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do you ever have one of those days where youre just ridiculously sentimental about your ships? like im just… randomly so overwhelmed by how much I love and value each one of my ships??? the beautiful, perfect, sweet, stupid, loving, helpless, thirsty jerks they all are. they all bring something so unique and special to the table and they all inspire so much creative energy and emotional satisfaction… i’m so happy they exist and all i want is to adore them forever. D:


Request: Can you do #6 with Yugyeom please? ^^ Maybe angst but ends fluffy?

6) “My nightmares usually involve losing you.”

Member: Got7′s Yugyeom x Y/N

Type: angst/fluff

Your lids were heavy as you ran your fingers through Yugyeom’s hair for what had to have been the thousandth time. You had been cautiously waiting for his breathing to steady and shifting to halt after he had climbed into bed beside you hours ago. He had found difficulty sleeping for months and you had joked that only BamBam could comfort his fears of the dark. Of course he had insisted he didn’t have any fears to begin with. 

You looked warily to the sleeping form of BamBam, not terribly far from the full mattress you were cuddled upon. You smiled fondly upon the man, not much older than your own boyfriend, and looked back down. They had to have been your favorite people on the planet. 

So what you were doing was the right decision…wasn’t it?

You cautiously rocked the mattress, unsurprised when Yugyeom only grumbled sleepily and flopped over. Once asleep, he was normally a pretty sound sleeper, having adapted to taking advantage of what rest he could. You slowly slid atop the sheets, attempting to create as little motion as possible as you pushed away from them. Your feet plopped onto the floor, causing you to instantly shiver from the cold of the hardwood. You bit you lip and held your breath as the bed creaked, releasing your weight from it’s springs. 

It took a moment for you to calm your breathing as you stood between the two beds. Adrenaline pumped through your veins and caused the pounding of your own heart to echo in your ear drums. You closed your eyes tightly before reopening them again and nodded to yourself. You were making the right decision. 

You had been dating Yugyeom for a few months now, accidentally winning his heart around the same time the JYP dating ban had been lifted. Upon moving to Korea, you never had intentions of looking for love, especially with a pop idol. You had bumped into him one day during a shift at the small cafe you had worked at, spilling coffee all over both of you. As you had dabbed at his white pants (seriously, who owned white pants?) you had unintentionally dabbed your way into his heart. 

You had underestimated how lovable he was, but then again, maybe he had done the same for you. In no time, you had become inseparable. He quickly introduced you to his members who had taken you in as one of their own. You became a constant fixture at their dorm, but soon felt the ware your presence caused. 

Since the days in which you became more serious, you had noticed the added stress you had provided to the Got7 members. While Yugyeom loved his group, the music, and dancing, he seemed to love something just as equally those days. 


You had tried to ignore them at first, the side eyes from Jaebum and Jinyoung when you entered a room. The men in which you were initially so close to now knew you as a distraction. You constantly argued with Yugyeom about appearing during dance practices, but he wanted you there, so you tried to become as small and uninteresting as possible. The theory seemed fine in your mind, but it wouldn’t take long for Yugyeom to fall off task and get scolded by one of his hyungs as soon as you appeared. He was a pro at trying to impress you, but his members were exhausted by his antics. Antics that you had unintentionally encouraged simply by your existence. 

Earlier that week, after promising to make the members dinner, you had unwittingly walked in on a team meeting. The tension was thick in the living area as you remained frozen in the entryway, popping off your shoes and struggling with grocery bags. You had taken a deep breath, ready to call out to the boys to help you, but stopped yourself. You hissed as if you were a deflated balloon, swallowing your yell as you heard Jaebum’s annoyed voice echo down the hallway. 

“If being in a relationship is making you break focus, maybe we should reinstate the ban,” he growled. “You aren’t going to take the group down because you can’t control your hormones.”

The rest of the members remained silent as Jaebum spoke, most eerily, the usually excited voice of Yugyeom. 

“Now, if you can’t balance the two, it’s time to break it off,” JB continued. “You’re young. You have the rest of eternity to find love. but only a small amount of time to work and make money.”

You had closed your eyes and leaned over, pulling open the front door quietly again. You opened your eyes before slamming it and clearing your throat, feigning your reentrance. “Hey guys! Can someone help me?”

