Aizawa Zen Character profile


Japanese Name : 相澤禅
Rōmaji Name : Aizawa Zen
Alias : ControlFreak (コントロールフリックKontorōru Furikku)


Birthday : july 2
Age : 22
Gender : Male
Height : 189cm (6'2")
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : Brick red
Blood : TypeB
Quirk : Voice Command
Status : Alive
Birthplace : Tokyo
Occupation : Musician, Student
Affiliation : U.A. , Kakurenbo Cafe


Japanese Voice : KENN



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And ultimately, he explained, Sherlock is “the story of two blokes,” a fact he couldn’t change.
What am I supposed to do with that?” he asked. “Make one of them a woman? We chose not to do that.

Steven Moffat, Radio Times 30 March 2017

If you want to do a feminist version of Sherlock Holmes stories… WHY NOT MAKE BOTH FEMALE???

But just leave them like they are and always were - together. This is where the story lies, in the relationship between the two characters of Holmes and Watson.

I have never watched a Sherlock Holmes adaption because I wanted to see strong female characters. I wanted to see Holmes and Watson, male, female, as mice, in the 1940s… that’s why I read the stories and came to the show.

Holmes and Watson don’t need a Mary, a mummy, a housekeeper, a lesbian dominatrix, a pining pathologist, a crazy sister, a controlfreak of a brother (they all feature only as minor characters or not at all in the original stories) - they need each other.

Inserting ANYONE - male or female - between them destroys the stories.

130 year old spoiler, Mofftiss! Go read the books!

Treat me like a puzzle

I would really just like to be told what to do. Everyone says I’m a control freak, and I suppose that’s true. But it really would be nice to have someone taking care of me for a change. Life is about figuring out yourself…. I know. I’m a complicated person. And I take pride in that. But I’m tired of figuring out myself. I wish someone would try as hard to figure me out as I am.

Mycroft wank

You know, I think what they did with Mary was foreshadowed with Mycroft.

I mean, when he first appeared, he was clearly coded as a villain. Later in that episode, it became clear that he wasn’t the baddie-baddie in this ep, but still remained a very shady and morally ambiguous figure that could easily be more than he seemed, perhaps even the driving evil force in the background, together with Moriarty. No wonder many of us saw him in cahoots with Moriarty - if as the actual Moriarty or under his thumb.

I mean, he had Moriarty - and he let him go to destroy Sherlock and drive him to suicide. Just - why? Because Eurus wanted him as a Christmas present??? This is all equally stupid and illogical as Mary’s actions in CAM tower - shooting the man who offers her help while letting her enemy live.

What was Mycroft’s motivation in the series? First, we are to believe he’s a controlfreak, meddling with Sherlock’s life, Sherlock’s arch enemy. But suddenly, we are told that he is protecting his little brother? Well, how about show, don’t tell? But I don’t see Mycroft caring… Sherlock has chosen a profession of fighting violent crime. Does Mycroft think he can’t handle the truth as an adult, that he couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he has a sister who killed his best friend? Perhaps Sherlock would now be old enough to work through the trauma, even figure out what happened, could find closure to this festering wound that allegedly - so we are told - shaped his whole life. Doesn’t Mycroft see that his so-called ‘protection’ (that we are told about but that actually seems like emotional manipulation to me), the not talking about the trauma, disguising it as the death of a dog, drives Sherlock into drug addiciton? That his way of telling him that caring is not an advantage prevents Sherlock from truly engaging with other human beings. How is that a good thing?

Mycroft is just as manipulative with Sherlock as Mary was with John, exploiting Sherlock for his own purposes (government business, utility): Mycroft repeatedly humiliates Sherlock (calling him slow and stupid) - like Mary did with John. Mycroft tries to scare off potential other friends of Sherlock - like Mary tried when she shot Sherlock. Mycroft tries to control his brother’s life - like Mary did with John (’you can’t go, I’m pregnant’). And so on.

But suddenly, Mycroft becomes the protective big brother, who only wanted to keep Sherlock from harm, who cared for him? Seriously?

