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On this day in music history: February 18, 1987 - The single “Sign ‘O’ The Times” by Prince is released. Written and produced by Prince, it is the twenty seventh single release for the singer, songwriter and musician from Minneapolis, MN. The first single and title track from his ninth album, Prince writes the introspective “Sign 'O’ The Times” in early 1986. The musician reflects on numerous topics dominating the news at that time including poverty, drug abuse, gang violence, the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion and the AIDS crisis. He begins working on the track at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA on July 15, 1986, performing nearly all of the songs instrumentation on a Fairlight CMI synthesizer. Rather than programming his own sounds into the keyboard, Prince uses the stock settings already programmed in it. He also records his vocals at the studio, with engineer Susan Rogers setting up the board and a microphone for him in the control room. Prince then shows the engineer out of the room, locking the door behind him and tracking his vocals entirely on his own. “Sign” is initially slated to be part of his ambitious but aborted album projects “Dream Factory” and “Crystal Ball”. When those albums are shelved, the song becomes the title track and one of the main centerpieces for the double album that is released in their place. Released six weeks in advance of the “Sign 'O’ The Times” album, the song is backed with the non LP B-side “La, La, La, He, He, Hee” co-written with singer Sheena Easton. The picture sleeve for the single features photos of background singer and dancer Cat Glover on the front and back. Though when the record is first released, an erroneous rumor circulates saying that it is actually Prince in drag on the front covering his face with a large heart cutout. Cat is also featured on the back of the sleeve, holding one of Prince’s custom made “Cloud” guitars (first seen in “Purple Rain” and originally painted white) made by Minneapolis luthier David Husain (now resprayed a peach color). “Sign 'O’ The Times” spends three weeks at number one on the Billboard R&B singles chart beginning on April 11, 1987, peaking at number three on the Hot 100 on April 25, 1987.


(Warning: long story ahead, NSFW imagery ahead.)

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After a long and peculiar conversation at the Kiden Duchy with odd woman, Casy had headed to bed. The very next day, she had awoken early and acquired a gryphon before heading into Gilneas’ ruins. She knew Wieda would protest, but in Casy’s mind, this was a task she could and -should- do alone.

Her family had created this crystal and had stored away these creatures. As the final remaining descendant, it was only fitting that she be the one to finish the task.

So she rode. She rode across the land towards her old abode. Towards the home where her mother had lived before the fall of the city.

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I want Keith to notice something’s up with Lance. I want him to notice how Lance’s eyes don’t light up nearly as bright anymore as they did before, how his smiles seem strained and fake, like he’s putting up a mask for everyone else’s benefit.

I want Keith to find Lance one late night back in the control room looking at the map of stars and somewhere in there is earth.

I want them to talk and eventually Lance starts pouring out his insecurities.

And all the while Keith is just looking at him confused and he interrupts Lance and starts spilling out about how great Lance is, and how he really is the team’s sharpshooter and pretty much the heart of their team and if it wasn’t for him none of them would be where they are now with Voltron and a family and just…everything.

And he doesn’t realize he’s gone off on a tangent until he stops and his breathing is labored and he realizes it’s gone quiet and the overdue anxiety comes back tenfold as he realizes Lance is silent.

He chances a look up to see Lance with eyes shining and watery and he could’ve sworn he saw a blush across his cheeks too but he’s not given a second glance before he turns away, face burning, hoping what he just said didn’t ruin whatever tentative friendship they had before.

And he’s pretty sure his face is burning when he feels soft lips press against his cheek and hear a small thank you and Lance is leaving the room quickly with his shoulders hunched and fists clenched in embarrassment. And Keith is just sitting there definitely sure his face is the same color as his lion but he holds up fingers to press against the spot where Lance kissed and before he knows it he’s up and running to catch up with Lance.

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Your Voltron head cannons give me life tbh

thanks bud here’s some more

  • lance, after getting a paper cut: “this is it…….. This Is How I End”
    • lance, after getting shot: “lol wild. so like…. can someone stick a bandaid on this or something”
  • whenever the paladins get a little too cocky allura’ll join them on the training deck for a few mins to remind them who’s alpha
  • *betrayed whisper* “space has changed you”
  • if shiro’s alone in the control room he’ll stand in the middle and quote the starship enterprise mission statement
  • *voltron does something right* “haha holy shit that actually worked?
  • keith is that friend that’s unsettlingly Down With Murder
    • not even in like an aggressive, bloodthirsty way but like
    • if you tell him you want someone dead, he’s like yeah okay, here’re some suggestions for weapons, here’s where you can drop off the evidence, and you could dump the body here, here, or here, if you need any more help just hit me up i can clear my schedule
  • “hunk can you fix pidge’s bad attitude” “hunk can you build lance a new personality”
  • coran’s solution to every problem is two dudes in a trench coat + big gun
  • pidge has one of those sound keyboards and is constantly playing sounds that have nothing to do with anything
    • *shiro walks into the room* *duck quack*
    • “guys dinner’s ready” *dramatic guitar strumming*
    • “pidge seriously can you stop-” *air horns*