You heard JB mutter a quick “Get it together” before several members appeared, sad smiles on their faces. You nodded knowingly, passing bag after bag to the group before Yugyeom appeared, a distinct puffiness characterizing his eyes. 

You couldn’t cause the group strife anymore. 

You didn’t blame his members. They were right. Your presence had been unintentionally sabotaging their own careers for some time now and you would no longer be responsible. 

You leaned over, grabbing a few pieces of clothing you recognized as your own and tossed them into your overnight bag. You were careful to avoid the rows and rows of BamBam’s shoes lined against the wall as you tiptoed about, straining your eyes in the darkness to locate the items you had accumulated in the bedroom over the past few months. You leaned over, grabbing a t-shirt you had originally thought was your own, but upon further inspection noticed was Yugyeom’s. You balled up the shirt, prepared to drop it on the floor, but you were unable to loosen your fingers. Instead, you lifted the thin fabric to your face and buried your nose deep into the cotton. Taking a deep breath in, you inhaled Yugyeom’s scent, a mix of clean laundry and facial cleansers. 

You struggled with your own will as you stood there, foolishly looming above your boyfriend while simultaneously smelling his clothing. You would laugh at yourself on any other occasion, but currently you felt as if you could cry. You had to do this if you truly cared about him. You couldn’t stand in the way of his career any longer. 

You tossed his t-shirt into your bag after a moment of struggling with your thoughts. He wouldn’t miss it. 

You continued to hurry around the room, tossing item after item into your bag. You hadn’t realized how many things you had left in the dorm until this very moment. With an overflowing bag and a chest heavy with emotion, you pulled open the bedroom door and sidestepped into the hallway. You ignored the glowing lights flooding from various bedrooms as you struggled by and plopped your bag by the front door as you began to dig for your shoes. It wasn’t a small task as you dug through piles of sneakers long since abandoned by the boys. 

Just as you set sight on your flats, you held your breath as you heard an unsteady pair of feet padding down the hall. 

“J-jagi?” Yugyeom’s sleepy voice growled. You looked up, wide eyed as he flipped on a small lamp near the doorway. 

“Hey,” you said quietly, not sure of where to direct your attention. Yugyeom was adorable, which broke your heart even more. His hair stuck up in matted and odd directions and a loose tank top hung from his tall frame. He looked like a small boy standing before you, woken up from a bad dream. 

“Are you going home?” he yawned, scrubbing a hand through his hair again. 

‘Ye-yeah,” you stuttered, adjusting your gaze to the floor so you wouldn’t have to look at him. 

“Did you forget something, I think Jinyoung has extra toothbrushes just in-”

“No Yugyeom,” you whispered, feeling tears begin to prickle your eyes. “I didn’t forget anything.”

“Then why are you leaving?” he asked, tilting his head innocently. 

“Why’d you wake up?” you countered gently. 

“I…um…I couldn’t sleep,” he hummed, his mouth forming an embarrassed smile. “I…I had a bad dream.” 

“What about?” you continued. You wanted to talk about anything but you leaving. He couldn’t know you weren’t coming back. 

You realized what a coward you were, but this was the only way. 

“Well…I had a dream that you had left,” he chuckled uneasily. “To be honest, my nightmares usually involve losing you.” 

“Why aren’t you two in bed?” a deep voice grumbled. You jumped, looking past Yugyeom to see JB standing behind him, arms crossed and face stoic. 

“Couldn’t sleep,” you whispered, avoiding his eye contact as well. The last thing you wanted to do was anger the leader anymore than you had previously. 

“Then try,” he said simply. Yugyeom nodded, offering up little argument as he sleepily tottered back down the hallway and into his bedroom. You winced as you scooted your overnight bag toward the wall and dropped your shoes again. You shuffled toward JB, beginning to move past him when you felt his muscular hand grab your wrist. 

“Try,” he repeated with a small nod. He smiled for a moment, not necessarily directing it toward you. “I know we’re difficult…but he deserves for you to try.” 

“Jaebum,” you argued quietly, your eyes lingering up from the floor to find his face. His own eyes were kind as he watched over you. “But you-”

“I’m the biggest pain,” he nodded. “But the first one to let you know, he needs you. As much as we hate seeing him lovesick, we’d hate seeing him heartbroken even more. Just try.” 