Mycroft’s character turn is just as unbelievable and badly written as Mary’s: set up as a villain or at least a shady, ambiguous figure, he gets his cheesy redemption as he first can’t see the governor killed and then offers himself up for killing in Sherrinford, only to vanish at the showdown. Suddenly, we are told he’s the good big brother, and Sherlock forgives him via telling Greg to look after Mycroft, just like John forgave Mary for shooting Sherlock. There’s never any real talk about what Mycroft did to Sherlock and Eurus, separating them, locking her up, manipulating Sherlock; what Mycroft did to the whole family. Mummy just scolds him like a naughty boy and that’s it - no emotional pay off, no working through their issues, no consequences for his character development, nothing.

We could have been warned. We saw what would happen to Mary in what happened to Mycroft - a great set-up reduced to a farce in a fat suit.

heroine, being lectured by a boy over some trivial shit that isn’t his business: *stands up for herself for fifteen seconds*

heroine six minutes later: oh my GOD i am so mean and horrible why did i do that ugh now controlfreak mcshoutypants, whose opinion matters for some reason, is gonna think i am weird :(

Ward’s body language when he is with his dad is so different from his body language in the rest of the show. He’s like this tightly-wound coil around dad, flinching away from his touch and yet leaning into it in other moments, and when he’s not around dad his body language shifts to a controlled mannerism that sees breakthrough moments of ‘the real Ward’. ‘The real Ward’ being someone who’s self-deprecating, horribly sarcastic, intelligent, very sensitive, controlfreak-ish, insecure, giving, etc.. and vulnerable, terribly so. 

Dad knew all this. Dad used this and played into it until it became Ward’s weak spot for dad to exploit at will. Harold Meachum is complete and utter trash. I can’t wait to see how Ward grows away from him. Please let it be so.

Can I talk to you for a moment?



He took your attention constantly. In your thoughts, or when he wasn’t fully amused.
That was it: not amused.
He never really was, just the constant though that he could be doing something better. More fun, at least. He took it out on himself, but mainly you. Knowing he could easily remove you from any situation not involving him. Knowing he could bite down on his bottom lip, with a dark expression and eyes glued on yours and have that make your thighs clench together and your mind falling into your fantasies. Your arousal was nothing you could do anything about, unless he choose to. He’s dominant, a controlfreak. That was the exciting part, your submissive side screaming out in joy when things escalated into the bedroom.
Why would he do it now though? In a room full of people, relatives, friends, a very big possibility he’d get eyed from an unlucky angle that would get him caught. Simply one thing.
He was risky. The only thing overlapping that was his need for control, of course. It never really occurred to you that he’d be like that when you met for the first time. He seemed shy, mysterious, it all really added up in the end.


Like that, your thoughts were cut in half. The familiar face infront of you became visible once again. You nodded slightly, convincing your second cousin that his talk about how great his business in Norway is was interesting you. It took a lot of you to keep focused on the face of your second cousin instead of eying your darkhaired partner of six months not more than 10 feets away. He was talking to a family friend, on your moms side. She, was quite attractive if you have to admit. The fact that Hanbin would rather play his dirty games with you instead of admiring her sea blue eyes sounded much more appealing your ears though. That was the thing too, you see, everything to do with him was always better.
Without much notice, your eyes landed on his again. This time his expression had changed. Lust. He was getting impatient, you could tell. Ideas rushed through your head and one especially stood out to you. Two can play this game, can’t they?
You bit down on your bottom lip, biting soon turning to chewing. Your eyes were lazily wondering over his, your hand well on its way up your cleavage, deciding it was time for it to get the justice it deserved. Your used buttons decreased by two, your confidence boosting, his patience almost nonexistent. His face turned darker, he was getting mad. Mad at his lack of control, mad at how sudden the tables turned. At this point, the little submissive voice in your head could uproar, but you currently sent her off to a vacation, letting the other parts of you get their chance to show off.

