crumple: “Maybe later.” (kinggeff)

Swan Song: “HONK” (masterofsporks)

     A couple were added to the original post, I think orzhov-fun-police added them but I’m not entirely sure:

Mental Misstep: “Even Wizards says no.”

Delay: “Maybe later.”

Forbid: “Nothing ever again.”

Mana Tithe: “Bet you weren’t expecting ME to say no!”

Triple H [December 15th, 2002]

I’m not one for believing that professional wrestling should be based on absolute chaos, because there has to be some control in order for things to run smoothly. However, when Triple H comes out with vengeance on his mind, the only thing I want, is chaos. In this match, Triple H had been dethroned a month earlier from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by his former best friend, Shawn Michaels, and this was his re-match. A Three Stages Of Hell match, which included a street fight, a steel cage match, and a ladder match, all in one night. There have been five Three Stages Of Hell matches in the WWE, and Triple H has been in three of them. He’s only lost one, and it wasn’t this one.