You chuckled to yourself, nodding at Jaebum as well. “Just so we’re clear…”

“No, I don’t want you to leave,” JB hummed in monotone. “Now go to bed.” 

JB gently squeezed your wrist again before releasing it and pushing you gently back down the hallway. 

You eased into Yugyeom and BamBam’s bedroom, noting that Yugyeom had flipped on a small lamp near his bed as a night light. 

You walked as quietly as you could past BamBam who was still completely passed out on his mattress, snoring quietly along to the light music he had pulsing near his bed. You smiled as you looked from him to Yugyeom, hopping over the hard wood to climb into bed. 

You settled into his open arms, nested into his neck, and closed your eyes. 

“Why were you leaving?” Yugyeom cooed after a few moments of silence. You had hoped he would have dropped the question. 

“I…I forgot something,” you stuttered, wrapping your arms around his waist. 

“Mmm, then why did you decide to stay?” he whispered. 

You smiled to yourself, knowing Yugyeom couldn’t see your expression, but content with your answer nonetheless. “Because Jaebum let me know I had it after all.”

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Jensen had put on some bulk over the summer, and it wasn’t all muscle. You stared at his jaw and thick neck and couldn’t help but lick your lips. It made your heart happy that Jensen was putting on a little empathy weight. Especially when you felt like a beached whale.

You were excited to be having a baby, but being pregnant in the middle of the summer sucked ass.

Jensen had insisted you get out of the hot Texas heat and come to comic con with him. You had relented, happy to be near your husband.

As you watched him at the end of the Nerd HQ panel, you couldn’t help but lick your lips. No one told you that you would want to jump your husband’s bones at the most inconvenient and inappropriate times. Earlier when he had made the damn innuendo about taking his jacket off, you almost had to get up and excuse yourself. You had wanted nothing more than to help him “jacket” off right there in front of God and everybody.

Thankfully, you had calmed yourself and controlled your raging hormones. Until now. You watched Jensen put on the flat billed cap, backwards. He didn’t wear that kind of hat often. Sure, the backwards hat look wasn’t unusual, but there was something about the combination of rolled sleeves, the hat, and his neck peeking out of that damn black shirt that made you shift in your seat.

He eyed you from the stage, a small smirk of satisfaction forming on his lips. He knew exactly the effect he was having on you.

You moved to get up, heading to the side of the stage. You were going to make sure the two of you got a little alone time before he headed off to his next event.

The panel wrapped and Jensen headed off stage, a smug look spread across his face. He approached you, running his hands along your stomach as he leaned in to kiss you deeply.

“Hey momma,” he said, pulling away from your lips, his hands resting on your stomach.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Ackles,” you growled, running your hands along the bare skin of his neck that was exposed thanks to the top two buttons of his shirt being undone.

Your fingers danced along his neck and settled there, playing with the short fine hairs that ran alone the base of his neck.

“I’ve got two hours before my next appearance. Wanna run off with me for a little bit?” he asked, raising his eyebrows suggestively. “I haven’t even began to tease you, sweetheart,” he whispered, his mouth millimeters away from yours, his nose bumping yours. He was teasing you, and you were putty in his hands.

You pressed your lips to his and looked into his eyes. “I’d run off with you anywhere, Ackles. Anytime. Anywhere,” you replied, a sparkle in your eyes.

He threw on his jacket and threaded his fingers with yours as he dragged you behind him. “Well, lets go baby. We’ve got all the time in the world,” he chuckled, pulling you to the car so that you could head back to your hotel.

You wrapped your arms around his bicep and hugged yourself close to him as Cliff guided you through the screaming fans. Jensen leaning into you to whisper in your ear.

“I saw the way you were squirming when I took my jacket off earlier,” he whispered, his breath hot on your neck. “Maybe you can help me "jacket” off in the car?“ He winked.

You bit your lip and glared at him. "You’re dirty,” you laughed, slapping his shoulder and burying your face against his neck, kissing him.

“You like it,” he smiled as you reached the car, opening the door for you. “Was that a yes?” he asked with a grin.

“Hell yes,” you said, pulling him into the car practically on top of you.

Im Sorry.

Prompt: After Spencer being in jail for a few weeks you finally decide to tell him that you’re pregnant.

