Ward’s body language when he is with his dad is so different from his body language in the rest of the show. He’s like this tightly-wound coil around dad, flinching away from his touch and yet leaning into it in other moments, and when he’s not around dad his body language shifts to a controlled mannerism that sees breakthrough moments of ‘the real Ward’. ‘The real Ward’ being someone who’s self-deprecating, horribly sarcastic, intelligent, very sensitive, controlfreak-ish, insecure, giving, etc.. and vulnerable, terribly so. 

Dad knew all this. Dad used this and played into it until it became Ward’s weak spot for dad to exploit at will. Harold Meachum is complete and utter trash. I can’t wait to see how Ward grows away from him. Please let it be so.

Control-Freak Girls (&Boys): Or just the truth about love

The truth about relationships…. at some point things start to feel real. Real to the point where you realize that things this person does can actually change your life. Your lives are so connected that almost any decision made by one person- to some extent- affects the other. And that’s where things change. For some people it’s slight- almost no difference at all. For people used to being in charge (*cough moi*), this is devastating. All of a sudden your plans and dreams are dependent on another person as well. You are trusting them with your future, trusting them to make decisions that will make, now both, of your lives better. 

Somewhere in there, your expectations change. Little things, little actions begin to matter a lot more, flaws are magnified- anything may be a compromise to losing the life that you have been working so hard for. You lose sight of who the person really is, and notice only that he didn’t call when he said he would, or he didn’t put your toilet lid down…again, and he hasn’t taken you on a real date in FOREVER. How will this irresponsible, inconsiderate, and did you mention obvious jerk? help your life dreams work out? 

Somewhere in there, you begin to stress, you begin to resent the stress this person is putting on you. You justifiably begin to correct his every move and try to make that person into someone who you can completely understand, and anything you don’t understand needs changed. You begin to want your control back. 

  Control freak girls, stop now. Do not even begin, until you sit down and do what you already love to do and think. Don’t just think, examine. Examine that irresponsible inconsiderate jerk who may have just worked all day and then walked next door to help his older neighbor build something; who has filled an entire box with written letters of encouragement and love; who blew off a party to take a young kid who thinks that your guy is the coolest dude in the world, to the movies. 

If you find nothing redeemable, by all means move on to your glorious independence. But if you question it at all, stop now. Before you go through months of fighting and weeks of lying in bed thinking how you, like Dr.Frankenstein, have failed and created a monster. Because soon, after your monster has given you his routine chocolate sacrifice and is sitting there dutifully filling out the charts and books and papers you designed to figure out exactly where his issue lies (kudos for the prepwork btw)- you realize the problem has been mostly with you. Sure he should learn that leaving the toilet seat up adds thousands of nasty germs in the air, and yea he may owe you a real date- but you owe him back your friendship. You owe you both back your friendship. 

Being young and being with someone, you’re both still figuring out who you are, and that can be confusing and rocky. You’re going to fight sometimes, you’re going to be frustrated, but with the growing pains, also comes growth. If there is no growth, ditch the whole thing now…but if there is…

600 days and still the happiest ones of my life.

Control freak or weirdo?

My dad got me a laptop for my graduation, which is awesome. Then he tells me he doesn’t want me having it in my room then adds.. at night. Wth.. what does he think I’m going to do… Weirdo. I have a computer now but it’s he made a station for it in the middle of our dining room in full view from the kitchen, dining room, living room, and even the stairs. I’m thinking both..


How to get someone to tell the truth. #honesty #lettinggo #controlfreak #freewill #beagoodlistener #relationshipadvice

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Treat me like a puzzle

I would really just like to be told what to do. Everyone says I’m a control freak, and I suppose that’s true. But it really would be nice to have someone taking care of me for a change. Life is about figuring out yourself…. I know. I’m a complicated person. And I take pride in that. But I’m tired of figuring out myself. I wish someone would try as hard to figure me out as I am.