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My Witchy Goals for 2017

Inspired by this post by @moonlightacademy

I did borrow a few from their list and changed the pronouns but I also added some of my own.

🌟Drink a cup of tea daily

🌟Start a Book of Shadows/Grimoire

🌟Make my own candles

🌟Write down everything I learn

🌟Do a deep self and room cleansing

🌟Create a space/box that is exclusively for practicing magick or to hold all my tools for practicing magick

🌟Take one night from my week to light candles, drink a cup of tea, and relax by reading or taking a bath

🌟Become pen pals with a witch from a different country or state

🌟Collect objects that speak to me from antique and craft shops

🌟Begin collecting materials for spells

🌟Gather spell ideas and adjust as necessary

🌟Define goals for my magick in my BOS/Grimoire and stick to them

🌟Gain further knowledge and control of my Ouija board

🌟Begin work with pendulum

🌟Continue to work on BOS/Grimoire daily

🌟Organize my crystal/rock collection

🌟Help others with their craft

🌟Work on being more active in Discord groups

🌟Make connections/friendships with other practitioners

Can we talk about how Rey and Poe would be best friends?

~Rey casually mentions repairing one of the thrusters on the Falcon and Poe perking up

~Rey telling Poe about how she found a crashed ship on Jakku and repaired it


~Rey explaining how she could almost build a ship at this point through reverse engineering

~Poe completely losing it when he finds out Rey is a self taught pilot

~Poe tearing up at the thought of how much more great a pilot she’d be if she had formal training 

~Poe offering to teach her Republic navy techniques and air combat maneuvers

~Rey and Poe gushing over how great it feels to be up in the air

~Rey talking about a quirky way to repair the control board when she couldn’t find a particular tool in the desert

~Poe mentioning an old way of making your oil last as long as possible mixing accelerants found on Yavin 4 that his mother showed him

~Rey and poe getting so deep into their conversation about flying that they forget Finn is next to them

~Rey and Poe bursting into laughter when Finn pipes up “I know how to shoot the turrets?”

~Rey and Poe being best friends

Re: that new picture with Mycroft moving the chess pieces:

1) Mycroft is pulling the strings, controlling the board…but he doesn’t look very happy about it.

2) Sherlock is fixated on the chessboard, the game itself. He’s not looking at Mycroft’s glaring influence. Has he overlooked something…?

3) John is staring at Mycroft. He knows when life is being manipulated right in front of him. He’ll be the one to first interrogate Mycroft for “the truth.”


“How about you and me go find somewhere quiet-” Kirk was cut off as a hand landed on his shoulder before his eyes rolled back into his head and he began to drop to the floor. You watched at your eyes went wide, opening your mouth to call out before you noticed who the hand belonged to.

“Really Spock? What was that for?” you questioned, looking up at Spock as Kirk fell to the floor. He stared back with a blank expression before beginning to walk past you.

“Come on Y/N,” he instructed casually, or as casually as you would imagine for him.

“Wait a second, are you jealous?” you asked, a grin crawling onto your face as you turned and watching him walk to a control board.

“Of course-” he started but was cut off at your laugh filled squeal.

“You totally were!” you laughed, making Spock turn around to look at your glee filled expression. “You didn’t have to like paralyze him.”

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All I Ever Wanted (Part Two)

Part One

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader x Richard Speight Jr.

Warnings: Fluff, unprotected smut (be safe), double penetration, threesome, explicit language

Word Count: 7307

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“You preheated the oven, right?”

“Yep,” Rob quipped, removing the Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter from the section of dough, a satisfied look crossing his face at the outcome. “Look, Rich,” he murmured, pointing at what he made with a proud expression on his face.

“Nice, Robbie. Check out my snowflake.”

You listened to their conversation with a small smile on your face, knowing, like children, they could easily be entertained. “I’ll grab the icing,” you told them before heading to the pantry, eyes jumping from shelf to shelf until you spotted the packets of red, green, white, and blue icing just above your head. You reached up and grabbed all four, knowing you and the boys would want a variety of colors when decorating the sugar cookies.

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Reigisa Mook Translation: A Butterfly in a Distant Planet

Translated the Reigisa Mook (scan credit goes to the lovely 



It’s such a beautiful, funny, and moving story, so please enjoy (^o^)/


For my other Free! Mook translations, please see the following:
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cwvdoc  asked:

Can I get a... buttons stimboard? Like buttons on a machine, and stuff like that! Buttons, switches, dials, etc. If you know Doctor Who, the TARDIS console is a perfect example of what I mean, it has a lot of stuff :0 but you can go by my first description though! Thank you and I hope all's well!

aa i’m doing a game controller board which’ll have buttons!

i’ll post that asap, and if it’s not enough just tell me!

The 13th Floor

Ever been to the thirteenth floor? Probably not, if you’re like many you probably are familiar with the feeling of your finger making its way up the control board only to find the button missing. This is good, this is how it should be.

Ever walked past a door you swore wasn’t there before? Most likely not, doors don’t just appear out of nowhere…


But if you haven’t, that’s good. that’s how it should be.

Ever hear someone call your name, only to turn around and not see anyone there? Maybe you were in a crowd and could play it off as a friend of yours, or maybe you were alone and could convince yourself that it was your mind playing tricks. If you can say that’s never happened, then good. That’s how it should be.

Have you ever expected that familiar feeling of reaching the empty space on the elevator board, only to find yourself pointing at a thirteenth button? Have you ever walked by a door you swear wasn’t there before? Have you ever heard your name being called out, only to find no one doing the calling?

If you can say yes to any of those questions, that is not how it should be.

Do not press that button. Do not open that door. Do not look for that voice.

Because that would be very, very, bad.

Not super surprising but El Nuevo Día (the main Puerto Rican newspaper) has already started getting rid of their more left leaning writers. I know most people don’t care about news from PR but this is directly tied to the US fiscal control board and the new conservative government. And needless to say it won’t be as easy to resist from the US anymore under the Trump administration. These will be a long 4 years.

in the snow

summary: Only the most beautiful. Shallura.
also read on: ao3
for @queenalluraofaltea, who graces my dashboard with wonderful shallura
part of “the princess and the paladin” series. link to master list here.

“You never told me about this,” Shiro murmurs, turning a dial on the control board before looking up to observe what would happen. He squints up at the ceiling of the simulation room, seeing misty water droplets fall from overhead.

“Well I just discovered this function myself,” she insists, but there’s a glint in her eye that makes Shiro think that Allura very well knew all along that the simulation room was capable of mimicking all sorts of kinds of background environments.

He gives her a suspicious look. “What kind of a princess doesn’t know every single thing that goes on her castle?”

She teases back a smile. “Oh…maybe just a princess that was asleep for about ten thousand years.”

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