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship: Spencer x Reader

You walk through the doors after being put through the metal detector. You tap your foot nervously on the floor unsure of what’s about to happen in this room. Spencer has been in jail for 3 weeks and Garcia has been constantly badgering you to finally tell Spence about the baby. Spencer taps his hand on the table unsure of why you’re coming to see him inside. He loves you but he never wanted you to see him like this. You walk through the door finally letting your breath go.

“Y/N. I miss you.” He says as you walk to sit down. You sit in the chair opposite him grabbing his hands which are still handcuffed to the table. You quickly grab his hands kissing them, honestly still unsure how-to breath. You look him in the eyes your whole body going numb.

“I never wanted to see you like this. I miss you Spence…” You say staring at his eyes. You let out a giant sigh knowing that you need to tell him before you wimp out because you’ll do it soon.

“Y/N. What’s wrong. You’re biting your cheek, you look tired, you’re av-“

“Don’t profile me Spencer.” You say snapping at him. Unable to control your hormones you instantly get sad for snapping at him. You don’t have long. “I’m sorry, hormones.” You say shrugging your snap off. Spencer just smiles at you and holds your hands tighter around him.

“Spencer… I’m pregnant.” You say finally letting out a breath. He just stares at you unable to do anything. He looks around the room unable to clearly think.

“And it’s….” He says implying exactly what you thought.

“Yours. 3 months along.” You say sighing.

“I’m going to be a dad…” He says trailing off before smiling widely like an idiot. He goes to hug you and his hand cuffs bang against the table. His smile instantly drops knowing he can’t get out. “I’m going to be a dad from behind bars.” He says looking more defeated than you’ve ever seen.

“About that…” You say trailing off. JJ walks through the door at the door almost as if you rehearsed this already. Wink wink.

“We’re taking you home.” She says. A guard comes up and uncuffs Reid and he instantly grabs you in the tightest hug you’ve ever had.

“I’m going to be a dad!” He says running to hug JJ picking her up and spinning her around.

“And JJ if you would do the honour, my choice, I would like you to be godmother.” You say stepping towards JJ. She nods and says yes repeatedly.

“Let’s get out of here!” You say pointing out and Spencer whoops behind you and JJ laughs seeing how happy Spencer is knowing he’s going to be a father.

@dontshootmespence @spencerdamnreid MOMS 

@ragweed98 The best editor ever, I love you so much

I like the thought of an alien parasite that can influence your body’s chemistry.

Like, the egg is laid inside you and it takes control of your hormones and appetite. It makes you feel incredibly hungry and makes you crave fattening foods to give it energy to grow, but also to make its host nice and fat so you can grow enough to accommodate the egg. But it also influences your thoughts. It makes you think you’re still skinny and fit. You don’t even notice as your body swells out of control. You get hugely fat with a huge protruding belly filled with eggs and you don’t even notice. You just keep stuffing your face in public as people watch you tear through your clothes.

THAT is hot as shit.

The Stranger (Oswald Cobblepot x Virgin!Reader) - Chapter Three- Five

Originally posted by stabbybabz

Summary: You keep meeting your stranger on the bus, but where will all your encounters lead you?

Chapter One    Chapter Two

A/N: This is an early story of mine that I posted on my earlier blog and on AO3.

Warnings: Smut, Explicit Sexual Content, Slightly Non-Con, Very Public Sex, Fluff.

~ ~ ~

~Chapter Three~

You felt quite appalled by yourself, for what you had done to the handsome stranger on the bus yesterday. Although you’d done things like that before, despite the fact you were a virgin. You still called yourself that, after all, you never have had the pleasure of feeling a hard, throbbing length inside of you. The thought of it and the memory of his thick length in your hand and in your mouth made your sex pulse with arousal. You shifted your legs on the seat at the feeling of the familiar ache between your legs, and leaned against the window. Closing your eyes, you tried to focus your thoughts on something else, but failed miserable.

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Baby Got Back: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Requested: Reader is blessed with extra “ass”ets and Tom always finds himself grabbing her butt or just staring at it. 

You had got back from the gym and saw Tom in the kitchen, “Hey babe.” You walked over to him and kissed his cheek. “Good morning love.” He slapped your butt. “Ow!” You winced. “Sorry, I can’t help it.” He smiled. “I’m going to take a quick shower.”