Your teasing continued like that for a little while. You’d be worried about the person before you noticing your flirtatious actions, but you really didn’t expect any astonishing reaction from him, he is quite gay anyways. Your gaze went to him again, you nodded once again just to emphasize your acting of caring about what he had to say. You would feel bad about leaving someone, especially a relative, like that, but your self-conscious was well gone alongside your comfort zone.
Just as you were gonna check on Hanbin, he wasn’t on his position anymore. You didn’t have a lot of time to wonder until you felt the strong pair of hands on your shoulders. His head was dangerously close to the crook of your neck, feeling his soft breath against the skin on your collarbone. You turned your head slightly, catching him at the corner of your eye.

»Baby, can I talk to you alone for a moment?«

You resisted the urge to bite your lip as you eyed the soft lip of his whisper the words to you. He was already heating you up at this point. As you were going to excuse yourself, you turned your body slightly to one side to have your bum brush over his crotch. You felt his arousal by his slight gasp and the growing bulge against you.
You followed where he took you, which was upstairs. You got ideas of what this was leading to, a small smirk appearing on your lips. He was walking right behind you, your bodies running against eachothers, the tension eating up the both of you. His expression was blank, he was really just hurrying into the bedroom to get to business.
It didn’t take long till he opened the door to your shared bedroom. The sweet smell of his signature fragrance mixed with some type of rose filled your nostrils. Your bodies got separated from the almost glueing state they were in. You took the opportunity to sit down on the white sheet covered bed, your eyes flying up to be greeted by Hanbin’s looking down at you. Your eyes were innocently looking up at him, only turning him on further. His eyes stayed plastered on yours as his hands went south to his belt, taking it off within seconds. You followed his actions seductively. His face was intensely focused on you, his hand traveling to cup your face softly. You felt yourself comforting into the palm of his hand, your eyes shutting, his thumb tugging on your bottom lip, as your mouth opened slightly, his thumb falling into your mouth. Your lips wrapped around the skin smoothly, transitioning into sucking soon after. Your knees touched at your attempt to slow down the extreme wetness occurring in your lower abdomen. And he noticed.

»You’ve been so bad today, jagi. Ah, you’re lucky I’m so horny, baby. Lay down for me.«

His words sounded more like commands rather than requests, you expected nothing less. You obeyed his orders, crawling to lay down on the best with your arms spread out. He hovered over you, his sweet scent and toned body before yours, your breath hitching at his contact. His lips moved over yours, meeting in a sweet kiss, turning hungry with time. His hands decided to move over your sides, moans escaping your lips against his. Once again, you could feel his bulge growing against your thigh. His lips moved south to your neck, traveling down your whole body, leaving kisses and bites all over you. You laid there beneath him, a moaning mess under his control. You honestly could not care less about your submission any longer, you were feeling too fucking good. Dominant Hanbin did wonders.
With less notice, you were laying with only bra and panties on the bed, hickeys all over your tender skin, your mouth covered by his hand. He told you to be quiet, you knew since your family was right behind that door and could possibly hear you two, but you could not help yourself. Your eyes closed, your neck attacked by his soft, wet kisses and rough bites, his hands roaming all over you; moans were inevitable.

His lips started moving downwards, chills were sent down your spin as a feeling comparable to an electric shock could be felt in your guts as Hanbin’s lips went down your breasts, stomach, finally down at your core. He hold you in place by your hips, driving you more insane by the second. His tongue played with the hem of your panties, leading to his feet tugging at them slightly. You lifted yourself slightly, only to be taken down again by his strong arms. You were soaking beneath him, his endless foreplay not helping, driving you into a lustful, begging mess whom he had wrapped around his finger.
He decided to end his torture after a good while. You could feel his fingers bringing your panties down your legs slightly, your genitalia revealed to him. His head returned back to its position, his eyes landing on your core, his fingers spreading your legs further to get a better look at you. Your breath hitched as you felt his breath against you, your hands tugging at the soft sheets against your back. You felt the smirk form on his lips.
His tongue landed on you, playing with your clit as his fingers went inside you, the overwhelming pleasure almost too much to handle. To stop yourself from screaming out too loud, you tugged two fingers inside your mouth. You arched your back, your hands running down to his hair, your fingers tugged into the dark hair of his. His lips and tongue continued to work their magic, your mouth wide open, quiet moans escaping you every so often.
He picked up his speed, your moans becoming deeper and louder. His tongue flicked so nicely over your clit, his fingers moving in and out your entrance, preparing you. You felt yourself coming closer to your edge, as you tugged down on his hair roots, indicating it. He got your signal, stopping his movements. You opened your eyes, looking at him, breathless, as he got up to your level, undressing himself quickly. You took the time to take off your bra. You looked down his body, he toned abs revealed as he was only in his boxers at that point. He tugged down at them, taking them off before your eyes, as you eyed his erect length springing free. He was well on his way to enter you, but you lifted his head to be level with yours. You crashed your lips against his, your hand gripping firmly around him, stroking him. You felt the groans against your lips.