I like to think that Lance keeps track of every day that passes since the day they left Earth on a homemade calendar, and when it finally falls on Valentine’s Day, he wakes up super early and makes custom valentines for everyone on the ship and slides them under their doors for them to find when they get up for the day. When everyone meets in the control room that morning, the other paladins are smiling softly, and a little sadly, thinking of home while Lance explains what Valentine’s Day is back on Earth to Allura and Coran. They decide to take a day off and make meals together, appreciating their random but tight-knit new family. Everyone is happy.


a series of unlikely crossovers:

The idea the writers and the BBC would wait till March 8th to drop a secret special is outrageous. I get where people have hope for that, but it just isn’t logical. No one will care about Sherlock anymore. No one. They have an audience right now. They have control of the room right now. Most people don’t give a shit about Sherlock anytime of the year besides January. Everyone will move on. They will not be relevant. And if they’re keeping that secret? It will slip before then. I get March 8th was when Doyle revived Sherlock but to take that literally is ludicrous. The fact they planted that date at all should be a sign they plan on reviving Sherlock after The Final Problem, regardless of the date. I will not be waiting around until March 8th for them to give us something. It’s this weekend or never. Dropping a secret episode 8 weeks later is an awful marketing strategy. Dropping one 2 weeks later to create a global Reichenbach? That is excellent marketing. I will not hold out until March 8th. You guys can, but I would never waste that much time hoping for a miracle.

mall au breakdown

Jack: Head of mall security. Takes his job very seriously. 

Holster and Ransom: on the mall security team, get in trouble with Jack for abusing their walking talkie privileges [”You can’t play Marco polo during work time. Also, that’s not even how it works. You can’t tell if you’re any closer or farther from marco by whispering ‘polo’ over our line.”

Shitty: on the mall security team, but is stationed in the control room to watch the cameras. He originally applied to work at Sephora but his demonstration of his skills was basically just a lot of glitter smeared on eyelids and rambling about how makeup is a gendered concept so honestly this all worked out for the best [note I have no idea how applying to work at Sephora works] Has a long list of places in the mall he applied to but was ultimately rejected [a post for another day]

Bitty: Works at Sephora [alternatively William Sonoma but come on let’s dream a little. Wait mall food court AU where Jack works at the juice/smoothie stand and Bitty works at like a pretzel stand where you can do all sorts of sinful toppngs a la the office pretzel day. Again, this is a post for another day.]

Lardo: manager at the resident “decorate your own pottery” store. Shitty has a crassly decorated mug on his desk in the control room. [it may or may not say “motherfucking mallcop” on it]

Chowder: I was going to say he works at the NHL merch store but now I’m feeling him working at Build A Bear. He takes the whole process really seriously, from “washing” the animal, to making a wish on its heart [that’s what you do right] to the birth certificate. If you know him, expect to get a stuffed animal for basically every occasion. 

Nursey: Works at Lush. I don’t think I really need to explain this. Alternatively, works at Miracle Eyebrows

Dex: Red Lobster

Kent: Disney store. Has been to Disney World a bajillion times. Will be there at midnight to see Moana. Is going to honeymoon in Disney. No, this is not a joke. Why are you laughing? Yes, buying the box set of the all the pixar shorts was worth it. It was a collector’s edition, it was worth the price.

Tango: Customer services

Tater: American Girl Store

Shiro meeting Takashi, the galra
  • Shiro & Keith: * enters the control room *
  • Takashi: * leaps out of Alluras arms * KEEF!! KEEF!!! * runs over to Keith and hugs his leg *
  • Shiro: Who is this?
  • Keith: He's a galra child I saved a while ago.. I.. I named him after you..
  • Shiro: You named him Shiro?
  • Keith: * shakes his head * I named him Takashi..
  • Takashi: Keef!! * tugs his pant leg * Carry me!!
  • Keith: * smiles and picks him up *
  • Shiro: * smiles * Hey little guy.. My name is Takashi, too!
  • Takashi: * his ears perk up * Really?? Did Keef name you?
  • Shiro: * chuckles *

Actual murder husbands.