You showered and threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top. Tom’s eyes immediately went to your ass and he moaned. He never thought of himself as a butt guy but after he meet you, you changed his life. 

He loved your personality and everything about you but that ass did something to him. Every time you wore shorts he would get hard and beg you to help relieve him. 

“Shit.” You dropped your phone and bent down to get it, his breath hitched. “Can you stop doing that?” He whined. You looked over at him, “What?”

“That!” He motioned toward your body. “I can’t help it that I’ve been blessed with all of this.” You smiled slapping your butt. “You need to control your hormones. You don’t see me getting ready to orgasm every time you wear grey sweats and I see that nice dick print.”

“But it’s different. I mean damn.”

“Tom it’s just a butt. I honestly don’t see why guys get ready to bust a nut in their pants every time they see a fat ass.” You said rolling your eyes. He walked behind you and firmly placed his hands on your butt. “It’s just so perfect.” 

You turned around and slapped his butt. “Please don’t do that!” He cried. 

“You don’t like it huh?” You teased. You slapped his butt again and chased him around. “That’s how I feel!” You laughed. “Okay!” He grabbed you hands, “That feels so wrong.” He winced. “But you have a pretty nice ass too. Especially in that Spidey suit.” You winked.  

You were stretched out on the couch, your body drape across his lap. His hands unconsciously moved to your butt and he just started massaging it. You scrolled through recent pictures of you and Tom that were captured by the paparazzi. “Literally every picture is of your hand on my ass.”

“Huh?” He asked breaking away from the from the TV. “Look.” You showed him the pictures of you two on the red carpet and candid photos. Almost every photo his hand was on your butt. “So.” He shrugged. “You’re doing it right now.”

He looked at his hand, “Oh.” He slowly took his hand off of your butt. “I bet you couldn’t last two days without touching my ass.”
“I bet I could.”

“Okay the loser has to do whatever the winner says.” You smiled. “Whatever? Anything?” Tom grinned. “Yes.”

“Okay, bet.” He smiled and shook your hand. 

He was pissed that you were purposely wearing things that made your butt look even bigger. You two went out on a night on the town and you wore a nice fitting dress. 

Tom caught himself as he almost grabbed your butt. “Are you okay Tommy?” You teased. “I’m fine.” He smiled. “Hands to myself.”

You laughed and walked in front of making sure to poke your butt out. He moaned and just looked at your ass. “You wanna go dancing?”

“Nope!” He knew you were trying to set him up because every time you dance together his hands would immediately grab your ass. 

The rest of the night was fun for you because you got to tease him and watch him squirm. 

“Well that was fun.” He quickly got out of his clothes and laid in the bed.”You’re not going to help me unzip my dress?”


“Please!” You pouted. “You’re not going to win Y/N.”

“No seriously I’m not trying to set you up. It won’t count.” You walked over to his side of the bed. 

He sighed and zipped the zipper down,”There.”

“Thanks.” You removed your dress and got in bed. Tom felt tortured in his own safe space. What was he if he couldn’t touch your ass.

 The next day he was hanging on by a thread as he walked behind you while you wore a sundress. He watched as your butt bounced freely in the dress. He couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed it and let a sigh of relief slip from his lips.

“Yes! I win!” You turned around dancing. “i don’t care.” He smiled fully taking hold of your ass. He got on his knees and pressed his face against your butt, “Get up Tom!” You looked around feeling a bit embarrassed. 


“You missed a spot.” You pointed to the huge glass window. He had lost the bet and you made him clean up the ENTIRE penthouse by himself. “Can I get a break?” He whined. “Nope.” You said popping a grape in your mouth. 

He huffed and went back to washing the windows. “Next I need you to clean the kitchen.”

After a few more hours of cleaning he sat next to you on the couch. “You can be so cruel sometimes.”

You smiled, “I know. Now get back to work.”

Shameless . 3

Ooh, said it’d be the last time, all you needed was a little closure
Ooh, said it’d be the last time, but you’re begging me to come over

Song - Shameless/The Weeknd

Member - Jeon Jungkook

Genre - Smut

Admin - Sim

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dickkory week, day 2: domestic life

Couldn’t help myself, I’m so sorry for this. On a side note, to understand the joke you have to watch TT: The Judas Contract.

warnings: nc17, swearing, stuff.