After you gave him a few pumps, you pushed his head against your entrance slightly. He moved slowly inside you, biting on your bottom lip, emphasizing your moans. Your breath became heavy. He then crashed inside your tight walls, pain mixed with pleasure overwhelming you, a whimper coming from your mouth. He drove in and out of you, doing rolls rather than the typical thrusts. Your hands were on his back, nails digging into his flesh. He returned this by placing his head on the crook of your neck, groaning against your skin, as well as biting. His hands went to spread your legs even wider than already, picking up his speed as well as deepening further inside you. His rolls turned to thrusts, hitting your g-spot just right. You moaned a little louder, warning him that you were close. His thrusts continued steady, fast.
He was close too, and within seconds, you reached your climaxes together. You felt yourself fill up, you saw stars, your head throbbing with the sensation. You rode off your highs, his deep moans sending chills down your back. You eyes eachother again, tired eyes filled with adoration moved over eachother. He went down and placed a sweet kiss against your lips before getting up to get dressed again.

You both got up to get dressed again, short comments got exchanged, complimenting eachother. Once you two were all dressed up again, and you headed for the door, Hanbin playfully slapped your bum. Your cheeks rose up a little, his slight chuckle being heard. He wrapped his arm around your waist, escorting you to the exit. You smiled proudly, his lips moving up to your ear.

»Round two later tonight.«

Valoszinuleg attol lehet, hogy en ilyen controlfreak vagyok, hogy nem birom se az alkoholt, se az alkoholistakat, se a drogot, se a drogosokat, bar mindenkivel megbocsato vagyok, vagyis igazabol leszarom, ki hogy cseszi el az eletet, csak megvan rola a velemenyem, de most nem is ez a lenyeg, hanem az jutott eszembe, hogy most tenyleg ennyi a szar a vilagban, es tenyleg ennyire gorcsolunk mindenen, hogy basszus egy joint kell ahhoz, hogy lazak legyetek, mert akkor ez igy eleg szar.
Mondjuk en sem vagyok laza (mar), csak mondjuk engem nem zavar.

angeloffyre  asked:

Trust (headcannon edition)

Gillian suffers badly from paranoia and in combination with her being a total controlfreak it creates an emotional state which makes trust nearly impossible. She does not trust, she controls, and when you keep your distance as the puppetmaster above the stage, you can let people do whatever you want without the risk of them getting too close and hurting you. 

She gets highly defensive and even..anxious when people try to gain her trust in a personal way and she immediately suspects a malicious intention behind it -  even when it’s a person she knows for years. 

One way to get sure that someone does not want to betray her, she pretends to trust them and creates a “testing ground” - she will watch every single move they make and evaluate the behaviour. But most people don’t even get that far, they are too insignificant and there is no reason to trust them at all. 

I have started watching “New Girl”, so... The Signs as “New Girl” Characters

Jess Day: Cancer, Libra, Pisces//sensitive, responsible, quirky, careful

Schmidt: Aries, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn//egotistical, argumentative, control-freak

Nick Miller: Taurus, Scorpio//Stubborn, combative

Winston and CeCe: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius//easy-going, fun, never too serious, has a sensitive side that not many people see