controlled chaos is the best chaos


The Control Sigil – 

Bull’s RingUsed to control the another – often someone who is otherwise uncontrollable or dangerous. As such, it could also be used to keep yourself under control. For the latter, it would most probably be best worn, and for the former, given to he/she you wish to effect.

Birth of Chaoscan be used as a remedy or an invitation for Chaos as it gives mastery to that which cannot be mastered. Can be used in hexes to rain down chaos and ill-fate, or can be used in an inverted position to be used for focus and attainment.

The Trident HeartIs used to command the heart (be it your own or that of another). For the latter, I recommend this ritual:

  1. Place atop the sigil a drop or two of your blood, as well as a personal affect of he/she you wish to control. Roll/fold the sigil around the affect, in essence surrounding them with yourself. Burn. 
  2. Mix half of the ashes with The Conquered Heart Oil** (or something similar). Using the mixture, dress a (black and red) half-stick candle – if need be, carve the “bottom” into a burnable point as well. Burn the candle, black side first – until 1/3 to ½ of the black has melted. Extinguish, invert and light the red side. Allow it to burn until the red has overtaken the black. 
  3. Powder the remaining candle and add to this the last half of the ashes. Sprinkle on the victim’s property or on a path they will cross.

** The Conquered Heart Oil: 1 : 4, Castor to Carrier. Warm. 1-3 Red Roses, 1-3 Iron Nails, Cinnamon, Ginger, Orris Root, Sulfur, 3 dried, Red Chiles. Warm oil, add dry ingredients – with the exception of sulfur. Add this, instead, to the bottle. Pluck the Rose Petals from the stem(s) and impale them on the iron nail(s) – add curio(s) to the bottle with the sulfur. While the oil is still warm, pour into the bottle. 

Why I love Grelliam

I’m sometimes asked why I like Grelliam. It’s a difficult question to answer really. It’s like asking why I like a certain color. Sometimes the answer is that I like something simply because I do. However, I will try my best.

To me, Grell and Will are perfect examples of opposites. They are hot and cold. Light and dark. Chaos and order. Contrary to popular belief, these opposites don’t destroy each other but rather define each other. Without order, we couldn’t recognize chaos. Plus, when chaos and order meet, they combine to be simply reality. They create the world.

I think that they actually need each other. Grell is all wild passion and emotion. She needs someone to help her rein in all this extreme feelings, and help her to maintain control. Without it, she is simply wild and even more than a little self destructive.

William is calm and holds all his emotions in, but that’s no better than letting your feelings run wild. He tries to stop himself from feeling, yet he feels nonetheless. He goes through each day merely existing, and this can not be a happy state. He needs someone to show him that it’s okay to go a little wild and that you have to let yourself feel. He’s not self destructive, but he doesn’t care enough about himself.

These two have a long history of looking after and caring for one another. Grell has saved Will, and he has saved her. While William complains, he’s there when Grell needs him. Is this really a part of his job, or is he looking out for her specifically? William, being the supervisor and an outwardly cold man, isn’t very popular, but Grell sees him a light that no one else can, and I feel she’s protective of him. When Ronald complains about work, Grell’s quick to say something about they should get it done rather than ever turn any blame or say a bad word towards William.

Personally, I’m just waiting for the day when chaos and order truly combine to form something truly wonderful.


As funny as this pic is… to me this is honestly what could be the best explanation for his “God of Hyperdeath” form.

I mean really. His look. His name. His ATTACKS. THEIR NAMES. “Shocker Breaker”, “Star/Galacta Blazing” “Chaos Saber/Slicer”, “Chaos Buster/Blaster”, “Hyper Goner”.

All of this could be from his immature/child mind trying to make himself look and sound most intimidating and frightening. When you become the god of this world, you pretty much are in control of everything, ESPECIALLY with how you literally are. Him changing to his “adult” form is kind of another thing showing how he wants to look intimidating (and being “mature” is totally so). And if all else fails, why not turn yourself into the most scary badass thing you can imagine?

Rough day, as you can see from the state of my foam and cardboard swords. My kiddos kept breaking out into fights! I had no idea moving the desks around would cause so much trouble. They’ve banded into different families, you see, and wouldn’t stop insulting each other! One kid even called his former best friend a paunchy, lily-livered, flax-wench. It was chaos!!

Triple H [December 15th, 2002]

I’m not one for believing that professional wrestling should be based on absolute chaos, because there has to be some control in order for things to run smoothly. However, when Triple H comes out with vengeance on his mind, the only thing I want, is chaos. In this match, Triple H had been dethroned a month earlier from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by his former best friend, Shawn Michaels, and this was his re-match. A Three Stages Of Hell match, which included a street fight, a steel cage match, and a ladder match, all in one night. There have been five Three Stages Of Hell matches in the WWE, and Triple H has been in three of them. He’s only lost one, and it wasn’t this one.