“Richard, would you like to try oral sex in public?”

 The sudden question makes him spurt out the food on his mouth. He had been ready for anything except that. He looks their proximities immediately, as if waiting to feel his embarrassment worsen up because of the presence of their teammates, fortunately, they were alone, the luck was on his side this time.

 "What are you talking about, Kori?“

 She grabs his phone, it had been resting on his side as he took breakfast, and starts searching for something, it takes her a few seconds. She then shows him his explorer charging and suddenly a porn website opens, specifically, a video he had seen a few days ago.

 "I was searching for a page I myself had opened before you left and then I saw the website’s direction so I got curious about the kind of porn you watch while you’re away.”

 He can’t speak, he’d rather have some of the teens hearing them out right when they’re about to get naughty than having his girlfriend know about the porn he watches.

 "You know I do that?“

 "Yes, I do miss you too.”

 He stops.

“… You watch porn too?”

 "Well, not exactly, I mostly think about you, but I understand human males have a need for the visual.“

 He is speechless. She grabs a strawberry.

 "Anyways, let me know if you want me to do that move, because I am willing.”


“I have discovered something.”

 "Really?,“ he asks, not waving his sight off the computer.

 "I can get wet just by hearing your voice.”

 Once again he finds himself with his mouth open, he even presses a few wrong keys just as his eyes search for hers. He should be shocked, he actually is (a bit), the mouth part should be enough cue; But, most of all, he is aroused and flattered. He forgets almost immediately about work, he grabs her hips and pulls her to his lap. She always does this, she gets out of the shower with this short bathrobe and sits in the arm of his chair to read something or help him with work, the only problem is that her work ends up rather early, she has to deal with the training part of the Teen Titans and being the leader in the missions―the detective stuff, he kind of deals with that until morning, or so he would if she wasn’t that distracting.

 "You do?“

 Then, again, he isn’t exactly complaining. She smiles brightly and lets the book she was reading a second ago fall to the floor, her arms encircle his neck while kissing him briefly on the lips.

 "I do.”

 "Do you like it that much?“

 He actually knew this, it has been awhile since he noted how she would cum faster if he whispered in her ear, but he had thought it was the words doing the job, not his voice. He shouldn’t be this happy, he shouldn’t be feeling this flattered and aroused.

 "I love it.”

 He does not hold it anymore, as she presses hard against his crotch, he slides his hand between his legs, finding nothing underneath that could stop the finger that presses against her center, inside her.

 "Will you be a good girl and cum hard for me while I finger you?“

 He feels her twitch and then she gets a bit more wet. Damn his male pride.

 "I don’t think I can, not just with your fingers… I want you inside me.”

 He is thankful, he wouldn’t have been able to hold it either. He leans back as she gets up and straddles him, wasting no time to open her bathrobe and kiss her breasts as she works on his pants.



 Kori covers herself as they both watch the screen of the computer, where Damian’s image is facing them.

 "I will remind you that as the Robin of the Teen Titans it is my duty to keep eyes and ears in the whole tower, which includes this room. Also, you have the communicator activated, which means that the whole group is hearing you.” Richard groans and deactivates de communicator. “Please, control your hormones.”

 Kori sighs. He kind of feels bad because, hell, he really should control his hormones, did he just got hard again because she sighed? Things like that repeat a couple times, like Garfield walking up on them as they were showering or even getting a hard on during breakfast while everyone was on the table because Kori liked to keep her legs over him and wiggle her toes.

 Sex hadn’t been an issue before, they were friends for a long time and then they were not sexually active and then he was more preoccupied trying not to kill Speedy over jealousy and then, yeah, they were all grown ups and then he had things to do away from her and then the Teen Titans were a bunch of teens again; but, now he was back and he wanted to get laid in peace, that’s what couples at his age do, he wasn’t asking for too much, right?

 In the end, everything led to one solution: he had to buy an apartment.




 "Who takes out the garbage?


 "At your apartment, who takes out the garbage?”

 "I do, why?“

 Damian’s frown deepens and then walks away. He really doesn’t want to know what was that for.

