Ruger M77

Something you won’t see everyday, this special limited edition Ruger M77 sold exclusively by Davidson’s several years ago is chambered in 7.62x39mm, same as any AK. Very few bolt-action rifles use the Russian caliber; the most notable (and still in production) example is the CZ 527. These M77′s all had a polymer stock with wood insets on the grip and forearm. Supposedly only 1,200 of these 7.62x39mm M77′s were built by Ruger specifically for Davidson’s, making them pretty collectable. (GRH)

Men On Twitter Kept Telling Hillary Clinton To Smile As She Delivered Her Speech

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And when she does smile…

Right, because her opponent is so warm and fuzzy (eye roll)

There were tweets describing just how ridiculous these men were being:

Is this what we would have to look forward to for 4-8 years of a Hillary Clinton presidency? Or could we just stop telling women to smile?

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can I have toriel and sans talking about papyrus

When I was seven, I invited everyone in my class to my birthday party and no one showed up. Fun author fact of the day!

Sort of based on one of @zarla-s‘s comics. You know the one, I’m assuming!

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