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The Kid of Mars – I’ll live my life

Seven a.m. and Catherine was awaked by the sound of Jared’s alarm. She immediately felt him standing up, it was the time to give little Ricky his meds. It has been the ritual of every morning since the kid returned home. The control freak hadn’t gone away and every single recommendation the doctor made, was being strictly followed. In fact Catherine believed he was exaggerating the recommendations since the boy hadn’t left the house once except for the trips to the doctor. However Ricky was Jared’s son, he certainly knew what the best was for him “Are you returning to bed?” She asked him before he left to the bathroom. “I’m sorry babe. I have some work to do. You know that I’ll have to take Ricky to the doctor in the afternoon.” He kissed her on the head. “But you can stay as long as you wish.”

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5954. Once, during Halloween, Control Freak sent famous Horror Movie monsters after the Titans. Robin defeated Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers with a mix of martial arts and Gadgets, Starfire blew up The Creeper, Cyborg hacked The Predator’s weapons, and Beast Boy ended up taking out an entire ship full of Xenomorphs. no one really knows WHAT Raven did to Freddie Kruger, only that it was so disturbing, Etrigan asked her “The sights I’ve seen will leave a mental scar. Perhaps you went a bit too far?”

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Actual Dialogue from the One Punch Man Autumn Festival Event with Genos and King's VAs
  • Genos (Ishikawa, Geno's VA, volunteers to play a ball scoop festival game during the event and raises his hand): I want to scoop some balls!
  • King (Yasumoto, King's VA and the MC for the event): You really love scooping those balls, don’t you?
  • Genos: *suggestively* Ohhhhh yeah, I really like scooping those balls. In fact, I’ll even try to scoop TWO balls.
  • King: Which ball are you eyeballing?
  • Genos: I’m going to try to scoop the yellow ball.
  • Audience: *dying*
i really want the community to be interactive next year, SO...

is anyone interested in having some sort of community group that plans things for throughout the year? you know how in, sorry for this comparison, in high school there are committees that plan different things?

this is a rough idea for now. we’d have to make a discord to hammer out details.

i’m thinking we could have seasonal events. a community chest that gets given away at the end of the month. vote based lair of the month. the dragon birthday i already mentioned. holiday grams (valentine grams, clover grams, well wishes). community care (for when know someone that’s feeling really down/having a hard time irl maybe some community love will bring them a smile). secret santa. gift exchanges. monthly player birthday celebration. random giveaways. vote based contests. festival help. trivia nights. movie nights. that book club i mentioned before. i could actually send out gavi.

there are tons of things we can do to help promote interacting with new people. however, it’s a lot of work to do things like above alone or with just a few people.

so, would anyone else be interested? input? thoughts? questions? if you are interested - message me! we can make a server.

please note that this wouldn’t require tons of hours of your time. just a reasonable amount of dedication/commitment.