A Heated Heart (Peter Parker x Reader) Part 4

(Warnings: Cursing, more making out, teenage hormones man)

Summary: Reader is pissed cause it has been a few weeks since her rescue make out with spiderman and ever since then Peter has been avoiding her like the plague. When she finally gets the chance to talk to him, she let’s loose and Peter can’t hide his staring and she figures out why and his secret identity is no longer a secret.

Alright. She can take a hint. (Y/n) wasn’t born yesterday, nor was she raised under a rock, she could tell when someone was avoiding her. And that little bitch Parker was avoiding her. No, no, she shouldn’t let her anger get the best of her. But it had been almost a whole month of him seeing her in the hallways, only to turn the other way. Of switching seats in every class they had and secretly begging teachers (she got nosy) to keep her busy as their TA. If she got to be near him long enough to speak, he’d stick his earbuds in or talk to Ned if they also shared the class together. She was not sure what she did wrong, if she remembered correctly it was Parker who had left her high and dry on their study date, so she should be the one avoiding him.

“Alright Parker, two can play at this game” (Y/n) grumbled to herself, her new mission set in place the next day. She started it off simply enough, she stopped trying to catch his attention or confront him. With a few days of her doing this, and him now sneaking worried glances her way, she bumped it up a notch. She started to wear revealing clothing. Yes, it was a bit childish for her to show skin, and get Peter to react cause of this, but she was past the point of not being petty. But it got her the reaction she desired. When she walked into biology in a sun dress that was borderline skimpy with the way it looked (but it did in fact cover enough of her, looks can be deceiving), she looked fleetingly at everyone in the class, her eyes landing on Peter long enough to see his eyes wide and jaw slack. Her eyes showed disinterest as she flicked her bangs away from her face and she sat in her seat, seeming to forget she was wearing a dress as she lifts her feet and plops them on the teachers desk like she usually does while in this class. While there was a few snickers no one made a bigger scene then Peter who promptly slammed his head against his desk on accident (he was leaning on his hand when he saw her do this and his hand slipped).

“Is there something you wish to say Mr. Parker?” The teacher asks as Peter scrambles to sit properly and shakes his head flustered.

“A-ah. No n-no sir n-not at all. Great job” Peter gives the teacher a awkward smile and thumbs up before rubbing the back of his head. The teacher hums with a slightly questioning look, before turning to see what could be the reason for the quiet sniggering and smacks (Y/n)’s feet causing her to jump slightly and shift her legs enough for Peter to catch a sight of her underwear. He groans and covers his face in embarrassment and misery. They were Lacey and seemed to have a pattern on them. Upon noticing everyone looking at him Peter rubs his head as he looks at the teacher apologetically. “S-sorry”

(Y/n) sniggers as she is asked by the teacher to help Peter, who has been struggling all period and seems to be making a mess. Once she reaches Peter and Ned’s table she notices how Ned looks sympathetic but isn’t helping Peter one bit. You get behind him and lean over Peter, noticing how he tenses as you look at his scribbles in concentration to try and see where he is messing up.

“Geez Parker this is grade school stuff where your messing up at. Right here you got the variables switched up” (Y/n)’s voice talking in his ear has shivers down his spine as he’s brought back to the day in the alley, her hot mouth ravaging his and how he had to go home after he got her home safely and ja- take a shower. He snaps out of it when he sees her smooth (s/c) hand reach over his shoulder to point at the variables she spoke of. “Right here” she whispers, her breath warm and comforting, he catches a whiff of what he would consider heaven (but he knows must be some perfume or body spray she put on that appeals to her natural scent) as she looks at him.

“O-oh. R-right. Um, thanks” Peter stutters out lamely as he fumbles with his pencil to erase and switch the variable’s. He didn’t know he made such a bad error, but he was really distracted by (y/n) lately. She had begun to ignore him and not even acknowledge him anymore, not even attempting to talk to him. He cursed at himself because he knew it was because of him avoiding her every time he saw her in the hallways, or ignoring her himself when they were in class. But every time he saw her all could remember was that time in the alley and he didn’t want to reveal to her who he was and ruin what they had, and he also wanted to keep her safe from the danger his super hero life entailed.

“…Peter! Dude, c'mon class has been out for a while now, I’ll meet you at the lunchroom alright man?” Ned asks, causing Peter to snap out of his inner turmoil as he nods his head in confirmation and gets his stuff ready to leave. (Y/n) notices this and instantly swoops in. She enjoys the twinge of satisfaction she feels when she pinches Peters ass and he yelps because of this, only when he turns and realizes its her does he make a noise similar to a squeak and seems to be speechless and he stares at her. He looks flustered as she traps him against the table and she glares at him.

“Alright Parker I don’t know why you have been avoiding me but I’m officially pissed so you better tell me before you make me do something I’ll regret” (Y/n)’s voice sounds calm enough but Peter can hear the undertones of raw and pure anger.

“Me? A-avoiding you?! I-I don’t know what your talking ah, um about” Peters face flushes a noticeable red as he keeps sneaking glances at her lips and licks his in response. (Y/n) notices this instantly since she has been staring at him intently. Once his eyes flicker up to hers he seems to fidget and look away with rosy cheeks, biting his lip.

“What is up with you Peter?!…..did…did I do something??” Peter quickly looks at her in what seems to be horror as he grabs her hands and holds onto them tightly.

“W-What?!! N-no you haven’t done anything! I just-” Peter groans as he subconsciously looks at your lips in what seems to be longing and licks his lips again and looks away with a long sigh. “I’m sorry to make you worry (y/n)” he lowers his voice and your eyes seem to slightly widen as you recognize that tone instantly.

“No fucking way, you have got to be shitting me” You say as you look at Peter in disbelief and he cannot help but to look at you in confusion. But all you do is shake your head and look Peter up and down. “That’s why your acting like this Parker? Cause your spiderman?!” You whisper yell this as you peer around to make sure the teacher took their lunch break. Peter’s eyes look like their about to pop out of his head

“Wh-what?! N-no no I’m not Spiderman, why would you say that?!” Peter whisper yells as he tries not to freak out too much. Your not buying it as you roll your eyes.

“Cut the crap Peter. No way did you suddenly become obsessed with my lips. The only person I’ve made out with this last month is Spiderman and judging by how your acting like a virgin when you get near me, you really need to work on the whole secret identity thing dude. Control your hormones a bit” You snort a bit but by the end of your statement your staring at Peter with wide eyes as you finally are processing what has gone down. Peter Parker, the cute, geeky bastard you have been falling in love with, is SPIDERMAN.

Both of you stare at one another for a long time, neither paying attention to how much time has passed or how much time is left in lunch, no doubt Ned was probably wondering where Peter was. But that was the farthest thing from either of your minds. Your eyes widen when you watch as Peters eyes get slightly hooded and he grabs your face, registering what he mumbles under his breath.

“Fuck it” Peter mumbles before he kisses you with as much passion as he can put into his second kiss. He feels a bit insecure not sure if he is doing it right, but he sure as hell got a confidence boost when he feels you melt into his body and moan into his mouth as you wrap your arms around him and thread your fingers in his hair. He let’s out a grunt before he slips out a moan of his own as he brings his hands down to your hips and pulls you even closer than before. He nibbles slightly on your lips like he’s been daydreaming about, pleased to find out that you like it as you moan and open your mouth, allowing him to slip his tongue into your mouth. Your tongues fight for dominance before you give in and decide to let Peter have this win as he happily explores your mouth before he begins to pull away, leaving you breathless. 

“So glad I made out with you in that alleyway” (Y/n) gasps out as Peter can’t help the goofy grin he gets on his face as he pecks her cheek and holds (y/n) close to himself. 

“I’m glad that was my thank you” You lightly smack his chest but don’t fight the smile on your face as you snuggle up to him.

“Guess this means were dating right?” (Y/n) questions as Peter grins and looks at her with awe and adoration on his face.

“I g-guess so, well, I mean I hope so” Peter whispers shyly as you smile and reach up to kiss him lightly on the lips. You were glad you found out his little secret, cause if you didn’t you were sure he wouldn’t have gotten the courage to confess (in his own weird way). Sure you were still upset about the long ass month of what seemed to be him avoiding you out of embarrassment, but you were okay with it if it all added up to this moment.

~alright that’s it, its done, might have to make one more chapter with smut maybe or just a cute epilogue with reader having fun with her new boyfriend being spiderman. Either or it will be a epilogue that I might do.~